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She's a Rainbow

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KJ was so done with that party, only being there could already tell her how much of a fake future she was destined to live.

It was so fucked up.

Acting like the perfect daughter she wasn't, flirting with a boy she hated to the core… It was such a cruel thing to have to watch… And to live.

So she just didn't.

She walked up the stairs to her room, or her future self’s room to be more specific.
Because, being honest, her parents had probably renewed it a hundred times with the newest furniture to get their neighbors jealous. That was really typical of them. To care about what others thought about their family. To keep a good reputation.

When she was about to get there someone pulled her aside to the bathroom across her room.

She screamed when she collided into a person’s body. “What the heck?!” She turned as she could and met face to face with Mac. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask the same thing.”

“It’s my house. I can go wherever I want to, okay?”

“You’re being such a bitch.”

“Oh, then what are you, huh? I freaking saved your life and all you’ve done is complain-” Suddenly, Mac moved her hand and covered KJ’s mouth with it.

KJ looked furiously at her, but Mac just whispered calmly. “Shut up. There’s someone there… Oh, it’s you.”

KJ slowly moved, to not get discovered, and saw her future self entering her room.

“It still looks like you’re a tight ass. Saw that coming.”

“Shut up. We should go before she sees me.”

“And what if she does? Don’t you want to know how you’re doing? Like what’s the newest shit your daddy has bought you?”

“I… I’d rather not.” She knew she wouldn't be able to accept her future life, no matter what.

“Why? Are you scared they bought you a car in a color you don't like or what?”

“Shut up, will you?” She pushed the other girl.

But she continued being annoying. “Who is the other girl?”

“I don’t know her… Yet, I guess.”

“Must be as bitchy as-” Then she abruptly stopped talking.

KJ couldn’t believe her eyes. Her future self was kissing someone…

She was kissing a girl.

She was too shocked to think properly… She had, for so long, ignored those feelings she didn’t fully understand, that seeing her doing that… Kissing another girl... She didn’t know how to feel about it.

“Oh.” She heard Mac saying.

“Please don’t tell anyone.” She grabbed Mac’s hands and begged. “Please, I- I don’t… It’s not what it looks like, okay? It’s not- I’m not-”

“ Well, it looks like you’re kissing a girl.”

“Fuck. I-”

“I won’t tell.”

“What? Really? Why? A- aren’t you grossed out?”

Then something unexpected happened. Mac stopped holding her hands and instead moved them to KJ's face. KJ was scared she would get hit or punched… But instead, Mac just stared at her face as if she was deciphering something in it.

And then Mac kissed her… Right on her lips. Without any kind of warning.

It was just a quick kiss, only a peck… But it felt like so much more to KJ. It felt like when she won a hockey match or aced a new trick she learned with her horse…

It felt right… And good… And not weird or wrong at all.

When Mac pulled away, the two girls didn't know what to say. But KJ broke the silence, asking the question she couldn’t stop thinking about. “Why did you do that?”

“I just felt like doing so... You know what? I saw some shrimps down there… See you later. Yeah. Uhm, bye.” And she escaped a rather needed conversation just like that. Leaving a quite confused KJ on the bathroom floor.

The rest of the night KJ couldn’t stop thinking about Mac, about her face, her lips, the kiss… She kept wondering what was that about…

But it seemed like she would have to wait a little longer to find out.