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Welcome to the neighborhood~!

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Meeting them:



You admit, maybe going out shopping in the townhouse apartment shops right away after unpacking…wasn’t the smartest idea. You were tired, your feet hurt, and you were hungry. And wanted to smack the shit out of someone right now because of all the stress. You took a breath, steadied yourself and looked about. 

“There’s gotta be a cafe around here or something…” You mused to yourself as you looked about. 

Soon you saw a small cafe-bookstore combo mix, ‘’Moon Jester’s bookstore and cafe’’, and went inside. You ordered yourself a small latte with a croissant before sitting down, looking at some of the tarot cards you bought earlier before sitting at the cafe. 

You gave a small grumble to yourself before laying them out. “Okay…the star, the jester, and the moon…well, that’s an interesting combo,” You muttered, taking a look. 

“Huh…I’ll say,” a voice said next to you then. “The star means luck in your future, the moon means either a new beginning or a new life, and the jester symbolizes meeting something new or mysterious,”

Surprised, you looked over seeing what was a man wearing a black and white jester mask, a purple, black, and yellow clown outfit and a hat. 

“So you also know of tarot?” You asked then. “As a charming magician I would think it pretty manditory,” the man joked a bit before clearing his throat. “Begging pardon though, my manners seemed to have escaped me, like a door does a puppy. I am Dimentio, master of dimensions and pleaser of crowds.” 

You nodded, assuming his introduction was a thing in his job. “Likewise, my name is (Y/N) Cain, I moved here not too long ago.” 

“A pleasure to meet you Miss (Y/N) Cain…would you happen to have any relation by chance to Dr. Timothy Cain, the man who found reploid Megaman X?” 

“His granddaughter.” you confirmed with a nod. “I was able to convince him to let me be on my own now…well…due to recent events it didn’t really take too much convincing…” 

In fact he thought you’d be safer in a city away from Abel City…with more Maverick attacks being rampant, it would do well for you to be in a city not necessarily with less reploids, but with those of equal footing who could jump in if an attack were to come up. Which would be the Mushroom Kingdom city of Goomtoads, a city near the capitial city (AN: Yes Goomtoads is a made up city combining the two words ‘Goombas’ and ‘Toads’. But this is an AU crossover story between the Super Mario series and Megaman X series, so I don’t see it as an issue in the long run). 

“Ah I see, I see. Would make sense for the shepard to want to protect his lamb,” Dimentio took a sip of his chai latte before looking over. “So, what apartment are you in by chance?”

“Ah, that would be 4C.” you answer. “Oh, so I’m to your left at 3C then.” Dimentio said with a small smile. “Fair warning; my friends and associates sometimes barge in to talk to me about things in the middle of the night, so if they happen to do that while you’re sleeping and you wake to a door slam, my apologies in advance.” 

“Ah…thank you?” you said with a small laugh. “Ah, you should take a look at your tarot cards…I think one of your aquantices is gonna visit you soon…”

“Really? Ah, thanks for the heads up then my dear-”


Blinking, you look over to see the Mario Bro Luigi look at Dimentio in fear…and then run. “.....Do I want to know?”

“Um, no. Not really valid right now…unless you like prank gone wrong stories…”



“Well…that’s the last of them, thank goodness,” you sighed in relief, wiping your forehead. You have finally unpacked the last of your boxes and got your townhouse set up all nice and the way you want. “Welp, I believe some dinner is over due,” you said, going to make yourself a small plate of steak and fries. Simple but still enjoyable.

After you finished eating and were washing the dishes, you heard a small knock at the door. “Ah, just a minute,” you called. You wondered if it was Dimentio, who you saw the day when you first moved in.

“Ah, begging pardon. Just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood,” a voice said. You realized the voice was not that of Dimentio’s, but that of another man’s. This voice sounding a bit deeper but calmer than the showman and excited voice Dimentio had. 

Curious, you finishing cleaning quickly and go over to the door. Standing outside is a young man around your age, clad in a blue cape with starry patterns at the top trim and end trim while wearing a blue cap with a star and a blue jumpsuit. 

“Greetings, my name is ♡♪!? ,” that made you blink…what did he say? Sounded like some alien language X and Zero discovered once. “But everyone calls me Geno for easier reasons. I’m across from you at 7C, so I decided to welcome you,”

You noticed he was holding out a gift basket and decided to take it. “Ah…thank you,” It had some wine, cheese and bread, and a few flower seeds in. A pretty thoughtful gift in general for a welcome gift. 

“My name is (Y/N) Cain, a pleasure to meet you,” you gave a small nodd at Geno. He nodded and smiled back. 

“The pleasure is mine as well…I do hope you can accomodate well here. Some of our neighbors can be a little…quirky.”

“Geno if you’re mad about me watching you sleep, just say it to my face!” You heard Dimentio snap next, door making you blink. “....Sorry what?”

Geno twitched a bit. “That’s..kind of what I meant,” “Dimentio, you watched Geno sleep??” you looked as Dimentio opened the door. “What? He’s a star being from outer space, I wanted to see if he slept like us…” 

You blinked and Geno huffed. “Dimentio…Lady Rosalina and I both said other than having certain powers and being from space, we’re just the same as anyone else.” 

“Eh, I wanted to see it to believe it. Ah, also hi there (Y/N)~!” Dimentio waved at you before going inside. You blinked before chuckling a bit. “Honestly, this kind of reminds me of home…just a bit less crazy,” you laughed. 

Geno blinked before chuckling a bit himself. “Well again, welcome to the neighborhood dear…I hope you enjoy your stay,”



The next day, you awoke and opened your eyes, briefly turning over and seeing your phone blinking. You had a new message, so you grabbed it to see who it was and hit play. 

“.....Hey (Y/N)....I know Dr.Cain told me to not call you due to you settling in, but…I’m sorry, I’m just worried. It’s your first time away from home like this, first time away from us…away from safety and-HEY!! ZERO GIMME BACK THE PHONE NOW-”

“So, while I’m holding X’s face away from the phone, first off- congrats on the new townhouse brat, but remember to call every once and awhile. And also don’t be sneaking out too late or drinking. I will find out regardless of how well you think you can hide it. And make new friends too…instead of those fricking backstabbers at high school. We know you can do it-AXL YOU LITTLE SHIT GIVE ME BACK THE PHONE NOW OR ELSE-”

“How come no one told me you were moving earlier?! No fair…anyway have fun…also where you at anyway? Cuz me and the guys and gals are gonna visit you-ZERO DON’T KILL ME PLEASE!! X HELP MEEEE-”

Cut off then. You blink hearing all that…before laughing hysterically at it all. “Oh man, they never change do they?” You grinned before picking up the phone to dial.

“Hello? If you’re looking for X he’s busy restraining Zero right now dear.”

“Hi Grandpa…let them know I’m doing well so far okay?”