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Podfic of Semaphore, by DevilDoll

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Title:  Semaphore
Reader: crinklysolution
Rating: Explicit
Paring: Tony/Steve
Fandom:  Avengers
Length:  4:27:30
Cupcake Avalanche graphic by howarethosenuts
Music credit:  Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

Exerpt: "Is that a Slam Man?" Tony asks, walking a slow circle around it. "Didn't they stop making these in the 1990s?" Steve gives him a look that says he's asking the wrong person. "Right, you were. Busy. Being frozen. So why did you bring this horrifying piece of cheap crap into my shop?"

Steve, who is clearly excited about his cheap crap, isn't fazed at all by Tony's criticism. "It's a boxing dummy, with lights!" he says. Tony can’t remember the last time Steve looked this excited about something. "And you can program it for your workout. It's almost a robot, right? And you build great robots." Steve gestures toward Dummy, who chirps at him and spins his end effectors, the flirt. Tony thinks Steve actually blushes. "So...can you build something like this? But better?"

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