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‘Long distance relationships can take their toll on anyone, even in a loving relationship. But thankfully, holo calls were created just for the purpose, to ease up on the longing!’


A few weeks had passed since Wolffe’s and Hardcase’s first official date. After all, simply hooking up after a blind date having gone bad was not it. A date. Definitely not a date!

Still, the two of them had managed to setup a proper date. Right after several nights and a few bouts during the days as well. Having spent loving time in each others arms, neither of them getting much sleep. Neither of them complaining about it either.

Because, the sex was great and Wolffe and Hardcase were really good together in many other ways as well.

So, taking things further, having a real date had been a no brainer for the two lovers. After all, making things official had been on the minds of both men. This was no casual dalliance they had been looking for after all. And finding something more, to hold on? Well, that was the gist of it.

But, as it was with long distance relationships, both soldiers having been on assignments across the wide of the galaxy. So, finding time to spend with the other had turned out to be, well, somewhat difficult.

Alas, where there was a will, there always, was a way.

And so, the two of them had managed to find a middle ground. A solution benefitting them both, while out there in space and not physically together for a while at least.

It wasn’t the same of course, not being able to touch the other. Because Wolffe had grown rather fond of touching Hardcase, whenever they were in close proximity. Wolffe being incapable of keeping his hands to himself when the two of them were in the same space.

Not that Hardcase was any different. Having become all touchy feely with the Commander of his own. Something new for the otherwise hyper man for sure. Never having been able to be too long with anyone to enjoy the small perks of what a full fledged relationship had to offer. That was before.

This was now. And now was rather different.

As it was, this was a totally new situation both Wolffe and Hardcase having had found themselves in. And so, willing to put the very effort there, to keep the relationship going, no matter the distance between them might just have been.


“The comms channel is open, Commander!”

“Finally! Patch me through!”

Wolffe’s order was quite clear, even if this was a call of a more, well um, personal nature. But, at this point of the war, Wolffe really did not care. Because the Commander had found someone worth it all. Even a slight embarrassment in front of his troops.