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Do You Know What Fanfiction Is?

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~ Do You Know What Fanfiction Is? ~

Upon entering Kanae's apartment, Kyoko immediately noticed that the furniture was littered with many small packages. And all of those little packages were marked with a single distinctive brand-name: Volks.

"So, I figured we'd do a little art project tonight, since you're into this stuff..." Kanae said.

Truth be told, she was somewhat disturbed by Kyoko's lack of immediate reaction - which could be taken one of two ways. Either Kyoko was unfamiliar with the brand (which might be the case, even though it was one of the most prominent doll companies in Japan - this was Kyoko, the weird girl who knew a lot of weird things, and had a strange lack of knowledge about others), or... she was having a delayed reaction. And the more time passed before the reaction actually happened, the more extreme it was going to be.

She could have almost sworn that she heard a ticking sound effect in her head, counting down to the impending explosion of the happiness-bomb.

All of a sudden, Kyoko turned toward her with wide, sparkling eyes.


Yep, there it went. And there went Kanae's eardrums.

"I wonder what the mysterious 'activity' Kotonami-san planned is," Yashiro said to Ren, once the girls had been dropped off.

"I have no idea," Ren replied. "She seemed intent on keeping it a secret."

Of course, he was curious as well. But, with as little knowledge of the girl as he had (even with his extensive knowledge of Kyoko's particular tastes), he really didn't feel able to even try to guess what she had planned.

"She probably just didn't want to ruin the surprise for Kyoko. I'm sure you'll find out about it soon enough."

"You act like Kyoko tells me everything..."

"Because Kyoko does tell you everything."

"Not everything," Ren protested.

"Well, but... I mean, she does tell you most of the things."

Ren sighed. It was hard to argue with someone when the other person had a point...

After Kyoko finally managed to calm down somewhat (calm was always a relative term when dealing with Kyoko, anyway), the two girls waded into the sea of packages and began to sort through art supplies and accessories as they decided how they were going to customize the dolls.

After several hours of careful crafting (much of which included Kyoko correcting Kanae's mistakes), they had produced two dolls which resembled themselves with near-perfect accuracy. Once the faces were painted (and had dried), and the hair was cut and styled, they dug through the pile of company-made clothing until they found a pair of schoolgirl outfits, which they then dressed the dolls in.

"Look~! It's us from the Curara commercial~!" Kyoko said. Happiness radiated off of her, filling the room with a metaphysical cloud of of sparkles, rainbows, and fluttery-winged fairies.

Kanae thought she sounded entirely too amazed about it, given the fact that the result was exactly in line with what they had spent all this time trying to do. To avoid the sparkles (and because she was honestly lowkey impressed with how poseable the dolls were, not that she would ever admit to such a thing), Kanae moved the two finished dolls in a series of different poses while waiting for the other girl's sparkle-storm to die down. She had just finished putting them both in kneeling poses with their little hands held out in front of them as if they were waiting to be handed something, when the weird aura-cloud finally snapped out of existence.

Kanae glanced over at Kyoko to see what she was doing, only to find that she was... digging through her bag for something?

"I have the perfect thing to add to this!" Kyoko cried triumphantly as she returned to the where Kanae and the finished dolls were sitting.

As Kanae watched, Kyoko carefully placed tiny white plastic flowers into the two dolls' upturned hands. Then she scattered more of them around the dolls in a pattern that appeared artlessly artful.

Where did she get a bunch of little plastic flowers from anyway, and why was she carrying them around with her? Kanae wondered idly, while Kyoko was busy taking pictures of the scene with her cellphone. Upon closer inspection, it appeared the little flowers each had a hole through them. Wait... are these the beads that Tsuruga gave her for White Day?