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Football Quest 2

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Chapter 1: getting what you want and what you deserve

Jocelynn Honkle was better at football, or as she and the other Americnas called it, soccer, than most people. Still, among the elite she played with, she was pretty eh. Finally getting on a pro team was her dreams come true though. It was all that she ever wanted, that and for the saving grace of the lord almighty. She would work so hard to get to the top, stay there. And stomp all her competitors.

Stright out of college she was drated to the Kittery Kittens. Kittery Maine was not the place she tought she would start her career, but it was very close to the most religious state iin new England, new Hampshire, with its live free or die attitude. Jocelyn respected in tremendously because dying for what you believe in was what jesus would do. She would also die for what she beleiveed in, and what she believed in was jesus and soccer.

Her first year she did not get a lot ofplaying time because she was bad. But she did get a little better, and so was getting better llooks. The reason she would get a starting spot though, wes because of her faith in god and his commands.

“Did you see that psyco email that got sent to that reporter who covers us? She tweeted it out last night.” Said the Kittery Kitten star left back Michel “Mitch” Hightower. She was very tall, so it was a fitting name.

“What did it say?” asked one of their other teammates.

“It said they could not support us because women are just worse at football, not fun to watch, and we are a bunch of lesbos. Plenty of vitriolic stuff.”

“Whack to think there’s people who say that.”

“Yeah especially the lesbo thing,” added Jocelynn.

Michelle Mitchy Hightower gave Jocelyn a weird look. It was a weird thing, what Honkle had just said.

A few weeks later one of the players had a minor injury, and Jocelyn got some decent playing time. She thanked god for her teammates pulled hammy. It was all a part of his plan. Riding on the high of god personally interfering with her life, Jocelyn played her little heart out (not literally, that would the end of this story if it was.) The fans were happy. At the end of the game, a little girl was holding a jersey up, asking for Jocelyn to sign it. She had a rainbow pin on her shirt and two well dressed men were standing behind her, taking pictures. Jocelyn considered herself a maga genius, so she knew these were homosexuals.

“Sorry I can’t support the gays,” jocelynn said as she skipped over the one person asking for her autograph.

“Huh?” said the little girl. She started to cry and everyone was mad/upset a Jocelyn.

The next day she got called in to the front office. The FO was full of money hungry Collins es. “Jocelyn,” said the GM, “You cant tell people you wont sign stuff cause their gay. Its just not respectable.”

“But I can’t. I won’t.”
The gm was a spineless bastarrd. “Fine. You don’t have to sign stuff for them. You are never obligated to sign anything after games. But could at least not say its because of your personal beliefs on homosexuality?”

“No I can’t. They have to know what they do is wrong.”

“Jesus Christ honkle, it was a little girl with gay dads. Shes not gay, just her dads.”

“You don’t know that. She could be. Especially with the indoctrination their doing. I have to spread the word of god. I must. Just like I must play soccer. I don’t like it as much as you do, but I am compelled by forces beyond me.”

“Jocelyn, you are such a dick. And also insane.”

That was the end of the meeting. Apparently the other teammates had heard what happened too.

“Did you really say that?” asked one player.


“Jesus christ, that’s fucked up. I didn’t know you were like that.”

“Too many people in the is organization take the lord’s name in vain,” said Jocelyn.

“That is what you’re worried about?”

“Well, you even have a cross around you neck. I thought you were a true believer.”

“I am. I just don’t think god has any animosity towards lgbtq+ people.”

“But he does.”

“That is your beleife Joc, and you cant force that upon other people. Especially because its shitty.”

Jocelyn realized her friend and teammate had been influenced by the devil, despite the protections she wore. Joceyln received much side eye from her team. A few tried to talk to her about her beliefs how they were hateful, but she did not listen. Captain fantastic mitchele hightower decided to talk to Jocelyn. Her comments were not good for team synergy.

“Jocelyn, you know that we have queer people on our team, right? You saying that stuff is hurtful to them. You don’t want to hurt our teammates, right?”

“I am helping them.”

“Ok… that’s not helpful. I’m trying to have a converaation here, okay? Has the FO talked to you about this at all. They should have.”

“Yes. Manager Jim called me a dick, but he didn’t say I had to stop.”

“Ugh… useless sack he is,” said Michelle. “I will need to go talk to him.”

Michelle went and talked to the the front office and manager Jim. I guess it did not go well because Michelle had an announcement the day after their following game, in the morning before training. She told the team she was leaving. That this team was good on the field, but she needed to go to a team that supported the things she believed in, and just doing the right thing in general. Michelle said she was going to play at Arsenal. She was one of the best in the world, having won so many trophies, and she didn’t have to stay in Kittery Maine. She could play in whatever league she wanted. Plus, she added, my gf is at Arsenal so its better for me in that way too. So long suckers. Hasta La Pasta. Hope you all find happiness and peace.

After Michelle left, one of the center backs let out a huge sigh/groan. “We are so fucked without her” they said. Everyone stared angrily or at least disappointedly as Jocelyn. She was happy though. With Michelle gone, they would need another starting outside back, and that was all hers to take.