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The Mad Maxlycrumb Tinies

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A is for Angharad, who fell from a car
B is for Battle, impaled on a bar

C for Colossus, filled full of a clip
D is for Doof, neck snapped like a whip

E is for Exus, throttled by Tom
F is for Farmer, blown up by a bomb

G is for Giddy, who ran out of air
H is for Henry, who met the last bear

I is for Ibis who drowned in a draw
J is for Joe, face torn by a claw

K is for Keeper, chainsawed to death
L is for Lester, who died of bad breath

M is for Morsov, historic and chrome
N is for Nux, who never made it home

O for Organic, put down like a dog
P for the People Eater, who avoided the bog

Q is for Queer, whose car went to rust
R is for Rictus, overturned in the dust

S is for Slit, consumed by a fire
T is for Thrash, who sank in a mire

U is for Ur, taken up by the squall
V is for Valkyrie, done in by a brawl

W is for Waste, he died of ennui
X is for Xerxes, who swallowed a bee

Y is for Yotz who was struck by a spike
Z is for Zelda, shot from her bike

O Fury! O Despair!