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Wave Turbulence

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"What was that? Was that a chainsaw?" Casey belts out as he's jolted awake by a buzzing noise. They've been on the boat for nearly a week, but he's still not used to sleeping below the deck, much less all the new and different noises.

Dan groans, automatically reaching over and pulling Casey towards him. "jus' a speedboat, Case," he manages. The boat rocks gently in the waves, as the other boat's wake hits their rented sailboat. "See?" Dan adds, then drops a kiss to Casey's shoulder before succumbing back to slumber.

Bracing one hand against the wall, Casey turns in the tight quarters to face his partner. He strokes a finger through Dan's fine hair, quietly saying, "How I ever let you talk me into a week on a boat..."

"'s fun," Danny murmurs. "'s a boat-cation."

"Boat-cation my ass, Danny," Casey says impishly.

Dan's eyes flutter open as one of his hands reaches over to grab Casey's, planting it firmly on his backside a second later. "What about my ass, Case?" he asks sleepily.

Casey just smiles, then leans down to kiss Dan. Their boat starts rocking gently a few minutes later, though this time not from another boat's wake.