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Running Away

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Vampires are the unknown apex predators of the Earth's food web. Being the ultimate predators, Vampires has very few things they feared in their immortal life.

As for Rosalie, she's prided herself to be the fearless one. Even if she found herself in a situation which scared her out of her wits, very rarely will she run away from it.

Fear of heights? She jumped from tree to tree or climbed mountains ranges to overcome it over the years she had.

Fear of men? She has perfected her glare until it became her ultimate weapon of keeping people away from her or she'll simply rip apart the offending human.

Fear of the unknown? Jokes on you, she is the unknown in this world.

In conclusion..there are few things that scared her and she have very much learned to supres her fears or to overcome them by giving her some time and practice.

She could proudly say that in her 75 years of life, she has never run or hide away from anything in her life.

This was her life, a proud- fearless vampire who could destroy anything and anyone who dares interfere in her life.


"Rosalie, hey!" The eager brown eyes widened almost comically as the teen's face brightened with her cheerful smile. Her hands were raised high as she waved- wanting, no- needing the blonde's eyes on her.

Rosalie noted the girl alright. She felt her presence even before both of their eyes connected among the not so many students of Forks Highschool's.

Rosalie turned back without giving Bella a second glance.

It doesn't matter if she had to go out of the building. It doesn't matter if she couldn't go to her first period: English Literature, the only lesson she enjoyed studying in this stupid school.

It doesn't matter if she missed a quiz that might affect her final exam at the end of the year!

It doesn't matter at all, as long as she stays the hell away from Bella fucking Swan.

"Rose! Where the hell are you going?!"
Alice's question gave her a pause but no for long.

If she wastes any minute, Bella might catch up with her. Alice's is wasting precious hiding time for her.

Alice doesn't need to know that though.

"There's a car part coming in today- I completely forgot about it," if she could only tap herself on the back for the valid excuse she came up with.

"Really? That's weird, cause I didn't see you being involved with cars at all today,"

Rosalie's eyes narrowed at her sister and the little smirk she hates adorning her face.

Her one track mind to be out of Bella's presence was able to repress and make her note other details of her siblings.

Edward could clearly read her mind- but his staying quiet and standing by Alice's side. He has solid proof that she wasn't thinking about cars at all.

Jasper could feel her flighty emotions and his standing by Alice's left- his hands firmly holding hers.

Emmett was of course standing by her side- and not once he asked if she was fine.

He was the only one who knew her enough to know that she's not fucking fine and this moment.

Three things she realised simultaneously the moment her brain came to function like a normal person's.

Number one: Bella was walking towards her. Her presence and scent alone was enough proof if this.

Number two: She felt the need to run and hide like a cornered prey stalked by it's predator- even though she is supposed to be the predator by the standard of species.

Number three: Her siblings are helping the said predator to corner her by completely cutting off her exit.

Everyone of her siblings sported a smirk- almost as if they were mocking her.

"What the fuck are you guys doing?!" She screeched in her head as panic overtook her- making Edward wince.

'Relax, Rosalie..relax, she's just a human, she's just a human-' she mentally chanted to herself
- her eyes closing tightly to prepare for the inevitable.

"Hey, everyone. Mind if I steal Rosalie a bit?"

Bella was now standing a bit close to her and Rosalie was very much aware of it.

She's fucking Rosalie Hale. She's not afraid of anyone or anything.

Rosalie raised a single eyebrow and glared at the shorter girl beside her.

"What makes you think-"

"Of course not, Bella. Rosalie is all yours," Alice cut in with a grin- her golden eyes bright as mischief danced in her face.

It pissed Rosalie off.

This was about her! Why was her decisions are being made by others?!

"You'll thank us later, Rose.." Edward said, his voice was mere whisper as he only intended for her siblings to hear.

Rosalie merely scoffed.

Bella smiled, her gaze lingering a little when it came in contact with the angry vampire besides her.

"I won't be long,"

"Say whatever you want and be done with it," Rosalie practically spat the words out- laced with so much rage that it made the blonde vampire wince internally.

She was sure Emmett gave her a disapproving glare and Jasper shaking his head by Alice's side.

It made her even angrier.

"Come on, guys. It's getting late," Alice pulled Jasper along with her- and Rosalie noted the slight warning in Alice's lingering eyes.

She didn't want to understand what's the meaning behind her gaze.

At some point, the hallway had become deserted to- as most students have already went to their classes.

"I know that you're running away from me,"

Rosalie's eyebrow raised as she looked down at Bella.

"Don't even try to lie, Rosalie. I know you are," Bella said.

Rosalie crossed her arms over her chest and stared at Bella incredulously.

"I don't run away,"

"But you are,"

"No, I don't.."

"Yes. You do,"

"No. I. Don't!" Rosalie growled lightly- her frustration rising every minute she spent with Bella.

Bella just smiled.

"You can't run away from me forever, Rosalie.."

"I did not-"

"Another lie from you and I'm doing something irrational,"

"What does that even supposed to mean?"

Bella shrugged. "It is what it is,"

"You're annoying," Rosalie rolled her eyes "and we're gonna be late to class,"

"It didn't bother you when you tried running just minutes ago,"

"As I said...I was not-"

"My patience is wearing thin because of your lies," Bella sighed. "Can I shut you up by kissing you?"


Bella slowly closed the distance between the vampire and her- step by step. Giving ample amount of time or any form of signal from Rosalie to stop her advances.

But to her advantage- and Rosalie's despair, the blonde vampire could not think of anything other than the close proximity between her and Bella.

As much as she wants to run away and bury herself somewhere deep in the forest- Rosalie couldn't deny the fact that she does wants to be kissed.

She wants to be kissed by Bella until she lost all her sense of self and beyond.

"May...I kiss you?"

Bella was close enough for Rosalie to distinguish between different flecks of brown and gold in the human's eyes, but not close enough for Rosalie to actually taste Bella's lips.

It was driving her crazy for reasons unknown- and she completely hates it.

Rosalie was in the verge of saying yes, Bella is very sure about that. She just needs to minutes or even seconds till the vampire agreed-

The haze Rosalie was under dissolved quickly the moment she heard distinct but heavy footsteps of a man approaching them.

Rosalie grabbed Bella's hands in her own and held the surprised gaze of the human for a second longer. "Let's go,"

A minute later both Bella and Rosalie have disappeared away from the hallway- just in time for the principal to turn around the corner.

Further inside the building, in a class filled with students bored out of their mind as the History lesson dragged on- Alice shared a secretive smile with Jasper before focusing back on her lessons.

Rosalie was a step closer to accept the mate bond between Bella and her.