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Late, for a Date!

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‘Meeting one’s Dream Bo is never easy - the possible reasons being the expectations running way to high, but especially when the possible suitor won’t even bother to show up for the blind date!’


“Come out to the 79's. We’ll get together. Have a few laughs… Yeah, right!!!”

Hardcase was fuming in his pants, literally. And it wasn’t the good kind of fuming either. No, he was totally pissed, utterly karked and damming all his so called friends to kriffing sithspit hell!

And why was Hardcase so angry on this particular outing’s eve, especially planned for all the fun and drinks one could possibly imagine to digest?

Well, it was quite the lengthy tale, as the saying goes.

But, Hardcase seemed to have all the evening now. For himself to dwell on the could have beens.



Hardcase had been having difficulties in finding that one perfect man in his life. Sure, there had been hook-ups of plenty for him. That was the way of the vode, right? And the notches in his belt were certainly starting to accumulate.

But… and there was always a but there somewhere, naturelment!

Because Hardcase was becoming sick and tired of the one or few night liaisons. As all around him, his friends were starting to couple up.

Echo and Fives, Jesse and Kix, Rex and Cody even, to name but a few. Of course not all of them were the monogamous-never-ever-having-the-option-to-look-around-again and-if-seeing-something-good-getting-a-sampling kind of agreement.

But yeah, Hardcase wanted what the others had. Because, why not?

How great could would it be? Having someone waiting there for him when coming ‘home’. Using the word rather loosely there, as home was pretty much an abstract concept for the clones. But, the point being, Hardcase wanted someone special to be there for him and visa versa when the long and hard fighting streak was over.

Because Hardcase did envy his friends, of what they had. Even if Hardcase had always been the loose cannon. The one never to settle. The happy-go-lucky type. The one with a slight disorder.
But didn’t they all have it? Having something which wasn’t quite ‘normal’? Still, it had never hindered Hardcase in any way. Not out there in the battle fields. And certainly not when picking up the odd vod or few whenever the itch needed some scratching.

So, having had a heart to heart with Jesse and Kix, they had decided to set Hardcase up with someone they knew. A clone, naturally. But not of the 501st nor the other affiliated legions. Too close to home, had been one of the comments from Jesse on the matter.


Yeah, that had been Hardcase’s first reaction. Like really, what? They were all keeping it in the ‘family’, so why not for Hardcase? Why would his vod need to be from some other Force forsaken legion? Most likely one whom operated somewhere in the who-even-knew or cared area of the galaxy?!

There was a kind of a catch-22 to it as well.

Because, Hardcase, being himself and all, and well, having earned the certain kind of a reputation, where playing fast and loose had earned him the title of king of one night stands. Meaning he had bedded so many of the vode in the legions working closely with theirs, that nobody would take him seriously if Hardcase was to suddenly make a one-eighty and become legit. In the sense of wanting a serious relationship.

So, guess Jesse and Kix had been right in their assessment of what kind of suitor would be the best one for Hardcase.

And then, one thing leading to another. Which was that the two lovebirds had set him up with someone. A new comer on the scene, which only meant no longer a cadet but still, rather fresh in the battle fields. But yeah, they all needed to start their journey somewhere, now didn’t they!?


And so, here Hardcase was, sipping on his drink at the bar. Having waited for a long while for this, supposed Dream Bo to appear. Only time had been ticking by and the blind date was looking more of a no-show and a bonafide blow in Hardcase’s face.

Hearing his friends laughing and having fun a little farther away, made Hardcase fume even more.

As Hardcase turned to look at them, he could see they were loudly quarrelling about something. Which usually meant, at this point in the evening, that… yeah, it was about to start! And then he heard it. The familiar notes taking flight as his brethren were starting to sing. It was usually the same ole war shanty. The Mando’an medley consisting of various songs mashed up together.

What fun!

Sure the invite to join his squad on this outing had been on a short notice. And possibly, due to that tight schedule, Hardcase’s date had not been able to come. But, they were all soldiers, in a war. So, short notices were kind of the status quo. Besides, Kix and Jesse would have warned him if for whatever reason this ‘new clone’ from some mystery legion had not made it to Coruscant as scheduled.

Hardcase gave his friends a very annoyed scowl. The best one he could muster at the moment, which most likely fell on blind eyes as they were all totally wrapped up in their own fun. All of them singing their little hearts out. Then again. Hardcase could not really blame them could he. They were all living hard times and having fast fun was the only way to cope with it.

Hardcase decided to give it a few more moments before he would call it quits and retreat to the barracks to lick his wounds. As he was totally starting to think the galaxy was against him and finding that special someone had never been written to the cards dealt for him. Or then it had been with some invisible ink, which had already disappeared.

Hardcase waived the waiter over for one more drink before he would take his leave. As fun was not on the table for him tonight, that much was for sure.


Little did Hardcase know though, that someone had been watching him during his long wait for the no-show date.