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Of Jedi and Men

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Second chapter finished and edited. Still barely scratching at the introduction of this epic tale. Stay tuned for more! Also check out the story at May the Force be with you. ~Emily Storey


Of Jedi and Men

Chapter Two: Assignment

Kohl Oryn was a young human whom had just turned ten years old. He stood short, far shorter than the rest of his fellow Initiates. He had shaggy blonde hair and dark eyes that matched his Jedi attire. At the moment Kohl was in his chamber, reading. Something he did any time he wasn’t in class. Kohl had just gotten to the best part of his book when – KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! Kohl growled under his breath and sat his book on his bed, before walking to the chamber doors.

Opening the door he found the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, which made him stand stiff in surprised. Beside him was a young woman who looked as startled as Kohl was. She stood far taller than he did, with messy blonde hair tamed back in a long pony-tail. She swallowed hard, straitening the hem of her tunic.

Kohl bowed to the Knights, but upon straightening he noticed a colorfully-banded braid hanging over girl’s shoulder. “You see this girl’s braids?” Kohl remembered a Jedi Master once teaching the other students about what a Padawan braid meant, “Each colored thread is important, they’re rewards for your efforts. In times like these, a single band can show that you are prepared to give your life for the Republic.” Wait, that Master’s Padawan, was that… this girl?

“Kohl,” Anakin smiled bowing slightly, the girl looked a bit confused but bowed as well. “We have came to speak to you about the mission the council had discussed with you earlier in the week.” He said. Kohl nodded and backed up to let the two in. The woman smiled fondly at Kohl as she passed by. She was uniquely pretty, perhaps not as pretty as other Jedi but she was pretty nevertheless. She had large eyes and a small set of lips. Her nose was round and small and her cheeks were decorated with dozens of freckles when she grinned.

“The council has said you both will leave for your mission on Kuat in the next hour.” Anakin said, “At the moment it will be best to pack, you can talk more to each other on the way.” Axlyn crossed her arms over her chest, “Why exactly are we going to Kuat?” Kohl nodded in agreement. “You are to meet Senator K’alin to discuss an agreement with the people of Kuat. You are to protect the Senator while he is there. It should take no longer than a week.”


Axlyn pulled off her bag with a sigh and sat it down beside her. She sat down in her new ship chambers and did her best to adjust herself to the rocks of the ship. She sat down on her bed and folded her legs to meditate. Axlyn hadn’t had a chance to sit and relax for a moment since that morning, but it seemed that even now on the ship away from everyone she couldn’t get a minute of rest. With a set of three knocks a young voice called through the door, “Ma’am?”  

She opened her door to find Kohl standing there with big, surprised eyes and a horrified frown. Axlyn smiled, “Looking for someone?”

He nodded, “Yes Ma’am.” She rolled her eyes and stood back to let him in. “My name is Axlyn Crichton, not ma’am. You can call the knights and the masters that, but until I get back to Coruscant I am still but a Padawan.” She nodded to the bed, “Come on in, kid.” Kohl rushed to the bed, sitting down without another word. Well at least he’s good at taking orders, she thought. “Have you ever been on a ship before Kohl?” she asked. He shook his head, still as silent as can be. Axlyn suddenly burst into laughter and Kohl looked as though he was about to jump ten feet in the air. “You know I remember the first time I was on a ship, I had freaked out so much my master had hugged me until we got out of the atmosphere.” Axlyn’s smile faded for a moment, having to remind herself that those memories would always be behind her. “You want me to hug you?” Axlyn chuckled knocking herself out of her train of thought. Kohl blushed, “No, no I’m ok.” He muttered.

“Ha! Okay then,” Axlyn smirked, “Able to fine your chambers on?” Kohl nodded again.

Axlyn noticed him looking at the book on the nightstand beside her with great interest. “Oh?” She said handing him the book, “Here” Kohl took it hesitantly but she pulled her hand back. “Lets play a game okay? Use the Force to bring the book to you, and you get to read it.” Kohl looked nervous than ever. “Oh come on, it’s a great story, don’t tell anyone but I stole it from Master Windu!”

He gasped, “You didn’!”

She didn’t. “Yeah I did! You’d be surprised of what he’s got in his chambers!”

With a giggle of excitement Kohl closed his eyes and outstretched his hand. The book drifted from her palm and into his. Axlyn clapped, “Good job. Very good job.”

And for a very moment, even if it was extremely small Axlyn felt quite proud of herself. She felt like her own master. He had always turned the simplest things into a game, perhaps that’s why she had been so highly accredited by the Jedi council. She had always liked to have fun, even if it ended her up in trouble.