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Grand Theft Auto: Pokemon

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Chapter 1

A/N: This story takes place between June 2013 and November 2013.

In one afternoon of a peaceful Kanto town known as Pallet Town, a twenty-five year old man named Ash was sleeping on his bed. He had one leg spread on one side of the bed. He was snoring, too. He wasn't one of the dumbest people on earth, but he was lazy. Unlike him, his best friend, Leaf, went to college, got a degree, and moved out of her parents house. She, along with his mom, tried to make him go to college, but he decided not to. His choice was to become a lazy bum, loafing around his mom's house.

He never saw his father or never heard from him. His father was incapable of raising a child, hence his long-time absence. Ash's mother had to teach him everything of what a dad could typically teach his son, which wasn't hard.

Speaking of Ash's mother, she went inside his room with that angry look on her face. Her name was Delia (Pokemon) and she was in her thirty-seven years old. "Wake up, ya lazy bum," Delia said, but he didn't. She facepalmed, shaking her head. "Goddamnit..." After getting closer, she slapped his cheek, waking him up.

"Ow..." Ash woke up, feeling a little pain. "Did you hit me, mom?"

Delia put her hands on her hips. "I did, and I don't care!" Delia replied.

"What kind of mother are you? You know hitting your own child is wrong. Apologize to me right now!" Ash whined.

"I won't, Ash. I'm gonna kick you out of this house starting now!" Delia was dead serious. She have had with Ash living under her roof.

"What!? Why the fuck would you do that!?" Ash yelled

"Because I'm tired of you acting like you own the house! You haven't done shit to support me! All you do is read your pornographic magazines, playing videos games, watch television, sleep all day and night, eat, and surf on the web every friggin' day! And what do I do? Pay the bills and do other things like a mature adult!" she explained.

"And look what your friend, Leaf, is doing. She's acting like a mature adult and she has her own place to stay. Either get the fuck out or I'm calling the cops to arrest your ass," Delia continued.

"Okay, okay! Sheesh!" Ash said, getting up and putting on his shoes. "I'm staying over at Leaf's. At least she doesn't tell me what to do."

"No, Ash. Find your own place. Get a job. It's not that hard," Delia said, but Ash rolled his eyes. Now, she gave him a load of money. "Look, Ash; Here's $5,000 from a lottery I won a week ago."

"Why the fuck haven't you told me about it?" Ash asked.

"Because I wanted to save it for charity. But now, I'm giving it to your lazy ass," Delia replied, then she touched his shoulder. "Use the money like a real adult. If you decide to fuck up, don't come here or call me to beg for more money. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand," Ash replied.

"Good, because it's your ONLY chance to make mature responsibilities with it. Now get the fuck out of here," Delia said. Ash grabbed a few things before putting them in his pocket, then he left. "And don't slam my door!" Delia reminded, but Ash did it anyway. Delia sighed. "Idiot."

"Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up," someone said, going towards Ash. It was Gary (Pokemon), his rival. Two decades ago, the two had started their rivalry after they were fighting over a sandwich they refused to split in kindergarten. Since then, their hatred against one another grew wider throughout the years. Gary was also Leaf's rival because she was best friends with Ash, but his rivalry with her was less heated.

"Aren't you supposed to shove a load of dildos up your ass or something?" Ash asked rudely.

"Haha, very funny. So clever of you," Gary made a sarcastic tone.

"Ash, darling. How's it been?" someone asked, and it was Leaf (Pokemon). She came up to him and Gary.

"Bad," Ash replied.

"Why bad?" Leaf asked.

Gary folded his arms. "Yeah, Ash. Tell us why," Gary said.

"My mom kicked me out and told me to buy a house and get a job with this," Ash replied before showing the money to Leaf and Gary.

Gary snatched the money, saying, "Thanks for the loot, dumbass," then he ran off. 

"That's mine, ass fucker!" Ash yelled, then he cough. "I need some water."

"Come with me. You can drink one of my water bottles." Leaf said. She went straight towards her house, and Ash followed her there.

~ Mission one: Da money ~ (Boss: Leaf)

Ash gulped the water bottle Leaf gave him, then he threw it on the floor. "There. Now I can beat the shit of him and get my money back," Ash said.

"Do it good, man," Leaf said. Ash walked out of her house and went north. He continued to walk in that direction until he saw Gary counting the money.

"There you are, asshole!" Ash distracted Gary. "I'm gonna kick your ass, bitch! Let's do this!"

"Okay, then," Gary accepted, putting the money inside his pocket. "Winner keeps the green!" 

After throwing the first punch, Ash kicked Gary's leg, making him fall. But that didn't work. Gary tried to counterattack with an uppercut, but Ash barely dodged it. Since that didn't work, Gary tackled Ash on the ground before assaulting him with thrown punches. Ash fought back with a headbutt, then a punch. Gaining advantage, Ash battered the shit out of him for a few minutes, then he retrieved his money. Poor Gary couldn't move.

"There. I owned your ass," Ash said. His cellphone rang, then he answered it. "Hello?"

"Hi, Ash," it was Leaf that called him. "Did you get your stuff back?" Leaf asked.

"I did. It was simple," Ash replied. 

"That's great news! Look, I know you hate being told what to do. But I want you to do something for the both of us. Meet me at my place so I can give you a task. I'll give you some money if you complete it," Leaf said.

"Deal," Ash said, and he hung up. Then, he went south, returning to Pallet Town.

Total kills: 0

Legit kills: 0

Non-Lethal weapons: 0

Lethal Weapons: 0

Total Money: $5,000

End of Chapter 1