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Calamitous Collection

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He was right of course. The universe must have had a reason for throwing them together. But what reason was there to throw them together again? Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz Fuu had found that what she had been looking for so long was really inside her all along.

Jin had found a reason to fight. For so long fighting only for himself and- more often than not- with himself he knew now that he wanted something more.

Mugen of course found...what the heck was he looking for anyway? Mugen is just selfish. Well, I guess Mugen found friendship and some form of closure as well.

"Hey, asshole, get outta my way!" Life didn't stop just because they weren't together anymore.

He was limbs flying and crazed laughter. He was running like he was being paid for it. In a way he was. Apparently this guy he'd been chasing was the son of some rich guy that owed some other rich guy money. Catching the rich guy's son and maybe even torturing him a little would make the other rich guy really happy. And the rich guy being happy meant Mugen would get enough money to buy any girl he wanted...and a shitload of sake.

Maybe even enough sake to make him forget for a few seconds. Sunflower samurai. A bright smile. He throws the sake back and asks for another.

Some accuse him of being simpleminded. He thinks of it as being efficient.

Mugen's idea of closure.