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Renaissance of Lilith

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“You’re mine, you know,” the voice cut him like a guillotine, echoing around the small, dank room in which he’d been imprisoned for God knew how long. Maybe months, years? He didn’t know anymore. There was nothing but darkness to keep him company, nothing but the oblivion of time to wrap around his frail form and keep him warm.

Obediently came the response, “I know” through cracked, full lips. His voice wavered under the crushing weight of the stare he could feel bearing down onto a mess of scarlet curls, damp with sweat and frazzled from countless passes of his fingers through them in pure frustration. Pretty spring green eyes, muddled with the terms of his confinement fluttered up to meet those of a deep garnet hue. A sly grin passed over his keeper’s face, clawed fingers leaning down and scraping genially over his stark white neck. A sob caught in his throat, knowing that the time of resistance was gone and passed. The days of his rebellion had been crushed long ago when Damien had taken him from his home and brought him down into the swirling torments of Hell to keep as his own.

He could only vaguely recall it; How he kicked and screamed and fought. How Stan and Kenny had been there, terrified and trying to pull him out of Damien’s crushing grip around his arm as he had yanked him off the safety of his bed. The words he let spill out in a calm macabre tone, “He belongs to me now”, rang clear as day every moment that passed Kyle by. He could remember how Damien’s fingers had curled into his hair, pulling his head back violently and sinking sharp fangs down into his exposed throat, claiming him for himself. The pain had been insurmountable, the toxin of Damien’s power seeping down into him like a shadow; creeping through his blood in a blast of passionate scorches through his throbbing veins. It rendered him paralyzed, caught in Damien’s hold like a moth in a streetlamp. Spotted memories of Stan and Kenny’s voices yelling for him desperately as his captor sunk them down into a black void stuck to the back of his mind, plastered there as a cruel taunt. He couldn’t remember what was said, what his friends’ last words were to him as he was dragged against his will through the void of time and space.

The puncture wounds throbbed in a dulled ache as the memory passed through, bright red and purple irritation standing out staunchly against his sickly white flesh. Kyle’s head lolled with Damien’s gentle caresses of his throat. The boy still had no idea of why the demon had set his sights on him, why he out of all the people in the world was chosen to be his prisoner. He had learned it was better not to ask the question, speaking out of turn resulted in horrible things for him.

“Kyle,” his voice reappeared, placing one sharp nail under Kyle’s chin and tipping his head up to lock gazes with him. Damien couldn’t help but smile hungrily at the look of complete defeat overshadowing the once proud and beaming face. Kyle’s lips and teeth were partially opened, as though fumbling for a response; but he knew that the boy wouldn’t make a sound unless given permission. His glowing, dangerous eyes scanned over Kyle’s naked body, the way that his muscles were taut and pronounced as he kneeled on the floor in front of him, legs splayed out underneath him like a child’s. His arms hung limply in front of his narrow chest, a slight arch in his lithe back and shoulders as he slumped in the boy’s grip made his skin beam in the low lighting coming from the opened door leading to the outskirts of Hell. His sharp gaze bored into Kyle’s exhausted green eyes, lashes batting down now and again to kiss the soft, supple skin of his cheeks. “So beautiful,” he murmured.

Kyle just continued staring at him, weakened and far past the point of fear of the man holding him. He was just tired, he wanted his nightmare to end, but he knew well enough that Damien had bound them for eternity, that there was no escape. A faint reminiscence of the ritual plagued him in his sleep, his mind picking up the heavy scent of blood sticking to him in a sickly fashion. Various creatures holding his arms and legs as Damien slowly, purposefully, cut away his clothing, tongue drawing over his fangs as inch by inch of the redhead was revealed to him. He recalled screaming and thrashing, then crying and begging as he realized that he couldn’t physically get away. He could feel Damien’s forked tongue licking over his pasty cheek, moaning in his ear softly like the tender kiss of a lover as he told him how he was going to take him, how he was going to be his. The tone of his voice scarred Kyle more than any of the various cuts he’d placed onto his body in the midst of his ritual, carving small words and incantations into his hips and arms, his inner thigh and hands.

The words he spoke rebounded off of the fragile redhead who lied beneath him in a fit of panic; “I take this soul as my own, I lay my claim to him; For he who is pure and he who is full of life shall be mine. Let his body and mind fall to me, let his soul become bound with my own.” Damien’s voice was filled with adrenaline as the binding toppled past his lips, staring at Kyle with what the boy saw as nothing short of complete manic lust, a complete hold on his captive was taken with that gaze. It terrified him, the fear twisting in his stomach as more of his incantation boomed around the room. Blood from Damien’s hands were smeared onto his chest and stomach, marking him in a thick signature. The blood settled onto his skin, sinking and tattooing itself onto him in a violent spasm of hunger. Kyle could recall for the first time, feeling his soul. The way that it flittered around inside him in anxiety as Damien’s began to work its way into him. It didn’t take much before the demon’s powers completely overwhelmed him and Kyle could feel him sinking into the marrow of his bones. Every bit of him was violated as the demons surrounding him had relinquished their hold, watching him with famished eyes as he began to writhe. His eyes had become pinpoints, darting to and from as his body twisted and convulsed on its own accord atop a damp and cold stone slab. Damien’s soul engulfed his own, darkness seemed to spread along his mortal body as the hold became unbearably robust within his chest. He could remember with horrifying clarity the way that the air in the room bore down on him, how the thick coppery stench of blood soaked into his being, burning and fighting all the way down he went.

Now, even after so much time, he could still feel the soul that was once his own, clinging to its last hopes of life. Trying so hard to remind him that he was still Kyle, not merely the son of Satan’s pet. However, the redhead had learned that even though keeping his humanity was the only thing that was letting him continue on without being a complete slave, it was futile. Human still or not, he was a slave, he was a prisoner. Only brought to be Damien’s pretty little mouth and ass to use as he pleased. Damien’s lust was overpowering in every sense. The aura of his feelings followed him wherever he went, the air becoming sweltering and arid in the grasp of it all. He was violent and brutal with Kyle, scars and bruises lining the pale skin were proof enough of that. Kyle had found that it was only before he made his move, before he threw him down and did as he pleased with him that he treated him with a certain degree of “love”. Petting him, cooing him, telling him how beautiful and perfect he was. The kind words and soothing tone that Damien presented him with did little to calm his nerves, as he always knew within the next few moments, he was going to be shoved face-first onto the floor and Damien was going to be inside of him; Par for the course.

Kyle’s lifeless eyes sparked with a hint of confusion as Damien knelt down in front of him, stroking his wispy bangs away from his face. He never put himself at Kyle’s height, always wanting to be sure the mortal knew exactly where he belonged: Below him, groveling at his feet.

“So beautiful,” he repeated. His face broke into a duplicitous smirk as he cupped Kyle’s chin once again, brushing his thumb along his cheek. “So much to be done with you,” he whispered, the words chilling Kyle’s bones. A shallow gulp receded down his throat and Damien watched the bobbing with curious, half-lidded eyes. He raised them back to the swampy olives staring back at him, fear and confusion beginning to flow freely amongst an otherwise unmoving face. “Tell me, Kyle,” he said slowly, watching with glee as each word seemed to send his prisoner’s face deeper into despondency. “What is it that a whore wants most?”

Kyle blinked in utter loss at the question presented to him. So out of left field he found it that his mind nearly blanked over completely. Damien didn’t ask him things like this, only how he was and if he enjoyed his cock. That was their routine, breaking it was throwing Kyle even further out of his comfort zone than he already had passed eons ago. He noticed Damien watching him expectantly and gulped, small pink tongue darting out to remoisten his lips. “M-money?” he guessed.

The crooked grin that Damien grew was new to him, as though he found his answer to be funny. Smiles from him were reserved for taunting and pointing out Kyle’s weaknesses for him, they were malicious and dark. But this one seemed like it could have came from anyone. A gentleness over it sent a jolt of fear through the redhead’s spine, his entire body beginning to let out minute tremors against Damien’s firm hand.

“Do not shake,” Damien ordered. “You are not in trouble.” Kyle locked himself up, stiffening his body and planting his hands on the floor below him, trying desperately to follow the command. White teeth grated over his lip as his eyes stayed locked in that of his master’s. Breaking the contact was out of the question, Damien demanded he always be looking at him when in his presence, less his punishments become more severe. The smile remained on the demon’s lips and he chuckled softly, “Oh my Kyle,” he purred, bring up his free hand and tousling his wild curls. “Perhaps on Earth, that is what a working whore desired. What about those who do it for fun, hm?”

Kyle shied a bit, his cheeks beginning to tinge red. “Cock, Master?”

“Very good,” he nodded. “And we all know how you love my cock, isn’t that right?” The redhead bit on his tongue, nodding solemnly in agreement. “Does that make you a whore, my Kyle?”

“Only for you, Master,” he replied faintly, in a daze over what was happening.

Damien looked at him in surprise before twittering again, “Well I wasn’t expecting that kind of answer from you. I don’t believe you’ve said a voluntary sentence that long since I brought you down here.” Kyle couldn’t help a small sniffle that escaped him as Damien continued to fondle his face and hair. It was true, he’d all but shut himself off just as Damien had done by throwing him in his dungeon. He was always weary of saying the wrong things, always poised and tensed for the next attack. Not that the preparation mattered, but a part of his humanity was still fighting, still trying to figure out how he could escape. He knew it was completely pointless, but it was the only thing keeping him -alive- anymore.

Damien continued staring at him, cocking his head, his serpentine eyes half-lidded and nearly dreamy as he held his head. “I enjoy hearing you talk, knowing you’re still in there somewhere...perhaps one day you will be my little phoenix, rising from the ashes of your desecration to be who you once were. I would love nothing more.”

Kyle blinked a few times, his eyes hazy and his mind clouded under the new turn of events. Damien was talking to him as though he were actually a person, not just his fucktoy. It was strange and uncomfortable territory, now knowing full and well that Damien knew of his potential to be more than a piece of ass. Kyle had spent so long convincing himself that the demon just didn’t know any better, that he didn’t understand just how humans were. This new torrent of Damien’s opened floodgates were nearly drowning him, his perception on his reality becoming vexed in the sweeping tide. A threadbare whisper escaped past his lips without his knowledge: “I’ll try, Master.”

The demon only grinned wider, leaning down and gently kissing his trembling mouth. He pulled back, leaving Kyle with wet lips and shining eyes. His entire body seemed to glisten just for Damien, and he relished in it, his eyes hungrily devouring every inch of him, wanting nothing more than to swallow the boy whole. His face suddenly fell back into familiar standing: his grin lecherous and dark. Kyle couldn’t help but feel ridiculous when the familiarity of such a horrifying face brought him the slimmest bit of comfort. “As my whore,” Damien started slowly, “You will enjoy any cock I set you upon, will you not?”

Green eyes suddenly lit up something fierce, terror beginning to sweep in the glowing irises. “Y-yes?” he answered timidly.

“Then you, my dear Kyle, are going to do a job for me,” he grinned maliciously, taking the back of his claw and running it down Kyle’s face and chest, trailing down before hitting the V of his pelvic line. His hand grasped suddenly around Kyle’s exposed cock and the boy cried out softly as he masterfully handled his skin, a lubricating ooze seeping out of his palm with a simple mutter of words. He kept his gaze locked onto the boy’s, watching amusedly as he tried to do the same, shaking in place, his nails scraping against the stone floor beneath him as Damien worked him into nothing more than a pretty puddle of nerves and lust. “I’m ready to share you,” he leaned up and whispered against his lips, flicking a forked tongue out and stabbing at his agape mouth. “And you’re going to be the world’s pretty little whore.”

Panic and confusion battled out with the overwhelming stimulation that Damien was providing him with. His capacity was on the brink, lost and dazed as the rush of pleasure began to beat away his mass concern. His cock was becoming undeniably hard between his thighs, his visions of Damien in front of him muddled and distorted as his body screamed for more. It was embarrassing, the way that his body had adjusted to the abuse, to knowing what it was in for but still having a craving for it. Kyle attributed it to Damien’s soul enveloping his own, and making him want it, but he knew deep in his grim heart that there had to be more to it than that. The grip was suddenly lost from his rock-hard skin and he nearly moaned in dismay. Damien got to his feet, undoing his jeans and letting his own cock pop out above Kyle’s head.

“What is it you want?” Damien asked lowly.

Kyle bowed his head shamefully, his horrid, forced mantra once more having to firmly pass through his lips, “Please, Master...I-I need you to fuck me.”

“Good boy,” he cooed, giving sharp tugs on Kyle’s hair. Kyle raised onto his knees, his mouth dropping as Damien pressed the bitter head of his dick down against his tongue. Kyle opened his jaw as much as he could around the thick skin, his tongue sliding back and forth, trying to give Damien all the stimulation he could manage. His own cock was throbbing, but he paid it no mind, focusing all his efforts onto his master. He forced his cheeks to hollow as his eyes flew up into the demon’s, staying locked as Damien gave him a lusty grin. Sharp claws entangled themselves into his hair, hips began pulsing against his face. His throat dared to try to resist the intrusion, but Kyle forced it down hurriedly. There was no room for hesitation to let Damien do with him as he wished. A command nearly jolted him from his work, “Touch yourself,” the voice demanded.

Kyle beat off his discomfiture and let his hand drift down and wrap around himself, shuddering at the heat passing through the skin. He tepidly pumped on his cock as Damien continued to brutalize his mouth. He could feel his lips becoming raw once again, his jaw aching as it locked into the perfect size for it to be thrust into. His fingers closed tightly around himself and he couldn’t help a whisper of a moan breaking through around the cock in his lips. His free hand dug down into his thigh, nails scraping at the skin as he felt his body thrown into a cataclysm of emotion. The fear, the pain, the pleasure, it was all too much. The chaos was nearly enough to wind him as his stroking became tighter and faster, his mouth swallowing every bit of cock that it was fed. The staunch, musky taste of Damien clouded his senses, interrupted only by an occasional salty splash upon his palate.

Damien kept his eyes firmly planted in Kyle’s, watching satisfactorily as his pet did as commanded with nothing more than an occasional gag. “So good,” he whispered. “A good whore knows just what to do for their owner.” And what a whore Damien had transformed Kyle into over their time together. He remembered fleeting memories of Kyle biting him, kicking, screaming and punching and doing everything in his power to get away from him in the beginning. He could see the cuts he’d given the boy for such disobedience, how he threw his face down into a puddle of blood and cum and had him lick it off the dirty floor as punishment. Watching the redhead’s reserve whittle day by day was an exhilarating thrill ride, one that few orgasms had been able to match. Damien’s dream had always been to tame a human, a creature whose will was so strong that it was thought impenetrable. Even now, as he watched his captive taking his cock down into his mouth without so much as a whimper, he knew that Kyle still had reserve. He knew that if the little firecracker got so much as a chance, he’d fight through and break free. The power of the demon’s soul still hadn’t been able to completely claim him as of yet; The mortal’s body rejecting him like a faulted transplant. It was inspiring in a way, watching the shell of a once proud and strong boy still clinging onto what little he had left, even as Damien used him, a few spare sparks of defiance still marred his now typically exhausted features.

Damien grunted and ripped out of Kyle’s lips, his mouth still slack from its use. He panted, raising his free arm to wipe drool off of his chin. “Turn,” Damien ordered. Kyle gulped, pivoting on his knees. He bent his head down against the floor, his back slanted downwards and his ass in the air presented for his keeper, staring off at the wall as he felt Damien moving behind him. His thighs were grabbed and spread, his hips and muscles singing angrily at the position. “Don’t stop touching yourself,” a lathering voice rang deep in a warm breath against his skin. Kyle bit his lip, propping himself on one arm and letting the other travel back between his legs. He gasped as he felt a wet warmth prodding at his hole, wriggling and demanding access. His eyes flickered down behind him, feeling Damien’s hands pulling his ass cheeks apart and delving his forked tongue deep inside of him. He couldn’t stop a few shocked chokes, the strange texture and shape of Damien’s tongue conforming inside his muscle in a completely surreal sensation.

He wasn’t used to this. He was used to being hit, Damien launching inside him with no preparation, not being allowed to feel any pleasure unless Damien was the one giving it to him. The whole thing made him feel sick, his head swimming as it battled between nausea and titillation. He couldn’t contain a moan that irked its way out of his throat, sounding like it’d been strangled right out of him. Damien pulled back, licking his lips and wiping the saliva off his chin, watching the boy with extreme indulgence. His ears were practically burning with the sound that he’d made his pet make. So few times had he gotten any kind of pleasured sound; only cries of pain, orgasming with a noise of embarrassment and anger time and again. This was a new toy to the demon, and he wanted to play.

Another set of words fumbled out of Damien’s hungry mouth, poor oblivious Kyle still reeling from Damien’s tongue to be able to notice. Suddenly warm, lubed fingers pressed down into him and his mouth once more went agape in a silent scream. Damien’s claws were dulled down in the midst of his spell, something Kyle was extremely grateful for. He didn’t have much time for focusing on that however as Damien automatically found his target, jarring his fingers around inside the boy. Kyle screamed, unable to contain himself as the stimulation shot straight down to his throbbing cock still being played in his hand. Damien shuddered excitedly at the noise, his fangs beaming as he stared at Kyle’s body eagerly swallowing his fingers.

“You’re going to cum for me, do you understand?” he demanded, shaking his fingers again and letting Kyle’s body contract around him in ecstasy.

The name was barely able to be whispered, nearly inaudible over the slick sound of Damien thrusting his fingers in and out, but a soft “D-Damien...” hit the demon’s sharpened hearing like a freight train. He stopped his fingers, prompting a pathetic whine to escape his victim as he stared down on him. His lips curled into a mean smirk and he resumed his motions, harder and faster than before. Never once had Kyle said his name in the middle of being taken. It was always ‘you bastard’ or ‘you fucker’ before it slowly became ‘Master’ over time. Never had it been so deliciously informal, never had Damien heard his name spoken so beautifully, escaping from those lips now pleading silently as the redhead rode his fingers. He glanced underneath the boy, his knuckles practically white as he gripped himself and tugged viciously on his cock. Damien couldn’t help but grow a self-satisfied smirk. Kyle was close.

He pulled his fingers out once again, bending Kyle’s hips down even further. He slathered his aching cock in more of his incantation lubrication before slamming down into the redhead with no preemptive. Kyle moaned and shook his head, his free hand clawing desperately at the floor. Damien dove down into him fast and deep, his hips slapping against Kyle’s ass, his balls colliding between the boy’s thighs in a barrage of angry passion. The sound echoed around them, only enhanced by Kyle’s moans beginning to become more vocal and guttural, the strangled noises being forced down in the midst of his singing pleasure.

Kyle couldn’t make heads or tails of what was happening. He was riding a high that he hadn’t felt before, he didn’t know he could ever feel like he was in that moment. His entire body seemed to want to coil, his head for once devoid of anger or frustration and replaced instead with his body screaming for more of whatever Damien was feeding him. The stimulation Damien’s cock provided him felt different than usual. Not scraping along his insides, not burning nearly as badly. It was still filling his ass, his body seeming to stretch to its limits, but in a good way. The slickness of Damien’s personal lube dribbled down his thighs, slipped in and out of him with each animalistic push.

Damien’s head nearly spun as Kyle’s hips began pressing back into him on his own accord. He usually had to tell him to do that. But there his redhead was, grunting and pressing his free hand against the floor, pushing back into his rhythm as though he were consumed by lust. “Look at me,” Damien ordered, feeling his stomach beginning to swell pleasurably. Kyle’s head shot around, staring into his gaze over a pale, lightly freckled shoulder. A deep, gorgeous shadow encompassing his eye color that Damien had never seen before only brought him closer towards his end. It was lust all right. It clung onto Kyle’s body like a fog, mingling with his sweat in a sweetly pungent aroma that Damien knew could become an addiction like nothing else.

He wanted more.

One of his hands shot up, entangling itself into Kyle’s hair and ripping his head back, an airy yelp escaping but his hips and hand never faltering. Damien eyed his claim mark with a heady smirk. The purple and red splotches stood out against Kyle’s clammy skin, the sweat pouring down it making them shimmer; A beacon for everything and everyone to know what he had done to make Kyle his bitch. “You’re going to cum for me,” he growled, tangling his fingers deeper and pulling at the roots of the ember locks, “And you’re going to scream my name, do you understand me?”

Kyle nodded briskly, his mouth wide open in pain and pleasure. He was unbelievably close, his body tightly wound and ready to spring loose. He’d never felt this with Damien, it made him all the more sick, but he needed to feel this. It was the closest thing he’d had to happiness in so long, the closest thing to feeling halfway human again. This was a moment that needed to happen, shame or not. His mouth managed to fumble out a barrage of ‘fucks’ and ‘Gods’ as Damien continued slamming into his body, never breaking his wonderful tempo.

Damien was right on the edge with him, staring at his stark complexion in comparison to the dingy room they were harbored in and shuddering. Kyle was gorgeous, the complete opposite of everything that his home stood for. He was Damien’s personal angel, one that he’d stolen from the Heavens to make his life more bearable. One that he took as a challenge for both himself and the boy he was impaling. Neither of them had won quite yet, Damien well into the lead, but Kyle wasn’t going to go down so easily. Damien knew that this moment wasn’t going to last. So he enjoyed his view, watching him now as not only submissive but nearly willing...It was intoxicating.

Kyle’s breaths became spastic, his hand working faster against his cock now pulsing in his palm as he fisted himself. His mind fleeted to his order right before he finally let loose, crying Damien’s name loudly in a fit of inebriated spasms. He practically lost all sight, all sense of reasoning as his body refused to let the pleasure go, clinging onto it like it knew that could very well be the last time it’d experience such a good thing. He rode his orgasm throughout, his muscles clamping around Damien’s cock still buried deep in his ass and prompting a hiss out of the boy behind him. It finally became too much and he groaned, catching himself on shaky hands, panting and sweating as he attempted to keep pushing back against Damien’s thrusts. He was so tired, his body numb and used, not used to the extreme set of emotions that he just went through.

A strong arm wrapped down under his chest and pulled him onto his knees, pulled back straight against Damien’s torso as the demon continued pounding into him with vigor. He leaned his head back against Damien’s shoulder and moaned as the sensation of being filled was becoming almost too much for him. His head lolled to the side, looking up at his master with his eyes beginning to fade back into their typical murky green state. Damien licked his lips, feeling Kyle’s hips weakly rocking back against his assault and grinning. “Good whore, such a good whore,” he cooed, his breathing losing its steadiness as Kyle’s muscle continued to lock down around his cock. “Gonna cum inside you, let you feel what a whore you are,” he promised. Kyle merely nodded, letting him use him with little more than groans escaping his lips.

Hearing Kyle scream his name did everything for Damien, the sound still echoing around in his head as he re-grew his claws, taking his free hand and digging them into Kyle’s hip. The redhead hissed and threw his head back against him, his narrow chest arching up gracefully and that was all he could take. He shouted, clasping around his pet as tightly as he could muster, slamming into him for all he was worth as he felt himself being pushed out into the void of Kyle’s body. Kyle arched and gasped at the warmth releasing inside of him, his hands coming back and scratching Damien’s shoulders and chest hurriedly. Damien couldn’t help but realize, however, they were not scratches of panic. The lust was still buried in the boy, he was clawing him closer. Damien continued pushing until his body absolutely refused to go any further. He fell back on his knees, still holding around the boy and still settled inside of him. Kyle limply lied in his embrace, panting and trying his damnedest to keep his eyes on Damien should he look his way. “So good,” Damien chuckled breathlessly, turning and locking stares with him. He smirked, planting a brash kiss on his mouth before pulling out of him and setting him on the floor, back into his kneeling position.

He noticed the redness of his knees, the little specks of blood flowing freely down his damaged hip. Kyle was always a sight after sex, but this time, it was different. His body was glowing with what Damien thought to be a strange mix of relaxation and tension all at once. It wasn’t his usual shamed near-tears stance. The redhead was looking at him almost expectantly, like he expected him to come over and tell him he loved him or something of the sort.

“What’s on your mind, Kyle?” he asked, hoping he would get more than a one or two word answer. “And for once, I will grant you this favor:,” he added, getting a little spark out of Kyle’s vision and smirking lightly at it. “Unless you are about to insult me, whatever you say will not be punishable.” This promise seemed to relax Kyle’s figure even more. He bit at his lip shyly, seeming to still be trying to force out his answer. It wasn’t exactly a surprise, Damien was amazed to hear him say anything. A part of him forgot that in the beginning, the boy wouldn’t shut up. He couldn’t deny that he missed that part of him.

“Y-you said...” he faltered and flinched automatically, expecting to be hit or something. He looked to see Damien waiting patiently while he stuffed himself back into his jeans and he sighed in relief. “You were ready to share me...” he trembled. “W-what did you mean, Master?” he added the title hoping for good graces points in case his question had severely fucked him over. There was little Damien liked more than knowing that Kyle knew where he stood between the two of them.

Damien paused, staring at the redhead who was looking more and more frightened with each moment of silence that passed between them. Slowly, a wicked grin began to etch itself onto his face, watching the boy with amused eyes. He reached forward, cupping Kyle’s chin and wiping off the boy’s sweaty brow. He pressed his lips against his forehead, his words spilling into the bone like a sweet nectar, “Come with me, my little phoenix, and I’ll show you.”