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Of Jedi and Men

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Still not used to this website but to share my work with as many as possible I'm expanding from my little account. Comments are appreciated, reviews aren't necessary. I thought I'd celebrate graduating college by putting those four years of hard work to use! Enjoy and may the Force be with you ~Emily Storey

Of Jedi and Men

Chapter One: The Fifteen Minute Warning 

“So, it’s not that you’ll even get this or anything Master K’alin, but if you do, I’d like to share with you some things. I’m stuck. On this ship, half way across the universe, where I don’t exactly know, but I’m alive. For now, and Kohl is safe too…. Even if you do get this Master, I refuse to help you in the attack of The Clone Wars. There is a far greater threat here. A rebellion, of the Scarrans.”


Axlyn Crichton, a young Jedi Padawan, bowed at the waist to the council of Jedi Masters surrounding her. Her own master, Ryly Ozhan had been killed by a rouge clone just a week before. Axlyn had yet to be assigned another master, but she didn’t want another. She didn’t want him replaced by someone else. She wanted her master, not anyone else. That was why she was brought to the council, she thought, to either be reassigned or punished. She always was a brat.

“Padawan Crichton, do you know why we brought you here today?” Master Windu asked. His fingers tapped on his knee with every word he spoke. “I believe I am to be reassigned another Jedi Master.” Axlyn responded trying her best to keep her eyes level; but in a room where all eyes are on you it is extremely hard to be oneself.

“Not quite.” Axlyn looked back up at Master Windu whose stern face could make a grown master Jedi cower away in fear. “I – um... I’m not exactly sure what you mean Master Windu…?” Axlyn muttered. “The council has decided to send you on your first mission alone, Axlyn.” Master Kenobi spoke up, a small but quite proud grin spread across his face.

“Alone, Master Kenobi?” Yoda chuckled, “Alone? No, a young Padawan, come with you, he will.” Axlyn swallowed hard. A mix of confusion and perhaps a bit of anxiety twisted in her gut. “I am confused masters…” she said trying to make her voice heard to the council. Kit Fisto sat up slightly, “We have decided to send you on a minor mission with the Padawan Kohl Oryan with you, to test your skills as a Jedi.” Axlyn nodded, trying to bite her tongue. With that the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker had stood up from the seat beside Master Kenobi and looked to Yoda.

“To the Padawan’s quarters, you will take Padawan Crichton, Skywalker.” Yoda said. Anakin clearly looked upset about it but nodded and turned to Axlyn, “Yes Master – this was, kid.”


“If – if you don’t mind me asking, why exactly am I being sent on a mission with another Padawan? Why wasn’t a Knight or a Master assigned with me?” Axlyn asked, looking up at Anakin. He at first didn’t reply, but after another Jedi had passed by the two, leaving them alone in the hall he stopped in his tracks. “They believe that if you are successful on your mission you’ll be granted knighthood.” Axlyn’s heart skipped a beat, “What? But Jedi are meant to take a test-”
“You’ll become a Jedi Knight if you pass this test; this kid may just be your new Padawan if you play your cards right. Don’t act surprised, people have been granted much younger than you.” Anakin continued, a spark of irritation in his voice.

 Axlyn, who would be nineteen in the near week new of the other Jedi in the past that had been knighted far younger than she; Anakin himself became a knight when he was twenty.

“I see…” Axlyn muttered. She couldn’t help but be slightly excited about the thought about becoming a Jedi Knight, but she wasn’t also entirely confident in her self that she could be one, or even train a Padawan for that matter. She was never much of a teacher “Mm. Don’t be nervous,” Anakin said clamping his mechanical hand over Axlyn’s shoulder, “At least you get a warning. I got a ten minute warning, you get fifteen.” That made her laugh. She nodded, “Five minutes must mean a lot then, hm?”

“It can mean everything, Padawan.”

 Stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading.