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While You've Been Saving Your Neck I've Been Breaking Mine

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The first thing Loki notices about Thor is that he seems to never look down at his food or drink, apparently trusting the servants entirely to make sure his cup and plate are never empty for long. It would be almost too easy to poison him.

Okay, so it wasn't actually the first thing Loki noticed about his new husband, but it's the first thing that's useful to him.

The real first thing was his eyes.

- - -

The knife in Loki's hand is carved from stone. He can't imagine anyone on Jotunheim making it, given whose comically small hand it was made to fit. He's standing in front of dummy that's just a touch taller than him. His father crouches to the side, giving Loki his usual deeply grim look. It's been a week since he overheard his father's conversation with a few the statesmen. Explaining how he'd found a use for the runt.

“You must learn to strike without hesitation, because Odin's son will not hesitate to kill you, understand?”

Loki nods. He grips the knife the way his father showed him.

His father gives him a curt nod back. “Now, I want you to slice his throat on the count of three.”

Loki steps to the back of the dummy, holding his knife tightly, his muscles tensed and ready to pounce.

“One... Two... Three.”

Loki grabs the head of the dummy with one hand, dragging the blade across it's fabric neck with the other. Feathers fall from the ripped fabric like fluffy snowflakes.

Loki looks over to his father, who gives him a rare smile that makes Loki push his chin out proudly.

“Better. I think I will have your brother's capture some hares for your next lesson. I want you to be comfortable around the sight of blood.”

- - -

They sit together on an ornate bench that Loki guesses has some sort of significance to the Aesir. As soon as they sat down at the beginning of the reception Thor had pulled Loki close enough that he was practically in Thor's lap, and since then Thor's hand has been gradually drifting down from Loki's waist to his ass. Even a few hours – and horns of mead – later, Loki is still put off by the feeling of Thor so close to him. It doesn't help that person after person comes up to the table, giving them their blessings and sharing a few lewd jokes with Thor before finally fucking off to get more drunk. The whole thing is noisy and garish that it's giving Loki a headache. To Loki, it looks like the party could very well end in a drunken orgy and, frankly, Loki's not sure he could hide his disgust at seeing a mass of pink, pale bodies... writhing.

He's startled when Thor takes notice of his discomfort. His hand moves back to Loki's waist as he leans in to speak in his ear. “Are you well, husband? Do you wish to retire to our chambers now?”

Loki shudders and he's not sure if it's from the impossibly deep rumble of Thor's voice or  the hot breath gusting over his skin. His skin prickles either way.

“The party is getting to be a bit much, is all,” he says, his reply coming out a bit more breathy than anticipated.

Thor smiles, leaning in again to ask, “are the celebrations on Jotunheim not quite so...” He glances out to the lines of tables where their guests(Thor's guests – none of the party from Jotunheim stayed for this portion of the wedding) toss bits of food at one another and spill their drinks as they laugh at jokes. “Ostentatious?

“Yes,” Loki says with a shrug of his shoulder.

Thor laughs – not at him, Loki surmises – and gives Loki's waist a squeeze. “Then this must be overwhelming for you. Forgive me for not being a more vigilant husband in ensuring your comfort.”

Loki laughs because he thinks Thor is joking, but when he looks back to Thor he finds his expression is actually completely earnest. His laugh cuts off with a small cough and he spits out “you're forgiven” a moment later. Thor smiles and leans in again, his lips brushing the shell of Loki's ear as he speaks.

“I'll have to ask you to forgive me for this, as well.”

Before Loki can manage to get past the pleasant shiver that goes down his spine and actually process the words Thor said, he is standing and guzzling down the last of the mead from his horn. The crowd cheers at the sight, tipping back their own cups and horns.

With some of the mead dripping down his scruffy chin, Thor raises the horn above his head and bellows towards the ceiling as he throws it to the ground, the crowd once again following suit.

Yimir's shriveled balls!” Loki claps his hands over his ears, cringing hard as it only dulls the cacophony.

Loki yelps when he's suddenly hefted from his seat just a moment later. Thor holds him with unnerving ease, carrying him around the table and down the center of the massive hall – not once slipping on spilled wine or a broken cup – as revelers cheer and whistle at them.

He only sets Loki down when the doors are shut. Loki practically jumps away from him. It's be along day and Loki's patience is thoroughly spent now. He looks down at his stupid, overcomplicated outfit, the white iridescent silk all crumpled to Hel, and grunts as he takes out some of his frustration by tugging at it.

“Animals, the lot of you,” he hisses. His heart thuds when he realizes he said that out loud. Thor just laughs again.

He's still laughing as he steps up to Loki and takes his hands in to his own. He turns them over and gives each one a soft kiss on the palm. “Forgive me for the display, but they would've thought I'd conked my head with Mjolnir if I had not done so. It's something of a tradition.”

Loki narrows his eyes at him. He can't help it.

He pulls Loki's hands to his armored chest, the metal warm against his palms, and flattens his own over them before he says, “I swear for as long we are wed I'll never pick you up and carry you around like that again.” Then, he smirks, one of his thick blonde eyebrows rising up. “Unless you ask me to, of course.”

Loki gapes at him like a suffocating fish.

“Shall we head to our chambers now?”

Loki nods and lets Thor lead him through the halls – and just how is he ever supposed to find his way around this place? – until they come upon a set of golden doors that look just like all the other damn doors and opens them.

They lead into a foyer that is, unsurprisingly, as grand as the rest of the palace. There are thick red curtains pulled closed to hide the balcony that sits opposite the door, there are a few chairs set along the walls, near the other doors, but other than that the room is fairly empty.

Thor leads him to one of the doors on the left side. It's a study, by the looks of it, lit with flickering torches that are set between the many bookshelves. Loki spots some trinkets on the shelves and on the lavish desk facing the door that make the room seem more personal.

“I had a hand in setting our rooms up, and I tried my best to keep your tastes in mind but I'll admit, I wasn't given much to go on,” Thor's says from the doorway.
Loki walks over to a large bookshelf, running his fingers along the spines of the heavy tomes.

“I wish you sent more of your things. It feels like I just sort of moved to a new part of the palace.”

He didn't have things to send – his father liked to stress the importance of not forming emotional attachments to things by not letting Loki have them. Loki could only manage to respond with a shrug. He pulled out one of the heavier looking books, pretending to take interest in it's title as he weighed it in his hands, pondering how much force he might need to use to bludgeon Thor with it. Perhaps if he was in a pinch...

He nearly drops the book on his foot when Thor touches his waist. “Careful, husband,” he says softly, taking the book from Loki's hands to put it back on the shelf. “I suppose I will just have to get you lots and lots of gifts then.”

Loki looks back to Thor to say something but just gapes at him again. There's something about the look in his face that sends Loki off-kilter. He'd been told countless stories of Odin and his son – violent, war hungry brutes out for blood and glory and nothing more.

He was expecting Thor to be much more monstrous.

“Would you like to see our bedroom?” Thor asks with a with a charmingly crooked smile.

Loki feels like an idiot as he nods again, his mouth still hanging open a little.
Thor takes his hand and leads him back through the foyer, through the other set of doors.

The bedroom is lit by a low burning fire at one side of the room, the other has another large balcony, only this one has it's curtains wide open to let in the light from the moons and city(still very much in the midst of celebrating their wedding from the sounds drifting up to them) and there are a few plush couches and chairs near it. But the bed is truly a thing to behold – it's huge and lush, absolutely laden with blankets, furs and pillows. Deep green velvet curtains hang from the the posts of the golden frame-

“I was told your favorite color is green,” Thor whispers against his ear.

“You were told right,” Loki says, breathless.

Thor's smile somehow becomes even brighter. He kisses Loki's hand and leads him deeper in to the room as he says, “I was very picky about the bed, since I figured we'd be spending a great deal of time in it.”

The spell put on his body to keep him from overheating in Asgard's climate gives him the ability to sweat and the sensation of his skin getting clammy is odd, to say the least. He uses the hand not clasped in Thor's to rub his sticky neck, pushing down the high collar of his decorative cloak.

“Am I being too forward?”

Loki feels out of sorts. He expected this to all go differently. He expected something else from Thor.

Thor steps in front of him, his brows furrowing in concern as he takes a light hold of Loki's waist once again. “I do not mean to rush you, Loki. We do not have to do anything tonight if you wish.”

Loki shakes himself. He's been training for this since he was a boy. He won't be shaken so easily. “Thor, what did you think of me when we met?”

Thor smiles and in the back of his head, Loki can admit it's a lovely thing on him. “I thought you were absolutely beautiful. What did you think of me?”

That your eyes looked nothing like what my father had described. “That you were handsome.”

“Is there anything else you'd like to know about me?”

“What's your favorite color? Since it seems no one thought it fit to tell me.” Loki smirks.

Thor chuckled, brushing the backs of his fingers along Loki's cheeks. “I've always been quite fond of red, but lately certain shades of blue have become quite appealing as well.”

Loki's cheeks flare with heat. Dammit.

“Would it possible for me to kiss you?”

Loki nods be cause he has to. He knows he has to do this to proceed with the plan. Thor takes Loki's chin between his thumb and finger, tipping his head back as he leans in.

It's not the quick, chaste kiss they shared at the alter. This one is wet and hot, overwhelming like the rest of this day has been. Thor moves his hand to cup the back of Loki's head while he wraps his arm around Loki's waist. Thor's armor digs in to him slightly as Thor tightens his hold on Loki's waist and the discomfort grounds him.

They both take huge gulps of air as Thor pulls away. Thor keeps a careful hold of Loki while Loki realizes he's digging his nails in to Thor's armor. He fans his fingers over Thor's chest while he takes another deep breath and tries to get his head in the right place.

“I must be honest with you- I have been waiting all night to do that.”

Guh,” Loki replies.

Thor dives forward again and Loki leans in to meet him. Thor kisses Loki with a ferocity that makes Loki's knees go soft, his heart fluttering wildly in his chest as Thor claims his mouth.

This is a bit more like the Thor he's meant to kill, but he seems to be out for something entirely different than blood. Loki's thighs twitch at that thought. Thor pulls back, just a few inches, the two of them panting hotly into each others mouths for a few long moments before Thor pulls back entirely.

“Perhaps we should get ready for bed?” Thor looks him over as he says this, his tongue darting out to wet his lips.

“Yes,” Loki says huskily. He clears his throat.

He watches Thor walk over to the fireplace and begin to undress. Thor shucks off his cape and has his chest plate unfastened before Loki manages to shake himself and go at his own outfit. The cloak is simple enough to get off, letting it drop to the floor just as Thor does, but the rest of the thing is maze of straps and flaps and clasps and Loki doesn't have the first clue of how to get the damn thing off. He tugs violently at one of the straps that goes across his chest with growl.

“May I help?” Thor asks, already strolling up to Loki half undressed.

Loki gestures wildly at himself and says, “it took three handmaidens to get me in this thing. How did they expect me to get out of it on my own?”

“I don't think they expected you to get it off on your own,” Thor says with a cockeyed smile as he reaches for the strap Loki was having trouble with. He slides his fingers over the white leather, finding the clasp at his side and unfastening it.

“Don't worry,” Thor continues, going from clasp to clasp with ease. “Generally our outfits are not this complicated.”

Loki swallows as Thor wraps his arms around Loki to get at the fastenings in the back, goosebumps rising on his skin as the back of the garment falls open and lets cool air wash over his skin. He swallows again when Thor doesn't hesitate to sink down on to one knee and begins working on the boots he was strapped into. He stands rigid, the top slipping down his shoulders as he watches Thor.

When Thor stands again his cheeks are a touch more pink than before. He licks his lips and looks away, towards the balcony, and says, “I think you should be able to manage the rest yourself now.”

Loki moves as though he's in sand, tugging lightly at the sleeves until the top comes off as Thor stands just a touch too close. He lets it fall to the floor in a soft clatter and it leads Thor's gaze back to him, his eyes raking over Loki. He wiggles his feet free from the boots next, kicking them aside so the both of them are left in nothing but their trousers.

They both stay just like that for minutes, silently taking one another in from the corners of their eyes. Loki's father never really spoke much on this particular part of the plan.

Actually, Loki can recall only one time where his father spoke of his wedding night.

- - -

“I would advise you to not try and fight it. Just go along with whatever Odinson wants,” his father says gruffly. Loki sits stiff as a board in his chair, his dinner untouched. He wishes now that he did not ask this question. “You want to lull him into a false sense of security. Make yourself to be a docile wife so it will be all the more shocking to him when you slit his throat.”

Loki holds back a cringe as he nods his head, quietly thankful when his father turns back to his dinner and does not go into greater detail.

- - -

Thor turns away suddenly, walking back towards the fireplace. “I am sorry, I must be making you uncomfortable.”

Loki can't help but stare and blink at the back of Thor's head. Has he been married to the wrong Odinson?

“Do not be sorry,” he murmurs.

Thor looks back at him over a broad shoulder and smiles. “Then I'm not sorry for looking at my very fetching husband.”

Loki forces out a laugh and folds his arms around himself, feeling exposed and even more disconcerted. Thor turns back to him again, the moments it takes for him to be back in front of Loki seem to take an eternity.

He doesn't ask before kissing Loki again. Thor's hand cups Loki's neck, his thumb grazing the line of Loki's jaw. Loki collapses against Thor's chest and is so distracted by the warmth rolling off his smooth skin that he hardly notices Thor pressing his other hand to the small of Loki's back. The light touch sends spikes of pleasure down his spine that ends in his cock and cunt throbbing in unison.

Loki was expecting certain things to happen on this night. None of them involved his own pleasure.

Thor breathes his name against his lips, his hands becoming a little heavier as they drag along his torso. Loki follows suit, running his hands down Thor's sides, feeling the firm muscle flexing under pale skin. He thinks of all the stories his father has told him over the many years he's been preparing for this. He can feel the power there, there must be a beast hidden under this strange amenable facade.

“May I pick you up just once more?” Thor asks, breathless and with dark eyes.

Loki nods and Thor crouches, knocking Loki's legs out from beneath him with one arm and catches his upper half with the other, effortlessly carrying him the rest of the way to their bed. He carefully sets Loki down and stands back up, chest falling and rising with his heavy breaths as he stares down at Loki. The light from the fire casts his skin in gold and his eyes reflect the flames. There it is, Loki thinks, his hips shifting of their own accord.

Thor falls forward over Loki, forcing his thighs to part, and kisses him hungrily. His lips move down Loki's neck and shoulder, the scrape of facial hair drawing gasps from Loki. He squirms under Thor's bulk, his cock pressing insistently against his trousers while his cunt stains them.

“Tell me if you do not like something I do,” Thor mumbles against the skin of his chest. A second later his lips are latched around the deep blue nub of a nipple and sucking. Loki whines pitifully as he arches his chest closer to Thor's mouth. He reaches up and grabs a chunk of his own hair, pulling on it viciously to ground himself. He twists it when Thor moves to the other.

Thor pulls away to kiss Loki's mouth briefly before sitting up, his hands grasping at Loki's hips. “Have you ever laid with anyone, Loki?” Thor asks, his voice so rough that it sends another shiver through Loki.

Loki squeaks out a small, “no.”

“Then I will be sure to be gentle and thorough,” he says with a cheeky smile. He drops down to his knees, dragging Loki to the edge of the bed so that his legs hang off it. Then, he tugs the laces of Loki's trousers loose and peels them down his legs, the cool air on his wet cunt making his thighs jerk. Thor makes a sound in the back of his throat, gently prying Loki's knees farther apart. Loki clamps his eyes shut, throwing one of his arms over his face while the other twists into the bedding by his hip.

Thor does nothing for what feels like an eternity before he feels Thor's lips on his knee. He works his way up Loki's thigh with a methodical slowness, pressing featherlight kisses all over his inner thighs. When he reaches the crease of Loki's thigh he pauses, his breath gusting across sensitive skin, it pulls a whimper from from Loki's throat and a pulse from his sex. He can see that, Loki thinks while his face heats in embarrassment. Thor groans though, sliding a rough cheek on his inner thigh before moving to kiss his other knee. He repeats the same motions on that thigh. It leaves Loki jumpy, his cock ready to burst while his cunt weeps. Thor hovers there again, the ghostly caress of his breath making Loki tense.

Loki yelps when Thor flicks his tongue over him, his thighs slamming shut around Thor's head.

Thor lets out a muffled laugh and muscles Loki's legs apart, pinning them with his forearms. “Perhaps that was just a bit too much teasing.”

Loki responds with a series of garbled syllables.

Thor braces his arms and goes back to work. He presses his tongue flat, giving Loki one long, slow lick to the base of his cock.

He pauses again. “I have never pleasured a Jotunn before, you may have to tell me what feels good.”

Loki nods his head hard, just wanting Thor to get back to what he was doing.

He does. He flicks over his cunt in little, experimental licks, and very quickly discovers that he can get Loki to shout when he gives firmer strokes where it meets his cock and when he dips shallowly into his entrance. Loki's writhing violently in minutes.

Loki doesn't feel Thor's hand move until it's wrapped around his cock, his calloused thumb swirling along the wet crown as he gives it short strokes. Loki arches off the bed and stars explode behind his eyelids. The pleasure is so intense he feels he might split apart. Thor continues through his orgasm, wringing every bit of it from Loki before pulling back.

When Loki finally manages to pull his head up to look down at Thor, his head is pillowed on Loki's thigh and he has a satisfied grin on his face.

“I can't feel my toes,” Loki says, voice wobbling.

“I'll take that as a good thing,” Thor chuckles. He crawls back over Loki, pressing his head back to the bed as he kisses him deeply. He can taste himself on Thor.

When he pulls back he picks up Loki again, positioning his slack body farther on to the bed and setting his head on to one of the many plush pillows. Loki watches through lidded eyes as Thor tugs off his own trousers, his fat cock jutting out from the apex of his muscled thighs. Loki bites his lip to keep from squirming. He's not sure whether he finds prospect of taking that inside himself enticing or terrifying.

He realizes he's been staring when he catches a glimpse of Thor's smile, quickly looking up towards the canopy as Thor moves around the bed, pulling the small golden ties loose to so the curtains fall in to place and plunging it in to darkness. He slips in after and settles beside Loki. Loki tenses from not being able to see him, but that problem is quickly solved when Thor snaps his fingers a second later.

Twinkling lights appear at the top of the canopy, giving off just enough light that they can now see each other. He looks over to Thor, who is looking up at the lights with a small smile.

“They mimic Asgard's constellations,” Thor explains. Looking back to Loki he adds, “I had to enlist my mother's help for the spell, but thought it would be prettier to look at than torches.”

“It's lovely,” Loki says, blinking up at the lights as they glint and flicker like real stars. His attention is pulled back to Thor when he feels fingers graze his collarbone.

Thor just stares at him for a few moments, his fingers in constant motion as they trace the lines on his shoulder. When he speaks, his voice is barely above a whisper. “I hope to make a happy home for you here, Loki.”

Loki really doesn't know what to say to that. Luckily, Thor kisses him again, negating the need for a response. Thor works himself between Loki's thighs once again, his body somehow larger and all the more imposing in this position. He doesn't do much more beside kiss Loki though and, before he even realizes, Loki becomes a puddle under Thor's bulk. His thighs twitch when Thor braces himself on one arm, reaching down between their bodies with the other. He teases Loki's cock first, giving it light strokes until it's hard, and then reaches down farther to play with his cunt again. He skims the folds with his fingertips at first, until Loki's breath comes in ragged pants, before sinking a finger into him, his other hand caressing Loki's cheek gently.

With the heel of his palm rubbing just below the base of Loki's cock, Thor works his finger in and out slowly, the sensation going from odd to good to not enough in the span of minutes. Loki whines rather than speaks his demand for more, his hips rocking up to meet Thor's hand.

“Alright, alright,” Thor lets out in a breathy laugh. He slips in a second finger the next time he pushes in and Loki groans, his hands knotting themselves into Thor's soft hair.

Loki gasps when his fingers brush a spot that makes his cock jump. He chokes out “there, there again,” as he tightens his fists in Thor's hair.

“Where?” Thor huffs as he looks down between them. He bites his lip in concentration as he carefully prods around inside Loki. Loki's whole body jerks when he hits it again, one of his hands flying down to grab Thor's wrist.

“Is that it?”

Loki nods and makes a pitiful noise in his throat. Thor gives him another kiss as he begins thrusting his fingers again, making sure to brush over that spot each time. Loki keeps his hand on Thor's wrist, unable to unwrap his fingers from it, it seems.

“You are even more beautiful than I could have imagined,” Thor slurs, his voice so thick it vibrates in Loki's chest. Thor pushes in a third finger with the other two. Loki's brows furrow at the slight bit of discomfort from the stretch, but it soon melts away in to pleasure as Thor continues his ministrations.

When Loki manages to lift his head to look down between their bodies he sees that Thor's cock hangs heavy above his own, the head shining and deep red as it peeks out from it's foreskin. He pries his fingers off Thor's wrist to wrap it around the thick shaft. Thor growls deep in his chest as his hips buck forward, his pulsing cock nearly slipping free from Loki's grasp.

Thor goes still, his chest shaking as he releases a shuddering breath. Loki lets his head fall back to the pillow, the ravenous look in Thor's eyes making Loki's cunt clench around his fingers.

Thor licks his lips before asking, “Loki, can I take you now?”

Loki can only manage to give a tiny nod of his head, his hand tightening around Thor without thought.

Loki lets out a whine as Thor's fingers slip free of him, his hand knocked away from Thor's cock as he uses Loki's own juices to slick it. Almost before Loki can process it, Thor has one of his legs hooked in the crook of his arm and pushed high up, and his cock is sliding slowly but persistently in to Loki. It's an strange feeling and it makes Loki tense up. Thor pauses, kissing Loki messily until he relaxes again. His cock feels so rigid, he thinks, forcing Loki's body to accommodate it. Thor grunts when his hips meet the back of Loki's thighs, stilling above Loki again, their foreheads pressed together as they take heaving gulps of air.

Thor tips his chin down, pressing their lips together as he pulls his hips back and rolls them forward in one smooth, shallow thrust. Loki moans, pressing his head into the pillows as he grips on to Thor's shoulders. This spurs Thor on, he moves faster, his hips driving in deeper until Loki is yowling and practically convulsing under him

Thor sits back on his knees and grips Loki's hips tightly, pulling him up to meet his own hips before driving into him with short, forceful thrusts. The wet slap of skin on skin is nearly louder than the sounds coming out of Loki now. Loki's vision blurs and he might be ripping holes in to the bedding with how viciously he's wrenching his fists in it but he's so close to coming again he could scream.

Actually, he is screaming.

He continues to scream, shrill and ragged, as Thor's hand wraps around his cock. That's all it takes for Loki to be sent in to a final fit, his cunt spasming around Thor's unyielding girth while his cock spurts watery come. Thor growls a curse and quickly moves his hand back to Loki's hip, fucking into him with a vengeance, grunting with each plunge of his cock. Loki mewls as the friction sends his nerves into overdrive, choking on air when Thor slams in once more. Thor rumbles as he comes, his cock pulsing as it spills copiously inside Loki. Thor tosses his head back, rolling his hips once more to wring out the last of his orgasm before relaxing.

He folds forward instead of pulling out of Loki right away and the kiss they share is more them breathing into each others mouths than an actual kiss, but he likes it anyways. He rolls off Loki a minute later with a sigh. Loki lays there with his legs askew, feeling sticky and oddly empty.

“I did not hurt you, did I?” Thor asks quietly.

“No,” Loki says in a rush of air.

He sees Thor smile from the corner of his eye. He leans forward and presses a kiss to Loki's cheek. Loki slowly pulls his legs together and turns to face him. Thor sits up to grab a blanket folded over the end of the bed and drag it over them before pulling Loki closer. He tucks one arm under Loki's head and the other gets draped around his waist while Loki simply folds his own arms against his chest.

It feels bizarre to be sleeping with someone else all wrapped around him, and all hot and sticky and sore, but he’s just too exhausted to care.

And maybe it feels just a little bit good.