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Chapter 5: Defective

It was early in the morning, and  Castiel was up at his usual time getting ready for work.

The alpha stood staring at his reflection in the mirror  as he lazily brushed and styled his hair in a way that suited him.

Hearing a soft grunt the alpha glanced in the direction of the huge omega kennel sitting in the corner of his room where his omega was curled up inside it, grunting in his sleep. He smiled as he saw the omega try to stretch a bit, which was very difficult in the constricted space, the rolled over, seemingly trying to find a man re comfortable sleeping position. Stopping his movements, the omega soon went completely still as he remained a sleep.

Cas shook his head slightly then turned back to the mirror.

Almost two weeks had passed since Castiel had relocated Deans Kennel into his bedroom. He had made the decision to move the kennel two days after that night when Dean had apparently had a horrible nightmare, waking Cas and most likely half his neighbourhood up in the middle of the night, with his loud, terrified  screams.

On that night Castiel had rushed to the omega and had somehow found himself comforting the poor creature as he shook and sobbed in his arms. It wasn't an alphas job to comfort an omega, and Castiel knew that an obedient and good omega should never put their alpha in a position where he or she had to.

But what could he do?

Despite the fact that Cas knew that he shouldn't have been hugging Dean, or even comforting him in the way he had that night, he also knew that it was the best solution and quickest way to fix the problem at hand.

Castiel was aware that an alphas scent could help to calm a panicking or frightened omega, so of course hugging Dean closely so he could easily and quickly be surrounded by his scent was his automatic reaction to the situation.

And it had worked. Eventually Dean had calmed down, and his sobbing and shaking had stopped. It wasn't long before Cas had noticed that the omega had ended up falling asleep in his arms.

After that Cas had placed him back in the kennel then wrapped his blanket around him, hoping that he would be OK for the rest of the night.

After tucking in Dean, Castiel had headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water, an had ended up spending most of the night sitting at the counter, pondering the current situation.

A part of him felt, annoyed, frustrated and even a bit angry with Dean and his issues. But honestly, there was also a part of him that understood why Dean would have nightmares that would make him scream at the top of his lungs. He remembered all those cuts and cigar burns, marring Deans skin, the horrific signs of someone having been tortured. There was also a part of Castiel that wanted to desperately try to convince himself that Deans deserved what had happened to him, that the omega had probably done something bad that he simple had to be punished for. But deep down the alpha knew that nothing Dean could have done would ever justify him being so cruelly punished.

And now Dean was suffering because of that torture, and the truth was, as a result of the way the omega was treated at the Breeding Farm, Dean probably had a lot of deeper wounds that Cas would never be able to heal.

Castiel didn't know much about omegas but he would bet that Dean was most likely going to have nightmares for the rest of his life.

Normally when humans went through horrific or traumatic experiences it wasn't surprising if they ended suffering from recurring nightmares, and omegas were not human Cas was starting to  realize it was the same for omegas.

God, was it really going to be a regular thing? It had happened the night before and now it had happened again. It was obvious that the omega had some mental and physiological problems that the alpha definitely didn't want to have to deal with.

How was he going to deal with this anyway? Obviously Deans situation wasn't common. Alphas never had to deal with omegas who had any forms of problems  such as intense nightmares. In fact, they never deal with omegas who had any sort of problems at all. An omega who had problems that affected their masters would be immediately put down. It was the simplest solution. But putting Dean down was not an option for Castiel, so of course he was simple forced to find a way to deal with Deans nightmares.

He knew it wasn't going to be that easy, after all he didn't know anything about omegas and he wasn't even sure if they were any treatment available for mentally ill omegas since no one ever bothered to treat them for anything in the first place.

Dammit, all he had wanted was one little, regular omega like everyone else had and somehow he had ended up having to deal with all this shit. Cas had to be the most unlucky alpha in the entire world.

Castiel had sighed and decided to get some sleep. He didn't know what to do about Dean at the moment so he would just have to find a solution the next day and hope Dean didn't have anymore nightmares.


The morning after the whole  nightmare incident Dean woke up in his kennel wrapped in his beloved blue blanket.

The omega immediately remembered what had happened that night, waking up screaming from a horrible dream. An image of blood staining his thighs flashed before his eyes and the omega found himself cringing and whimpering softly.

He closed his eyes tightly and tried not to start crying.

Bad dream...very bad dream.

But master had saved him.

Remembering master Dean opened his eyes and smiled to himself. Yes. Master had come to rescue him. He had been screaming and Master had done what no one had ever done for him before. Instead of beating the omega for daring to wake him with his unnecessary screaming, Master had comforted Dean. He had held Dean in his arms and had whispered soft gentle words in his ear in a way that made Dean believe that the alpha truly wanted him to be OK. Like he really cared about Deans well being.

And that had made Dean feel.... special. Maybe even a bit like he was maybe, the tiniest bit important to Master.

It made Dean happy to believe that Master cared about him, and he clung to that belief, because after all he had been through, he wanted to feel as if someone cared about him, to feel like he mattered.

Yawning loudly the omega crawled out of the cage so he could have more room to stretch his limbs.

Turning, Dean noticed the door was slightly ajar, which meant Master had probably left it open
After he finished comforting Dean that night. Dean stared at it and wondered if it being slightly open meant that it was OK for him to leave the room. Master had not told him if it was OK or not and he didn't want to leave without the alphas permission. If he was wanted to be a good omega then Dean could not do anything that would mean disobeying his alpha.

Making the decision to not leave the room until master told him Dean decided to just looked around.

He scratched an itch that he had, then glanced around in the room where Master had placed his kennel. He hadn't really looked around much that night because of the darkness, and not to mention the fact that he was a bit tired, but feeling curious he decided to do a bit of exploring.

There was a small window on the wall, at the other side of the room giving good amount of light that allowed Dean to observe the objects inside the room.

The first thing the omega noticed was that the room was a bit dusty, as if Master didn't enter it often. And of course there was  the pile of boxes he had noticed the night before.

Dean crawled over and looked one of the box, and soon noticed that they were filled with all sorts of dusty items that his master didn't seem to want.

There was an old lamp, some  jewelry, vases and a few pictures, and what looked like paintings.

Dean picked up a vase and stared at it in fascination. It was very beautiful with a lot of fine detail and Dean couldn't help but think it looked really amazing, certainly not like something that should be stored in a box. Then again what did Dean know about what people considered worthy to be put on display.

Realizing that the vase was too beautiful and delicate for Dean to touch yet alone handle, he immediately put it back before he ended up breaking it or something.

Then Dean noticed a picture and picked it up and stared at it curiously.

It was a picture of a young couple standing side by side, a man and a woman smiling happily as they stared at the camera.

The man looked a lot like Deans Master only a bit younger. His dark hair was a bit longer and he had a smile on his face that lit up his face so brightly in a way that the omega has never seen before.
The young man in the picture looked so cheerful compared to his masters usual blank neutral face that for a moment Dean actually found himself wondering if it was really the same person. Sure he had seen master smile once and a while, occasionally at him which made Deans heart swell with happiness, but he had never a seen Alpha look happy before.

The woman beside Master looked just as happy as he was, in fact even more so. She looked a lot like Castiel with the same blue eyes and black hair. It was quite clear that the two were related so Dean quickly realized that they were most likely siblings.

For a brief moment Dean found himself wondering if he had any siblings. The fact that a lot of omegas had to spend all their lives giving birth to as many pups as possible meant that the answer was most likely yes. Not that it mattered. Even if Dean had a billion siblings out there, the chances of him meeting even one were very, very slim.

So of course Dean pushed that thought to the back from his head and instead chose to look at another picture.

The second picture Dean picked up was a picture of a woman leaning against beautiful red car, that looked amazingly shiny as it was hit by sunlight. Behind the woman was a huge beautiful house that looked a lot like Castiels only there were no flowers in the front yard and the color was different.

Looking closely at the woman in the picture Dean thought she looked a lot like the other woman in the first picture with Castiel, the only difference being that instead of black hair and blue eyes she had light blond hair and brown eyes. But she was smiling that same happy smile and looked just as beautiful.

Suddenly Dean heard the sound of Master moving around in the
Kitchen and he quickly found himself placing the picture back where he had found it and crawling back into his kennel.

Bad omega, Dean thought as he reached for his blanket, immediately realizing that Master might not like the omega going through his things.

He shrunk back guiltily as the door was pushed all the way open and master came inside.

He looked at Dean closely as if observing the omega, for a moment before coming forward and placing two bowls down on the floor close to Deans Kennel. One bowl had a considerable amount of omega food in it while the other was filled with water.

Dean smiled thankfully at his master who stared at him with a worried look on his face the omegas smile disappeared quickly and the fact that master was worried, possibly about him. Dean of course thought this was strange since master really should have been upset with Dean for screaming and waking him up in the middle of the night. He should have never had even comforted Dean last night since Dean had been a really bad omega, and yet still, Master was....worried.

The omega hated that. As much as the fact that Master was concerned about him made him feel a bit important, the last thing he wanted was for master to worry. After all there wasn't really anything for master to worry about. Dean was perfectly fine. Sure he had a terrifying dream, but he always had dreams like that. As soon as Dean had been brought to the Breeding Farm he had started having nightmares. That's just how it was. As far as he knew all the omegas at the breeding farm would wake up screaming once in a while from a bad dream. It was quite common and perfectly normal for a breeding omega.

Dean found himself reaching for the collar around his neck and feeling the hard leather material, and then realized that him having nightmares was not "perfectly normal" anymore. After all dean was no longer a breeding omega, he was pet, and pets certainly did not have least Dean sent believe they did.

Dean would have to stop having bad dreams, even if it meant not sleeping. No more making Master worry.

He noticed that master was turning to leave and watched as the alpha headed towards the door.

Before leaving the alpha glanced back at Dean before  seemingly realizing something, then coming back over to dean he reached for the blue blanket.

The omega had to force himself to not utter any sound of protest as the blanket was pulled away from him, and taken with Master who then left the room.

Dean wrapped his arms around himself and sulked sadly as he realized that even if he was a bit worried about Dean master was still punishing him for his bad behavior last night.

The omega felt so cold and incomplete without the blanket, and it felt horrible to have something he had come to thought of as so precious and important to him pulled away from him. Then again, the omega shouldn't complain since he didn't own anything in the first place. It wasn't like the blanket was actually his to begin with and he did understand that he deserved to have it taken away. Omegas were not suppose to cause problems for their alpha or give them any form of discomfort.

Omegas were meant to give comfort and pleasure alphas not the other way around.


The morning after Dean had the terrible nightmare Castiel had made sure to leave a good amount of omega feed and some water for the omega before leaving for work. He had also made sure to put a few vitamin pills in Deans food to help with the omegas recovery.

After Dean was taken care of the alpha left for work.

On the way there Castiel thought about what he was going to do about Dean. Since he didn't know much about omegas Cas had decided he would visit an omega vet to find out a few things about omegas. He was a doctor who treated human beings so of course he wouldn't know how to deal with Dean's problems, but he was hoping an omega vet would could be of some help.

He wondered if Dean would be OK, staying home all by himself.

Fuck. Why the hell did he care. Dean was an omega, and as stupid as they were it was there job to take care of themselves.

It wasn't long before Cas reached the hospital and pretty soon he was going about his day.

He had a few difficult patients that day, Mr. Ferguson an old Alpha and one of his regular patients was particularly grumpy but Cas remained cool and professional towards him and the rest if his other rude and difficult patients. He had years and years of practice to thank for that. He could remember snapping at a few of them back in the day before he learnt how to him things go.

Throughout the day Cas also tried to avoid Michael after the whole blowjob incident with Dean, but him running into his older brother once or twice that day was inevitable.

At lunch when Cas was busy looking for a file in his office he was surprised when Michael entered his office.

"Ah Castiel! I've been looking all over for you." The older Alpha said as he came up to Cas.

"Oh god..." Castiel muttered as be glanced at his brother then went back to rummaging through a drawer.

"What do you want Michael?" Castiel asked. "If your expecting an apology for yesterday, don't hold your breath, cause I was in the right and you know it." The alpha finished firmly.

"What? No, of course not little brother!" Michael said immediately, slightly raising his hands in a a sign if surrender.

"I actually wanted to apologize for that"  The alpha said smiling in a friendly manner.

Castiel raised his eyebrows and stared at his brother incredulously.


"Yes, really." Michael said, actually managing to sound sincere.

"As an alpha myself, I can understand getting defensive, having another alpha use your omega...even a...damaged one."

Castiel paused and continued to stare at him.


"Yes really Castiel! Why do you keep saying that?"

Castiel sat up in his chair, not sure what to make of his brother. Michael was never one to let go of a grudge or even admit when he was wrong so Cas wasn't quick to believe the alphas supposed apology. In fact he was half expecting Michael to be difficult towards him that day which was why he had spent the day avoiding him.

And now he was playing the good guy?

"Anyway...or we OK now."

There was a short pause before Cas finally answered.

"Yeah sure...I guess." Cas finally said.

"Well that's great little brother." Michael said smiling then taking a seat opposite Cas

"I'm glad we sorted that out."

" am I." Cas agreed while wondering why his brother was still in his office.

" how's things with your omega? I'm assuming you got your proper pet omega, and got rid of that worthless bitch" Michael asked them snorted. "Couldn't even give a proper Blow job really."

Cas sighed and chose to ignore his brothers last comment, even though he did feel some amount of anger.

"I actually didn't get to return him." Cas said then proceeded to explain what had happened when he went to return Dean to the academy.

He wasn't surprised when Michael bursted out laughing.

"Damn, Lucifer certainly enjoys messing with you Cas, it's like he never gets tired of it!" The alpha said laughing. "Though I have to admit, it really is unfortunate, yet still quite hilarious."

Cas groaned. "Don't you have anything better to do than bother me Michael."

"OK, ok I'm sorry, I shouldn't make fun. Things must be hard for you."

Castiel sighed. "Things...aren't so bad I guess."

"Are you sure? A defective omega like him...seems like it would be a bit troublesome, even if you just got him, I wouldn't be surprise if it started causing trouble "

"Well...there are a few problems." Cas somehow ended up admitting.

Damn. He didn't know why but for some reason Michael always had a way of making him reveal things to him.

"Really?" Michael said sounding curious. "What sort of problems?
"Ah..just a few, hes from a breeding farm so I should have expected it."

"Expected what exactly?"

"Well...there are some signs of torture on Dea...the omega...cuts....cigar burns..." Cas trailed off.

Michael chuckled. And Cas couldn't help but frown. What the hell was funny about cuts and cigar burns?!

"So it has a few marks from being punished, how is that affecting you? Its not like you plan on parading it around in public, aren't you just holding on to it until you get your real pet."

"He's having nightmares Michael! Last night the poor thing was screaming so loudly like he thought someone was trying to kill him." Cas explained. "He woke me and half my neighbors."

"Damn." Michael frowned. "I hope you  punished him thoroughly for that. Can't have some bitch waking you up in the middle of the night."

"Yes Michael, I delivered a very harsh beating to my broken, emaciated omega." Castiel said sarcastically as he glared at his brother, who just made a sound of annoyance and glared right back.

"Oh c'mon Cas, why do care about some useless omega, its not like you really have to take care of it, just lock it up in your basement or something, or better yet, just get someone else to take care of it..."

"Ugh! What are you saying Michael, I can't just lock him up!"

"Why not!" Michael truly seemed surprised that he would reject his idea.

Didn't he understand that Dean was hurt. He needed to be taken care of not locked away.

"It's just an omega! And you said he has nightmares? How are you going to deal with that, do you plan on not getting any sleep from now on?"

"Of course not! I'm going to visit an omega vet so I can figure out how to help him."

Michael chuckled softly, while shaking his head in disbelief.

"Castiel, are you hearing yourself? Your going to help him? That's omega shouldn't even be alive! It should have been immediately put down!"

Castiel looked away from his brother, knowing the alpha was right. For all his faults Cas could never deny that at the moment Michael was speaking the truth.

He was a well respected, upper-class alpha. It wasn't his or any alphas responsibility to take care of a a damaged omega. If the circumstances were different, instead of thinking about how to help Dean Cas would in fact be taking him to be put down.

Michael sighed and calmed down a bit, seemingly coming to the realization that he had upset his younger brother.

"Hey...why don't you give it to me?" Michael said slightly leaning forward against the desk.

"What?" Cas stared at his brother, wondering if he was hearing things.

"Look Castiel, obviously you can't take care of it, its just far too damaged."

"But...then why would you want him?" Cas asked confused.

"Well it's not like I actually want the omega Cas, you know I have several at home, I'm just offering to take care of it for you until you get your real pet." Michael said in a sincere voice.

"Think of it as a favor to you brother."

"I'm not sure Michael...Won't it be inconvenient for you, after all he is very...troubled."

"Of course not!" Michael chuckled as if the very idea of Dean being of any inconvenience to him was preposterous.

"I've been an owner of omegas far longer than you have Cas, I know a thing or two about them. Let me take him off your hands."

Castiel stared at Michaels expectant face and  for a moment he did consider having Dean over to his brother. Michael was right. Cas had never owned an omega before, and Michael must know more about them than he did, having owned several of them for years. He could forget just forget about the pet that Lucifer promised he would  give him, leave Michael to deal with Dean, and purchase a less troublesome pet of his own, one that didn't come with an endless list of faults the offer to jut forget about Dean and accept Michaels offer was tempting.

Luckily Cas quickly came to his senses having remembered the older alphas suggestion about locking Dean up his basement. Who knew what horror Dean would go through if left in Michaels not so tender care. Not to mention the fact that Micheal wanting a damaged omega like Dean seemed a bit suspicious, after all he was the one who kept saying that Dean should be put down. There' was no way Cas would hand Dean over to Michael. After seeing all those scars from being torture permanently scaring Deans body, a part of Cas really thought Dean deserved better. It was strange thinking like that, but for some reason he didn't want to think of the omega suffering  anymore.

"Thanks for the offer Michael but, I'm the idiot who allowed Lucifer to screw me over, so I'll be the one to deal with the repercussions." Castiel replied ti his brother.

"Fine, whatever." Michael said shrugging, as if Castiels rejection of his offer didn't bother him, yet somehow Castiel felt like it did.

"Now if you will excuse me, I really need to get back to searching for that document I was looking for, not to mention the fact that I haven't even gotten the chance to have lunch yet." Castiel said as he stood a d went over to look in a cabinet.

"Yes, of course." Said Michael as he stood and and made his way over to the door.

"But just in case you change your mind, remember, my offer still stands." The alpha added before leaving.

Castiel shook his head.

"Don't worry, I won't."


That evening Cas left work a bit earlier than usually and drove over to the nearest Omega Clinic, still proceeding with his original plan to ask an omega vet some questions about helping Dean.

In truth Cas had never set foot in an omega clinic before, and for whatever reason it felt strange for someone like him, a professional doctor to be going to a person who treated mere animals for advise.

Cas parked in front of the small building that was significantly smaller that the huge well built hospital where he worked.

The alpha walked towards the building noticing a tall brunette alpha leaving the Clinic who walked pass him. The young man went over to an expensive looking black car, got inside then drove off.

Cas frowned then entered the building.

The first thing Cas noticed once he was inside were several cages in the lobby with omegas curled up inside them. The omegas looked frightened and broken, and Cas could tell just by looking at some that they were from Breeding farms. They reminded him of Dean that first day he had been delivered to the alphas house, staring at Cas through the cafe bars. Afraid, bruised and badly starved, looking around then with wild, panicked and confused eyes.

There was no doubt in Castiels mind that they were going to be put down.

He did notice two omegas however that looked out of place. Unlike the other bruised and thin omegas these two looked more healthy, and accept for one who had a few bruise on his arm and was sporting a black eye, didn't have a single mark on the bodies.

Cas noticed young, male alpha sitting behind a reception Desk, reading a very thick heavy looking book, clearly absorbed in it and unaware of Castiels presence.

It wasn't until Cas walked over to the boy and cleared his throat that he noticed the other alpha.

", can help you sir?" The guy said quickly, sitting up an putting aside the book.

He looked like he was sixteen or seventeen years old and had long messy light brown hair and hazel eyes. Even seated Cas could tell the kid was probably really tall, most likely taller than him.

"Yes, I would like to speak with one someone about a matter concerning my omega." Castiel informed him.

The boy glanced at the empty seats in the waiting area then back at Cas.

"Well lucky for you today's a slow day." The kid said smiling, showing off a pair of dimples.

Moments later he was showing Castiel to a room where a man in a white coat was pulling of a pair of white gloves.

The room looked gloomy and depressing, the walls a ugly shade of gray and the room reeking of a  stifling smell that made Cas feel like he was at the morgue. He noticed a table that revealed the outline of someone lying on top of it covered by a white sheet. Cas could see a pale white arm hanging from beneath the sheet, and there was no doubt in his mind that lying in the table was the body of a dead omega.

He frowned, yet somehow he found that he wasn't bothered by the sight before him.

"Hey Gabe, there a guy who wants to talk to you." The young man said.

"What did you say Sammy?" The man asked turning, then he paused when he noticed Castiel.

"Sammy why did you bring the guy back here?" The beta asked "Jesus Sam! No one needs to see the shit that happens back here."

"He needed to speak with an omega vet." Sam said shrugging.

"You should have just have him wait in the lobby, called me then showed him to my office!"

"Oh..." Sam said looking down. "Well give me a break Gabe I'm new at this."

"Where's Charlie, shouldn't she be out front?"

"I don't know, she left for lunch and hasn't come back since." Sam explained.

"Damn I hate my job.” The beta groaned. "Why don't you show this gentleman to my office, Sam." He added he turned to Cas.

"I'll be with you in a sec Mr..."


"Novak..., your not related to Lucifer Novak are you? Owns a few popular Breeding farms?"

"He's my brother actually." Cas admitted.

"Yeah, I figured. I can't stand that guy..."

"Anyway sam show Mr.Novak here to my office."

Sam nodded the led Cas out of the room and into another, which was a small office. It was a lot neater and looked better than  Castiel expected and he took a seat in a chair as Sam directed.

A few minutes after same left, "Gabe" entered the office.

"Hey, sorry for the wait, and the bad staff." The man said moving around the Desk and plopping down into his seat. Cas was surprised when the bed propped his feet up on the desk and relaxed in his seat.

"This place only opened three months ago, it still needs some work done but its coming along, hard finding people to work here though, you'd think people would be jumping at the chance to kill omegas...or treat them like we do occasionally." The beta said smirking.

Cas raised an eyebrow, finding the man a bit strange.

"I'm Gabriel Mason by the way, now what can I do for you Mr. Novak?" The beta asked.

Cas cleared his throat. "Well I recently required this omega, and well he came from Breeding farm and-"

"Let me guess, you wanna put it down, No prob man just drop him off." Gabriel said cutting in.

"What? No, he's has some problems and I'm not sure what to do with him."

"What kind of problems?"

"Well, for the past few nights he's been having constant nightmares." Castiel explained "Of course I couldn't care less about his nightmares if he didn't wake up screaming in the middle of the night. I can't get any sleep and if this continues my neighbors are going to start complaining."

Gabriel seemed confused. "You seem like a well off guy, why exactly are you keeping a breeding omega?" The best asked.

Cas sighed, feeling annoyed.

"Its a very long story that I really don't want to go over right now."

"OK buddy I understand." Gabe said with a grin. "I gotta say Novak this is a first though, usually people just come here to have me put down their omegas, with most coming from breeding farms. In my three months here, I've only had two people who actually wanted me to treat their sick omegas instead of putting them down."

"So...what to you recommend I do about my omega?" Cas asked, unsure of how to respond to Gabriel's statement.

"Your omega sounds a lot like what we omega vets refer to as  Defective, and Defective omegas should be brought in to an omega clinic to be put down." The beta said bluntly.

Cas really should have expected the answer the beta gave him, yet for some reason he found himself getting angry.

"Putting him down isn't an option." He said trying his best to sound calm.

"Well it's the only option I can give you."

"Is that the best advise you can give me? Are omega vets really this useless?!" Castiel snapped angrily at the beta.

Gabriel didn't seem the least bit phased by the alphas outburst. Then man simple sighed then removing his feet from the desk he leaned forward and gave Castiel a shut the fuck up and listen." face.

"Listen Mr. Novak, you may not be familiar with how the system works so I'll happily explain it to you." The beta began.

"Every single omega that are sent here from breeding forms, the ones owned by your brother, are damaged and broken beyond repair. They are labelled defective and are immediate "put down" which is just a nice way of saying killed. Now in a sane world, if your omega was considered human, he would be labeled a rape and torture victim who suffered through severe pain and trauma, and his abusers would be thrown in jail. Then I would recommend he gets years and years of therapy, not to mention psychiatric help. And of course I would be a dick if I didn't inform you that the reality is, no matter what, you do someone who has been through something so horrific and traumatizing, will never fully recover...But that's not the world we live in Mr. Novak, we live in a world were we think its OK to use people whom we consider lesser than us, and then kill then when we feel they've exhausted their usefulness. So yes Mr.Novak, putting your omega down is the best advise I can give you. The reality is, defective breeding omegas aren't fit for our society. "

Castiel remained silent through Gabriel's short speech, and long after the beta was finished.

After a while the alpha hung his head and sighed, feeling dejected.

"I know that's how our society works." Castiel said in a very low voice. "It just hard to accept when your in a position such as mine. My omega needs help.

Cas was surprised when the beta snorted.

"You know its obvious that you don't really give a shit about your omega, and just dont want your high class neighbors riding your ass about the screams coming from your house, waking them up in the middle of the night."

Cas frowned. "A few weeks ago I might have agreed with you but....I can't say that there isn't a small part of me that might really care about Dean."

"Dean?" Gabriel raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Yes...Thats my omegas name." For some reason Cas didn't want anyone to know he actually called a broken omega anything other than "bitch" but somehow the name had just slipped.

Gabriel however seemed more accepting of him as a slow smile spread across his face.

"Dean...that's a nice name." The beta said as he relaxed back in his chair. "There might be some hope for you Novak."

"Where does your omega sleep?"
Gabriel suddenly asked.

"What?" Cas asked stupidly, the question catching him off guard.

"Your omega. Where does he sleep?" Gabe asked again.

" an omega kennel."

"Yes, but where is it kept?"

"In a room in the back of my house, it's near a bathroom so he doesn't have any accidents." Cas explained.

"Move him into your bedroom. He's probably already become attached to you, and having you near will most likely calm him during the nights, I'm not saying this will completely stop his nightmares but it definitely helps to keep him comfortable, plus you'll be right there to imediately calm him down if he has a nightmare."

Castiel was actually found it offensive that the beta would actually suggest he allow an omega to sleep in the same room as him. Some omegas were even left to sllep outside in their omega kennels and here was this beta suggesting he moved an omega into his room. The more Cas thought about it however, he couldn't deny that what the omega vet was saying made sense.

"Thank you." Castiel said realizing that he should be glad the beta was offering him some better advise.

The omega vet smiled.

"Does Dean have any other problems you'd like to tell me about?"

Castiel thought for a moment, then remembered that Dean was still lactating milk, then proceeded to explain this to Gabe.

"Hmm, that's expected." Gabe said thoughtfully. There are thess shots that some farmers give omegas so that they produce more milk, its been around for a few years now actually. Give it a day or two, by then I suspect it will be out of his system. Is that all?"

"Yes...and thank you again Mr.Mason." Castiel said standing and shaking the betas hand.

"Your welcome, and call me Gabe, Mr.Mason makes me sound old." The beta smirked.

"OK Gabe...if you don't mind me asking, you seem like you care about omegas, so why work at a clinic putting them down?" Cas couldn't imagine the beta being comfortable doing such acts. Everyone wanted to easily get rid if useless omegas, but no one wanted to see it done, or do it themselves.

"Yeah, it definitely isn't the greatest job in the world." Gabe said. "I actually just wanted to treat sick omegas but if I turned away people who wanted to have their omegas put down, I would end up having to close this place down. In the end I just think of it as putting the poor things out of their misery."

Cas could understand that.

"Truthfully, I don't put down all of them." Gabe continued. "Some of these rich people will put omegas down for the slightest things. A kid came in here this evening saying he wanted to put his omega down because he wanted one with red hair and hair and he uncle got him a blond. These kids are ridiculous."

"So what do you do with those ones?" Castiel asked.

"If their young enough I can send them back to an academy, and hopefully someone might adopt them again." Have explained. "Sometimes I treat them if their sick and wait for them to get better. Sadly I can't help all of them... The ones from the farms...its hopeless for them."

"That's...kind of you Gabriel. Just a few days ago I told a young girl that these places were pointless, especially for treating omegas, but I guess I can understand why someone would treat an omega...instead of simple putting it down." Cas said thoughtfully.

"Now, excuse me but I should get going."

Gabe smiled, then reached into his pocket and pulled out a card.

"Here, this has my number on it, call me if you have any more problems with your omega."

Cas nodded and accepted the card.

"And one last question..."Gabe said before Castiel could leave.

"If you did have the option to bring your omega in to have him put down, this instance...would you?"

Castiel paused for a moment before he answered.

"Well after the conversation we just had, I would probably think twice before I did."


Castiel patted Deans head as his mind drifted back to the present and he realized he needed to finish getting ready for work.

Dean had woken up and emerged from the kennel and was now watching his master curiously.

Cas was glad he had taken Gabriel's advise about moving Deans kennel to his room. Then nightmares had not completely stopped, but they didn't happen as often and Cas was indeed always there to help him.

Moments later the alpha had brought the omega downstairs so he could move around in the living room and sleep on his omega bed.

Dean mostly just slept since Cas had decided that the omega wasn't fit to be put to work as yet. He wasn't very active but at least from now on he would have someone to keep his company.

There was some problems concerning Dean when Cas had come home that evening after speaking with Gabe at the omega clinic, which had caused the alpha to come to the conclusion that Dean could not be left at home by himself.

So Cas had been forced to find a "baby sitter" for Dean. It wasn't easy finding someone willing to take care of an omega, the very idea was offensive and even Castiel himself had to frown at his strange concern and mannerism towards Dean. He was just an omega after all.

And yet Castiel had found himself going through unspeakable lengths to make his defective omega comfortable.

But it didn't matter. As soon as Dean was better Cas would be sure to start treating him the way proper alphas treated their omegas.

After the alpha was ready for work he grabbed his car keys then headed towards the door.

Dean watched him go with a sad look on his face, that revealed that like always, he was sad to see his Master leave.

"Don't worry Dean, Sam will be here soon to stay with you." Cas said, noting the way Dean perked up at the mention of the young alphas name.

Castiel smiled then went through the front door, making sure to close it behind him.