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with just a little bit of luck

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Nealer is grunting to Olli's left. Olli sneaks a peak, and then is sorry: Nealer's eyes are closed, his mouth gapped open a little, and that look of anguished bliss was not one Olli ever needed to see on Nealer's face.

To Olli's right, Paulie is staring at the ceiling as he works himself methodically. Two more stalls over, Sid and Geno are sitting awfully close for a friendly lucky jerkoff session, in Olli's opinion, but what does Olli know? Luck rituals aren't anything like this in Finland.

Across the way, Jussi meets his gaze. He shrugs with a twist of his lips, like What can you do? Then he nods meaningfully at Olli's crotch.

Olli sighs and takes himself in hand again.