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Brooding, Ice Cream, and A Promise Made

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The sky was painted with a vibrant sunset. Staring out into the distance, Ankh wondered to himself. That other part of his consciousness, just what was he scheming right now? It all weighed on him heavily. He looked down at his arm, staring at it intently.

Looking right into the eye on his palm, his talons clenched into a fist. Ankh remembered seeing him for the first time. That wave of rage and fear as he looked into that face staring back at him. His face.

Half of his face retained its original form, with the other being a purple skin. He remembered those haunting lines etched across that skin, having a shade of purple that looked like poison. Ankh remembered the crimson feathers that were being blown across the surroundings, ones exactly like his.

Recounting that moment in such vivid detail, a fury that blazed within his body… A body that was not truly his own.

How dare he, to have such audacity. This being was not Ankh, nor would he ever be. Once the time would come to absorb this half of his consciousness, he would not vanish to be consumed by the other. This he swore.

Gripping the railing enraged, now clenching his fist tighter. Ankh’s moment of brooding soon became interrupted.

“Ankh! So this was where you were.” That voice— it was Eiji.

How did he even find him? This was a new spot he picked. Solely so he wouldn’t be found. Ah, whatever. Clicking his tongue and rolling his eyes, “Tch. What do you even want?”

Ankh turned around to see Eiji hand him his favorite treat. “Here. It’s your ice cream for today.”

Scoffing, he took the ice cream and unwrapped it. “Idiot. Coming all this way only for this?” Taking a bite out of it.

“That’s not the only reason.” Leaning next to Ankh, now looking to the sunset as well.

“Huh?” Looking right at Eiji, with a puzzled expression. “What else is there then?”

“I was worried about you.” His eyes glanced to Ankh’s. They were soft, much softer than usual. Mixed with concern too. Something about this look in that idiot’s eyes made Ankh’s cheeks flush a little bit. Thank god the light was dim out here.

“Worried? About me? How asinine.” Rolling his eyes again, Ankh looked away. Turning his head to the side.

Eiji slid his hand over Ankh’s on the railing, beginning to gently hold it. Ankh’s Greeed hand… It was warmer than he ever would have expected.

Ankh jerked his head back, now looking Eiji straight in the eyes. His hand was tense and Eiji could feel it. But at the same time, Ankh didn’t move it away. It stayed put.

“It’s pretty obvious this situation is weighing on you. Not just to me, but to everyone. You’ve been leaving Cous Coussier to be on your own much more than you’ve ever had before.”

Ankh could only bring himself to scoff again in response.

“I promise, we’ll get your body back. I’m not just saying this for Hina, or The Detective either… I’m saying this for you. I know how important this is to you, Ankh.” Thumb softly and slowly stroking Ankh’s hand as Eiji declared this promise.

Ankh didn’t know what to say. No matter how hard he tried, nothing came out. He always felt he’d eventually stop being so taken aback by how selfless Eiji was. How much he valued the lives of others over his own. How at the drop of a hat, he’d throw away everything to help those around him.

But yet, he kept being surprised at just how far this fool he picked was willing to go. Time and time again. And all just solely for the sake of others.

This human body had given him so many emotions, ones he still hadn’t known how to handle. Feeling so much, so intensely, and all at once. He was not used to this aspect of humanity. It was quite overwhelming.

In the end he couldn’t help but have a small smile as he looked back towards the sunset. Biting into his ice cream some more, savoring that refreshing taste he’d never be able to enjoy to its fullest as a Greeed. Despite how overwhelming it got at times, this body had its perks. Real good ones at that.

His hand began to relax. Eiji could feel every second of this as it happened under his touch. A smile came across his face too.

Eiji admired how Ankh looked in this moment. He’d never seen him so at ease before. Taking a picture with his mind, engraving it into his memory. Because he didn’t know when, or if, he’d see Ankh like this ever again.

He gave a long and loving look at how the golden light from the sunset reflected onto Ankh’s face. As well as the curls in his hair. It made him look even more gorgeous. He was awestruck by it. Akin to when one sees a peacock flare out his feathers in full for the very first time in their life. Blinded by such beauty.

The two of them stood there together in silence, gazing at the sunset as they continued to hold hands. Neither of them would forget this moment.

It was okay, Ankh didn’t have to respond with anything. This was all that Eiji needed.

He knew.