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Tiny Kong Fart Fanfiction

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Tiny Kong farted a brassy, deep pitched tuba toot as she fanned it away, being in a small room, with everything colored white as she filled up her stinky blue pants with enormous farts. "Oh hey. You're probably wondering just what the hell you're reading. Well..." She bent over and let out more powerful poots, her big butt burps strong enough to knock the walls down and reveal a small tropical island as she wrapped her arms around the back of her. "...let's just say that I'm not as small as I seem." She chuckled a bit.

Tiny Kong's stomach growled, causing her to let out a fart so strong, it caused the entire island to melt, with her falling into the water as fart bubbles rose up.

Tiny Kong farted an orchestra of tuba toots at the Ribbon Road, with Toadette watching as she saw that Tiny Kong was on top of one of the towers overlooking the ribbon based road, driving around in a fancy car as she shook her head.

"Oh Tiny, must you be so gassy?" Toadette remarked with a frown.

"Yes!" Tiny snapped as she snapped her fingers, a brassy poot causing her to lose balance as she fell flat on her face, injuring herself.

Tiny Kong was swinging her hips and farting while she was strolling around the exterior of the airport terminal at the Sunshine Airport, with Dry Bowser cleaning off some smaller planes as he noticed Tiny Kong farting away.

"Another gassy girl? Dear lord." Dry Bowser sighed as he closed his eyes. "It feels like every girl in existence is a gas tank."

"You bet, you pile of bones!" Tiny stated as she bumped her flatulent butt into Dry Bowser, causing him to break into a bunch of bones as she gasped, farting so loud she made a brown stain on the back of her blue pants. "Oops. Sorry."

"So..." Started Arceus as he was watching Tiny Kong farting brassy butt bombs in a comfy cloud chair, with the two being high in the sky above puffy white clouds around the Cloudtop Cruise. "...Has this been a new thing you've been developing?"

"You could say that." Tiny stated as she blushed, embarrassed for how bad her farts smelled. "Pew! I should lay off those pineapples! They really made you stink!"

"No kidding." Arceus remarked as he was using his godly power to faze out the stink.

Tiny Kong was eating several bananas in her home somewhere in the Jungle Japes, when she felt a rumble in her stomach, getting an idea.

"Ooh... this should be fun!" Tiny exclaimed, grabbing one of the ripe yellow bananas and sticking it in between her butt cheeks, letting our a ripe fart that caused the banana to instantly wilt and turn brown, making her eyes widen. "Wow! That banana isn't the only thing that's turned brown!"

"Gee, I wonder if anything is gonna happen to me," Tiny Kong murmured to herself as she let out a dank, brassy fart, stinking up the small wooden cabin she was in, of which was on a lone tropical island. "Ahh, that felt good."

The wooden cabin then collapsed on her, the sulfur like smell of the gas blast being so foul it broke through the foundation.

"She's been farting nonstop." Toadette stated to Arceus as they watched Tiny Kong fart up and down and all around the burning Crisis City from Sonic 06, with the two glancing at each other, the gassy anthropomorphic, humanized chimp making the volcanic ruins of the metropolis even hotter. "Should we stop her?"

"Oh, how I love to fart!" Tiny Kong exclaimed as she bent over and placed her hands on her farting big butt, letting out a poot so brassy it caused the burning skyscraper to fall down on her, crushing her.

"...Nah. I think this place can handle her just fine." Arceus chuckled, willing to enjoy this as he could simply fix everything with just a mere blink.

Tiny Kong: (farts loudly while on camera) My name might be tiny, but my farts certainly aren't! (giggles while farting)