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I might be dead inside / but you make me feel alive

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“Thought cliches weren’t your thing,” Laura gasps, feeling Carmilla’s arms wrap around her from behind; steam ghosts at her shoulder as Carmilla’s hands pretend to trace the outline of Laura’s dress, climbing her chest.

Carmilla takes less urging than usual, and grabs Laura's breasts without Laura's encouragement - and even jerks away the lacing to drop down the bodice of the dress, pressing Laura against the chair that they're standing behind.

“I’m a vampire, cupcake, don’t have much choice...” she murmurs, and with the fondling accompanying Carmilla’s comment Laura bites her lip, posture stiffening with mounting arousal. She moves to face Carmilla, but Carmilla takes a hand off Laura’s chest to halt her.

Laura’s brow furrows, but she swings a leg over the top of the chair. She’s unable to reach the seat of the chair with her foot, so her balance is iffy, but she knows Carmilla will hold her.

“My, my, my, aren’t you all too eager…”

A single tug brings Laura’s wet panties down to her knees, and Carmilla presses her tighter against the chair, hiking the skirt of Laura’s dress up just high enough for her to curl her wrist and give her hand the leverage to easily slide its fingers against and into Laura's pussy.

"You really are too tightly wound..." Carmilla whispers, raising her other hand to clasp around Laura's neck, the spoils of her recent manicure digging blissfully into its sides.

Fangs soon replace some of the fingernails, and Laura moans out in pleasure.