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Nature Demands

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I jolt up. Sweat causing my cheap motel sheet to cling to my naked legs. I whimper and then cringe at the helpless sound. I had become what my father vowed I never would be; scared and helpless. But my father had no knowledge of what truly lies in the dark. "You okay." My head snaps towards the voice.
"Oh god, I'm sorry If I woke you." I stumble over my tongue.
"You didn't wake me, I can't sleep." the soft features of Dean Winchester are suddenly washed over with light when his long, toned, scarred arm pulls the string attached to the cream coloured, floral lamp. I look up at him, my eyes trace his figure, from his ruffled hair, to his emerald eyes and then across his jaw, broad shoulders, collar bones, chest, abs, hips- I stop as my face grows hot. I look back up the his warm, grassy eyes. It's been 3 months. I don't have the heart to call Rhydian and Hendrix, my twin step brothers who are on a big holiday in India for a year. I snap back to earth. "You still haven't answered my question." He says. His eyebrows furrow. I don't know, but I've never lied to him, so I simply answer him,"No." I try to fight the frown that occupies my face. A few tears break loose. "Hey, Don't cry sunshine, don't do that." His thumbs run over my cheeks rubbing the tears into my skin. I put my hand on his when it rests on my cheek. When he attempts to slip his hand away from my face I grip it harder. So he remains, kneeling at my bed, with me curled up on his arm. " Stay, please?" I whimper.
"Whats in it for me?" He smirks.
"I can check us into a Hilton." I give him a weak smile and peck a kiss on his hand.
"Throw in a six pack of brews and you've got a deal." he grins goofily as he hops into bed with me, switches the lamp off and curls his arms around. Within minutes, I feel his breathing slow as he sleeps and I fall asleep to his steady heart beat.

The sun rudely interrupts my peace as I feel Dean stir under me. I feel him play with my curls. "Good morning love birds." I look to my right, beyond Dean's shoulder to see a certain, already dressed Sammy smirk at me. " So, you're telling me that I could've taken the other bed instead of that evil couch." I pout at him and he pouts back, fluttering his eye lashes playfully.
"Dean, what are you doing?' Sam looks at his brother quizzically and I turn to look at him, but he grips my waist to stop me. I let out a soft moan and giggle, shock at my self for my reaction. Sam smirks. "What does it look like I'm doing Sammy, I'm doing her hair!"
"Why?" I snort.
"Because why Dean?" Sam laughs as he sits down on the second full sized bed.
"Because Sun's hair smells like roses." He smiles blushing. I beam, hiding my face in his chest as he run his large fingers through my hair.
"We should get up and get going." I whisper, my lips inches away from his neck. Sam had already gotten up and gone on the breakfast run.
"Yes we should." He says lazily.
"And we should shower."I smirk. He pauses, and opens his mouth to say something, but I crash my lips against his. I get up and straddle his hips, my lips still pressed against his. We part and I hop up and throw my shorts and t-shirt off and grab a towel, running into the bathroom and turning on the shower. I lean over the sink and look in the mirror. My face wasn't sleep deprived as it should be. Dean slips behind me and starts trailing soft kisses down my neck and back. He licks a line from the dimple in my back at the base of my spine all the way to my ear lobe. I bite my lip as he line up at my wet vulva and he pushes his tip in. The rest follows. He thrust back and forth his hands on my hips. Pushing him in and out of me. I moan loudly, my abdomen tightening. I suddenly grab around him making him grunt. Steam fills the tiny motel bathroom as moans of pleasure bounce off the tiled walls and floors, my hands pressed up hard against the mirror's glass. "Say my name." He grunts as he picks up the pace. I laugh in protest at the silly notion but it fails and turns into a moan when he smacks my arse. He grabs it forcefully. "Dean!" I squeal as I come and he ejaculates in side of me shortly there after. I turn around and kiss him as he presses me against the sink. He stands back and lets me walk towards the shower smacking my arse just as hard once again, causing me to jump. I step into the shower and he joins me wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his face in my neck."You need to call your brothers." He huffs.
"I know." I sigh.
"I know their worried about you. You haven't answered their calls. Only I have."
"What." I moan as his hand slides down my inner thigh as we sway back and forth.
"I called them yest-." I slam him against the wall and stomp out of the shower.
"You did what?!" I glare at him from the sink and splash cold water on my face.
"They had called so many times, you are their younger sis-"
"Step sister!"
"Just call them baby." He begs turning the shower off.
"Since when did you start calling me baby, Dean?!" I slam the door. My heart racing. I can't tell them that our parents are dead. I can't do that.