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Will our hearts be racing

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Chapter 1

"Niall stop!" Louis said trying not to laugh at his friend telling his horrendous jokes. He had managed to become quite close friends with one direction but he doesn't remember how, its not like he was trying to he just bumped in to niall one day at his work and they found a friendly interest in football and music. However there is one person who he's not quite friends with, the arrogant Harry styles. Harry really doesn't like him he's never even tried to talk to louis or even stay in the same room for more than an hour. Louis has always wished they would've got along before now because he's not one to leave people out of his life.


"so louis tell me about you day at work" niall said standing up to get his cup of tea off the table. "it was-" but before he could even finish the door opened and harry walked in his face dropped when he saw louis sitting with niall."What's he doing here? "harry said in disgust.
"I do have a name you know" Louis responded, "well i know that i'm not stupid" retorted harry rudely. Louis looked towards niall who was looking in harry direction as he rolled his eyes louis thought to himself that it would be better to leave than to sit and watch harry grow to hate him more.


"listen I'm really sorry about harry, text me later and we can catch up another time",niall said looking louis in the eye. "I will.." louis said as he waved to niall walking out of the door and in to his small run down car but not before noticing the fact that harry had left very little room for him to get off the drive and leave. He really hoped that they could be friends in the near future.