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The Rooftop

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Namjoon looks at the deep blue sky and sinks in that image.
He lets the darkness fill his whole self and waits for inspiration, a word – everything really, to just help him with this stupid piece of paper laying beside him.
He sighs and blows out a thick cloud of smoke.
It's 4 in the morning and nothing is coming to his mind. Literally. Nothing.
He'd been sitting in his room for about five hours, staring blankly at his notebook.
Namjoon was one to keep stuff that didn't involve university as something to do after 10 pm. Both because he was incredibly busy studying during the day and because after dinner his head was always in the best shape for creating lyrics.
But that wasn't one of his lucky night. Frustration was hitting hard, and when the digital alarm clock on the desk had striked 2.30 am, he had stormed out of his room and headed to the rooftop of his departement building.
He was so glad he managed to live in the only stack of apartments where the rooftop was actually usable. All the other departments were this sort of european houses, with very pretty pitched roof, all red tiles and cute chimneys but really, who needed that crap?
Surely not him.
He liked big rooftops, big skyscraper-like rooftops where you could go and do whatever the fuck you felt like doing. And, major pro of all this, it was always quiet and nobody really got up there.
At least, not at 2.30 in the morning. And surely not at 4 am.
So, when he was sick and tired of his too much messy room (and of his roommate's snoring), the rooftop was the only reasonable place that came to his mind. Also, his favorite.
He took with him his weed and his rolling paper together with his notebook, feeling like some sort of relax was much needed, and sat on a wide concrete bench located right in the middle of the roof.
As usual, Namjoon had placed an old brick at the door to prevent it from closing – or else he would be stuck up there for like, ever? since the door could be open just from the inside (yes, going up there was not really a thing university promoted).
Pen in one hand and tongue pressed between his plump lips, he had started thinking again at his new lyrics.
But really, nothing came to mind.
A heavy sigh had made his way out of his throat.
And now, it was about two hours he had been laying with his back pressed on the hot concrete, achieving absolutely nothing.
It was a late-spring night, summer almost taking over. The sun had been warming up the city for the entire day. As a result, even if there was a cool breeze brushing Namjoon's hair, the bench was releasing heat. It was a pleasant feeling on his sore back, due to all the hours spent bent on his computer both for homework and lyrics.
He lets out a groan, eyes shutting closed for a moment as he takes the joint to his lips once again.
He can sense his whole self starting to melt into that familiar sensation of being at peace with everything in the world. Slowly, his problems made their way out of his mind – at least until tomorrow.
Namjoon lets his arms spread wide on the concrete, long legs wrapped in a lose pair of basketball shorts.


He must be too deep in his thoughts bacause he misses the screech coming from the heavy door that leads to the rooftop, and also misses the “Ouch!” when a foot steps right onto the brick he had placed near the door.
So, when he drops his head and meets upwards a slim figure standing in front of him, he almost chokes on his smoke.
Namjoon rushes in getting back to a standing position and does his best to hide the joint in his hand.
The stranger doesn't seem to care about the guy spread on the bench, who had just risked to break his neck by the way he snapped up sitting, back awkwardly straight.
He raises a brow in the blond direction and runs a hand through his short black hair.
“Sorry- he spits out, almost annoyed -I didn't thought someone would be here this late at night. I'll just go”
Namjoon gets up, amost tripping on his own feet as he goes around gathering his things.
“No it's ok, I was just going back to bed, I have an early class tomorrow” the words mutter on his tongue, realizing just in that moment how tired he actually is.
He tries a smile but fails as soon as he notices the guy – lose white tank top with a bright print on it and black sweatpants, is staring at his spliff.
Shit, he curses himself.
“Are you taking that with you?” the stranger glances at him from below, head tilted and an illegible expression on his face.
His sharp jawline and high cheekbones give the boy a strong look – he is quite attractive, Namjoon finds himself wondering. He thinks he had seen him somewhere, but he's not quite sure though, there is barely any light and he can't really see the other's face.
He hesitates and starts looking around trying to slip out of this thing that's happening to him as quickly as humanly possible.
His mind fails him once again that night, while he tries to find some good reasons for being on his dorm rooftop at 4 am with the solely company of weed.
“That's just a cigarette” he breathes out, although he knows that if the guy isn't a complete idiot, he'll surely figure out that it isn't just a damn cigarette.
The dark-haired boy (who must be around his age, Namjoon thinks) widens his eyes and his heart-shaped mouth forms a little “o” before he starts laughing so hard that he could have woken up the whole building.
He pats Namjoon on the shoulder and rubs a hand on his face.
Namjoon looks at him with a blank expression, not sure if he's relieved or actually annoyed.
“Well, would you mind leave it to me on your way out?” he says this while glancing at Namjoon the most bright smile the blond has ever seen in his entire life. Actually, for a split moment he thought he was blinded by that smile of his.
Namjoon blinks once, twice and, mouth hanging open, he reaches out his arm and offers the other the half-smoked joint.
Smile still on his lips, said boy takes it and gives a V sign to Namjoon.
“Thanks man” he giggles.
“Whatever” Namjoon shrugs as if he's wakening from a dream and shuts his mouth closed.
“You sure you're heading back to bed? I can go if you need the place” the guy is much too kind and bright for this time of the night.
Namjoon shakes his head in denial, and puts his hands in his pockets, notebook pressed between his ribs and his elbow.
“Enjoy” he lets out, hand reaching for the door but of course, his notebook falls and so does everything he had tucked into said notebook.
“Fuck!” he curses at himself, while kneeling down to collect all of his belongings. To his surprise, a flash of dark hair is squatting beside him, helping him to pick up his stuff.
“Oh!- the guy's eyes become much brighter -are you into rap?”
That is when Namjoon notices Bright-Smile is holding the scribbled paper he was working on before.
“No” he says hastily, grabbing the paper off the stranger's hands.
Usually he would start a really long conversation about him writing and all of his hip hop knowledge, but it's not the time now and also he doesn't feel as confident as he normally is.
He gets back up and rush through the door, stepping on the brick he himself had put there.
A high pitched noise leaves his mouth as he rubs on his toes – thankfully he had left his flipflops for a pair of worn out vans, or else he would be in much more pain, but why does his body always plays this tricks to him, goddammit.
“Are you ok?” the stranger asks, concerned look on his face, lips curving into a smirk.
Namjoon waves him off and leaves the rooftop without any more words.


It has been a week since the “accident” and Namjoon had finally come to the understanding that maybe Biright-Smile – that is how he started to refer to the guy, hadn't told anyone about his little relaxing time.
“Namjoon-ah, he asked you to LEAVE the damn thing to him, of course he's not telling a soul!” Yoongi has been yelling at him since the morning after (or maybe the afternoon, when he finally managed to peel himself out of the bed).
Namjoon wasn't so positive about it as his roommate, also he has always had bad luck when it concerned... well, everything in life, actually.
One time, when he was a kid, he got himself into a fight because on his way out of the classroom, his backpack (it was not him, it was his damn huge backback, ok?) hit the Lego construction some of the kids were working on since a whole week and it broke on the floor into thousand of pieces. He was totally alone and he thought he was good to go and no one would ever know a thing. Of course, Fate was not on his same page and decided that one stupid little boy – the only one in the whole school that hated Namjoon, just because he ate the last serving of fries on their first day, had to be there in the garden watching everything. No use in saying that ended pretty bad, huh?
So, it was quite surprising to him when no one walked over to his door kicking him out of school because he smoked weed in the dorm.
Eventually, Namjoon decided to stop acting weird whenever some professor or slightly old man was walking towards him, usually ending up asking him if he's finished some paper he was due that day or if he was positive he would came to one or another lecture the next week. He had dropped looking around all tense and at the end, he got to think that Bright-Smile might actually be a nice guy.
Although his weed related problems were soon replaced by his lyrics writing ones.
Right now, he is in his room, hands deep in his bleached hair, eyes closed in search of some relief from the bad headache that had hit him since the night before. Maybe it hadn't been a great idea joining Yoongi on his Thursday-Club-Ride.
Yoongi was his roommate, a year older and a sloth in human shape, dark red hair and pale complexion, brown eyes sharp as needles. He had a bad habit to spit everything he thought right out of his tongue and most of the time it was things people really didn't want to know, and had been friend with Namjoon since forever. Reason still uncertain.
Said guy was sprawled onto his bed, lazily working on his macbook, trying to perfectionate the beat for today's challenge. They had signed up for an underground battle held in a club near the campus. It was a cozy little place where they had very good beer, and also gave a real chance to get to know somebody. Yoongi and Namjoon were a regular back there, but this time was a lot more important: about a month ago, people had started saying that a manager from BigHitEnt was coming too, and there were rumors about him coming especially for them.
Namjoon put that thought away, back in a corner of his brain, sure that that wasn't true, because really, why them? Also, he needed to focus only on winning and being the best out there, because money was implied this time too and it was a lot and it could be just the right amount Yoongi and him needed to release their first mixtape. Thinking about that BigHit guy was just a distraction that made him more nervous than he already was.
“I think today is gonna be harder” Namjoon sighs, sinking in his chair and letting his head rest on the back of it.
Yoongi mumbles something not yet understandable. He just doesn't want to deal with Namjoon's crisis right now, he's too busy and too aware of what was going to follow.
“They decided to have dancers too, this time. Which, if you ask me, is incredibly stupid- Namjoon goes on, ignoring the death glares his friend is throwing at him -How can you pair up dance and rap. Seriously. They're on two different levels, one is pure physical, one pure brain. You cannot judge them together. It's like... I don't know, putting Nietzsche and fucking Yuri Chechi in a battlefield and asking them to compete with what they do best. You can't judge them! They do different things, like fire and water, earth and sky, chocolate and hot pepper...”
“You would think right? It seems like an odd match, but the patisserie has built an empire on that one!” Jin enters the room, stopping Namjoon from his complaining, tapperwares in his hand.
Yoongi rolls his eyes, but mouths a thank you into Jin's direction.
“You haven't eaten, have you?” he asks, sitting down on the floor, in front of the little coffee table. He makes space for all the containers full of food, and starts picking up chopsticks and glasses for the three of them.
Yoongi slides off the bed, using the minimum required amount of muscles he could, and comes to sit right next to Jin. He glances a gummy smile to his tall friend, eyes almost disappearing.
“Of course not hyung, we were waiting to taste your new creations!” he says, voice a bit more high than his normal tone, excited because food. No really, food, ok?
Kim Seokjin, Jin for almost everyone, was a tall, handsome, kind... yeah, an almost perfect guy Namjoon met at a lecture in his first days at the campus. He was just this incredibly calm senior who happened to be a hip-hop enthusiast, and when he discovered Namjoon was into rap he was over the moon and wanted to go to one of his shows.
They became friends easily and the habit Jin had of trying out new recipes and feeding them at the two was something that got them much closer. Food was always a good way to get to Namjoon's and Yoongi's heart.
(Later, Namjoon found out Jin wanted to know him because he thought he was cute. But when they started getting closer and the elder learned one or two things about the blond, a friendship seemed more appealing to him).
Namjoon turns on his chair and glares at the both of them, but decides food is food and his stomach did growl a few seconds ago. He plops onto the floor, smile coming to stretch his lips.
“Jin hyung, if it wasn't for you, we would live on cheap ramyon and chips” he says while pinching at Jin's elbow.
“You already do, it just happens that sometimes I choose to share my new recipes with the both of you. I still have to understand why” he frowns at them, but they all know that he does this sharing thing a lot more than what he claims – please read: everyday.
Namjoon and Yoongi start digging into the huge amount of food Seokjin provided, stuffing rice and kimchi in their mouths like their lives depended on it.
Jin gives them a look of disapproval and shakes his head, but cannot help and smiles a little.
“So, today is the day, huh?” he asks, while gracefully eating a piece of spicy chicken.
(How do even eat gracefully a piece of chicken? That's a mystery Namjoon and Yoongi still can't solve, but somehow, Jin manages to be perfect even while eating).
Namjoon lets out a groan as he's chewing a piece of kimbap, and close his eyes in an expression of struggle.
“Please do not give him the chance to start” Yoongi drops his head and looks right into his bowl full of jajangmyeon. He just wanted to eat in silence. Or at least, without any annoyance from his too sensitive friend. It's not like he doesn't care or he is super confident. He is really, really nervous. Yoongi just doesn't like to be reminded that today is important. Like, really a big fucking deal.
“Huh?” Jin looks surprised, eyes big and brows raised high.
“Jin hyuuung” Namjoon sighs, as he swallowed his last spoonful of rice.
“Namjoon are you really starting this thing again...” Yoongi wants to dig a hole and bury himself in it. He's just too tired.
“Yoongi hyung, I'm nervous as fuck! The lyrics doesn't sound.. right, there's something lacking, it just doesn't go along with the beat...”
“What's with the beat now” Yoongi snaps and looks right into Namjoon's eyes.
“Nothing. It's perfect, you already now that- his roommate relaxes a bit at this -I just don't think the words I chose fit it the best” Namjoon can't help his anxiety.
“Namjoon-ah, I'm sure you'll find what you need. But don't get stuck on it too much, it's been weeks you're working on it. Maybe you should just drop it and see what happens on stage” the older says, a comforting smile warming up his face.
Namjoon shrugs.
“I don't think I can manage to get on stage with something that it's not perfect” he murmurs, dropping the chopsticks and running both his hands in his hair.
“You know, you should freestyle” Yoongi's voice seems galaxies away.
“What?” Namjoon looks at him like he had just landed from said galaxies.
“You always do better when you freestyle. The stage does miracle to you. Not like me, I need to be prepared. But your best performances were always when you just followed the beat and let the music guide you”
“He has a point Namjoon” Jin agrees, nodding.
Namjoon doesn't know how to answer this. First of all, Yoongi had never told him anything like this and second of all, he is too fucking nervous. Freestyle is a choice, but a dangerous one. And there is so much on the table, he just isn't sure he has the gut to manage it. Also, he doesn't want to disappoint Yoongi: his best friend had worked so hard for everything to be perfect.
He smiles at the two, and says nothing.


Hoseok and Jimin are going through their routine for the hundredth time this morning.
They're both panting heavily and sweating at the point where their hair are almost completely wet.
The beat hits hard from the speakers, bass tracing their movements.
They look at the mirror intently, catching every movement they make and searching for mistakes, marking them for later so they can smooth them out. The music fades and leaves the room silent, exception made for the heavy breaths coming from the pair.
They drop on the floor, arms and legs sprawled wide as in a shape of a star.
“I think we got it right hyung” Jimin breathes out, chest rising and falling rythmically.
“Yeah... maybe a couple of transitions?” Hoseok answers, questioning his doubts about that last two steps that just doesn't come out as he would like to.
“Hyung, please, it was perfect” the other boy, puffy cheeks and plump lips, turns his head to the older, a begging look on his face.
Hoseok gives him a smile, tired eyes curving a little.
“It was, but maybe it's better if we practice some more. An hour or two, so we have at least three hours to relax before the show” he says, dark locks sticked to his forehead.
Jimin bounces back up, encouraging smile on his pink lips. The energy this kid had, really.
“Sure, that sounds as a good plan!” and stretches out his arm to help Hoseok standing up. He takes the hand and lets Jimin help him.
“Ready?” he goes over to the stereo and waits until Jimin nods, then pushes the play button and gets back into position.
The music drops once more and their feet move along with it.


Namjoon is staring at his closet only in his dark grey boxers, hands standing on his hips.
“What” he mutters harshly.
Yoongi places a black leather snapback on his red hair and zips up his dark jeans.
“What 'what'” he glances at his friend, sitting on his bed, arms back to sustain himself.
“Wear” the blond seems to have forgotten how to properly build a sentence.
“Explain” Yoongi gestures him to articulate some more words.
Namjoon turns his head at him.
“You understood just fine” he spits out, quickly going back to stare at his closet.
“Really” Yoongi lets his back fall down on the mattress, hand resting on his face.
“Really” Namjoon says in response. Yoongi bites his lips and he swears the time he'll kill his best friend is not so far. If it wasn't that he needed him for the challenge, he would shot him right here right now.
“Just put something on and let's go, would yah?” the older says.
“It is not so easy as one would think” the other complains, but Yoongi knows he has lost him, by the way the blond is mumbling to himself, arms crossed on his chest.
There is a knock on the door and Yoongi is thankful for the timing. He gets up from the bed and opens to a gorgeous Seokjin in a plain blue tshirt.
“Hey” Yoongi welcomes him into the room.
“Hey to you! Are you guys ready?” he greets cheerfully.
At this point, Namjoons turns 180° and face them, almost naked.
“See? I would kill to be this amazing wiht just a simple tee! That's what I need. Jin hyung, why are you so handsome?”
Jin shakes his head and looks at him.
“You know that this kind of statements are the reason why guys keep hitting on you, right?”
“I thought it was because I'm hot” Namjoon gives him his deepest voice and a sexy glare. Jin can't help a shiver down his spine, but then the urge to punch Namjoon is much stronger.
Yoongi raises a brow at him and grabs a pair of worn out jeans and a black tee with an all-over print and throws them at Namjoon.
“Get dressed, loser”
His best friend pouts, but doesn't question the choice, just adding his favorite red beanie to the outfit. Finally, he puts on his Timberland, grabs his backpack and the three get out of the room.


The club is nice and crowded, which is always a good sign. Namjoon gets pumped up easily when he has a big audience and so does Yoongi.
They walk their way to the backstage to get ready and set everything up. The stage is good too: it isn't too big nor too small, they could easily walk from side to side without being too far apart (they liked to be close enough so to give the audience the feeling they're one unique force working together – well, actually that was Namjoon's philosophical explanation when Yoongi dared to ask why on earth he never got more than three meters away from him). They already knew that since they're here almost every week, but checking it didn't hurt.
“You guys will be great!- Jin cheers them with a smile -now, I'll go make myself comfortable in the front row, I have to meet two friends who are here for the competition as well”
Yoongi and Namjoon turns to him in one same movement.
“What?!” they almost choke, eyes big enough for the eyeballs to jump out of their orbits.
Jin sighs.
“What now? I have friends beside you, you know” he says, a little annoyed.
“It's not that...” Namjoon starts.
“We know you're not as socially unable as we are” Yoongi continues.
“It's just... are you befriending the enemy??” Namjoon cries out.
“Yeah bro, you should back US up” the other says sheepishly, voice barely audible.
Jin snaps at them.
“You guys are unbelivable! It's not like I get to decide anything, I just happen to know some dancers too alright, stop this idiotic complaint right now, or you'll never see anymore food stepping into your smelly room”
“Our room doesn't smell, ok? We do open the windows!” Namjoon frowns at his friend.
“Yes, when Yoongi finds enough will to move his ass off the bed and get out, which is almost never”
Yoongi's mouth falls open and he goes as to answer, but Seokjin waves him off.
“Alright sorry, it doesn't. But just because I come in every day and freshen up the place”
The two wants to reply to the light-brown haired guy standing in front of them, but that's actually true: Seokjin was a blessing to them.
“And don't do that faces. I'll introduce you later, I'm sure you'll like 'em” he cuts them off and makes his way out of the room filled with mics, paper, instruments and a lot more.
“Good luck to you, kill it!” he says with a big smile, disappearing out of the door.


When Hoseok enters the club, he feels a rush of adrenaline pumping in his veins. Beside him, Jimin is bouncing on his feet, anticipation glittering in his eyes.
“This is gonna be so cool” Jimin grabs Hoseok's arm.
“All the campus is here, and others keep coming in!” he points at the doors of the club and the older smiles brightly.
“We're gonna rock the stage Jiminie!” he pats his friend's fluffy hair and they walk up to the front row, where a tall handsome guy is waving at them.
“You're here! I was worried you were gonna be late” Jin glances at Jimin.
The young boy makes a face as if the older has just killed a bunch of kitten in front of him.
“You hurt me hyung” he says, puppy face coming right up.
“Jimin don't even try” Hoseok gives him a little punch on the side and Jimin frowns at him.
His friend reaches out a hand and starts tickling at the younger's chin with his long fingers.
“Ooooh is our little ChimChim angry?” Jimin waves the hand away from him and scrunches his nose at the nickname.
Hoseok ruffles his already messy hair and laughs, Jin joining right after.
“I hate you” the shorter of the three mutters and tucks his hands in his pockets. He starts walking big steps towards the backstage, without looking at the others not even once.
Jin and Hoseok shake their heads and the older gesture him to follow suit.
“You should go get ready!” he says with a gentle smile.
Hoseok nods.
“But where are your friends, I thought you were gonna introduce me tonight?” he answers, eyes wondering above the crowd.
“Oh, yeah you'll meet them after the stage, they're perfoming too” and at that Jin smile loses a little, afraid the black haired boy in front of him would react as his other two dumbass friends (but of course he doesn't).
“Really??- Hoseok gives him his best grin -they dance too?”
“Nope, rap” Jin explains, his right hand checking the phone for the time.
The younger gives him his surprised face, but Jin scowls him.
“Please go Hoseok-ah, you're running late” he says while moving up to the front row.
His friend gives him a blinding smile and rushes through the backstage door.


Namjoon and Yoongi are almost at the end of the night – which is good, the best is always at the end, right? – staight after a dance performance of some Jung Hoseok and Park Jimin and one of a couple who's stage name neither of them can't remember, mostly because it was unbelievably stupid.
Namjoon thinks he has seen Hoseok and Jimin at some other dance competition, but then again he's not interested and so he's never really gone to any of them.
The time is almost up, and Yoongi and him are sitting at the bar, sipping quietly their beers and waiting. Jin is there too, drinking water because of course, he's the one driving.
“Shit I'm so fucking nervous” Namjoon says after a whole hour in which they haven't spoken at all.
“Yeah” Yoongi's answer is flat, pale fingers drumming on the counter.
No one does an attempt of starting a conversation, and Namjoon sinks in the chair. He's never been this nervous in his entire life. Maybe he shouldn't try and go big if a competition this small puts him under so much pressure.
You'll get used to it, he mentally scowls himself, reminding that this is his fucking dream and some stage panic is not gonna ruin anything.
The silence keeps running between the three, when suddely Jin jumps up from his seat and points at the stage.
“Oh! It's their turn!” he says excited.
Namjoon and Yoongi turns slowly, bored expression, to face the stage.
“Who” the red one goes, one brow raised and tongue licking the beer on his upper lip.
“My friends, Hoseokie and Jiminie!” perfect smile on display.
Namjoon looks at the two guys coming up to the crowd, both in a pair of dark jeans and white tees, the taller and slimmer a more fitted one while the other an oversized one. He figures they must be that Jung Hoseok and Park Jimin that were performing before them.
They both had a black hat on, and when the music comes up an elctronic intro hits the room.
On this notes, before everything even starts, the taller lifts his hat and gives a smirk to the crowd.
“J-Hope” he mouths in a hot deep voice, and he starts doing a solo. His moves are so smooth and yet so precise, it seems like he is made of rubber. He creates sharp angles and drops at the floor soon after, as if he and the music are one. His look is so fierce and steady that nobody dares to take their eyes off him.
Namjoon gives the guy a more attentive look. Those sharp jawline and high cheekbones were somehow familiar.
The blond's eyes widen and he chockes on his beer. He didn't have those magnetic look the first time he saw him, but there is no doubt that's the same person.
When Jin reaches over to help him, Yoongi gives him a questioning glare and Namjoon locks his eyes with his bestfriend's.
“That's- he tries to explain, carefully pointing at the elastic band moving on the floor, who was now finishing is stunning solo and starting an incredible choreo with his partner -That's Bright-Smile” he finally manages to spit out, arms losening at the side.
Yoongi's eyes go even sharper than his usual, looks back at the stage and gives the blond a smirk.
“Well, what a piece of cake you got yah, huh?” and he pats Namjoon on the shoulder, going back to drinking his beer with that smirk of his not leaving his lips.
Jin looks between the both of them, a confused expression on display.
“What, do you know him?” he says. Yoongi waves him off gesturing to not go deeper than necessary and Jin looks intently at Namjoon.
“Not really” he shrugs, hands reaching for his beer.
“Are you not going to tell me?” Jin puts his water back on the counter.
“Leave the man alone, he just found out Bright-Smile is a hot piece of ass”
“Bright-Smile? Who the fuck is Bright-Smile?” the older's eyes keep bouncing from one to another, but he drops it the moment he understands the pair was not going to tell him, at least not right now.
He sighs and goes back to watch the performace of his two friends, which was almost over, but not before Hoseok leans to the ground and Jimin does a backflip jumping over his partner.
At the end of their routine, Namjoon thinks that maybe, dance is not just pure physical.


Once the couple right before them is done, Namjoon and Yoongi finally get up on stage.
It is unnerving until the lights are turned on again: the two share a meaningful stare, and Yoongi drops the base.
It takes exactly 10 seconds for Namjoon to cut everything out of his mind but the music. He feels it shakening the floor and then rushing up to his head, sending shivers down to his whole body.
Yoongi knows his stuff: the beat is rough at the edges but the bass line is clean and smooth and it all adds up just perfectly.
The lyrics Namjoon has been struggling with is no where to be found: he's spitting rhymes after rhymes so fluently he himself can't remember he even had problems in the beginning.
The energy levels are amazingly high, the crowd is bouncing with them, Namjoon moving on the stage as he was born and raised there. Yoongi leaves the dj station and sets the beat, jumping right beside the blond and starts rapping along with him: it's just them and the music.
By the time the performace is over, Yoongi and Namjoon find themself hugging each other in the backstage and high five-ing everyone around them.
“GUYS! That was amazing!” Jin is making his way toward the pair, big smile on his face.
“Yeah bro, that was sick!” Yoongi joins him and bounces fists with Namjoon.
“We totally burnt the place down man!” Namjoon's hype is on a whole new level, jumping up and down while doing this... dance where he just throws his arms around and makes faces along with it, his pretty dimples deep in his cheeks.
“What's... that?” Jin asks to Yoongi while looking at their shared friend.
“Don't ask what you don't want to know bro” he answers, smile showing his little white teeth.
“How was it from there, was it as good as it seemed?” his brown eyes are glittering, red hair wet because of the sweat.
“No seriously, you rock it, that was really cool!” Jin cheers them up. He smiles and starts looking around.
“Guys, can you excuse me for a second, I'll got find Hoseok and Jimin alright?” he says, high five-ing Namjoon hyper exctied self, who nods.
“Yeah, no worry bro. Also, I kinda have to annoy that little brat that is Kyung” Yoongi follows suit and they leave Namjoon alone for a split second.
At that moment, Hoseok comes walking toward the blond. He had taken off his hat and his short black hair are brushed away from his face thanks to some water he had splashed on. His tanned skin glows under the neon lights and yes, Namjoon was right that night on the rooftop: the guy actually is really attractive.
“Hey you” Hoseok says, smiling big.
“Oh” Namjoon looks at him in a daze.
“So you don't do rap, huh?” he looks at the other with his brow raised and a smirk.
“Yeah sorry 'bout that” he mutters, rubbing his neck.
“I had a feeling you lied to me the moment you started spitting rhymes on stage. You surely know your shit don't you” Hoseok punches Namjoon lightly, smirk opening up to his characteristic 100 watt smile.
Namjoon laughs, blushing a little.
“I wasn't in my best shape that night”
“I figured” the other answers. “But you're actually incredibly good, do you have a mixtape?”
“Nope, Yoongi and I rely on tonight – well, tomorrow, since they'll announce tomorrow” Namjoon sighs and brushes his hair back.
“I'm pretty sure your chances are high, you did an amazing job back there” Hoseok's smile hits the rapper once again, and he thinks he has a way to warm his body by just stretching his heart-shaped mouth into this big sunny grin.
They keep talking for a good ten minutes, when Jin and Yoongi finally get back.
Hoseok looks at Jin surprised.
“Jin! Are these the guys you wanted me to meet?” he goes, glancing them his big blinding smile and pointing at Namjoon and then at Yoongi, who has to admit Bright-Smile does suit the guy in front of him.
Jin nods and opens his mouth as to speak, but Yoongi interrupts him.
“Bright-Smile! I finally get to meet you, how is life treating you” Yoongi steps in the conversation and slides an arm at both Jin and the new guy, keeping him and the older close to himself. The beer made him a little tipsy, and along with that his touchy-ness was rising quickly from his usual 0 to a good 30.
“Bright what?” Hoseok glances at Yoongi and back to Namjoon, who is staring at his best friend with killer eyes, mouthing a don't.
But Yoongi is a little bitch and of course he doesn't care about any of the blond's warnings.
“You're the guy of the roof, Bright-Smile! Namjoon calls you that”
“NO I DON'T” Namjoon screams, shoving a bunch of fries the staff brought them into Yoongi's mouth.
Hoseok slides away from the older's embrace and looks at Namjoon with sparkling eyes, realizing in that moment they didn't even introduce themselves.
“My name is Jung Hoseok, just so you know. But you can keep calling me Bright-Smile, if that is the case. I like it” he says, eyes locked with the rapper, whose mouth is now hanging open, not knowing how to respond this. Nor he knows how to handle the deep stare Hoseok is giving him – and mostly he doesn't have any clue on what should he do about the strange feeling that has his stomach closing and his heart skipping a beat.
But luckily a bouncing Jimin appears and the two drop their gazes to concentrate on the little guy next to Hoseok.
“Hyung you're here!” Jimin says happily, and looks around to the new faces.
“Oh! You're the rappers that did that amazing performance next to us right?” he asks, eyes wide.
“And what do we have here, a little kid sneaking between the grown-ups” Yoongi greets him with his usual charm.
“I'm not a kid, and who are you anyway” the younger snaps at the other, who's shooting him his gummy smile.
“Your hyung, since you must be around 15” and he reaches out to ruffle Jimin's puffy hair.
“I am 20” he answers, backing up from the touch and looking at Yoongi with a death glare.
“Yah! You can't be serious you look like you just got out of middle school!” Yoongi takes off his snapback and runs a hand through his wet hair.
Jimin mumbles something, but Jin takes the lead and interrupts what could end up with Yoongi being the most annoying brat in the world.
“Yoongi, this is Park Jimin- he says while giving the red one a deep stare -and this little bitch here is our master of bad manners Min Yoongi, Suga on stage. And, Hoseok-ah I see you already met with our Namjoon”
“Please meet god-of-rap RunchRanda” Yoongi bows down at his friend dramatically.
“Yeah, shut up. I'm Kim Namjoon, that's all” the blond says, lips stretched in a smile showing his dimples and eyes going from Jimin to Hoseok.
The latter's eyes widen and Jimin's mouth drops a little at Yoongi's words, elbowing at his friend.
“Runch... sorry, are you really RunchRanda?” Hoseok's smile losening as he finishes the sentence.
Namjoon rolls his eyes in annoyance, his expression suddenly changing into an irritated one.
“What?” he asks, already knowing where this was going.
“Nothing, is just that...” the black haired guy is now awakwardly looking at the floor.
Yoongi lets go of all his attitude and stands up straight, uncomfortable, fixing his hat and giving Hoseok an annoyed stare.
Namjoon doesn't give time to Hoseok to finish his sentence, instead he rushes to gather his bag and looks at Yoongi, who gives him a slight nod as to say i know.
“Sorry Jin, we have to go” the blond says, looking directly at the guy he just met and that, for a split moment, made him thinking maybe he wouldn't act like anyone else. But of course he was wrong.
Jin looks at Namjoon and Yoongi as they leave the place and goes back to look at Hoseok and Jimin, who were standing frozen beside him.
“I'm... sorry” Hoseok breaths out to Jin. The older looks at him.
“Yeah. I'll see you around ok?” he says, glancing them a courtesy smile as he rushes behind the two rappers.


Later that night – much later, Hoseok was laying in his bed, arms crossed at the back of his head, eyes staring blankly at the ceiling.
His mind couldn't help but keep showing him the look on Namjoon's face when he asked if he was really that RunchRanda. He was annoyed for sure, but mostly he seemed hurt and Hoseok felt like shit. He was not one to judge before he got to know a person, he just spoke without filtering the words.
There was a rumor about this guy – RunchRanda, which wasn't to flatter him. People said he stole the chance to be recruited by BigHitEnt from one of the most talented rappers in Seul underground, Zico, 2 years older than Namjoon and out on the streets for longer. They were together in a crew and planning on going big as a duo, but then the younger got this chance (which was tonight, if Hoseok wasn't wrong) and the two split up. It all happened about a month before the show. Of course every guy in the rap scene got all upset and turned their backs at Namjoon like he was betraying his bestfriend for the money.
Obviously the word spread quickly around everyone. He had his doubts even at that time, but when he was met face to face with Namjoon he couldn't help but being held back.
Now, insomnia hitting for the nth time, he thinks he should have known better. Overlapping the RunchRanda he's always heard of and the Namjoon he talked to tonight, things didn't add up right. He couldn't be that person. It was obvious to Hoseok that Namjoon would have never done something like that. The clumsy blond Namjoon he met on the rooftop, all sleep-deprived eyes and dimples, surely wasn't able to do such thing to a friend. He looked like a super easy boy who just loved music and wanted to build a life over it, just as he was planning to do.
He turns to his side, eyes wondering on his roommate deep in his sleep and then stopping on the red numbers on the alarm clock set on the nightstand: 4 am.
Hoseok remembers that same time a week ago, when he stepped on the math department roof and found a guy, bleached hair, plump lips, sprawled on the concrete bench smoking weed.
I have to apologize, he thinks, I don't want him to think I'm some kind of idiot who just believes everything he hears.


Next morning, after a good shower and three hours of sleep on his shoulders, Hoseok gets up determined to go find Namjoon.
He's in the bathroom, door locked, looking directly into his reflection.
“Alright Hopie, you got this! Just go and apologize” he says, and puts on a colorful tanktop. When his face is again in the mirror, he tries a big smile but snorts when this does nothing more than amplifying the dark circles under his eyes.
“I should sleep more” he sighs, hands rubbing his hair in an attempt of styling them. He gives up immediatly though, since the black locks seem to resist every control.
Hoseok takes his backpack and steps out of the room, ready for the day. He senses a bit of tension shaking him at the thought of meeting Namjoon again, but he blames it on the guilty feeling he's had since the night before.
He locks the door to his apartment and gets out, as soon as he realizes he has no clue of Namjoon whereabouts and he also doesn't own Jin's phone number.
“Daaaaaaamn” he hisses once out of the building, face palming and hoping he would be lucky enough to find the blond around the campus.


Namjoon woke up in a bad mood.
First of all, that stupid Hoseok guy (or Ho-suck, how Yoongi liked to call him since the night before) had made him wondering again about the whole situation with Jiho, which was actually nothing. They were still friends and BigHitEnt guy wasn't even there last night, nobody saw him.
It was all a big misunderstanding and maybe even some douchebag who just hated on Namjoon and wanted him to feel shit. If so, he achieved his aim because the blond had felt at his worst for actually a month now. Hoseok had made him sunk back into that feeling right when he was learning not to care.
And second, he was waiting for the winner of yesterday night to be announced, which wasn't until the evening, and the waiting was killing him.
He mentally thanks his course for not helding classes on saturdays and keeps rolling in his bed. He has to meet Yoongi and Jin for lunch, but it's barely 11 and the appointment is not in less than two hours.
“What to do” he mumbles to the ceiling while rolling with his back on the mattress.
He could go up to the library and start that paper due on monday, right? Right.
You should crawl out of bed and dress.
He snorts and buries his face in the pillow, changing position for the hundreth time.
By the time he finally decides to do something of his day, it's already 11.45 and there is no use in going to the library. So instead he opts for wasting some time by exchanging his bed for a fresher square of grass not far from the cafè where he was supposed to meet the other two.
He takes his notebook with him as a habit, but ends up looking at the bright blue sky, no clouds in sight. He can't stop thinking about Hoseok and he hates it. Why should he be thinking about that brat, really. But then again he may have acted out of pure anger and he may have misjudged him.
Even if that's the case, he decides that doesn't matter: Seokjin wouldn't be that stupid to let them meet again right?
His smile, though.
He sighs and looks at the time: 12.50. Yeah, he should head up to the cafè.
Even if he has no clue on how he managed to waste one whole hour thinking about Bright-Smile.
Why do I keep referring to him with this stupid nickname.


When Namjoon gets there, he finds Jin already in front of the place and they end up wating for Yoongi for a good ten minutes.
“Why is your friend always late” Jin says annoyed, tapping his foot to the ground nervously.
“His brain sends him inputs to sleep every hour, he has probably fallen to the floor and is laying there unconsciuos”
“Who's a little brat? Kim Trash Namjoon!” a pale hand comes to raise Namjoon's arm up in the air and he sighs.
“Hello to you too” the blond answers as the other lets go of his grip and flashes them a mocking smirk.
“So you're paying for making up to me, deal, thank you my friend I love you” and Yoongi blows him a kiss.
“Can we stop this and actually go eat? I'm hungry” Jin slides between the two and entwines their arms, dragging them into the cafè.
“Jin!” a voice calls him from behind.
“What now” he sighs loudly and turns over, trailing the others with him and making Namjoon trip and almost fell to the floor.
“What the fuck hyung!” he yells, eyes wide looking at the elder and then in the direction of the voice.
“Oh, it's you” Namjoon says deadpan, while looking away from the guy standing before them.
“Hoseok-ah” Jin smiles a little and lets go of the younger boys draped at his arms.
“I was... ah... I was looking for you” Hoseok's heart sinks a little when the blond refuses to look at him.
“Oh, yes, do you need something?” Jin's kindness takes the black-haired off guard, not sure how to answer.
“Not really. I mean. I wanted to track down Namjoon” Hoseok breathes out.
“What for, you needed to release your stress by criticizing him some more?” Yoongi snaps at him.
“Yoongi calm down” Jin scowls him and the other snorts.
“Yeah sure. I'll wait inside” he says walking away, not before glancing at Hoseok with pure hate.
“So what?” Namjoon spits out right after his friend had disappeared behind the glass doors.
Hoseok's expression is now a bit annoyed, hands in his pockets and eyes wondering around and finally resting on Namjoon's face. He was so overreacting right now.
“This is ridiculous, I just wanted to apologize ok? I didn't even believe that fucking rumor back then, I was just taken by surprise when I met you and I spoke without thinking, can we drop it now please? I really don't think anything bad about you, christ I don't even know you!” his tone rises at the end. He takes off his hat to rub his hair back, head tilting to the side and teeth biting at his lower lip.
Namjoon looks straight at him.
“...whatever” he shrugs and turns his back at them, heading into the bar.
Hoseok's jaw falls open.
“What? 'Whatever'? What does that mean? Have you even listened to me?!” he snaps, head now facing Namjoon, who raises an arm as to say goodbye before getting inside.
Hoseok looks at Jin, mouth still open.
“Yeah he's not good at dealing with people.. or life in general- the elder raises a brow at the spot left by Namjoon -but I think you're good”
“I'm go- what?” Hoseok's eyes widen, lips curving into a surprised and somehow angry expression.
“Wanna come eat with us?” Jin gives him a cute smile, all rainbows and flowers, like nothing happened and they were best friends sharing cupacakes and making pinky promises.
“Uh... no?” the other answers, frown arching his brows.
“Well alright, your choice! I'll see you tonight at the club for the winner's announcement!” he says happily, jumping throught the glass door and waving him goodbye cheerfully.
Hoseok is left there standing in a daze, not sure what just happened, but somehow relieved.


“What the actual fuck”
Two hours later, Hoseok is sitting legs crossed in the practice room with Jimin and all his classmates, still a little lost.
The younger has listened to the whole story and he is as confused as his friend.
“Maybe tonight you can try and talk to him?” he says sheepishly, looking at his hyung with what he hopes is a comforting smile.
“I don't know?” Hoseok lifts his head to stare at Jimin.
He had been wondering around the campus all morning hoping to run into Namjoon, going up to complete strangers and asking if they happened to know a tall guy, broad shoulders, bleached hair, dimples when he smiles... ok, yeah, now he realizes he was actually creepy.
(And also, why does he remember all these details?)
Nobody had told him anything about Namjoon, except two freshmen who swore they saw him somewhere near a cafè. Which one, they couldn't recall.
So, Hoseok had to walk to every of the five cafes near the campus.
He losted his hope at the third, however, and when he was dragging himself towards the fourth, he almost jumped at the sight of Jin in company of a tall Namjoon and a pale Yoongi.
And he surely didn't expect what happened.
“Alright guys, time's up! Back to practice!” the teacher claps his hands and shrugs Hoseok from his thoughts. He stands up and Jimin follows suit.
The music begins to fill the room and they start working on the new choreo they were going to perform at the end of the year.
But Hoseok can't focus: his mind is all set on tonight, when he'll get to meet Namjoon again and maybe understand where today's conversation left them at.
Also, he could be a little thrilled at the thought the rapper might flash those dimples at him once more.


Sun is slowly setting on the campus, painting every building a slight shade of pink.
This is Namjoon favorite time of the day, especially in these almost-summer days: the air smells flowery and the whole city is quiet, waiting for the night to cool off the heat and flood back in the streets.
It's almost 8 pm and Namjoon is out on the emergency stairs, earbuds plugged in.
He has at least thirty minutes more to chill and stop freaking out about tonight and he has to admit, Yoongi's idea of smoking some weed before the announcement was really helpful. He had sneaked on said emergency stairs, in a hidden corner and lit a joint he had rolled in advance. His mind had let out a sigh of relief and abandoned every hard thoughts, opting instead for enjoying the sunset.
Head resting on the wall, eyes half closed, plump lips slightly parted he brushes a hand in his hair and extinguishes the joint.
His thoughts are back to Hoseok, once again. Bright-Smile was becoming a regular in his brain, he states. Luckily, he's attractive.
Namjoon rubs a hand on his face. Is he really saying that? It's not his first time thinking a guy is handsome, he says that to Jin almost everyday – but with Hoseok felt different. Maybe it was because of the performance, he was so hot on stage, even the straightest man on earth would have raised one or two doubts about his sexuality. Then again, Namjoon has no idea where he stands nor he wants to open that door right now, so he lets the thought float among his other worries (all of them forgotten because of the weed).
He looks at the time: 8.30. He stands up slowly and helps himself by grabbing the stair's handrail, but falls back onto his ass. He starts laughing at himself, playing with his lower lip and shaking his head.
“Aaaah” he lets out a long sigh and then tries to stand up again, this time suceeding, and goes back to his room to get ready.
Thankfully the weed had made him relaxed and he's not a bit worried about anything in the entire world, so he floats to his closet and takes out a black tee and a pair of lose black trousers, throwing them on in a second. He reaches for the bathroom and splashes some water on his face and smiles at his reflection, moronic expression staring back at him.
“Hello sexy” he says to himself, winking and shooting a hand-pistol at the mirror. He licks his upper lip and then stands straight with wide eyes.
“Yeah you're right- a long finger coming to rest on his chin -I should give Bright-Smile a chance. He did apologize after all” and at that he raises a brow and starts nodding in approval, head tilted to the right.
“And he also has a killer smile” he says absent-mindedly as he leaves the bathroom and slides into a pair of black slipons. He exits the little appartment and meets Yoongi downstairs.
“Have you taken my backpack?” he greets him, brown eyes wondering on his hands in search of said backback.
“Your what? I have a hat though. Also, I'm starving”
“You haven't- no, not dealing with your stoned self right now. Just, wait for me” and Yoongi hurries into the building.
He comes back after a bunch of minutes and stuffs a bag of chips in Namjoon's hands.
“Eat and sober up, I said relax not get wasted” the red-head slaps his friend's nape. The blond frowns and reaches a hand to massage where Yoongi had just hit him.
“Rude” he says, but opens the chips and starts munching on them.
“Want some?” he asks, mouth full and crumbs sticking to his lips, some of them reaching Yoongi while he talks.
Yoongi looks at him disgusted and wipes the crumbs off.
“Yah, learn how to eat, for god's sake- he scrunches his nose and starts walking -Now move your lazy ass alright?”
Namjoon gives him a V sign and a huge smile, lips stretching and dimples showing.
“You look like a fucking black marshmallow”
“Yoongi hyung, stop being a bitch I know you love me” the blond bounces beside him. Yoongi rolls his eyes and they head to the club.


When they finally get there, the place is already crowded and they have to elbow their way to the bar, where they meet a cheerful Jin, sitting together with Hoseok and Jimin.
Hoseok jumps a little at the sight of Namjoon, but makes his best not to show his axiety.
“Everytime I can't pick you up you show up late! Now tell me you don't need me” he says with a smile, gesturing them to join him and the other two.
“If Namjoon wasn't a little brat, we would've been here a half hour ago” Yoongi glances at his friend, plopping on a seat beside Jin and asking the bar tender to bring him a beer.
“I just followed his advice” Namjoon answers, hands coming near his chest as to defend himself.
He was now sober again, the thirty minutes walk helped him clean his head and get himself back together. He was still relaxed and calm though.
“He's here” Yoongi says to Jin, while pointing at Hoseok.
“Yes, and don't point at people, it's bad manners” Jin looks at him with a judging expression.
“I don't care? Why is he here?”
Hoseok jumps uncomfortably in his seat, eyes wondering over his beer.
“Leave it Yoongi, he apologized” Namjoon cuts him off and gives him a deep stare.
“As you please- the red one raises his brows and takes a sip from the beer the bar tender had put in front of him -Cheers!”
Hoseok looks at Namjoon, he wants to ask something, to sort things out, but he's stopped when the blond gives him a shy smile showing his dimples – and Hoseok's heart skips a beat.
Don't you dare.
He smiles back at the other and they go back to the conversation they interrupted before, Namjoon casually dropping comments and Yoongi grunting here and there.


“And now, the moment we were all waiting for!” the dj says in the mic after almost an hour they got there. He is now setting the base to a steady beat, and is walking towards the center of the stage.
“I know we have left you waiting for a whole day, unlike our usual path, but I swear there was a reason!” the crowd starts jumping in anticipation and the contestants are called to get up on stage.
Namjoon, Yoongi, Hoseok and Jimin walk up there and stand all four together, staring with wide eyes at the speaker.
“So, do you want to know who is the lucky winner today?”
A loud YES rises from the crowd.
“Ok ok, I'm not gonna tease you anymore. The winner is... RunchRanda and Suga! Congratulations guys, you were stunning as usual! Let's give 'em a round of applause!”
Namjoon and Yoongi drop their jaws at once and froze their asses, unable to move.
“Go!” Hoseok whispers to Namjoon's ear, and he pushes him forward. The blond shrugs and looks at Yoongi, who's in his same confused state, looking around awkwardly and struggling to walk.
The speaker gives them an envelope, white and light. He shakes their hands and tells them, away from the microphone, to come meet him in the backstage after.
Namjoon agrees strongly, almost bowing at the dj, surprise not leaving his face, while Yoongi just stands there schocked, nodding compulsively at whoever comes to him congratulating.


“LET'S FUCKING CELEBRATE” Yoongi gets out of the club screaming, fist pumping in the air, his shock a long lost memory.
Namjoon is jumping excited, hugging Jin and one of two times attempting to kiss Yoongi on the cheek (but his best friend always sneaked out of it, snorting at him).
“Fuck yeah, let's get wasted!” the blond slides an arm over the nearest person, who happens to be Jung Hoseok. He blushes and the latter flashes him one of his blinding smile, and Namjoon almost feels like he missed it. He gives him a little grin and lets his arm rest on the shorter's shoulder.
“...are we good?” Hoseok says after a bunch of minutes, in which they just walked side to side in silence, the others screaming and dancing on the way to the after party.
Namjoon turns to look at him, not ready to find Hoseok so close to his face. He holds his breath before speaking again.
“No worries” he smiles at him before losening the embrace and giving him a light punch on the shoulder.
Hoseok's stomach tightens at the loss of the contact.
Don't you fucking dare.
“Oh, Yoongi, Yoongi-hyung, no sorry I have to!” Namjoon is now bouncing at his best friend, who's giving him a death glare.
“No, Namjoon, you don't” he states.
“But look at this wall, it's so perfect”
“Namjoon I said to stop this wall-kink, or else I'm gonna intern you” Yoongi looks away and Namjoon pouts at him.
“What's with the wall?” Jimin asks to Jin, stopping in the middle of the road while Namjoon walks up to a white house.
“It's... Namjoon has a thing with walls- he rubs a hand on his face in despair -I don't even know what to call it”
“MADNESS, that's what you call it” Yoongi interrupts, but he's tapping on the camera app on his best friend's phone.
“Ok hyung, do your best” Namjoon leans against the wall.
“I am the best at everything I do, you fucker” the red head says deadpan, and clicks as the other poses.
Namjoon laughs and comes to poke him on the side.
“How is it, is it good? I think my outfit today was too cool not to document it” there's excitment in his voice as he goes through his picture. “Oh Yoongi, you're the only one who knows how to really higlight my beauty”
“Easy, there's none” his friend mutters has he starts walking away from the little crowd sorrounding the blond.
“Aaaaand it's online” Namjoon almost yells as he tweets his photo with the caption: black night #kimdaily.
Hoseok laughs hard, and the others join him soon after.
“You're cute” he says, wiping a tear from the corner of his eyes.
“I'm not, I'm high fashion” Namjoon explains, blowing him a kiss. The black-haired guy feels his heart fluttering.
Would you stop it already?


When they get to the house helding the party, people are already drunk or stoned or both.
They pass through a lot of wasted girls and boys, some of them glancing at the little group whispering something in each other ears – Namjoon and Yoongi shut them up by giving them death stares. So they opt for the big garden on the back of the house (whose, is a mystery).
Each one of them plops down on the grass or some chairs they gather here and there, and after a second, Yoongi is already pouring some unknown booze into little red cups. He gives them to every one of the present and raises his:
“Cheers guys!” he yells, and swallows the liquid with a snort, wiping his mouth soon after. “Disgusting” he grins, and the others follow suit.
“That is really bad booze Yoongi” everyone agrees with him as they taste the burning alcohol on their tongue.
Yoongi is coming to fill their cups again, but Hoseok stops him at his. He knows he's the clingy drunk type and he figures tonight might not be a good idea.
Yoongi gives him a questioning look.
“What, are you afraid you'll be more annoying than you already are?”
“He's not annoying, hyung!” Jimin pouts at him.
“You right kid, you are a lot more” he glances a sardonic smile to the puffy cheeked guy, who reaches out his cup.
“I'll prove you I'm not a kid!” he says bravely, big grin coming to his face.
“Nu-huh, not gonna let a toddler drink, not under my eyes, sorry. Actually, you should thank me for letting you drink the first time” and he slides away from the younger and pours the liquid to Jin, who turns down the offer reminding the younger that he has to drive them home.
It doesn't take much until they're all drunk and laughing at stupid jokes, passing a joint from hand to hand.
“Let's play truth or dare!” Jimin – who managed to drink despite Yoongi's intentions, shouts out loud.
“YES” Namjoon jumps up, falling on the grass soon after and laughing.
“Namjoon-ah you are not even able to stand!” and Jin is bursting in a loud laugh too.
“Well, it can either be me who just fell, or maybe the Earth spinned faster than usual and it caused me to lose my usally perfect balance. FUCK YOU EARTH” he screams, fisting in the air, face all scrunched.
“You've lost your game to the Earth- Jimin stands up, shouting and pointing at Namjoon -now I dare you to kiss Hoseok and prove him you forgiveness!” and he stares at him with a serious expression, as he has just discovered the cure to cancer or something, a moronic grin coming up.
“W-What, no!” Hoseok almost falls from his chair, cursing his friend and also his not drunk self who is far too aware of everything happening around him.
“OK” Namjoon crawls near him with a smirk, bleached hair falling in his deep brown eyes.
“What the fuck, NO, this is stu-” he can't finish his sentence, because tanned fingers are grabbing at the neck of his tshirt and dragging him down to face Namjoon's stoned glare. He swallows hard.
“What, you don't like me?” he whispers in a hot breath, causing Hoseok to shiver.
Their idiot friends stand around them shouting KISS, KISS, KISS from the top of their lungs, even Yoongi – who's drunk self is a lot more annoying than his sober one.
“That's not...” yet again he's interrupted, this time by Namjoon's lips on his own. His eyes widen and his stomach does a backflip, making Hoseok blush in record time.
Namjoon's lips are soft, and hot, and a little dry. His scent is wrapping the dark haired guy up, who finally shuts his eyes closed and leans in the kiss. At his surprise, the blond tucks a hand in his hair and presses him further onto his lips, parting them slowly and slowly licking at Hoseok's upper lip.
His heart races and he gives in the kiss, a sloppy, damp kiss. Namjoon tastes of weed and cheap beer and Hoseok actually likes it, sticking out his tongue to wet the other's plump lips and taste him some more. They suck on each other for a good minute, and then Namjoon breaks the kiss with a little peck on Hoseok's heart-shaped mouth, leaning his forehead to the oher's and looking down, biting to his now red bottom lip.
“THAT WAS HOT YOU GUYS” Jimin claps his hands and starts whistling, and than dancing to the bad music coming from inside. Everybody is staring big eyes at the pair, who stays put, foreheads touching, the both of them painting heavily, Namjoon's hand still resting on Hoseok's nape. The slimmer of the two is awkwardly bent down toward the blond, who's standing on his fours (threes, if you count out one arm clutched at Hoseok). They raise their gazes to meet the other's eyes, and they both blush hard, embarassed.
Hoseok takes the lead and decides to slide away from Namjoon's hand. He chuckles brightly and wipes his thumb on his lower lip, trying to regain control on himself and he puts on a facade in an attempt to hide his embarrassment.
“Well, at this point we should move a step forward! Come to my room tomorrow, I'll wait for you!” he says laughing and ruffling the blond's hair, who gives him an awkward smile and a slight nod before sitting legs crossed a good meter away from him.
The situation settles down a little, and slowly they start to get tired. Namjoon passes out on the grass half an hour after the kiss and Jimin does the same, head hanging on Yoongi's shoulder.
At 3.30 am Jin states it's time to go and, with Hoseok's help, he gets the other three to stand up and walk to the car.


Namjoon wakes up in a daze, hangover hitting him hard. He thanks Yoongi's habit of never opening the curtains bacause right now, every source of light would just make his eyes burn.
He crawls into his bed, moving in slow motion to reach his phone. He slides to unlock and sees it's already 2 pm and he's starving. He also finds a text from Yoongi:

min_swaeg: gone to the studio - hoseok's, 6.30 pm, art's department, room 3-30

Namjoon frowns at the words, not really knowing what they're supposed to mean. Than, flashbacks from last night storm in his head and he slightly remembers Hoseok saying something about going to his apartment the next day – which is today. He's not sure why, but maybe there was a good reason. Maybe Yoongi was with him at the studio (he remembers Hoseok saying something about him being a rapper as well and his best friend dropping all his hate for the younger and starting a long conversation about hip hop, in which he thinks he took part too) and he was supposed to meet them at Hoseok's place after.
Also, he kinda likes the boy, he's funny and cute and he's comfortable with him, so he thinks it wouldn't hurt to spend some more time in his company and getting to know him.
Or, more likely, they had a date for dinner with the others, he really can't remember.
He shrugs and scrunches his nose, since the movement had made his headache even worse.
“Fuck” he hisses, and looks at the nightstand, where he finds an aspirin waiting for him. He mentally thanks Jin and shoves the medicine in his mouth, swallowing it with some water.
He wastes some more time laying motionless on his back, staring blankly at the ceiling and trying to remember what happened last night. He fails miserably and sighs, hoping he hasn't done anything stupid.
After about an hour he's been half-asleep, he finally manages to peel himself out of bed – slowly, and goes up to the kitchen, opens the little fridge the university provides the rooms and stands there looking at Jin's leftovers. He opts for some kimbap and sits down at the coffe table placed between the two beds.
Once he's finished and his headache has finally settled down, he thinks about joining Yoongi at the studio but he quickly shakes that thoughts out of his head: it's already 4.43, and the studio is half an hour away. Instead Namjoon decides to crawl back in his bed and watch some shitty dramas.


It's 6.49 pm and Namjoon is knocking at the door of Hoseok's apartment.
He is late, but it was not only his fault – even if he might have wasted a good fifteen minutes looking for a striped tee he was planning on wearing that day. It was also Yoongi's fault, since he hasn't bothered to explain how to actually reach the art's department. Namjoon had looked up the campus map where it was and he thought he was goot to go, he got it. Just turn right once you surpass the main building, walk for 200 meters straight to the cafè, then to your left you'll find the art building.
Well, no.
At his left there was no fucking art anything. There was a stupid garden he had never seen in two years of his university career, but no sight of the art building.
So he got back on his feet, looked at the map again and discovered he had walked to the wrong side of the main building, going to the right when he was supposed to walk to the left, back FACING the building, not the other way around.
But, he did it. Twenty minutes later, but he was there.
He knocks again.
No answers.
He raises a brow and knocks once more.
Still, no one comes to open.
“What the fuck” he mutters, starting to getting annoyed. Namjoon leans to the door – third floor, apartment 30, he checks once again, and sighs.
He takes his phone out and taps on Yoongi's name.
“What” his friend's kindness was always over the moon.
“Man, I'm at Hoseok's but no one's here. It's been 10 minutes now. Do you happen to have his number?” he says uncomfortably, eyes wondering around the hallway.
The other side remains silent for a second.
“I can't believe you actually went there!” and then Namjoon hears Yoongi bursting in laughter.
He feels himself blushing quickly.
“I fucking hate you Min Yoongi I swear I'm going to kill you the moment I”
“Namjoon” a voice, which is not Yoongi's, is answering the phone, embarrassment deep in his voice.
“H-Hoseok?” he chockes on air, eyes widening.
“Oh my god I don't even.. I didn't know anything about this.. I'm sorry, Yoongi did all by himself..” Hoseok mutters on the other side of the phone, uncomfortable. Namjoon can clearly hear the sound of laughter near Hoseok, and he kinda wants to disappear.
“But.. Yesterday didn't you ask me to come? I was drunk so I don't remember..” he thinks about how lovely it would be of the earth if right now it would open under his feet and swallow him once and forever.
“I did, as a joke” Hoseok says, blushing. “You guys, stop it, goddammit!”
“Ah.. sorry... I'm.. I thought.. Sorry” Namjoon hungs up hastily and hurries out of the building, ears red as tomatoes, cursing at himself. He doesn't even know why he came here by the way, fuck, he could have just ignore Yoongi's stupid text and sleep, instead of worrying if he would be alone with Hoseok or not.
What did you just say? You wanted to be alone with him?
He shrugs and once he's out of the building he looks at his phone and finds a text from an unknown number:

j-hope: join us for dinner, maybe? we're at jin's.. he's making ur favorite to make it up to u! (i'm hoseok btw, save the number)

He blushes and looks away from the phone, a little smile curving his lips.


A week after Yoongi's prank, Hoseok and Jimin are officially a new addition to the trio.
Jimin and Yoongi ended up somehow dating, even if Yoongi doesn't admit it yet, but the way he stares at the younger when he's not looking is unmistakable.
Useless to say Namjoon uses this information as his revenge.
Namjoon and Hoseok eventually found out they have a lot in common and they are alone together more often than not, also because Jin was too busy preparing for his degree.
Hoseok chose not to mention the kiss ever again, first of all because Namjoon doesn't even remember it and second, he doesn't want to bring the topic up.
Namjoon had learned how to get to Hoseok's apartment (which actually takes just a barely 10 minutes walk, and not 20) and they end up studying there almost everyday since Hoseok's roommate is always out for some unknown performance around the city. And when he's around, they hang out at the library or with Yoongi in their studio, or they just chill on the grass somewhere in the campus.
Today was one of their study-date, but that actually turned in a videogame's marathon.
They're trying for the nineth time to beat the shit out of the master of this world, but they always lose – mostly bacause Namjoon presses the wrong combination of buttons just at the climax of the game.
“Namjoon what is wrong with you!” Hoseok drops his head in despair, brushing is hair to the back.
“Do not blame it on me! Your joystick is too little for my hands ok??” Namjoon glares at him and throws his controller to the side, sighing.
“This game sucks, let's do something else” he mumbles.
“No, you suck” Hoseok highlights the word you and points a finger at him.
“Fine, ok, I hate this game!” the blond flops down on Hoseok's bed and rubs a hand on his face.
The dark haired boy looks at him down from the floor, and absent-mindedly reaches a hand out to stroke at Namjoon's arm. The other sighs and he doesn't really think when he intertwines his fingers with Hoseok's.
He had taken on this habit of being incredibly touchy with Hoseok: casually hugging him, or taking his hands, or running his through the other's black locks when they're sitted side to side and so on. Hoseok had tried not to care, telling himself it was just a frienly attitude, but Jimin was always pointing out how Namjoon barely ever touches Yoongi (Hoseok anwers this by saying that using Yoongi as an example doesn't count, since he doesn't like to be touched in general) or even Jin (at this Hoseok can't say anything).
He doesn't even know when he started liking Namjoon. It could be the very first time he saw him on the rooftop, or maybe when he had flashed him his super cute dimples. Sure thing, the kiss didn't help.
“Hoseok” Namjoon says after they've been in silence for almost fifteen minutes, in which Hoseok's mind had recall all the little details of their drunk kiss. He can still taste Namjoon's in his mouth if he concentrates enough.
“Mh” Hoseok shrugs and looks back at him, cheeks a bright shade of pink.
“Are you gay?” the blond says after a moment of hesitation.
Hoseok snaps up and jumps away from Namjoon.
“WHAT” he almost screams, if it wasn't that he's actually chocking and coughing hard.
Namjoon starts laughing at his reaction.
“I was joking, calm down! You were so focused on your thoughts, I wanted to take you back to earth” he says, rubbing at his eyes with a big grin going ear to ear.
“Fuck you Kim Namjoon” Hoseok drinks some water from a bottle on his desk and flops on his bed, near the blond. Namjoon starts brushing the hair away from the other's forehead.
“It's just that you're too attractive for a straight guy, and we all know the best are the first to go” the blond says, looking at the guy sprawled two centimeters away from him.
“That's so stupid” Hoseok breathes in a long grasp of air and rest a hand on his face. He can feel his cheeks going redder by the minute, heart fluttering at every one of Namjoon's light touch.
The blond shrugs.
“You're cute too, what about you?” Hoseok cracks an eye open to give Namjoon a quick look, cursing himself the moment after he lets the words bubble out of his mouth.
“Hosokieeee you think I'm cute?” Namjoon avoids to answer and instead he clinges to the other and engulfs him in a tight hug.
“Ugh, Namjoon you're two times bigger than me, get off” the smaller of the two tries to free himself, but ends with Namjoon climbing on him and tickling him, knees at his side.
He starts laughing hard and kicking in the air, trying to throw the blond off him, but Namjoon grabs his wrists and lay him down still.
“Namjoon get the fuck off me!” Hoseok is still smiling is 100 watt smile, but he wipes it off the moment he sees Namjoon's look.
“What” he asks, staring at the blond.
“Kiss me” Hoseok wants to punch him.
“No” he says, while his heart starts screaming and the butterflies in his stomach comes slamming onto his ribs. Why does Namjoon has to be this way. Why is he so fucking clueless. And also why doesn't he know one thing about common rules between guys. You don't go and ask your buddy to kiss you. Hoseok is sure the blond has never dared to ask that to Yoongi.
“I'm serious, I want to try kissing a guy. For the sake of the science” Namjoon hesitates before he adds the last sentence, but doesn't let go of his prey.
Truth his, he's been thinking about the night of their win. Mostly because Yoongi was always dropping casual comments on it, saying such thing as how hot it was and that he doesn't have to worry about Hoseok anymore since he can really sense that Namjoon forgave him.
He started wondering if he actually did something stupid – or maybe not. He has a slight feeling he might have kissed the dancer, for some reasons he doesn't quite remember.
But, that is just an assumption and he's too scared to ask. Also he's embarrassed to death because if it is the case and he really did forget, he is just a little bitch.
“We did kiss already, you brat. You were drunk and you don't remember, but we did” Hoseok spits out in a second and hold the stare, regretting his words almost immediatly. He has been too harsh and Hoseok hopes Namjoon is clumsy enough not to notice how uncomfortable the converstion is making him.
Namjoon freezes and his jaw drops. He wants to drown himself in water, let himself burn in the woods and die a long, painful death. He should remember. He wants to remember.
“..really?” he deflates and finally lets Hoseok's wrists go. The latter slides away from the blond and sighs.
“Yeah” Hoseok glances at him and massages where Namjoon has hold him still.
Namjoon plops on the bed, legs crossed.
“Was I good?” he asks, looking at something in the room. He knows that's a stupid question, but he can't help asking. He wants so much to remember. He really does.
“You were drunk and I don't even care” Hoseok answers, the feeling to throw up making his stomach jump.
You are such an idiot.
“Ah.. I wish I could remember” the blond says in a whisper, eyes staring at the ground.
Namjoon seemed... sad? Could it be? His heart does a little dance, but Hoseok decides not to give in and pretend he hasn't heard Namjoon's last words, sure he was just saying this out of pure curiosity. Indeed, the tall guy was a weirdo sometimes.
“Can we go back to study now?” Hoseok sits up and brushes his hands through his dark locks, sticking in every possible direction after the little bed fight.
Namjoon raises his eyes to look at his friend and gives him a sheepish smile.
“Ah, yes. No! I'll go. I have to.. meet Yoongi at the studio” he says, grabbing his bag and rushing out of the room.
“See you tomorrow?” Hoseok shouts behind him, but no one answers.
What the fuck had just happened?


Namjoon is in his bed, very much awake, listening to Yoongi's snoring.
He did everything he could to fall asleep but didn't manage to. He counted sheeps until a thousand, he tried to relax his body using the yoga techinque his mother had tought him and even listened to the sleeping-mixtape Jin had gave them as a present last Christmas – shitty, though. Jin better sticks to cooking.
Nothing worked. If anything, he was more awake than before.
The thought of Hoseok was like a nail drilling his head.
What was wrong with him?
He shouldn't feel this way about the dancer, should he?
He does his best to recall what happened at the after party and he feels like shit.
He sighs and closes his eyes. He keeps going back to the sight of Hoseok under him, serious expression staring at him. He had a way of completely changing his feature when he was smiling or concentrated. This gap was very much present whenever he danced: he was not the cheerful Hoseok everyone knew, he changed in a whole different person. His stare on the stage was something Namjoon could never shake off him. His heart raced everytime Hoseok was dancing, and at first he thought it was just because of the stage-charisma. But then he was always finding excuses to hang out with him alone, pushing Yoongi to go out with Jimin more, and scowling Jin to study harder. His hands were always finding ways to touch the other, whether it was for intertwine their fingers or touching his cheeks.
Namjoon opens his eyes and looks at Yoongi. The older is sleeping and he knows that if he wakes him up right know, he would be dead by the second. But he wants to know. He needs to.
So, he crawl out of the bed and goes up to Yoongi's side.
“Hyung. Yoongi hyung” he whispers, shaking the other by the shoulder.
Of, course he doesn't wake up.
“Yoongi” he raises his voice a little but it doesn't work. He snorts, grabs the glass full of water on his night stand and splashes it on Yoongi's face.
“WHO THE HELL” he shouts, jumping up in the air and wiping his face with his hands.
“Yoongi I need to know what happened at the after party” Namjoon says deadpan.
“Fuck off” Yoongi gives him a death glare and gets down to sleep, back facing Namjoon.
“Find out yourself”
“I can't, I tried but I can't”
“Oh for god's sake Namjoon, you were drunk, Jimin was being a brat, you kissed Hoseok, end of story” Yoongi finally murmurs.
“End of story?” Namjoon seems confused.
“YES, end of the fucking story, now let me sleep” and he kicks Namjoon away from his bed.
“But why was Hoseok so weird about it today though, if it was just a moronic game” the blond says, ass falling to the ground.
“Namjoon please, get over yourself, how could you not notice the guy has a crush on you?? I feel so sorry for him” Yoongi sighs loudly and shakes his head.
“No he doesn't” Namjoon jumps up and points at Yoongi. “He does not!”
“S T O P I T and go back to sleep, we'll deal with it tomorrow” his best friend states, obviously ending the conversation.
“148 IQ my ass...” Namjoon hears Yoongi muttering.
He snorts at him and stands there quietly.
It couldn't be. Or could it?
He shrugs his head and takes it in his hands, not sure what to do, and mostly, how he feels.
The only thing he does know, is that he has to get out of the room quickly.
He puts on a tee and a pair of shorts, tucking in his pocket a joint he rolled after dinner. Maybe this would help him relax and sort out this situation.


Hoseok is in the practice room, dancing his problems away.
The way Namjoon had stormed out of his apartment was weird for at least ten different reasons:

1. Namjoon liked wasting his time at Hoseok's place;
2. Namjoon liked munching on Hoseok's infinite snacks (he claimed that his snacks were a lot better then the one Yoongi bought, even if they were exaclty the same);
3. He never goes to the studio after 5.30 pm because it's too far away, and it was 5.45 when he left;
4. Namjoon always says Hoseok's bed was a lot more comfortable than it's own, and he usually fall asleep there;
5. Namjoon never leaves Hoseok's place without trying to steal his favorite snapback;
6. And, since he never suceeds, he claims for Hoseok to write him at least three different texts within the next three hours;
7. Or, if Hoseok strongly disagrees, sending him a smiling selfie;
8. Namjoon always, ALWAYS forgets something when he leaves – this time he didn't;
9. Before he leaves, he has this habit of going to Hoseok's bathroom and Hoseok swears he can smell his own cologne on him;
10. And lastly, Namjoon always came back to make sure to know when they were gonna meet up next.

He falls on the floor, the thoughts taking control and not letting him focus on the choreo.
His ankle's hurting.
“Fuck” he curses at himself, massaging on it with his long tanned finger. When he's sure it's nothing severe, he lays on the floor, breathing heavily and trying to forget Namjoon's lips on his own.
He can't deal with it. Not again. He's not ready to get heart-broken over an other friend, and losing him in the process. It was hard the first time, but he's sure with Namjoon would be a lot worse.
Because Namjoon is important. His smile is important. His friendship his important.
And it doesn't matter if he's struggling to feel his hands on him, to see him happy because of him. It doesn't matter he's always waiting for Namjoon's little touches, his hand sliding in his own while they walk. His way of tugging him closer whenever they're side to side. It doesn't matter if he sinks in his pillow every night his insomnia hits harder then usual, inhaling Namjoon's scent.
It just doesn't matter. It's his own problem and he has to deal with it. Namjoon doesn't have to know any of this.
Hoseok feels his chest burning and his eyes getting wet. He takes a deep breath and sniffs.
Nope, don't be stupid.
He looks at the time and it's already 2.38 in the morning. He thanks his teacher who trusts him so much to give him the keys to the practice room, and gets up, ready to leave, since dancing is obviously not helping.
He turns off the stereo and locks the door.
No use in going back to the dorm, he thinks, I'm not going to sleep anyway.
Hoseok puts on his black hoodie and walks to the math department. He waves a hello to the doorman, who smiles a sad smile and lets him in.
“Again?” he asks, resigned.
Hoseok nods and shrugs.
“Ah, you kid are going to make me lose my mind one day” the man sighs, but gestures Hoseok to go. The boy flashes him his big smile and disappears up the stairs.
When he reaches the rooftop, he finds the door already open.
“Uh?” he says, mouth in a round shape. He steps out in the night again and he finds himself face to face with Namjoon.
The blond is standing at the edge of the rooftop, thick smoke resting in little clouds over his head. When he hears the door's screech, he turns over, worried, hiding the joint.
“Oh, you?” he says, raising his voice at the end as he was asking him. His shoulder relaxes a bit, but not quite. He seems tense.
Hoseok smiles.
“Can't sleep?” he asks, reaching the concrete bench where he found the blond the first time he met him.
“Not really. You neither?” and Namjoon plops down beside him.
Hoseok isn't sure how to handle this. The reason he's awake is right in front of him and he knows that after midnigt, nothing good can happen.
Namjoon doesn't know what to say either, he has too many questions, but he doesn't have the gut to voice any of them.
So they just stand there, in silence, staring at the full moon painting everything silver.
Namjoon turns his head slowly and looks at Hoseok: his high cheekbones are shining in the moonlight and his sharp jawline creates a neat shadow between his face and his neck. Hoseok looks beautiful, his tanned skin almost glowing and Namjoon really wants to touch him and feel him under his fingers.
Hoseok can sense Namjoon intense stare and lets him do so, until he can't anymore and looks back at the rapper with a questioning smile.
The blond jumps on his place, not noticing he had been staring at Hoseok for a good 5 minutes. He swallows and smiles back, embarrassed.
“Do you come here often?” he asks in an attempt to break the awkward silence between them, eyes sliding away from the other.
“Mh, almost every night” Hoseok nods. Namjoon looks back at him, shocked.
“What? Do you ever sleep?” he almost shouts, but Hoseok puts a hand on his mouth.
“Dammit Namjoon, it's 3 in the morning, lower your voice!” he whispers, looking right into the other's eyes. Namjoon nods and Hoseok removes his hand.
“So?” he asks, this time in a more approriate tone.
“What?” the black-haired guy is now back looking at the moon.
“You don't sleep?” Namjoon pushes him.
“Not really. I'm insomniac” he hesitates before answering and drops his gaze to the tip of his shoes.
Namjoon doesn't really know what to say. He feels is heart tightening, and hurting a little.
“Why?” he tries, hoping it doesn't sound as stupid as it feels.
Hoseok bites on his bottom lip hard, eyes wondering around.
“..It's silly” he keeps munching on his lips.
“It keeps you up at night, how silly can it be?”
Hoseok close his eyes for a moment and hears Namjoon howls: he had forgotten his spliff, which had consumed itself and has now burned the blond's fingers.
Hoseok laughs and puts a hand on Namjoon's hurt one.
“Seriously Namjoon, how can you be so.. you?” he asks and let's go of the hand, the laugh slowly fading into a sheepish smile.
Namjoon shrugs and curses, but he doesn't drop the topic, even if it's obvious Hoseok had hoped so.
“Hoseokie, what is it that doesn't make you sleep?” Namjoon's voice is deep, and he's looking right into the other's eyes. Hoseok's heart starts beating faster when he hears the blond spelling his name in such a hot voice.
“I, ehm... I'm afraid of the dark” he blurts out, teeth back torturing his lips.
To his surprise, Namjoon is not laughing. He stands beside him with an illegible expression on.
In a matter of seconds, Hoseok feels the other's hands grabbing his nape and dragging him closer. The next thing he knows, Namjoon is kissing him.
Not in a hurried way, completely different from their first drunk kiss the blond didn't even remember. It's a sweet, warm kiss, like Namjoon is trying to say with every movement that he cares about Hoseok. His lips are soft as he recalls them and he tastes the same. Hoseok closes his eyes and parts his lips, tracing Namjoon's mouth with his tongue. He feels all of the blond's lips wrinkles and sucks them in. He raises his arms and hugs Namjoon closer to him, his ribs feeling the other's heart speed racing. Hoseok smiles on the rapper's lips as he starts to peck little butterfly kisses on his cheekbones and his jawline. He feels Namjoon's big hand grabbing his hair and pulling him closer, so much closer. The blond's breath is hot on his skin and Hoseok can't help but go back to his lips and twisting their toungues together. Hoseok kissing skills are equally good as his dancing ones. Namjoon trails a hand down the dancer's spine and he feels him shiver under his touch. He licks at his upper lip and kisses Hoseok's cupid's bow and then he goes up to his nose.
He smiles and brushes Hoseok's hair, carressing his cheeks on his way down, hand pressing on the other's back.
“I'm sorry” Namjoon breathes out, red ears and plump lips. “I just.. I think I really like you” he says in a whisper, looking down and avoiding Hoseok's gaze.
“I know it doesn't help with your insomnia. But I would really like to be the one you rely on. I like you Jung Hoseok, I don't know what else to do”
The dancer stops breathing. He looks at Namjoon blanlky, not sure he has just heard what he thinks.
It can't be.
“You like me?” he asks, pointing at himself. The blond nods. His heart jumps a victory dance and he starts breathing again.
“Well- Hoseok cups Namjoon's face in his hands, regaining control -It must be your lucky day, cause I like you too. A lot” and he kisses him again, deeper if possible and lovingly.
“Don't worry about my sleep, I'll figure a way out somedays” he smiles at the blond, who hugs him tightly and breathes in his smell.
“We can stay here as long as you want though, I'm not tired at all today” Namjoon says, haed resting on Hoseok's shoulder.
“You sure?” he asks, breathing into Namjoon's bleached hair. The rapper nods and slides away from the hug, looking straight into Hoseok's eyes.
“All night, every night you need” he says, dropping a kiss on the other's lips.
Hoseok smiles brightly. He lays down on the bench and gesture Namjoon to do the same.
“I like it when the moon is so bright”
“Because it takes the darkness away?”
“..yeah” Hoseok answers, hand reaching for Namjoon's and squeezing it.
The blond takes Hoseok's hand to his lips and kisses it.
“Can I ask you something?” the dancer asks lightly after a bunch of minutes. Namjoon nods.
“What did the guy from the club told you after the show?”
The blond's eyes widen, realization hitting him
“Oh!- he starts -ehm. He.. BigHit wants me and Yoongi to start as trainee next year in september. He says they'll let us graduate and then we're off”
Hoseok jumps up and his mouth stretches into the biggest grin Namjoon has ever seen.
“That's amazing! That's... wow!”
“Yeah, it is. But I have a even greater news” the rapper grins back, leaning Hoseok onto his chest.
“He wants you and Jimin too”
Hoseok almost chockes. He lifts his head to stare at Namjoon.
“What” he says from the back of his throat.
“Yes. Sorry for not mention it before, we just got the confirmation yesterday”
“You're lying”
“I'm not?”
“Oh my god”
Namoon reaches out to kiss Hoseok again.
“Seems like we'll have to stick together for some more time, huh?” he says with a smile.
“Ah, what can I do” Hoseok reaches over to deepen the kiss and then flops down to rest on Namjoon's warm chest.


Hoseok falls asleep on Namjoon's shoulder slowly, between some laughter and some deep conversation the blond had started – weed playing a huge role in this, some philosophical shit Hoseok can't remember but that he enjoyed listening to because the rapper voice was so damn good. (He also finds out that the more tired Namjoon got, the huskier his voice was, and it causes him to shiver way more then his normal voice did).
He finally gets more than two hours of sleep and when the sun wakes them up, sore backs and throats dry, Hoseok thinks he might have just found out the cure to his insomnia.