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Wrong Delivery

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Dean whimpered as he lay on the dirty floor in the cramped stall.

He was a thin, naked omega with messy light-brown hair. Dean had a face that had been called beautiful, at least back when he wasn't so broken. Today his starved body was a patchwork of dark purple bruises and his back crisscrossed with lines of fading scars from when his masters had whipped him. Dean was damaged, ugly and worthless. He knew this. After all, it seemed his masters had forgotten about him ever since he had failed at the one thing that he was supposed to be good at.

Dean had miscarried.

He could not remember exactly when the horrible incident had happened but he knew it couldn't have been that long ago, since he was still lactating milk, not that it was a good way to tell since they had taken to selling his milk and had given him strange omega, hormone shots so he would produce milk even when he wasn't pregnant with pups.

Currently his small breasts were painfully full, and aching greatly since no one had come to milk him. Obviously they had forgotten about him since he hadn't even fed for a long while. Not a single person had even entered his cell to fuck him, which showed how worthless he was since fucking omegas was a task that all the staff at the Novak Breeding farm enjoyed and indulged in.

The most important job of the alpha farmer was to fuck and breed the omega stock when they were in heat so they would get pregnant and have pups. However, the owners didn't object to their workers fucking their stock even when they were not in heat. They were just objects after all, slaves meant to be used in whatever way their masters wanted.

Beside him, Dean could hear an omega boy in the stall next to his moaning and sobbing as he was brutally fucked by an alpha. All around him other omegas were being fucked by their alphas in their own stalls. Some were in heat, some weren't, but all the omegas like Dean knew that heat or not, an alpha would come often to fuck them.

The smell of sex and the painful sounds of the omegas being fucked hung like a thick, heavy cloud in the air.

Dean longed for someone to come to his stall, even if it meant he would get fucked. It wasn't that he enjoyed sex with alphas. No not at all. He was just hoping that if someone came to use his body they would maybe give him some scraps of food or at least attach him to the milking machine, so he could be relieved of his full, aching breasts.

Deep down he knew no one would come unless it was to put him out of his misery. He was at the end of his rope, the horrible miscarriage sealing his fate.

Dean had been good at breeding in his younger days. Back when he had first started at age twelve, he had given birth to two beautiful pups. He didn't know what their sex or dynamic was since, as soon as they were born, the Beta who had helped him through his first child birth had taken them a way. He did not even get to hold them in his arms. But it did not matter since they were not his to begin with. They belonged to his alpha and, courtesy of his training at the Omega, academy, Dean understood that all the pups he gave birth to in his life, were in fact  not his and belonged to whoever owned him.

It had still hurt to know that after his hard work carrying the pups and going through long painful hours of labor, the fruits of his labor were so easily taken away. One moment they were there, inside his tummy moving around, and then little pink crying bundles entering the world for the first time, and the next they were gone.

That first pregnancy was painful both physically and emotionally and had left Dean sobbing, depressed for days. But it had been a great accomplishment. He had been able to do what all omegas were born to do for the rest of their lives, give birth to strong healthy pups. It was his one purpose in life.

After that first pregnancy he had given birth to three pups the second time he got pregnant. The third time, he was lucky enough to have four. It was around this time that they started giving him those strange shots so they could milk him often and sell milk as well. They’d had milk and a good young breeder.

But now Dean had failed.

After years of giving birth to healthy pups all his life at the breeding farm, he had failed.

Dean knew he was stupid but he really should have seen it coming. The older the omega got the more they ignored it as they got new, more beautiful omegas from the training academy.

Out of all the dynamics omegas were the smallest in number, but since they were under the complete control of alphas and betas they could be constantly bred. Because of this many were ill-treated by their masters since in didn't really matter if one died, there was always a steady stream of new omegas coming from the breeding farms. Most owners of breeding farms also owned training academies where the other omega pups were sent.

At the academy they were trained to do various things omegas needed to learn, such as how to perform oral sex, how to take an alphas knot, as well as how to wash cook clean and most of all how to be a good pet. The omegas who were pretty, submissive and obedient, as well as knew how to perform sexually were sold as pets to wealthy alphas and betas.

Some pets were used for breeding their masters’ pups if they didn't want to purchase an alpha or beta pup from the breeding farms, and have one of their own. Others were sent to brothels to be “pleasure whores,” they called them. And finally the ones who were even the slightest bit disobedient where sent to breeding farms, after all it didn't require much aside from omegas lying on their backs and taking an alpha’s knot. Once they were young and healthy they were guaranteed to produce healthy pups.

The "unruly" omegas were always sent from the training academy so they could easily replace an older omega and didn't bother to waste money taking care of them. If an omega became sick, it was rare for them to be treated, and often they would just leave them until they died. The older omegas got the more they were ignored or overlooked. They were less fed and less fucked since there were younger, tighter bodies available.

Dean was now twenty-one years old and had spent ten years at the breeding farm giving birth to pups.

He had certainly lasted longer than most and was probably the oldest omega there. Once, he had been the favorite and many alphas loved to get a chance to sample his tight hole, but as he got older and looser, he was rarely used unless in heat. When he was fucked outside of his heat, the master didn't object to some workers beating or torturing him.

Dean had noticed that days would go by before he was fed the gruel that they gave the omegas to eat. It was no wonder he had miscarried, since he was so unhealthy. He had been pregnant with a four pups when it happened. All had died before Dean could even carry them full-term.

Dean wished he had behaved better at the training academy; he might have been sent somewhere better. He had been so bold and disobedient back then, a terrible trait for an omega. So they had to literally beat it out of him. He had been taken to nipping at alphas when he reached the final stages of training, submission, obedience, and sexual pleasure. He didn't like when the alphas shoved their cocks down his throat, or when they tried to teach him how to take an alpha’s knot by using a toy. Dean had tried to fight them and in the end they had beaten submission into him, courtesy of a whip, until he was nothing but an obedient bitch who would beg for his alphas knot.

Sometimes Dean felt like he could still feel the heavy leather whip as it landed against his back, delivered with such force it had left him a quivering bloody mess, lying in his own piss.

The other Omegas had been made to watch the horrifying scene, as a reminder that it could be anyone of them beaten like that, if they ever decided to act out like Dean had. Needless to say, after seeing him whipped so badly they were left just as traumatized as he was. After that incident he had immediately turned into the little bitch they wanted him to be and he would jump at the opportunity to suck a cock or take the knot.

Dean had often been referred to as beautiful when he was at the academy and would have definitely been sold as a pet if he had not acted out against his trainers, but in the end he was too damaged to be sent anywhere but the breeding farm.

No alpha would want an omega who had huge ugly scars running across its back as a pet.

So, Dean had been sent back to the same farm he’d been born at, and since he was no longer a good breeder, old and broken, he was expecting to end his life here too. Probably soon.

Dean noticed that milk was leaking from his breasts now. It dribbled from his nipples without it even being touched, proving just how long overdue he was to be pumped. He was both glad and surprised when he finally heard someone approaching his stall.

The alpha stared down at the emaciated looking omega, lying sprawled on the floor. He was a thin little thing, wearing a black collar around its neck which had a chain leading from it to a lock on the stall floor. It was one of the omegas assigned to him, but the alpha had stopped visiting it often since there were other tighter holes around to knot.

The omega whined with a strange mixture of fear and excitement as the alpha came closer, noticing the omega’s leaking, swollen breast.

He wondered if they were going to put him down now.

Dean was both afraid and happy that the alpha was there, one of his masters, since technically all alphas were masters. He was scared since there was no doubt that the alpha would hurt him. They always hurt him. But he was still happy at the same time since there was a chance that afterwards he would make him feel better by feeding him and take care of his leaking problem. Or maybe it was as he suspected and the alpha was in fact going to kill him.

After looking around hopefully Dean was sad when he noticed that the alpha didn't have any food with him. His heart sank as he realized he wouldn't be getting fed again today.

At the moment the alpha reached forward and began patting Dean's head.

"Did you miss me, Bitch?" He asked running his fingers through Deans unkempt hair.

Dean whimpered and weakly tried to move closer to his alpha, a part of him glad for the human contact.

"Yeah, you missed me, you little slut. Didn't you, Bitch?"

Dean nodded even though he knew no response was necessary.

"You want my big knot, Slut?" The alpha asked as he continued petting the omega.

Dean nodded again and the alpha smirked.

"Of course you do. All you omegas are nothing but a bunch of stupid sluts, greedy for an alpha’s knot," the alpha said licking his lips.

Dean knew it wasn't true. Contrary to what alphas kept telling him he loved, he knew that he hated getting fucked, he hated sucking their cocks and he hated taking their huge knots. But he knew his place in society; he knew it was his job to agree with whatever his masters said, so he nodded along with the alpha’s words.

"That's right, Bitch."

Dean gasped and released a low pitiful whine as the alpha pinched one of his rosy nipples and milk immediately sprayed out.

"You’re about ready to burst aren't you, Bitch?"

He suddenly squeezed the small breast again. More milk squirted out, landing on his clothes, not that he seemed to mind.

He then squeezed the other breast, harder this time, watching, seemingly fascinated as even more milk came out. He seemed to love rolling Dean's full breasts under his hard hands and the pained noises the omega made as his swollen breasts were handled roughly.

The Alpha smirked.

"Turn over, Bitch." He commanded.

Dean did as he was told, weakly pushing himself up on all fours, his limbs shaky from lack of energy. He was glad however when the alpha hooked him up to the milking machine attaching the contraption tubes to his breasts. It felt like it was trying to suck up his nipples as the alpha turned it on and it began making sounds like a vacuum.

It was very uncomfortable but Dean was glad however, that he at least wouldn't have horrible swollen breasts anymore.

He began shaking when the alpha positioned himself behind him and heard the hiss and metallic sound of a zipper being lowered. Dean knew what would come next.

He jumped when he felt the alpha parting his cheeks and began slapping his large cock against Dean’s loose hole.

"Do you want my cock, little omega?" the alpha asked. "Do you want it, little bitch?"

Dean whimpered and sobbed as he felt the huge cock being lined up with his hole, then being pressed against his opening.

Without so much as a warning the alpha shoved his entire cock deep inside Dean’s hole in one hard violent thrust.

The loud sharp cry that came from Dean was added to the sound of the other crying and moaning omegas around him who were busy taking cocks of their own.

He was lucky he was so loose, or else Dean was certain he wouldn't have been able to take the alpha’s cock as easily as he did.

Dean groaned and cried out loudly as he was brutally fucked by the alpha, his body jerking forward violently with each thrust. It was horrible and painful but Dean endured it like he had been doing his entire life.

Moments later the alpha’s knot was swelling inside him as he emptied his seed deep inside Dean's body.

By the time it was all over Dean was a sobbing mess. He was also thoroughly milked by the time the alpha was done with him.

After he was unhooked from the milking machine Dean went back to lying sprawled out on the floor. There was semen leaking out of his gaping, throbbing anus, and of course there was still a aching pain in the pit of his empty stomach, but he did feel a bit better.

"Well, Bitch, I hoped you enjoyed that ride since that's the last time you’re going to feel my huge knot." The alpha laughed then left Dean in his stall, contemplating what had been said.

Were they going to put him down after all? Then why had the alpha left? Maybe they were just going to leave him in his stall until he died. Dean spent the night thinking about his fate until the next day came and his questions were answered.

An alpha came in and took the collar off Dean then placed him in a cage. He stared through the bars as he was carried out of the breeding farm, which was actually a huge stable, and placed in the trunk of a car. He was confused and surrounded by darkness as he wondered what would be the next stage of his life.


Castiel Novak stared at the omegas that stood on display, completely naked as different people walked around and examined them. They were all small, ten-to-twelve year olds with underdeveloped bodies. Castiel wondered how any of them could actually carry a pup full term, but he had been assured the omegas were perfect for breeding. It didn't matter how young they seemed. As soon as they turned twelve and had their first heat they were ready to be bred.

He had finally decided to get a pet and had been looking for the perfect one for hours. They were all young and beautiful but he was waiting for one to catch his eye.

Castiel sighed as he stopped to look at a small omega boy who started shaking as Cas came closer. He was quite pretty with thick eyelashes, light-blond hair, small pink nipples and a limp little cock. He looked like he was eleven or twelve years old.                                

"Can I examine him?" Castiel asked a beta sales person who was nearby.

"Of course, Mr. Novak," the woman said cheerfully.

"Your brother told us you were coming by and that we should only give you the best treatment."

His brother Lucifer was the owner of this training academy and several successful breeding farms and brothels around the country. Castiel had told Lucifer he would be dropping by this training academy since they’d advertised several young omega pets coming up for sale. He had never owned one before, but after years of living on his own, Castiel was starting to think that maybe having a pet around the house to clean and warm his bed wouldn't be so bad.

Lucifer's pets were well trained and very expensive, however his brother had assured him that he could choose any pet omega he wanted and it would be delivered to him as a personal gift.

The little blond omega was told by the beta woman to “present,” so that Castiel could examine him. It immediately did as it was told and got on its hands and knees and stuck its little butt in the air. Reaching behind him it parted its cheeks, so Cas could see its hole.

The omega had a tight pink little hole, beautiful and virginal. Cas noticed that its skin was smooth and flawless, not a single mark present on the creamy white surface.

"Do you like what you see?" the beta asked.

"Yes," Cas said gesturing for the omega to turn around. He stared at the pretty, young face.

"He seems perfect."

Castiel held the omega's chin and tilted its head upwards and looked into the omega’s light-brown eyes. He was not surprised at the obvious fear present in the beautiful eyes. The most important lesson that alphas like Lucifer taught his omegas was fear and submission.

In the end most omegas were nothing but frightened little animals, clinging to a small thread of sanity. They were just dolls in the end, really, meant to be controlled and used. Castiel knew this when he realized that even though he was forcing the omega to look into his eyes, somehow it did not seem to be really "looking."

"Yes, he is perfect," Cas said stepping away from the omega. "I'll take him."

"Okay then!" the beta said in her same happy voice, as she wrote something down on a note pad. "This is omega number 7813 and it will be wrapped and delivered to you in two days. Just fill in the information here and we will be able to deliver it directly to your doorstep."

Cas signed in all the relevant information on the notepad and then handed it back to the woman.

And then that was that. Soon he would have his first omega. He only hoped it would be as perfect as he thought it was.