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Avengers: Warriors of the Elements

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"Takuya..." Izumi rolled her eyes angrily at her boyfriend. She sat on his chest, pissed off that he made a joke about her breasts. The 21 year old was getting annoyed by the jokes as she swiftly kicked him between the legs.

"Ow! Okay, Izumi!" He sat up, sending Izumi to the floor. He rubbed his brown hair a bit, "I swear... Ever since it happe-..."

"Don't you dare say that! You know how bad Kouji felt after that!"

"Well, we all know it happened!" The two began arguing before Tomoki, now officially an adult, got between the two.

"You guys! Look on the news!" Tomoki turned on the TV and all three stared in shock as they watched. IronMan was fighting what appeared to be...




"Alive. Yes." All three turned to see Junpei and Kouji. Ever since Kouichi had disappeared, Kouji had undergone a goth look and pretty much, the light that once shined greatly was dull from depression.

"And, Kouji wants you guys to come to America with us." Izumi blinked and looked at Takuya and Tomoki. The two nodded.

"Well, it's settled. Come on. We need to find where S.H.I.E.L.D. is."

"Wait, Kouji..." Takuya grabbed his shoulder, spinning Kouji around, "Are you really willing to join them? It could cause you and Kouichi to fight again."

"Damnit, Takuya! I rather fight Kouichi again instead of losing him! As for joining them... Junpei, show them what we found!" Junpei nodded and brought out five devices. Everyone remembered them and stared.

"H-how did you get those, Kouji?" exclaimed Izumi.

"Ofanimon gave them to me when she discovered what happened to Kouichi. She said the person who corrupted him... Is twice as strong as Lucemon."

"Well, whoever it is, we'll kick their royal ass for corrupting him again." said Takuya. Junpei nodded in agreement.

"Well, let's go!" Kouji smiled and the five approached the airport, ready to come to America.


KaiserLeomon growled as the Hulk rushed at him, "Schwarz Donner!" As he began his attack, Loki formed a barrier behind him when IronMan thought of attacking him from behind. The lion grinned evilly, before jumping up and attacking the Hulk. He was determined to kill before he groaned, jumping off. He transformed back into a blue haired boy and held his head.

"You can't be serious! The 'Black Lion Beast of New York' is an 11 year old boy?" Captain America held his shield close as Loki threw an attack at him.

"We'll be back, Avengers." He grabbed the boy's arm and disappeared just before the Hulk could grab them.

"Damnit!" Tony's mask moved up and looked at the other Avengers, "How the heck did he manage to turn a little kid evil!" Soon, he turned to see the chosen children walk forward, "How did he suddenly grow?"

"Wow, a real life super hero~!" squealed Izumi. Takuya glared at the man, his eye visibly twitching.

"Grow?" Kouji blinked and stared in realizing. His face returned to normal as he approached the Avengers, showing them a photo of him and Kouichi, "Is this who you think I am?" He pointed at Kouichi's face and they nodded, "Then, he's been here!' He turned, "You guys, Kouichi's here and alive!" They began to cheer happily until they were interrupted.

"Not here." said Thor.

"What do you mean, not here?"

"Your brother is not in this world. My brother kidnapped him and turned him evil." Kouji stared in shock and fell to the ground, visible tears forming.

"Damnit... I lost him again..."


Kouichi's eyes shot open as Loki used his staff to heal his headache, "Again... It's happened everytime I've tried to remember the past..."

"Well, you shouldn't do it anymore. You cannot be concerned with your past, all that matters is your future."

"Thanks, Lord Loki."

"Anyway, we have a new enemy." Loki pulled up a picture of the chosen children, "They want to ruin my powers. I want you to kill them all. Especially HIM." He pointed at Kouji. Kouichi's eyes temporarily turned his normal blue, filling with tears and he was about to nod no before Loki pressed his staff to his head, his eyes turning a bright blue and he nodded.

"Yes, Lord Loki. He will die first."

Loki grinned evilly, "Good, my servant. Now, rest, we have a big battle tomorrow." He had single-handingly broke up two brothers' friendship and successfully killed one. He left the room.

Kouichi curled up, his eyes turning a mixture between his normal deep blue and the bright blue. He teared up, "I can't do this... Not to someone so similar..." He cried himself to sleep.