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The Fans dream

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Shyanne was a young girl, around the age of 19 she grew up in Florida. She was always spending time with her older cousin Martin, who was 29 years old. No one ever seen them a part they were like best friends, Shyanne was an only child and grew up with Martin being a part of her life since she could remember. One summer day they were hanging out on the back porch and Martin`s phone rang and the ringtone sang out “if you can’t hang than there the door baby”… She instantly asked who sang the song she had just heard as soon as it ended. He quickly replied “you haven’t heard of them before? Their name is sleeping with sirens look them up on YouTube”, so that’s exactly what she did. She went on YouTube and searched sleeping with sirens to her surprise they had a lot of songs and she started watching all of their music videos, from that day she was obsessed with the band. It wasn’t soon after.. All of her friends knew who they were too. They were very aware of her new found obsession with the lead singer Kellin Quinn Bostwick. She found out that Kellin Quinn had a girlfriend and she was heartbroken, but it still didn’t keep her from wanting to meet him. For her 20th birthday her cousin took her to a Sleeping with sirens concert at Freebird live in Jacksonville FL, where Sleeping with sirens and a few other bands were opening for Attack! Attack! Kellin walked to side stage and was hugging all the girls in the front row and Shyanne was behind them. She noticed Kellin look at her and she looked downward and blushed a bit and proceeded to watch as the other girls went insane over a hug. She liked Kellin a lot but she couldn’t figure out what these girls were going so crazy about, He was very attractive and has an angelic voice but they were absolutely freaking out...probably just fan girls. She regretted this night for a long time because she went to several other concerts and never had that opportunity again, 5 other concerts to be exact.

Then she heard Sleeping with Sirens was coming to Orlando, so she called friend after friend to find someone to go with her to the concert. She had no luck, none of her friends liked that type of music so she said “Fine” “I’ll go alone” … “ I`m not going to miss my favorite band just because my so called friends won’t go with me”. She decided to rent a hotel across the street from the venue they were playing called the Social. The day of the concert came and she ended up in the front row this time, she stood in line for a long time for this because she was determined to meet Kellin and wanted a good spot to watch his show. Being only 20 she knew she never stood a chance with someone like Him, but she could dream right? As she was watching sleeping with sirens preform a song, a short skinny guy came up from behind Shyanne and grabbed her ass as he tried to scoot past her to get to his friends on the other side. Shyanne’s drink spilt all over the floor and she turned around to the guy and asked him “what’s your fucking problem dude, Coping a feel and making me spill my drink” which she had to sneak in since she wasn’t 21. To her surprise the guy said “baby I’m just having some fun chill your tits.” She punched him right in the face and told him to “get lost before she told security”. The guy walked away holding his face and saying “I’m sorry I shouldn’t of done that”. Shyanne turned toward the stage to watch the show she came here for only to realize that Kellin was staring right at her. Oh no did he see me hit that guy, I hope he didn’t see me do that. He winked and she almost melted. “Oh No he saw It… but on another note, did Kellin just notice me Out of everyone in this whole crowd?” then he walked over to that side of the stage where she was standing and began to sing Rodger Rabbit while kneeling into the crowd where she was .He kept looking right into her eyes and she was in so much Awe with this, she figured it was just something that he does to make his fans feel appreciated.. “Maybe he feels bad for what that guy did to me but shit I’m not complaining, look into my eyes baby!” When sleeping with sirens set was over she was about to leave the venue and head across the street to the hotel to rest her tired feet and legs after standing for hours.

A security guard came up to her and asked for her name and to please come with him. She had just remembered that fight she had during the show she just knew she was in trouble. She was Scared and nervous as the big Security Guard lead her out back toward the tour busses and little did she know that he was taking her to Sleeping With Sirens tour bus.. The security guard knocked on the door and said Shyanne was here. The door creaked open and a familiar voice called out. “Come in Shyanne, What a beautiful name for a beautiful woman it’s nice to finally meet you”. Her face flushed with different shades of pink and red she was so surprised to find out she had been taken back stage due to Kellin`s request. “Mmm I love when you blush like that” Kellin said. She was shocked that Kellin even noticed her yet alone to be called upon by him. Shyanne thanked him for inviting her backstage. Kellin proceeded with asking Shyanne to have a seat. After she was seated Kellin said “We need to talk”. “Why do you think I asked for you to come backstage tonight?” Shyanne replied “You got my tweet?” Kellin Laughs loudly and replies “No, not even”. “You may not have realized but, I have noticed you have been to quite a bit of my concerts here in this area but yet I still haven’t met you”. Kellin grinning and laughing added “Of course I had to change that, oh and of course that jab to that man’s face during my set” Shyanne blushes and “said well he asked for it”. “What did he do to deserve it so I know what not to do?” Kellin asked laughing. Shyanne laughed and told him he copped a feel and spilt my drink”. “Your drink?” he questioned. Shit, Shit, Shit I’m not 21 I hope he doesn’t care. Looking down she blushed again. Kellin said “don’t worry I know you’re not 21 doesn’t bother me as long as you’re not driving home beautiful”. She replied and said “no, never I’m staying in the hotel across the street”. “Good” Kellin says smiling then we have time to talk.

They talked about all the past concerts, all the missed opportunities to meet and then Kellin stopped Shyanne mid-sentence and staring deep into her eyes and smiled with such a soft smile and told her how beautiful she was. Shyanne turned her face away and giggled and replied “Thank You”. He scooted closer to her and said “No, I don’t think you understand how beautiful you are Shyanne, When I saw you tonight.. You have no idea how bad I wanted to stop the set and ask you to come to my bus so we could talk.” He then leaned in and grabbed her head in both hands and kissed her.. She kissed him back but then remembered this man has a girlfriend. She sat back and looked at him, Kellin with disbelief written all over his face he then asked “was it not good enough?” Shyanne replied saying “Kellin aren’t you dating Katelynne?” “It’s all a front he said, her and I haven’t been together for a long time since she cheated on me when I was away on tour for Vans warped.. We both decided it would be best to move on and go out separate ways but I never tell anyone this because it helps keep some of the fan girls away not all of them but a portion”. “Shyanne says why did you pick me?” Kellin looked at her with his head tilted to the side just a little bit and replied “Because you’re different”... he Pushed his lips hard against hers and they began to make out, He pulled at her shirt... Wake up. Wake up this isn’t real .This can’t be happening not to me, I’m just dreaming she said in her mind. He pushed her backwards onto the couch and started removed each article of clothing from her tingling body and replaced a kiss where it used to be. He slowly removed his shirt and hovered over her body while his bulging erection touched her inner thigh as they were kissing passionately. She slowly unbuttoned his Skinny jeans and pulled them down with his boxers freeing his huge erection. She was in shock at how big it is “Kellin do you have protection” He replied with “Honey No I don’t have protection because I never thought I would need it, I usually don’t do this sort of thing and I promise I won’t go inside you”. Shyanne Nodded and thought to herself that if she gave this opportunity up that she may never get this option again .He slowly moved inside her, slowing and speeding up as needed he knew exactly what to do, His hands were wrapped in her hair pulling slightly to prevent her from kissing him, he bites her neck and slowly going in and out he asks her how it feels. She replies “It feels amazing baby” He speeds up and can tell that she is getting close and stops to tease her till she felt like she was going to explode from the utter enjoyment. As they were fucking she told him that this was her first time and she always wanted it to be with him. Kellin said “Really baby you let this rock star, rock your world for the first time” and he smiled the sexiest grin she’s ever seen. Kellin Pushed against her one last time and she knew he had reached the top his groaning and big cock throbbing inside of her pushed her over the edge. He pulled away slowly and didn’t pull out like he promised... “You said you wouldn’t come inside me, you promised she yelled” He replied “baby its ok it was one time and I wanted your first time to be the best, I wanted you to experience the best part”.” If anything happens I swear I’ll take care of you.” They spent the whole weekend together and before she knew it, it was time for him to move on to the next concert. Shyanne left for home which was over an hour away and the whole way all she could think about was him.