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Wrong Delivery

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A week had passed since the incident between Castiel and Dean had occurred, and in that time the alpha found himself growing more and more frustrated with dealing with his pet. The fact that he could now appreciate that Dean was in fact beautiful and sexual, but couldn't bring himself to touch Dean in a sexual way made Castiel want to give up. As much as he enjoyed Deans company the fact that he had an omega that he couldn't even fuck was annoying.

Dean himself could sense his Masters foul mood. The omega continued doing his newly assigned duties, cooking, cleaning and taking care of his masters needs, all but one.

He had realized that he had messed up, that when Castiel had tried to have sex with him twice now he should have been more convincing, he should have pretended that he wanted  it more.

But then there was always the fact that his tears were always a dead give a way. Dean had realized that no matter his much he pretended to want his masters cock his tears would always dismantle his facade.

Master showed he could be different, that he could treat Dean differently if he wanted to. Mostly he just wished he could be more convincing so that Master would love him. Because it had become evident that his inability to truly enjoy his masters sexual advances was the main problem affecting their relationship.

Dean had noticed that the relationship with his master  was changing very quickly once more. It began one evening when Castiel came home and sat around the living room table for dinner. Dean had set the table and placed Castiels food before him as well as his own. Then just when he was about to take a seat in one if the chairs since master had informed him that it was okay for him to eat at the table, master had turned to him with a scowl.

"Dean I think its best if you eat on the floor like a proper omega."

Dean had been slightly surprised but being a good proper omega he didn't question it. He had merely sank to his knees, taking his plate with him. He didn't mind eating on the floor, he didn't even mind being treated like an animal because he understood that he was one so it made perfect sense for him to be treated like one. What he didn't understand was the constant mixed messages. Was Master making fun of him? Was all this some sick joke?

Dean ate his food.


Master grew more distance, and things continued to change. Soon Dean found himself back to eating omega feed on the floor instead of the regular people food. Dean didn't cry. He told himself that it was OK, that he was OK with  it because he was an omega. Omega's weren't suppose to eat people food, omegas weren't suppose to feel special....

That night as dean laid in his omega kennel, he began staring at his masters body outlined through the covers as the alpha slept in his bed.

Had master been testing him? Had he been right all along? The idea that he would have been better off if he had just trusted his initial instincts left Dean feeling even more stupid than usual. But it certainly felt like it was just some big elaborate joke or silly test at Deans expense. The dumbed little omega invited to sit at the table and eat with the alpha, just often enough to simply see how long he would do it. A cruel trick. Because in the end Dean knew that he would have been punished if he had disobeyed his master.

Dean was surprised when he felt tears rolling down his cheeks. Why was he crying? Was he really so sad that he was being treated the way he was always meant to be treated? Or maybe it was because he was being given a taste. As some sick game he was being treated nicely, being made to experience a life that his kind didn't deserve, to realize just how better it was to be anything but an omega only to be slapped back down and put in his place.

Dean found himself clutching at his shirt, his fancy new clothes.

Dean sobbed then angrily began struggling to pull the clothing off. It was easy to do while still in the kennel but soon the clothes was on the floor sitting before Dean like a forbidden fruit just out of reach...mocking him. Because Dean couldn't wear that. He shouldn't, he shouldn't wear clothes. After all Dean hadn't been made to wear clothes before. It was all just some test. Soon it would be taken away from him as well.

Dean sobbed again then quickly clasped his hand over his face when he heard his master shift in his bed.


What did he want?

Dean didn't understand. He didn't understand what he wanted the omega to do. What he wanted him to be. All he ever wanted to be was a good omega. All he ever tried to be was a good pet and yet he constantly found himself being spat upon.

The fact that he was actually angry surprised him. He hadn't been angry in a long time and the realization that this was why he was feeling now was really shocking. Omegas weren't suppose to feel angry. It was something that all of them understood. The main thing that they were meant to feel was grateful....grateful to even be alive...

Dean grunted. He hated feeling angry, because he knew even if he couldn't help it he shouldn't be feeling this way, that it wasn't an appropriate emotion for an omega to have.

The omega sniffed then wiped at his face, feeling stupid for crying. He had nothing to cry about. Yes it was hard, loving his Master for treating him so kindly while having to constantly wonder if it was all some cruel joke, but what else could he do? It had been easier when he couldn't really confirm his suspicions...but going back to eating omega feed on the floor when just a few days a go he was eating like an actual person around a table...made him think that maybe he was right.

But that didn't matter now. One of the main reasons why things were changing had to be the fact that Dean apparently wasn't very fuckable. Well at least he wasn't very fuckable to his master. That could very well be the only reason. All his new privileges were being stripped away because he couldn't seduce an alpha like a real omega pet should. Sure all those alphas and betas back at the farm didn't mind fucking a worthless loose bitch like him but Master clearly had higher standards. Dean just needed to try harder.

It would be easier if he had someone to teach him how to be a better sex pet. He didn't know how to stop crying or stop shaking, after all it was all he ever did when he felt afraid, and sex, the very idea of sex scared him.

This would all be so much easier if Master didn't care so much about whether Dean liked it or not. What did it even matter? Maybe that meant master cared about him, master always seemed to care...except when he didn' that was wrong, Master always cared. He just wanted Dean to be happy. Even the tricks were probably for Deans own good as well...that is if they even were tricks. Maybe Dean was just so stupid he didn't even know what was going on around him. The very idea that an omega could ever understand the complex mind of an alpha and the way they thought was just ridiculous.

Dean felt like banging his head against a wall.

He didn't like thinking this hard about his life, and he didn't like not knowing how to feel about master. But he had to remember that he had decided a while back that he was in love with Master, now he just needed to stop questioning his alpha, trust Cas knew what was best for him and had his best interest at heart, and try his very best to give Castiel what he wanted.

Which is why a few moments later Dean was crawling out of his kennel and towards his Masters bed. He wasn't sure if it was the best idea, if he was doing the right thing, but he was sick and tired of sitting in his Kennel, unable to sleep and worrying about everything.

Dean crawled towards the bed all the while realizing that he was breathing heavily. When he got closer he slowly pulled himself up unto the bed then crawled under the sheet.


Castiel moaned in his sleep. Damn it. His heart was beating incredible fast and he felt sweat gathering on his forehead. His dick was hardening quickly, as it was captured in something wet and felt someone was sucking his cock. Oh....fuck. Castiel thrust his hips upward, wanting more, needing his cock to be sucked in more by the warmth enclosing around it. When he felt the pressure on his hardened member increase he groaned softly and thrust his hips upwards once more.

Dean couldn't believe what be was doing. It wasn't right for an omega to do something like this without the permission of its master. An omega acting on its own could be punished severely. Dean was being awfully forward.

But what else could he do? He needed to show his master that he could fulfil all his duties as a pet, he needed to show him that he wanted to be fucked. Maybe he didn't like having sex but he was certain that he wanted it.

And of course Master wanted it as well. He certainly seemed to be enjoying Deana lips around his dick. He wasn't quite awake but the master had begun to fuck Deans face, his hands unconsciously bought up to grip Deans head as he pulled him closer to his crotch. Dean eagerly sucked and sucked. He needed to do this. He could feel tears swelling up in his eyes but he still continued his actions, as he listened to his masters groans of pleasure.

Fuck...what was happening? Castiel could feel himself slowly being pulled back to reality as his eyes slowly opened and his mind pushed it's way through the clouds of arousal. Damn it, he felt like he could come at any moment. The alpha moaned then took in a shaky breath as his eyes suddenly opened completely.

What the hell?

He could see something beneath the sheets, the outline of a head bobbing above his crotch....sucking his cock. Fuck.

Castiel pulled aside the sheet and surely enough there was Dean with Castiels cock in his mouth, sucking on it like he didn't have a care in the world. The omegas bright green eyes met the alphas, and the alpha could see the fear and nervousness there. Dean slowly pulled off Castiels dick and Unconsciously licked his lips.

Fuck. Castiel thought he could come just from watching Dean do that. But then as he slowly became fully aware of what was really happening his arousal gave way to anger and he found himself pulling his hand far back then slapping the omega so he hard he tumbled back and fell off the bed and unto the floor.

The shock alone of the palm of his masters hand connecting with the side of his face would have been enough to knock Dean over. But it was in fact the force of that one hard slap that had dean cry out in pain as he fell unto the ground, his thin body hitting the hard cold floor.

When Dean sat up he was crying hard as he placed a hand on his stinging cheek.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Dean!" Master shouted.

"I'm trying my best here to do things right and you try to make things more difficult for me!" Castiel could tell he had hurt the omega and even now was probably really frightening him with all his yelling. His pets entire body was trembling with fear and fat tears rolled down his face.

He couldn't understand what the stupid animal was thinking. Castiel spent everyday suppressing his urges, not touching Dean, resisting the urge to fuck him because he had come to realize that for whatever stupid reason he couldn't bring himself to fuck his pet if it was going to hurt him, if Dean didn't want it. And now the stupid omega was tempting him. As if things weren't difficult  enough the omega really thought it would be helpful to suck Castiel off in his sleep. Castiel was so mad he could honestly beat Dean senseless.

Instead he simply sighed then pulled himself out of bed, walking pass the trembling omega and towards the bathroom. He couldn't be around Dean right now. He needed to clear his head, he needed to think because he wasn't sure how much more of this he could put up with.


Dean was  a failure. He had wanted to make things better between him and Master but some how because of his stupidty he had only managed to make things worse. And now that one incident was the straw that had finally broke the camels back. Master was going to put him down.

After the whole midnight blowjob incident master became even more distant. He couldn't even look at Dean and often Dean wasn't made to eat until after his master had finished his own meal.

Dean was certain that Castiel was going to beat him more harshly for what he had done but somehow he had managed to escape with just that one slap. Despite his continuously fuck ups master kept treating Dean better than he deserved, and it made the omega feel even more worthless and stupid than usual.

He continued to do his various house hold chores all the while wishing master would speak to him, or even just look his way again.

This couldn't go on. He was trying his best. He cleaned every surface until it was spotless and cooked his masters food to perfection but still he felt useless. He wasn't fulfilling his task as an omega pet and he didn't feel like he had any real connection with his master. Dean didn't know what to do.

Surely master would soon realize how useless he was. How long before Master grew tired of him and got himself a new omega pet? One that wasn't so old and ugly and could actually warm his masters bed at night as well as do all the chores that was required of an omega pet. Dean was becoming increasingly uncertain about the security of his place in Castiels life.

Dean continued to keep himself busy when master was gone which had become more often than usual. One evening  while doing laundry he came across a familiar baby blue blanket. Dean smiled and buried his face in the object taking long deep breaths, savoring his masters familiar scent. It took him a while to catch himself but when he did he let the blue material fall from his hands. That wasn't his. He shouldn't be smelling his masters things like some sort of love sick idiot. Master didn't want him. Why did he insist on pretending otherwise?

That evening when Castiel came home Dean sat at his feet waiting to be fed. He had poured his heart into making Castiels dinner, slaving over the stove all evening and Castiel seemed to be enjoying his meal. After he finished eating and the table was cleared Castiel left and went upstairs presumably to his office, since he always seemed to be in there lately.

Dean took care of the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen wondering in the back of his mind when he would be fed. After every task was done and he went back to sitting on the floor next to the chair where Castiel had been eating it finally dawned on him that Castiel had forgotten to feed him. He had stuffed his face, been contented with his meal and had completely forgotten that he hadn't even fed Dean. And just like that Dean was thoroughly reminded that he wasn't just a pet. He wasn't even human. No longer good enough to eat at a table and certainly not good enough to eat any form of food at all.

Dean was starting to feel angry again. He was starting to feel very very angry. He cupped his healing cheek and tried to think about what he could have possibly done to deserve this. Was this a punishment for the night when he had tried to suck his masters cock? Was that it? Why did master have to treat him this way? Did he really deserve this? He had only ever wanted to please his alpha, but where had that gotten him?

What troubled Dean the most was how familiar this felt. Master was starting to forget about him, just like the alphas and beta from the breeding farm. It had only happened once but it was enough to create a sinking feeling in Deans gut. How long before he was just a walking skeleton again, a starved forgotten animal. Dean sobbed for a while, curled up in a ball on the cold kitchen floor...


The movement to the backroom was sudden, one moment his kennel was in masters room, the next it wasn't. Just like that he was back in the room with the dusty old boxes stored away, unwanted and forgotten.
It was happening.

The day after when he was bathed and dressed in a plain white shirt and boxers he realized that it was the day, the day he would finally be put down. He could be wrong but master wasn't talking to him like before. He didn't explain what was happening. Dean was simply dressed then placed in the back seat of the car, then they were driving away from Masters home. Dean just knew, he knew what was happening, he had dodged a bullet but death still had his number. And if the omega was being completely honest, he couldn't pretend like he was all that surprised that this was happening, nor was he even sad or angry, he had just started to experience anger, a feeling that came as he slowly began to realize just how unfair his life was. But it was so exhausting, so frankly he was just too tired to feel angry. It was strange. He never really stopped to think that maybe, just maybe he didn't deserve the way he was treated. Maybe despite being just an animal, maybe he deserved better. Dean felt sick and confused thinking like this, but he had slowly stared to realize a lot while his relationship with Master continued to fail.

The first thing Dean realized was that it wasn't his fault. How could it be? After all, He had tried. He had tried really fucking hard. Castiel just didn't want him. And why would he? Dean was ugly and battered, but he hadn't asked to look this way. He had been pretty once, beautiful even. But they had ruined him, they had beaten him for daring to defy them, scarred him so no sensible alpha would ever want him as a pet, then they had sent him a way to be constantly fucked and bred, to repeatedly watch his pups stolen from his arms. It wasn't fair.

A part of dean felt afraid for having such treacherous thoughts, but why should he be afraid? They couldn't read his mind, he was going to die soon anyway, and if that was the case he would die hating them, and he would die knowing his hatred was justified.

Dean glanced at the back of Castiels head, the soft looking dark hair. He was...wonderful. At the end of the day, despite his sadness and his anger, Dean couldn't bring himself to hate his master. Castiel didn't ask for this either, he hadn't asked for a defective damaged omega, but he had kept Dean, and even though he no longer wanted Dean as a pet, for a brief moment Castiel had made him feel like maybe, just maybe he was loved.


Holy shit. This was it. They were doing it. They were really doing it. Fuck.

He couldn't believe how fucking nervous he was even though he had lost his nerves and wasn't really doing anything. He sat in the impala clutching the wheels like an idiot and glancing at the house he was parked a few feet away from. He didn't have to do anything, all he had to do was drive, Ruby had said. She would do the breaking the entering, the grabbing, everything.

Sam wiped away the sweat that had gathered on his forehead. What the fuck was he thinking? Sure this was all Ruby's idea but it was his problem. He was the one who had been bitching about Dean and Castiel and how he didn't trust the alpha....if things went south there was no way he could make her take the fall for it if they got caught. What if Dean was too afraid to come with her. He had no idea who she was, unlike Sam Ruby was an unfamiliar alpha, he couldn't really trust that Dean wouldn't shout or fight back despite his apparent obedience around alpha's. He hadn't seen Dean in a while since they had taken longer that usual to execute their plan, and even now it was still sloppy and hastily planned.  As Ruby grew more and more impatient with Sam's hesitancy she had brought it up again out of  nowhere one day, and now here they were.

Fuck. What was he doing? What was taking her so long? Maybe he should go in a check on her. They had chosen a day when Cas usually came home later than usually but as of now Castiel would most likely be back an hour from now.


"Fuck!" Sam startled at the sudden knock on the car window then frowned in anger annoyance when he realized it was just ruby.

"What the hell!? You scared the shit out of me!" He said angrily, watching as the other alpha opened the car door then climbed into the seat next to him. It was a bit dark so he understood not seeing her coming but he was surprised he didn't hear her coming  either. She certainty knew how to sneak up on people, and for some reason the young alpha couldn't help but think this probably wasn't her first time breaking into someone's house.

The lack of an omega with her didn't go unnoticed by Sam.

"What happened?" Sam asked "Where's Dean?"

Ruby sighed then leaned back in the seat.

"He wasn't there man." She said casually.

"What do you mean he wasn't there?" Sam said, feeling the panic setting in.

Ruby turned to stare directly into his eyes as she delivered the news to him with a flat uncaring tone. Despite her obvious failure she liked to be direct with people, tell them things straight.

"He wasn't there Sam." She began.

"What do y—"

"Let me finish!" Ruby said cutting him off.

"I searched that entire fucking house OK. He wasn't there. And before you start panicking, its possible that your old boss simply took him out with him for whatever reason."

Sam growled.

"He never takes Dean anywhere! Deans not that kinda pet!"

"You don't know for sure." She said as if trying to comfort him, though her tone wasn't very comforting or assuring.

Sam slammed his fist in the staring wheel in anger, "I know what I'm taking about Ruby! I'm then one who took care of him remember!"

Ruby didn't even flinch at his outburst.

"OK worst case scenario, we waited too long and He sold Dean or put him down."

Sam could feel himself shaking with anger at the thought, angry and sad at the same time. Mostly he was mad at himself. If ruby was right, and god forbid Castiel had sold Dean, or even worse...put him down, then he had no one to blame but himself. It was his fault for not acting sooner.

Sam's face fell. He placed his head in his hands and tried not to start crying. He was surprised when after a moment he felt Ruby's hand firmly grip his shoulder. He could feel the strength in her grip, and in a honesty her simply touching him was more reassuring and comforting that her blunt words earlier.

"Sam...this isn't over. I know things look bad, but we'll try again tomorrow. We might be wrong, and Dean could very well just be out with his master right now."

Sam brought his head up and stared trustingly into her eyes, fierce and determined.

She was right. This wasn't over.