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Stuck Together, Bound Together

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“I guess you survived.” Ankh’s eyes focused on the yummy before the two, as Eiji limped to his side.

“Of course I did. Haven’t you learned anything?”

Ankh has learned things since they began to fight together.

Eiji was an idiot. But a useful one. Plus he was consistent. Despite tossing him into the sea for the sake of securing his core medal— Ankh knew he’d come.

To Eiji, Ankh was a truly nasty piece of work. Difficult to trust. But was also consistent in his own ways. If there was one thing he could count on him for, it was defeating Yummies.

The pair had clashing ideals, heads butting often. But there was something that kept drawing the two together. Despite it all, both knew that deep down, they could count on the other to fight the Yummies.

Without Eiji, Ankh wouldn’t have OOO to help secure his medals. He’d hate to admit it out loud, but he wouldn’t know how else he’d get that core from Kazari without Eiji.

Without Ankh, Eiji wouldn’t have the power to help those within his reach. Ankh gave him this power, and he was grateful for that.

They really were bound together.