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Blue Velvet & Gray Steel

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Blue Velvet & Gray Steel

Bucky would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous. In fact the man was downright terrified of what was to come. Sitting in a chair in a waiting room with other people who recognized him but were too polite to let on due to the setting. The brunet is here to see his therapist. He needs to vocalize some of what is going in his head, and there is plenty.

Like his emotional break down for one, going public about his past another. Then there was that tiny voice in the back of his mind talking about the next big step between him and Steve. While not imagining him with anyone else, now was not the right time for that. Bucky knew he wasn't ready, hell his boyfriend may not be either.

Gets up once he hears his name being called, stomach bunching up with nerves.

It was a bit of a shock to see his therapist in such disarray. Hair normally styled neatly now sticking up here and there as if he had been tugging on it. Sweat stains under his arms, and around the collar from what Bucky could tell. Not to mention his once neat slacks all wrinkled. Suddenly his worries do not seem all that important any more.

"Come on in, have a seat," the therapist waves at the chair without looking at him. Eyeing the stack of folders before him, then grabbing for a fresh sheet of paper. "So, what has been going on since we last seen each other?" Listens patiently while Bucky lists off his thoughts in order. "Sure you are ready for all that?" He asks, not doubting him but making sure Bucky knows what will ensue after.

"Yes, in fact my lawyer is meeting up with the P.I. at the moment. Soon my agent will report in," Bucky says with conviction.

"Looks like you got this all planned out then. What does your boyfriend say about this, or your family?"

Bucky swallows, then takes a deep breath. "Actually my family doesn't know," he breathes out. Watching as the therapist's brows reach nearly reach his hairline. "Well, they knew about some of it, just not the whole picture. I told my mom that I would explain it to her after, and not to watch," because it would be too painful to learn that way. Makes him feel selfish really, but then the media would not relent until he caves.

"Why haven't you told them?"

Good question.

"Fear, guilt. Not to mention past blackmail and being brain washed into thinking that they didn't care. All lies I realize now, but not back then. I was told to keep my mouth shut, that I could make their money problems go away."

"Were they that bad off financialy speaking?" Waiting for his patient's reaction.

"Looking back, not as much as I was lead to believe. Sure we had issues, what family doesn't? But we got by. It's not all their fault this happened," hates that it may seem that way.

"They need to know for many reasons, one of them being they will be reached for comments."

"Shit," Bucky mutters under his breath.

"Yeah," his therapist agrees.

"Looks like I have a phone call to make."


Steve, normally a patient man, sits at the other end of the desk, trying his best not to fidget. It's not working. Clint Barton looks over to Nat, and she nods, letting him know without words that she sees it too.

"I'm sure Mr. Barnes will make it here in time, maybe got caught up with something," adding.

"Bucky would call if he was going to be this late," Steve objects.

"Maybe that's just it, he didn't know, or maybe he is on the phone with his agent," Nat tells the worried blond.

"Or his family," a man enters the room with flair. Preening as all eyes focus on him, this he was used to. "Mr. Anthony Stark, at your service."

Clint snorts, while Natasha rolls her eyes at his anticts, well known among their circle. But not to Steve it seems.

"Are you kidding me right now?" Rogers asks, not wanting to know the answer.

"No, we're not. I have been with this family for many years. It goes back a generation," Stark provides. Steve just stares in shock.

"Ignore him!" A woman dressed in a white buttton up shirt and black pencil skirt tells him. Her hair is pulled back in a bun, make up done tastefully. While confident, she was never obnoxious about it. Opposites really do attract, don't they?

"This is my assistant Pepper Potts," gives a winning wink. She rolls her eyes his way, but then smiles at them.

"Sorry about him. Why not wait for the client before getting down to business. I already know Natasha and Clint," smirks their way.

"I'm Steve, Bucky's partner," gettng up to shake hands with her first, then to Stark who lights up.

"Nice to meet you, big fan."

Pepper just laughs at that. "Actually I am, he just sits and grimaces while I watch the games," gives an all knowing look his way.

"Brutal," Tony shudders to make a point. Steve just squints his eyes, then moves back to his chair and sits. It is going to be a long day...


"Yeah Mom, I will. Love you too," Bucky adds before ending the call, then grimaces once he spies the time. He is already twenty minutes late and has yet to call his agent. Sends a quick message to Steve to apologize for the delay, then one to Clint and Tony. He can do this. No, he will do this.