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Wrong Delivery

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Dean was lying facedown in the cramped stall. He could feel the Alpha behind him holding him down with a rough hand on his head, pressing the side of his face against the cold, dirty floor. Dean’s body rocked back and fourth as the alpha moved above him.

"Do you like that, little omega?" The alpha growled. They always asked if he liked it, even though they never cared if he did. It wasn’t meant to be enjoyable for an omega. This was something Dean had learned at the training academy. It was about the alpha’s pleasure, not his.

A good omega lived to please their alpha. Dean wanted to be a good omega.

He tried not to sob and whimper too much as he was brutally fucked. He tried his best to endure it, because this was what he was meant to do. He’d been made to be fucked and used.

The alpha groaned and suddenly pulled out his cock.

"Turn over, Bitch," he grunted.

Dean quickly did as he was told. Rolling onto his back he widened his legs, noticing with fear that there was blood on the alpha’s still-erect cock. Yeah, that happened sometime.

Dean cried out as the alpha positioned himself back beis legs and thrust his cock back inside. His scream was met with a vicious slap in his face. It came so suddenly and with such force his head snapped sideways with a painful cracking sound.

He stopped his crying immediately after that, but was not the least bit surprised when the alpha continued to slap him. Of course, this only got his crying started again, which just made the alpha hit him harder. Dean was certain that when the alpha was finished, his entire face would be unrecognizable.

The pain continued, the thrusting, the growls, the cruel blows to his face and Dean cried through it all, his tears mixing with his blood as it ran down his face.

When he woke up he was still crying.

Dean shook violently as fat tears slid down his cheeks. Opening his eyes, the omega gasped and made a loud sound of distress as he was met with pitch darkness.

For a moment, Dean thought he was back at the breeding farm before the realization of his true surroundings set in. He was lying on a soft, comfortable dog bed instead of the cold, dirty stall back at his old home. The air was also fresh and breathable, unlike the disgusting smell that always filled the breeding farm.

The omega remembered what had happened that evening when he had met his new alpha. Dean smiled as his master’s beautiful face filled his mind. The silky, smooth black hair and the perfectly shaped face. He especially loved Master’s bright blue eyes and his kind behavior.

Master’s kindness was what Dean remembered specifically, mostly because he knew a worthless omega like him did not deserve it. Master had given him a bath and a comfortable place to sleep. Furthermore, he was kind enough to even feed his unworthy omega. And with human food none-the-less!

This had surprised Dean the most- all the rich wonderful flavors exploding on his taste buds and the amazing aroma was almost too overwhelming. Back at the breeding farm, the slop they fed him did not taste much like anything. It did not have much of a smell either.

Dean had started thinking of the alpha as "Master" since he had come to the conclusion that the alpha did indeed intend to keep him.

Why else would he treat him so nicely?

Maybe he wanted Dean to cook and clean for him. He had learned those things at the training academy and was hoping he still remembered how to do them. There was a good chance that even if he did remember, he would not be able to do it properly at first, since all he had done for years was lay on his back, get fucked and breed, pups after pups.

Maybe he would still be fucked by this alpha too.

He did not enjoy getting fucked, of course, which was why he really hoped he still remembered how to do something else after all his long years of doing nothing but having pups. He really wanted to please Master and maybe show him that even though he was worthless and ugly, he could still be useful for something.

Dean sighed in contentment and curled up in a ball, hugging his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms tightly around his body.

Master did not give him anything to cover himself with and he was naked and cold. But back at the farm, it had also been cold at night with nothing to cover himself, and he had never had anything so soft and comfy to sleep on like he did now. So Dean was more than okay with his current sleeping arrangements.

Castiel was lying in a field of sunflowers, staring up at a clear blue sky with a bright yellow sun. He was staring directly at the sun, yet somehow he did not feel the need to squint or look away.


Turning to his right, he saw a beautiful woman lying beside him, her hair, a sea of gold splayed around her head.

"Castiel…" She called his name again in a soft angelic voice. Castiel’s blue eyes stared unwavering into her golden-brown ones as he slowly reached out toward her...

Somewhere in the distance, someone screamed.

The alpha’s eyes snapped open as he stared out at darkness.

Sighing, Castiel leaned over his bed then turned on the lamp sitting on his bedside table. He yawned, rubbing his eyes before reaching for his phone and checking the time.

Six o’clock. Dammit. Why the hell was he up so early? He should really just go back to sleep. But that was not an option since Castiel was certain he’d heard a scream. He wondered what it could have been and decided it would not hurt to go check it out.

He groaned as he got up out of bed, slipping his feet onto a pair of fluffy blue slippers, and quickly putting on his robe.

Walking sluggishly down the hall, Castiel entered the living room and switched on the lights. The first thing that caught his eyes was the thin little omega lying curled up on the dog bed, seemingly fast asleep.

Castiel had a feeling the noise that had woken him from his sleep had come from the omega, so he slowly walked over to check on it.

He stooped down and stared at the pitiful creature, first noticing that it was shaking terribly, probably from the cold. Even in his robe, Cas could feel that the living room was quite chilly, and the little omega was naked.

Castiel also noticed that the omega’s cheeks were puffy with tears, as if it had been crying. Perhaps Dean had a nightmare and had screamed out in its sleep? The alpha could remember doing that a few times in his life. Castiel nodded deciding that must have been it.

He wondered what the omega could have possibly had a nightmare about? He knew omegas that came from breeding farms spent their lives getting fucked and bred, but Castiel also knew that all omegas loved to get fucked and constantly craved an alpha’s knot. An omega’s purpose in life was to be bred and fulfilling that purpose, for any omega, was a great accomplishment.

Perhaps Dean had a nightmare about a beating? Dean’s body was, after all, a canvas of bruises. But everyone knew that if an omega was beaten or punished then the bitch likely deserved it. Omegas weren’t usually beaten without good cause, so that didn’t seem like something for Dean to scream about.

Dean shivered and Cas noticed the omega trying to wrap his arms more tightly around himself. He hated to look at the omega’s body... all those fading bruises. No doubt Dean probably deserved them, but they were so horrible to look at.

Castiel stood and made his way back into his room. Moments later he returned with a blue blanket which he draped over the omega’s curled form.

He was surprised when the omega’s eyes slowly fluttered open and glanced around before settling on him.

Then Dean looked down and saw the blanket covering his body. He stared at it in wonder and surprise. The omega smiled happily back up at Castiel and purred softly, rubbing his cheek against the soft blue fabric. Then he stuck his nose into it and began to inhale deeply.

Castiel smiled at the strange little omega then leaned down and patted its head.

"Get some sleep, Dean," he said before turning and heading toward the door.

He flipped off the light switch and headed back to his room.

Slipping back into bed and under the warm thick covers, Castiel turned off the lamp and closed his eyes. He still had a few hours of sleep left before he had to head off to work. He tried his best to clear his mind so he could quickly fall back asleep. He knew he would have a long day ahead of him.

Dean’s heart was filled with so much joy as he inhaled the smell of Master’s blanket. It had the alpha’s scent on it and it gave him a sense of safety and comfort.

He still could not believe the alpha had given him a blanket to cover himself with. It was so warm and soft and Dean was certain he did not deserve. Yet, Master had given it to maybe he did?

Like always, Dean was confused because he could not think of one reason why he should have anything as nice as this.

But the reason didn't really matter, he was just happy that Master seemed to really like him. Otherwise, he would not be treating him so kindly.

He could tell he was going to be very happy with this Master.


When Castiel awoke later in the morning, he got up and went through his daily routine.

He made his bed, brushed his teeth, showered, combed his hair, and then got dressed.

Today he would be returning the omega to the training academy after work. At the moment, Dean was still fast asleep; curled up on the dog bed and covered with the blanket he had given it earlier that morning.

Since Castiel had to go to work, the best option was to bring the omega back to the academy after he was done for the day. He wondered if it was wise to leave Dean at home all by himself. He knew omegas were stupid creatures and he did not want it wandering around. Maybe he could lock it inside the cage until he came back home.

Cas thought about this as he made a cup of coffee. He did not have time for breakfast and decided that coffee would be enough to get him through the day, at least until lunch.

He did not bother to feed the omega. He was sure Dean would be okay for the day. He’d given the omega a fair amount of stew the night before and, given its skinniness, the bitch was obviously used to going without much food for long periods.

Maybe he should just take Dean to work with him. He could keep him in the cage in his office, then he would not have to drive all the way home to get Dean after work. He could just bring the omega directly to the academy.

The faster he got rid of it the better. The more he thought about the omega... looked at it, the more he realized he was starting to not mind taking care of it. It was probably the doctor in him, wanting to care for people who were sick.

But Dean wasn’t a person, he was just an omega.

After he finished drinking his coffee, Castiel got the cage and brought it into the living room. Dean, now awake, sat up and watched the alpha approach curiously.

Cas noticed the small round breasts, visible on the small omega and realized Dean was lactating. He guessed he could find a pump when he got to the hospital the omega could use to suck out its milk.

Castiel placed the cage in front of Dean and opened it up.

"Get inside, Dean."

Dean looked very confused but he did not hesitate to follow the alpha’s command. He quickly crawled into the cage. Castiel noticed that he took the blanket with him but didn’t say anything about it.

Closing the cage door, Cas picked it up and carried it outside to his car and placed it in the trunk.

After closing up the house, he started up his car and headed off to work.

Dean wondered if confusion would be the constant state of his mind from now on. He was practically purring with glee when he woken from to the sounds of the alpha moving around in the kitchen.

But that happiness had quickly diminished.

When he saw the alpha coming toward him with the cage, he first wondered what he had done wrong. Why was he going back in the cage?

He was so scared and worried but he did not dare disobey when Master told him to get in, clutching the blanket and taking it along with him. Grateful the alpha let him keep it.

Once he was inside, Dean was even more dismayed when the alpha carried the cage outside and slowly lowered him into the trunk, shutting the cage inside.

Dean released a low pitiful whine of distress and began to cry softly. Things did not seem good and he was now beginning to suspect the worst. This was an exact mirror of when he had been carried away from the breeding farm: locked in a cage, inside a car trunk.

What if the alpha was giving him away? What if after one night Master had decided that he did not want to keep him after all?

That couldn't be it; Dean struggled to convince himself. Not since Master had treated him so kindly. Master was kind and good.

Dean was certain someone who had been so nice to him would not just toss him away.

Despite the fact that he was damaged and worthless, Master seemed to want him, and Dean decided to cling to that thought. He hoped he was right. As the darkness engulfed him, he closed his eyes and buried his nose into the blanket, inhaling deeply, basking in the comfort of his kind alpha’s smell.

Castiel parked his car in his reserved parking space, then stepped out and went around to the trunk to remove the omega.

He carried it inside with him knowing at least one person would ask about the cage. To his annoyance, the first person to greet him was his brother. Michael was discussing something with another doctor, who nodded and walked away as Castiel approached them.

"Castiel, good morning." The older alpha greeted with one of those smiles Castiel never trusted.

"Good morning, Michael." Castiel replied, keeping a neutral look on his face.

Michael glanced at the cage containing the omega.

"So, I take it you finally got the omega from Lucifer! That's good. About time you had a bitch of your own, little brother." Michael said as he leaned down to take a closer look at the omega, frowning when he noticed what was inside.

He looked up at Castiel with an incredulous look on his face.

Castiel sighed. "Things didn't turn out exactly how I expected them to. There was some sort of mix up," he explained.

Michael straightened and chuckled softly.

"I think Lucifer simply fucked you over." Michael said, still laughing. "I mean, look at that thing, Cas! It looks ready to be put down. Did you bring it here to do it yourself or something?"

Castiel rolled his eyes. "Of course not, I'm going to return him to the academy. I need to bring him in to show that I didn't receive the right one."

"I still think Lucifer might just be fucking with you. He can be a dick at times."

Michael commented. "I mean look at the bitch; it looks completely emaciated."

"Yeah, the box said it came from a breeding farm."

"A breeding farm? Well it makes sense the way it looks. Damn, Lucifer really knows how to amuse himself."

"Well I can't wait to just sort this whole thing out, so I can get a proper omega. A real pet."  Castiel glared down at the cage.

Inside the cage Dean sobbed weakly, shaking all over at the alphas’ conversation. He clutched at the blanket as tears rolled down his cheeks, his alpha’s obvious rejection shattering his heart into a million pieces.

Master didn't want him after all. He had been wrong from the beginning: the kindness the alpha had shown him didn't mean anything. He was going to get rid of him.

From what Dean had gathered from the alphas’ conversation, his delivery to Master was just some sort of mix up and he was going to be returned to an academy so he could get a "proper" omega. A real "pet". He didn't want a used breeder who could not even breed anymore.

Master wanted a pet, not a damaged bitch.

Dean knew with the whip marks running across his back he would never be fit to be a pet. At least not one a master could actually be proud of or show off to people. No, he was nothing to be proud of.

Why had he fooled himself into believing that something like him might be wanted by anyone? He was so worthless and the kind alpha wanted and deserved something better. Dean was only sorry he had foolishly convinced himself that just because the alpha showed him some kindness, it meant he had wanted to keep him.

Stupid bitch! That’s what he was, a… Stupid. Omega. Bitch. He felt like slapping himself. How could he have ever thought any alpha would want him?

Perhaps the alpha had simply felt pity for him. He knew it wasn't something that he deserved to have directed at him, but he was a damaged, pitiful thing... It made sense that such a good alpha might have felt sorry for him and decided to show him some affection.

Dean continued to sniff at the blanket still enjoying the alpha’s scent despite his heartbreak.

Part of him wished now he had never met the alpha. He had been resigned to his fate after they had taken him from the breeding farm. The omega knew after his miscarriage his life had come to an end, that he would be sent away and killed. He had accepted this and had even welcomed it as a mercy.

But then Dean was unlucky enough to meet this new master... who wasn't really his master at all; who had been so nice to him. Now Dean was sad that he’d be put down. He wished he could stay with the alpha forever, and maybe be a pet... Maybe breed pups for the alpha... he’d even take his master’s knot every night like a good bitch.

Even though Dean wanted to do these things for Master so badly, he knew he couldn't. He wasn't fit to be a pet. He could no longer breed pups and he wasn't particularly good at taking a knot, since he couldn’t seem to be fucked without whining and crying.

Though all the omegas at the breeding farm whimpered and cried too.

Dean bet real pets didn't whine or cry when they were fucked by an alpha. He bet they enjoyed it, or at least knew how to pretend like they did. Dean knew now that he would be good if he given the chance to take Master’s knot. He was certain he wouldn't cry if it was someone he wanted to be with, and he wanted to be with Master.


Still locked inside of the cage on the floor in his office, Castiel could hear the omega whining in his cage.

He had left Dean for a moment to locate a breast pump for him, which he had quickly found and returned back to the office with.

Castiel took Dean out of his cage and set him on the floor. He then handed the pump to the omega. It reached out and took it with shaky hands. Castiel noticed that it was crying again which he thought was terrible annoying.

Why the hell was the stupid thing crying anyway?

Dean took the pump and stared at it like it was the most complicated contraption he had ever laid eyes on in his entire life.

"Use that to pump the milk from your breasts." Castiel directed.

When the omega continued to stare at him with that same dumb look, Castiel sighed then showed him how to use it. Dean quickly caught on and sat, using the pump as the alpha instructed.

Castiel stood, and after watching another minute, decided it was okay to leave. The omega had yet to disobey an order from him and seemed obedient enough. He would just leave the bitch in his office for the day and come back for him when he was done with work.

He had a lot of patients to tend to and didn't think that it was necessary spend all his valuable time to watch a broken mistake of a bitch.

"Dean, after you finish pumping out your milk, I want you to get back in your cage... And don't touch anything while I'm gone," The alpha said sternly.

Dean nodded as he continued to pump out his milk.

Castiel glared at the omega for a while before turning to leave. Dean’s face was still stained with tears and the blue blanket was still draped over his shoulders. Cas noticed he seemed to have gotten quite attached to that thing for some reason, but he didn't think too much more about it. He left the office, closing the door behind him.

After Dean finished pumping out all his milk, he did exactly what Master said and went right back into his cage, making sure to close the cage door behind him.

He hated the cage, hated the way he had to curl up in the small, restricting space. But he wouldn't dare disobey an order from an alpha. Omegas were not supposed to feel comfortable, their job was to do whatever their alphas told them to do.

Dean understood that. He wanted to be a good, obedient omega, one that alpha Castiel would want to keep.

Tears began to roll down Dean’s cheeks again. He hated being alone, and wished he could spend his last moments with Master. He wanted to be with the person who had shown him the most kindness in his horrible pathetic life.

Even now, Master was still showing him such kindness, even though he didn't even want him. Dean realized how nice it was of Master to allow him to pump his milk. He could easily have left him until his breasts were swollen, and spurting milk everywhere, but Master had been considerate enough to find a pump as soon as he noticed he was lactating.

Such a good alpha.

He truly deserved a beautiful, young omega as his pet, not someone as ugly, old and worthless as Dean. And Dean didn't deserve such a kind alpha.

Really, it was good that Master didn't want him.

Being alone in the cage made Dean feel so...neglected. Like he was back at the breeding farm, lying on his back, starved, and long overdue to be pumped... Forgotten.

Just thinking about this made Dean begin to sob loudly again. He was so selfish not to mention a bad omega, because he still really wanted to spend his last moments with this alpha, even if the alpha didn't want him.

Eventually Dean cried himself to sleep. When he woke up again, it was to the sound of the office door being opened. He sat up quickly, a smile appearing on his face. Master was back!

Dean peered through the cage bars but was quickly saddened when he saw that it was not Master after all.

"Castiel, are you in here?" Michael Novak said as he entered his younger brother’s office, a sheet of paper in his hand.

"Hmm... Must be having his lunch elsewhere." The alpha mumbled, unaware he’d voiced his thoughts out loud.

His eyes scanned the office and landed on the bright green eyes of his brother’s damaged bitch, staring at him through the cage bars. He had very beautiful eyes.

The alpha moved in and stooped down so he could look more closely at the omega. Now that he was studying it more keenly, he realized with some amount of shock that the omega actually had a very beautiful face.

It was thin, bruised, damaged.... but it was in fact, quite pretty.

Michael reached inside the cage, between the bars at it’s front, and brushed away a strand of light-brown hair that had fallen into the omega’s face. He tucked the strand behind the bitch’s ear and continued the stare into the depths of those magnificent emerald eyes.

Dean stared at the alpha with an innocent and curious look on his face. He felt like he should probably feel frightened or nervous having this alpha so close to him. An alpha that looked at him like so many others once did back at the breeding farm. But Dean was so use to the presence of an alpha, he was not the least bit nervous having one so close.

Well, perhaps he was, in fact, a bit frightened, but then he was always frightened.

"Your a pretty little omega, aren't you." Michael said as he gently stroked the omega’s cheek.

"Yes... Yes, you are."

The alpha could feel his cock hardening as he ran a thumb over the omega’s soft, pink lips. He stood, opened the cage and beckoned for it omega to come out.

Slowly Dean crawled forward.

"That's a good little bitch." Michael said grinning, at the same time he began to unbuckle his pants.

The omega clutched at a blue blanket, holding it tightly against his body. The alpha didn't bother to rip it away since he knew Dean’s body was not as appealing as his face, having glimpsed it in the morning when Cas had brought it in.

Just the thought of the omega’s scrawny, battered body almost killed Michael’s erection.

The alpha’s pants hit the floor and his hard cock stood at alert, hanging out obscenely. It was thick, long and veiny.

"Come on, little omega... You know what to do."

Dean moved closer. Yes he knew what to do. Technically Castiel was not really his master, and he knew better than to disobey an order from an alpha.

The omega took the huge hard cock in his mouth and sucked on it eagerly. There was no use being a slouch. It was better to just give the alpha what he wanted, and give it to him properly. Dean sucked the cock hard, taking it deep down his throat, making loud slurping noises.

The alpha seemed to be enjoying himself. He closed his eyes, moaned and tilted his head back. He grabbed ahold of Dean’s hair, gripping it tightly as the omega’s head bobbed up and down.

Saliva drooled from Dean’s mouth as he continued his sucking, lost in his actions. At least he was good at this...

"What the hell is going on here?!"

The cock fell from Dean’s mouth with an obscene popping sound as he quickly stumbled away, surprised and terrified at the angry growl of his alpha’s voice.

Castiel stood in his office doorway, staring with disgust at the scene before him.

"I asked what the fuck are you doing, Michael?!" The strong, heavy scent of rage poured from his body.

His brother rolled his eyes as he proceeded to pull back up his pants.

"Would you relax, Castiel. I was just having a bit of fun with the bitch."  Michael said grinning.

"How dare you just-"

"Would you calm down, little brother?! You’re acting as if I fucked your prized omega pet or something! All I did was get a little service from a used, worthless, battered bitch that you don't even want!"

"That does not fucking matter!" Castiel shouted.

There was a moment of silence and the only sounds that could be heard in the room were Castiel heavy breathing, and Dean’s whimpering as he cowered and flinched on the floor, obviously terrified by the whole scene.

"You came into my office! You touched my fucking property… And you did so without my fucking permission! You are at fault here. Now get the fuck out of my office!"

Castiel pointed to the door as the other alpha glared daggers at him. Michael stared at his younger brother in apparent shame and rage. For a moment Cas thought his older brother was foolish enough to say something, but obviously he thought better of it, and did as Castiel commanded.

Castiel slammed the door shut once the other alpha was out.

Obviously Michael had figured out who had the bigger balls in this situation and it obviously wasn't him. Casl was so angry he was almost ready to have the other alpha submit.

On the floor Dean still sat, whimpering. His master was angry. Very angry. He knew what would come next, and even though he feared being beaten, he tossed aside the blanket and turned over, revealing his scarred back, waiting for a belt to descend.

Castiel stared at the frightened omega, at those ugly crisscrossing lines across its back... God he hated seeing those scars.

Taking up the blanket he slowly draped it back over Dean’s body. He lifted the omega and placed him on a loveseat in his office. The bitch could rest there for the rest of the day. Dean stared at him like he always did, with complete confusion written all over his face, but Castiel was certain he also saw some adoration in those emerald eyes.

He patted the omegas head, and smiled.

"Rest for a while... little omega." He said calmly.

Slowly the omega closed his eyes, and curled up in a ball on the love seat.

The alpha noticed the drool on the omega’s chin and found a napkin to wipe it away. He stared at the omega’s beautiful face, feeling confused himself.

In a way, Michael was right: Dean was just a battered bitch. So, there was no need to act so possessive. He should feel flattered that someone actually wanted to fuck his used bitch.

Yet, for some reason, seeing his omega on its knees, sucking another alpha’s cock just... angered him.

How strange.

Castiel sighed and then stood. He still had some things to attend to.

Then after work it was off to the academy to return Dean.


Castiel was right. The drive to the academy was a lot shorter since he didn't have to drive all the way back home to get Dean.

Currently the omega was sitting, curled up in the back seat, wrapped in the blue blanket.

Admittedly the alpha had begun to have second thoughts about returning the bitch.

Yes, he was damaged and scarred, but Dean was also still beautiful, even Michael had noticed that. But just he wasn't a proper omega to keep. He wasn't something Cas could parade around on a leash outside his home, not with that body. Plus, Castiel wanted pups.

Could Dean even still have them?

No... He had to return him. It was what a real alpha would do.

When they got to the academy, Castiel made sure to put Dean back in his cage. Then he went inside and proceeded to search for the female beta he had originally spoken to.

It took longer than he expected to find her, but after calmly telling several other workers that he didn't need their assistance, and was searching for someone in particular, he finally spotted the beta speaking to a male alpha in the midst of examining a young omega boy.

"I need to have a word with you." Castiel said as soon as he came up to her.

"Ah, Mr. Novak! What brings you back to the academy?" She asked in her same happy high-pitched voice.

"I just need to speak with you."

"Okay then, I'll be back with you in a moment." She said the last part to the alpha who was busy working two fingers inside the male omega boy, who lay on his back with his legs spread widely apart.

Castiel explained to her what had happened.

"Oh dear! This is most unfortunate." The beta said in a sympathetic voice Castiel found very annoying. "Let me assure you, Mr. Novak, that it is very rare for things like this to happen. But with all the delivery information done by computer nowadays... Well, mistakes do occur."

"Yes, I understand, but I would like to know how this thing will be sorted out."

"Well, firstly, we would have to locate the omega you purchased. Then we will happily return him to you."

Castiel sighed. "How long will that take?"

"I cannot say for certain, Sir, but I assure you we will work quickly to secure your property."

"And what should I do with this omega in the mean time?" Castiel asked, gesturing to Dean, cowering in the cage.

"Well you can't return him to us."

"What?" Castiel said in surprise "Why not?"

"Well, for one thing, it’s not from here. It’s from one of Lucifer's breeding farms, as you explained... And we simply do not have space for this... thing." The beta explained.

Castiel groaned, clearly upset by this news. Not that the beta seemed to actually care.

"Then what do you suggest I do with him in the mean time?" The alpha asked as calmly as possible, trying his best to hold back his anger.

"Well, normally, I would tell you to take it to the clinic so they can have it put down. However, that's not an option, since we first need to contact the breeding farm first and find out exactly where they were sending it."

"Where else would they send a damaged omega?!"

"Lucifer sells some of them to lower class brothels, where poor alphas and betas who can't afford to buy better pleasure whores pay a very small sum to sleep with them."

Castiel nodded. He had actually heard of those, but Dean didn't look like he would last a day in one of those places.

"Look, Sir." The beta continued. " I suggest you keep him for now. It won't take us long to find out where he's suppose to go, but it might take longer to find your actual omega. Either way, you shouldn’t have to keep that one for long."

"Fine... I understand." Castiel sighed.

"You can purchase another omega if you want, Mr. Novak... We have many similar to the one you wanted, and our products are the best." The woman’s annoyingly perky voice and bright smile made Castiel want to slap her.

"No, thank you." The alpha gritted his teeth. "I'll be leaving now."

He picked up his cage and headed toward the exit.

"Have a nice day!" the beta called after him.


Throughout the entire thing Dean sat in the cage holding back tears.

He didn't want to cry. He should be happy he was going to be put out of his misery. The problem was... he wasn't quite miserable anymore.

Master was so nice to him. All the mixed messages the alpha was sending, confused Dean, but there was no doubt in his mind that Master was an amazing alpha. The way he had gotten angry at the older alpha for making him suck his cock made Dean’s heart swell with happiness.

He was so... protective. It made Dean feel like someone actually cared about him.

Dean had noticed, in terms of size, Master didn't look like your typical six-foot alpha, but Master was as manly as they came. The way he had stood up to his brother was amazing.

At the academy Dean had felt sad and depressed but he didn't really believe Master would give him up. Master cared about him, he just knew it.

In a way, Dean was right since he wasn't given back to the academy. He had listened to the conversation Master had with the beta woman, and he did understand that Master didn't really choose to keep him.

But that didn't matter. The fact was, he was going to be with this alpha for a while longer, and he would enjoy it for however long it lasted, even if it wasn't that long at all.

Now curled up in the back seat of Master’s car, Dean happily inhaled the faint scent of his alpha from the blanket as Master drove them home. He could tell Master was angry by his scent, but obviously not too much, since he had taken him out of the cage.

Castiel wasn't pleased with how the day had turned out, but he guess he had to just accept the whole situation. For now, he was stuck with Dean.

He guessed he would just have to take care of the bitch for the time being, maybe give him a check up. He was a doctor, after all. He looked back at Dean, the little omega was smiling and rubbing the blanket against his cheek.

Behind his content expression, Dean was busy planning on how to be a good omega while he was with Master. If he played his cards right, maybe he could make Master want to keep him around.


All he had to do was show him that he was worth keeping.