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that one where killua's really gay and gon has horrible (great) ideas

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“Hey, Killua?”

From his position on his bed, the white haired boy hummed in response, absentmindedly flipping through the pages of some magazine he’d bought a while ago. His roommate and childhood best friend didn’t say anything else for a moment.

Just as Killua was getting ready to ask him what it was he’d bothered him about in the first place, Gon seemed to make up his mind, starting, “Have you ever kissed anyone?”

Killua blinked. “What?”

Gon didn’t seem bothered by his friend’s confusion; he only repeated, “Have you ever kissed anyone, Killua?”

“Uh…” The other boy looked back at his magazine, turning the page and avoiding looking at Gon so he wouldn’t see him blushing. “What would make you ask that?”

“I don’t know.” Gon shrugged, hopping off the couch where he had previously been seated. He turned to where his friend was perched at the top of their shared bunk bed to look at him while he explained, “I was just thinking about it, and I wanted to know if Killua had ever…”

“…Have you?”

Gon shook his head. “Nope.”


“You haven’t, Killua?”

“Stupid,” he said, his face oddly warm, “of course I haven’t!”

The brunet only laughed a little. “Yeah, I kind of figured.”

Killua narrowed his eyes, feigning being offended to hide his embarrassment. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing!” Gon put his hands up in front of him. “It’s just that you don’t seem that interested in stuff like that, so I guessed you hadn’t.”

“’Interested’?” Killua repeated, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah! Killua doesn’t seem that interested in things like dating and kissing. You don’t really talk about girls that much. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever heard about you having a crush on anyone, even when we were kids!”

Killua looked away, closing his eyes. Gon was only partially right in his assumption; he didn’t talk about girls that often—or ever, really—but he had had crushes before.

…Er, well, one crush, ever since he was twelve. It was a real pain in the ass, honestly, seeing as it hadn’t gone away in, what, four years?

He sighed into his palm and glanced at his friend from the corner of his eye. “There just aren’t any girls that I like is all. ‘S not a big deal.”

Gon shook his head. “No, that’s not what I meant. It’s not a big deal at all, I was just thinking, well—since you’ve never had a girlfriend or kissed anyone before, and I’ve never had a girlfriend or kissed anyone before, it would be better if we practiced.”

Killua narrowed his eyes at his friend, an eyebrow raised in skepticism. He could tell whatever vague idea Gon was planning, it was going to end horribly. “’Practice’? Practice what?”

“Kissing, obviously!”

He should’ve gotten lightheaded from how quickly blood rushed to his face at that. “What?!”

If Gon was aware of what the proposal was doing to Killua, he made no sign of it, as he continued on like it wasn’t a huge deal or anything. “Yeah!” He grinned. “We’re bound to get girlfriends at some point, right? So it’s better if we know how to kiss and stuff, so it’s not bad once we actually do get them!”

“That is horrible logic,” the white haired boy grumbled, covering his face as if that would help make it less red.

Gon frowned. “Really? I thought it made sense.”

“Of course you thought it made sense!” Killua snapped, glaring at him through his hands. “It’s a terrible idea,” he mumbled, but he couldn’t deny there was a certain appeal to that. Practicing kissing. With Gon. He bit his lip and looked down.

“Aw, c’mon, Killua!” The brunet whined from where he was still standing under the bunk bed, having to look up at the other as he spoke. “It’s not that bad of an idea…”

“It doesn’t even really work!” Killua continued. “We’re both boys, it won’t be the same as kissing a girlfriend!”

“It’s better than nothing though!” Gon defended. “I mean, we’re both gonna get them sometime, and everyone keeps talking about how apparently that’ll be soon, so we should practice while we can!” Killua would have been fine if he’d stopped there, but the boy didn’t seem close to doing such, as he continued on to say, “I don’t want my first kiss with a girlfriend to be horrible because I don’t know what to do. What if she’s super experienced and she thinks I’m—“

“Okay, I get it, Jesus fuck!” Killua interrupted him, climbing down from the bunk bed so he was standing in front of the shorter of the two. “You’re really hung up on this?”

Gon nodded.

“Of course you are,” the taller mumbled, rolling his eyes with a huff and crossing his arms over his chest. “It’s not a big deal. If you don’t want a girlfriend yet or if you’re worried about it, you don’t have to get one. There’s no magic rule that says you can’t be single at sixteen.”

“No, I know that, it’s just. I do want one, I think?” Gon tried to explain, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “Er, at least, I want to try kissing. But there aren’t any girls I like or want to do that with. The only person I think I’d want to try that with is Killua.” He smiled apologetically.

The red had returned, if it had even left to begin with. “You can’t just say stuff like that!” Killua hissed.

“Why not? It’s true!”

“No—I mean—“ He huffed in frustration at his own inability to form coherent words. “Ugh, fine! We can practice k—that!”

Gon perked up almost visibly. “Really?”


“You’re sure?”

Yes, Jesus dick, stop asking before I change my mind.”

If at all possible, his smile only got wider. I’m so fucked, Killua thought.


Somehow, Gon’s bed ended up as the designated area for them to sit and get on with their endeavors. Killua had his back against the headboard with Gon sitting across from him, feeling—or at least looking—a lot more put together than Killua.

“So…how do you want to…?” Gon asked vaguely.

“I dunno,” Killua huffed, purposefully looking anywhere but at the boy across from him. “I just sort of thought you were leading this whole thing, since it was your idea and all.”

Gon’s eyebrows furrowed the way they did when he was thinking a lot. He didn’t respond to Killua’s answer; instead, he tapped a finger against his chin and stared at the bed sheets a bit too aggressively.

Killua looked at him curiously. “Hey, Gon…” he said in way of getting his friend’s attention.

He had intended to say more, but before he could, Gon was lifting his head up and all but smashing his lips into Killua’s.

Ow!” They both lamented at the same time. Gon rubbed his head where it had knocked into the taller’s, wincing, while aforementioned boy was licking his lip for traces of blood. He was near certain that had busted his lip.

“Fuck,” he swore, pressing a hand to his face. It came back with a bit of blood, but not too much. It would stop soon enough, he figured. Still hurt like a bitch, though.

“Sorry, Killua,” Gon said, still rubbing his head. “That was really bad.”

“You think?” Killua responded sarcastically, but his heartbeat hadn’t slowed down from before. “I feel sorry for whoever you end up dating.”

Gon laughed a little at that. “Yeah, I hope they aren’t expecting much from me as far as kissing goes…”

“…That’s why we’re practicing,” Killua said quietly.

The brunet blinked at him in surprise. “You’re still going along with it even after that?”

“I said I would, didn’t I? Just make sure not to do that again. You went in way too hard for a first kiss. You’ll scare the girl off if you try doing that with her.”

Gon nodded seriously, but the second time he went in, he didn’t even reach Killua’s lips before he was being stopped.

The white haired boy huffed, pushing him away gently. “You’re still doing it wrong,” he chastised. “You’re going at it like you do almost everything else. You have to be slower about it.” Killua blinked. “I mean, unless the person likes it like that, but I don’t think your first time kissing a girl is gonna be that—“ He cut himself off abruptly when he realized Gon was staring at him. He cleared his throat louder than necessary. “Yeah.”

“You know a lot about this,” Gon said.

“Do not,” Killua mumbled. “I just…it’s common sense, ‘s all. Everyone knows this stuff.”

“Show me.”

It wasn’t a request.

Killua looked at Gon, trying to gauge his emotions, but when he came up with nothing, he sighed and repositioned himself in front of the other. “You’re gonna be the death of me,” he mumbled.

The shorter only beamed in response.

To keep himself from doing something really embarrassing (like blush more, maybe), Killua leaned in, slower than earlier had been, slow enough to give him time to prepare, and pressed his lips tentatively against Gon’s. It was chaste and lasted one second, two seconds, three seconds before he pulled away, cheeks redder than they probably should’ve been and heart racing still.

Gon didn’t respond for a moment, only blinking with a sort of surprised look on his face, like he was still processing that that had happened. Once it seemed to go through, his face split into a grin, and he all but yelled, “That was great, Killua!”

“You’re embarrassing,” Killua said. “It’s not a big deal.”

“Better than what I tried,” Gon joked. “Can we do that again? I wanna try this time.”

Killua shrugged with faux nonchalance. “I guess.”

The third time was better than the first, for sure, but Gon still went a little too harshly, not enough discomfort to take away from the effect, but enough to hurt a little. Their teeth clanked together, and it wasn’t anything special. But all the same—after they pulled away, it was mutual when they went in for a fourth.

They continued like that.

It was the seventh kiss that they figured out how to breath between kissing, which proved to be very useful information as that meant they didn’t have to keep pulling away for air, and it was the tenth that Gon had the fantastic idea to use tongue. Of course, he asked beforehand, a quiet and earnest is this okay, Killua? that was nearly pointless because by then Killua was pretty sure he would go along with anything as long as it was with Gon.

So he nodded, quicker and more eager than he’d at all intended; Gon laughed at his enthusiasm good-naturedly, and when felt Gon’s tongue against his lips, it was weird and kind of gross and somehow totally appealing at the same time. He opened his mouth and titled his head because he knew that apparently you were supposed to do that when you made out with someone (wow okay he was making out with Gon holy fuck—), and it worked wonders.

By the twelfth, Killua had ended up pretty much straddling Gon, arms around his shoulders, their movements definitely more certain, with a bit more urgency than probably what they should’ve had considering it was all under the reasoning of Experience and Practice. But that hadn’t crossed Killua’s mind in quite some time, really, because Gon’s hands were on his hips, his teeth nipping at Killua’s bottom lip, and it was all a jumble of GonGonGonholyfuckingshit—

It was the fourteenth that Gon had decided he’d gotten enough Experience with lips, and that he kind of wanted to try something else too, Killua, is that okay? And that something was apparently hickies because holy fuck was Killua going to have a shit ton after the way he all but attacked his neck.

Not that he could complain, really, with the way he was urging Gon on, but it was difficult to think about covering those up when tomorrow came when his entire body felt like it was on fire, a warmth in his groin steadily growing, his head heavy and clouded with a fog he hadn’t realized was possible to have. He didn’t even hear when his phone started ringing, he was so far gone at that point.

In fact, he wouldn’t have noticed or even cared at all, had it not been for the way Gon pulled away at the noise, getting off the bed to search for Killua’s phone, which was still playing some pop song obnoxiously loudly. It was on his bunk bed, and Gon handed it to him.

Reluctantly, he took it, and the caller ID read Leorio. He rolled his eyes and groaned, pressing the answer button probably a bit harsher than necessary.

“Hello?” he said, and his voice sounded weirdly hoarse, even to him. Gon laughed quietly at that; he hid his giggles behind a hand when Killua glared at him in response.

Leorio proceeded to request something completely unimportant and completely not necessary to Killua, and he could feel his patience dropping. He hung up harshly, irritated now that their make out session had been interrupte and, at that point, more than likely ruined. He tossed his phone to the side haphazardly and sighed.

Gon stood, not on the bed but near the edge of it, looking a little bit unsure of himself. “I’m gonna go take a shower,” he said finally, rubbing his neck like he was embarrassed. Killua nodded and watched Gon walk into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

The moment he heard the shower running, Killua shoved a pillow in his face and screamed.