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Leah Clearwater Imagines

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Leah x Reader

Requested by anon

Leah had hurried back from the woods. Shifted and changed as she rushed toward Emily and Sam’s house. One of the others had seen you walking down towards the house. Through a flurry of thoughts and judgement, she’d made out the image of you.

You’d looked determined in the glimpse that she’d seen. Raincoat on, hiking boots laced up and a stern look on your face as you made your way down the path. Leah had managed to arrive before you did. She could hear you a long way up the road still making your way towards the house.
“What do you think they’re going to say?” Emily asked Leah who shrugged.
“How should I know? (Y/N) saw me explode into a giant wolf and then ran away. It’s been a month.” Leah snapped out as an answer. Emily didn’t say anything else as she went into the kitchen and started pottering around.
Leah stepped out into the light rain as you got closer and hesitated on the porch. You hadn’t seen her since you’d watched her and Paul argue. She hadn’t heard you coming up the road and Paul had pushed her too far. She’d tried to approach you, to comfort you. But in her wolf form, she was larger than you could have ever imagined something being. Leah had watched you turn and run.
Leah wasn’t sure what had been worse. Paul’s mind showed her his perspective or the other wolves echoing back every time they looked at her. There had been a panic for a while as the pack remained in fear that you would expose them. But a month had passed and they hadn’t heard from you. Apart from Embry who had bumped into you at a store in La Push with a friend of yours. You had hurried off before he could say hello.
“Leah?” You said as you approached the house. She was still frozen on the porch steps. Slowly, she managed to find her courage and stepped down towards you.
“I didn’t think I’d see you any time soon.” She said. Internally she cringed. Her tone was harsher than she had meant it to be and you started to look nervous. “I thought you’d choose to turn me in… to someone.”
“I’d always choose you.” You said quietly.
“You would?” She said quietly and smiled.
“Of course. I’ve just been struggling to deal with the idea that you’re a giant…” You muttered and trailed off.
“Wolf?” She offered. You nodded and stepped closer.
“I. I’m still a little freaked out. But I wanted to come by and tell you I think things are still ok?” You said as if you weren’t sure.
“Ok?” Leah said in the same tone.
“Yes. I just. Need some time too. Think. But maybe we could have lunch on Saturday? If that’s ok.” You smiled as you spoke, almost shy.
“I’d like that.” She said softly and you both seemed to relax. There was an awkward silence before you nodded, satisfied and hurried away, glancing back to give her a little wave.