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Secret Desires

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Anders had barely locked the library door behind him when his back was slammed up against the wall, a warm body pressing against him. His cry of surprise was choked off as lips crushed against his own, an insistent tongue flicking against them, demanding access.

He gave in easily enough—when did he not?—and soon his tongue was dueling with Nathaniel's, moaning as his mouth was ravaged.

This was wrong, he knew it. If Solona ever found out, she'd incinerate him for sure. And he wouldn't blame her. He was cheating on a beautiful, luscious woman who actually seemed to adore him—with a man he didn't even really like. He could blame Nathaniel for this, he was after all the one that started it—but the fact of the matter was that as much as he loved Solona there were things he craved that she couldn't give him.

Anders gasped as Nate bit at his neck. "Don't!" he hissed, tugging at the rogue's black locks. "No marks, remember?"

"What's the matter, Mage?" Nate chuckled darkly. "Afraid the Commander will find out you like it when I fuck you?"

Anders moaned. If someone had told him three months ago that the reserved and seemingly-boring Nathaniel Howe was capable of talking dirty, Anders would have laughed in their face. But when Nate was…like this, he could say the most delightfully wicked things.

Nate bit down even harder, leaving what Anders knew would not only be an angry welt, but deep teeth marks as well.

Anders smacked at the rogue's shoulder. "Damnit, Nate, I mean it!"

Nate pulled back, grinning at him evilly. "Alright, Mage. Tell me that this doesn't turn you on—that this doesn't make you hard—"he thrust his hips against Anders, "and I'll stop."

Anders glared at him a moment before pulling him closer. "You are such a bastard," he growled.

Nate chuckled as he fisted his hand in Anders' blond hair and tugged his head back. He leaned in and began nipping at the spot just below the mage's Adam's Apple.

Anders groaned as Nate reached up under his robes and slipped a hand inside his smallclothes. He grasped Anders' cock and began stroking it, his calloused thumb brushing roughly across the head.

Maker, he should have just gone to bed. Why hadn't he just gone to bed? He had meant to. When he left the dining hall after dinner, he had headed for the stairs that led to his and Solona's room. But his treacherous feet had turned him around and led him here. He couldn't help it, Nate's words from this morning had been ringing in his ears all day.

He had just started into breakfast when Nate had sat down beside him. Leaning across Anders on the pretext of grabbing the salt shaker, Nate had whispered into his ear. "After dinner—in the library. I'm going to fuck you raw, Mage."

Not surprisingly, Anders had lingered over breakfast longer than he usually did, waiting for his libido to calm down. It wasn't fair—Nate knew exactly what buttons to push, and he pushed them every chance he got.

It had started a few months ago. Solona had gone to Denerim to meet with King Alistair about something or other, and had left Nathaniel and Anders behind at Vigil's Keep. Finding themselves with nothing to do one night, they had raided the Keep's vast wine cellar and gotten thoroughly drunk.

Anders had been regaling the rogue with tales of his many escape attempts, the stories growing wilder as the night progressed and the bottles emptied. He finally got to the story about his last attempt—before the one that had led him to become a Grey Warden—and how he had seduced the female Templar that had tracked him down.

He had been quite proud of himself for that ingenious idea, seeing as how it had bought him an extra two weeks of freedom. Hoping to embarrass the nobleman, Anders went into great detail about everything he and the Templar had done. Ropes and various food items had figured greatly into that spectacular night.

Before he realized what was happening Nate was on him, pushing him to the dusty floor of the wine cellar and kissing him passionately. Anders had fought at first, caught off guard by Nathaniel's aggressiveness. While he had had his share of lovers in the past, he had never been with a man, and hadn't ever really considered doing so.

Nate had not forced Anders that night, not at all. The rogue may have a certain amount of darkness inside him, but he was not an evil man. It was just that he was persistent. And very, very skilled. It had been rough, and more than a little painful—and it had been the best sex of his life.

The feel of Nate's hand picking up speed drove all thoughts of the past from his mind, as well as any lingering thoughts he may have had about leaving. He whimpered as Nate began nipping at his ear, his teeth scraping along the outer shell. The man certainly liked to bite—this would not be the first time Anders would have to heal himself after being with Nate.

But the rogue was right—the pain was part of what Anders enjoyed about being with him. Solona was soft and gentle and slow, whereas Nate was rough and fast and hard. Not to mention the feeling of Nate inside him, filling him. That was something he could never get from his female lover. At least, not without a trip to The Wonders of Thedas, and even then it wouldn't be the same.

"Nate," Anders moaned, feeling himself close to release, "I'm gonna—I'm—" Nate immediately let go of his cock and he nearly cried out in frustration. But he knew the other man would not be pleased if he came too soon.

Anders forced himself to calm his breathing as he felt Nate pulling at the ties to his robes. Once they were successfully loosened Nate dragged them over his head and onto the floor, Anders' smallclothes following not long after. Anders grabbed at Nate's shirt and tugged on it until Nate relented and raised his arms so Anders could pull it off.

Before he had a chance to reach for the laces on Nate's cloth breeches, the rogue grabbed him by the shoulder and flipped him around so he was facing the wall. Anders felt Nate press up against him, rubbing his still-clothed cock against his ass.

"Nate, please," Anders whined.

He could feel Nathaniel's hot breath puff against his ear. "Please, what, Mage?"

Anders groaned in frustration and thrust his hips backwards. "You know what I want." He twisted his head to the side to look at Nate, pleading with his eyes.

Nate chuckled and raised his hand to Anders' cheek, brushing his fingers against the mage's lips. Anders took the hint and opened his mouth, capturing the first two fingers between his lips and suckling on them. He ran his tongue over the pads of the fingers over and over until they were slicked with saliva.

After several long moments, Nate pulled his hand away and brought it down to the cleft of Anders' ass. He rubbed the tight ring of muscle around Anders' entrance over and over again before finally pressing a finger inside.

Anders moaned with pleasure as Nate added another finger, roughly thrusting them in and out. His cheek pressed against the cool stone of the wall, he braced his hands on the smooth surface and pushed backwards, trying take Nate's fingers in further.

Nate bit down hard on Anders' shoulder at the same time that his fingers brushed against a particularly sensitive spot inside the mage. Anders bucked his hips in surprise at both sensations, his fingertips scrabbling against the wall for purchase.

He tried to stifle a whimper of disappointment as Nate withdrew his fingers and left him empty and wanting. The whimper turned into a moan as he felt Nate's cock pressing slowly inside of him. The brush of cloth against his ass indicated that Nate hadn't even bothered taking his breeches all the way off. Nate eased himself forward until he was pressed flush against Anders' back, and then paused.

Whining, Anders reached a hand back to grasp at Nate's hip. "Nate," he whimpered. He could hear the rogue chuckling behind him.

"Tell me what you want, Mage." Nate ran his tongue along the shell of Anders' ear. He clamped his hands tightly around Anders' hips, keeping him frozen in place. Anders tried to move forward, to push back…anything to get Nate to move, but the rogue's grip was too tight.

Anders groaned softly. Maker, he hated when Nate wanted to play this game. He shook his head silently, biting his lower lip. He let out the air he had unconsciously been holding as he felt Nate ease back, but his breath caught when the rogue paused yet again—barely pressed inside of him.

"Talk for me, Anders," Nate growled, "or I'll leave you here like this, and you can get yourself off."

Bastard. He would leave, too, Anders was sure of it. Just to piss Anders off. There were certainly other men in the Keep that wouldn't mind satisfying Nate's needs if he asked for it. And unlike Anders, he wouldn't be embarrassed at all to go find one of them now.

Biting back a few colorful insults, Anders took in a deep breath before murmuring "Fuck me."

Nate's chuckle was like course velvet, rich and dark. "Say it louder," he thrust his hips just the tiniest bit to emphasize his point.

Anders turned his head slightly to glare at the man behind him. "Fuck me," he growled. Nate laughed as he complied with Anders' demand, shoving himself back in roughly until he was buried to the hilt. Anders cried out hoarsely, his body shuddering with the mixture of pleasure and pain.

Nate pulled almost completely out before thrusting back in, over and over. "Is this what you wanted, Mage? Hmm?"

"Ah, Maker, yes!" Nate loosened his grip and Anders rocked his hips backwards with each thrust, trying to give as much as he was getting. His world was reduced to the sound of his own blood rushing in his ears and the feeling of Nate filling him, stretching him almost to the breaking point. "Don't stop, please don't stop…"

"You like it when I'm rough, don't you?" Nate dug his fingers into Anders' hips, pulling the mage backward with each thrust.

"Y-yes, yes, yes!" Anders knew what Nate wanted to hear. "I love it!" he was practically screaming now, "Please, Nate, PLEASE!"

"Louder!" Nate ordered. He moved one hand from Anders' waist and reached around to grasp Anders' throbbing cock. He began stroking him roughly, almost painfully.

"Fuck me, Nate! Fuck me! Ahh—" His voice broke as he screamed his orgasm, his seed spurting onto the wall in front of him. His chest heaved as he gasped desperately for air.

Releasing Anders' softening cock, Nate clutched his hips again as he began thrusting faster. His pace became more and more erratic as he frantically sought his own release. He shoved into Anders one final time as he released deep inside him, burying his face against Anders' neck to muffle his groans.

They stood there like that for several minutes as both men fought to regain their senses. Finally Nate pulled out of Anders with a groan and the mage slumped against the wall. Turning back around he saw Nate redoing the laces on his breeches.

Securely tucked away Nate chuckled and clapped Anders on the arm. "Thanks, Mage. See you next time."

Anders watched in silence as Nate unlocked the door and passed through it, closing it behind him. Maker, this had to end. He stood there with Nate's seed running down his leg—sore and exhausted, and utterly sated. Next time Nate came to him, he'd just refuse him. Next time he'd say no.


Next time.