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Sun beats down on her shoulders, the heat pleasurable but almost unbearable. Alexis tosses her book to the side and peels off her sunglasses, squinting in the glare. She stands from her chaise and stretches, her arms lifting high over her head. Taking three large steps, she walks over to the pool and dives into the deep end.

The cool water feels like heaven against her skin. Alexis swims beneath the surface for a few feet then rises. Her head breaks the water and she rolls over to float on her back. After a minute, she unhooks her bikini top, releasing it to sink down to the bottom of the pool. Her nipples pucker in the sunlight and she smiles, eyes closed and body loose.

The edge of the pool brushes her shoulder and she spins slowly in the water, uses her feet against the wall to push off and send herself back out into the middle. Water pools in the hollow between her hips and she dips her fingers into it, swirling around her navel.

She hears light splashing in the shallow end and her grin grows. She doesn't move. Just waits. He'll come to her.

The hands that slide up her legs are slimmer than she expected. The mouth along her hip makes her gasp.


Her stepmother hums next to her ear, a happy little sound. Her fingers stroke at Alexis's body, slicking over her skin easily in the water.

"I was trying to not disturb you," Kate says, mouth pressed up against Alexis's ear, "but you looked so delicious that I couldn't help myself."

Kate's hand closes over Alexis's left breast, massaging before firmly tweaking her nipple. Water rushes into Alexis's mouth when she gasps. Sputtering, she rights herself and spins to face Kate.

Naked Kate.

Her stepmother grips her hips and pulls, bumping their chests together. Alexis lifts her legs, her knees hooking over Kate's slender hips. Her arms come around Kate's neck and their lips meet, the kisses tasting like desire and chlorine.

Kate palms her ass and Alexis moans, her hips rocking forward. Her stepmother laughs into the kiss, walking them over until Alexis' shoulders are pressed up against the wall of the pool.

"Fuck," Alexis grits out when Kate's mouth moves down to caress her neck.

"I take that to mean you're not mad at me for interrupting your swim?"

Alexis laughs. "You can interrupt anything for this."

"Good to know," Kate grins, a hand skating down Alexis' stomach.

Fingers, so much smaller than her dad's but no less pleasurable, slip into the front of Alexis' bikini bottoms. Kate teases her, stroking over her pussy so lightly Alexis starts to whimper. She fists her hand in the back of her stepmother's wet hair and tugs, pulling her in for a deep kiss.

Kate's tongue strokes over her own just as her fingers make contact with her clit. Alexis' back arches. Kate circles her clit a half dozen times then slides down to tease the entrance to her cunt. Back and forth she moves, never quite giving Alexis the exact touch she wants. Water laps at their shoulders as Alexis' hips rock.

"You're teasing me," Alexis murmurs against Kate's mouth, her hand moving around to grip her stepmother's bare breast.

Kate nods, not even a little shame in her grin.


"Because I'm the evil stepmother," Kate laughs, her fingers inching closer to Alexis' clit. "And," she adds, leaning in for a kiss so sweet Alexis feels her heart melt, "I love that beautiful flush your chest gets when you're worked up and desperate for release."

"Curse of-" Alexis stutters when just the tip of one finger hits her clit - "Curse of being a redhead."

Kate laughs again and Alexis draws her into another kiss. She loves this. Loves that they can laugh and smile and crack jokes while they make each other come. She'd never have expected this from the serious and tough Detective Beckett but Kate - Kate is a revelation. Happy and funny and goofy and endlessly sexy. Alexis had her doubts when her dad claimed this woman made him happy but now she gets it.

"Come for me," Kate says, her fingers rubbing at Alexis' clit with increasing pressure and speed. "Come for me here in the pool and then I'll take you inside and eat you."

Alexis' hips jerk at the words. Fuck yes. She loves to have her pussy eaten, especially by Kate. Her dad is great at it too but Kate just knows. Knows how to roll her tongue and curl her fingers and make Alexis come until she has to use her safe word for relief.

"You gonna fuck me after you eat me?" Alexis asks, breasts rising rapidly as she pants.

"If that's what the birthday girl wants," Kate smiles. "It's your weekend."

Working her second hand into the crotch of Alexis' swim bottoms, she pushes two fingers deep into her already twitching cunt. Alexis moans and clenches around her as Kate curls her fingers and rubs hard at Alexis' g-spot.

"Gonna - oh fuck - I'm gonna come."

"I know," Kate says and it's the quiet confidence in her voice that pushes Alexis over, her pussy clenching and releasing rapidly.

Kate brings her through it, working her down from the peak with slow kisses and gentle strokes. "Happy birthday," she says, kissing the top of Alexis' right breast.

"Not until Monday," Alexis corrects.

"Then I guess we have two more days to hit that 'one orgasm for every year of life' goal your dad set."

Alexis lets out a laughing groan. "I'm gonna die."

"But what a way to go," Kate grins.

Dipping in for one more kiss, Kate starts to detangle their limbs. She takes Alexis by the hand and leads her across the shallow end to the concrete steps. Alexis watches as her stepmother's naked body rises out of the water, droplets clinging to her skin, running over her breasts and ass in teasing rivers.

"You're gorgeous," she says, squeezing Kate's fingers. Kate gives her a wide smile over her shoulder.

"As are you. Your dad is a lucky, lucky man."

They're all lucky, in Alexis' opinion. All three of them.

They towel off quickly and head inside, Alexis' wet bottoms left outside on the deck. By unspoken agreement, they head straight for the master bathroom. Kate pulls Alexis into the shower behind her, already reaching out for a washcloth and soap. They keep the touching to a minimum while they quickly wash the pool chemicals from their bodies.

Clean and mostly dry, Kate again takes Alexis by the hand and leads her back out into the bedroom. The air conditioner keeps the room nice and cool even in the middle of the afternoon and Alexis feels goosebumps erupting on her naked skin.

At the edge of the bed, Kate turns on the spot, pulling Alexis up against her until their breasts are pressed almost flat from the pressure. Her wet hair tickles Alexis shoulder when she leans in for a deep, passionate kiss. Her stepmother caresses her body as they kiss, the firm strokes of her hands stoking the fire of arousal in Alexis' belly.

"Kate," Alexis breathes.


"Bed. Get on the bed before my knees give out.

Her stepmother chuckles but complies, crawling into the middle of the mattress and beckoning Alexis to follow. Kate lies down on her back and grins up at Alexis.

"Put that pretty little pussy on my mouth," she says, hands reaching out. "Let me lick it."

Alexis crawls across the comforter to position herself over Kate's head. Her knees brush against her stepmother's shoulders as she lowers herself down, Kate's gorgeous body filling her vision.

"Hmm, you smell so good," Kate says from between Alexis' legs. The tip of her tongue runs along Alexis' pussy lips. "Taste good too."

"Don't tease," Alexis pouts. "Eat me."

Kate strokes her hands up the back of Alexis' thighs to her ass. She grips her cheeks and tugs, pulling Alexis closer to her mouth. Then her tongue slips between Alexis' wet pussy lips and strokes.

"Yeah," Alexis encourages, reaching down to play with Kate's breasts, "like that."

Her stepmother moans from between her legs and Alexis responds with her own noises of pleasure. Kate eats her cunt in earnest, licking and sucking until Alexis' hips are grinding down against her mouth. Kate's own hips rise off the bed, humping the empty air, and Alexis scrapes her nails across her stepmother's stomach, makes her way down to her cunt.

"Fuck, Kate," Alexis breathes, rubbing her pussy with two fingers. "You're so wet."

Kate doesn't answer, just groans, her legs falling wide open. Unable to help herself, Alexis wraps her hands around Kate's thighs and leans forward, angling herself down until she can get to her stepmother's cunt with her mouth.

Crying out, Kate bucks her hips up off the bed, slamming her pussy into Alexis' face. Alexis licks at her clit, moaning softly at the taste. Kate isn't the only woman Alexis has ever gone down on but she is her favorite. So tangy and musky and responsive. So hot.

Alexis humps against Kate's face in time with the stroke of her own tongue over her stepmother's clit. They eat with fervor, both of them lost to the world outside each other.

"Oh holy fuck."

Alexis looks up, sees her dad standing in the doorway to the bedroom, sunglasses hooked into the collar of his t-shirt and mouth gaping. She smiles at him, can feel his wife's pussy juice smeared across her face. He starts forward, hand already reaching for his belt and Alexis shakes her head.

"No. Just me and Kate."

"Pumpkin," her dad starts, a whine in his voice.

"Just us," Alexis repeats. She jerks her head toward the chair by the window. "You can watch though."

Her dad strides over to the bed and grips her by the chin. He kisses her hard, licking across her lips and into her mouth, before releasing her and backing away. He shucks off his pants and grabs the wingback chair by the window, dragging it over to the edge of the bed.

Alexis smiles at him, fingers skimming over Kate's cunt. "Watch me make your wife squirt."

Her dad groans, hand gripping his growing cock, and Alexis drops her head, going back to Kate's pussy. She licks and sucks and fingers and Kate shudders, calling out Alexis' name from between her legs.

Her dad whispers filthy words of encouragement from the chair, hand stroking his cock. Alexis looks over at him and winks then slams three fingers into Kate and twists her wrist. Kate screams, her hips bucking up off the bed as her cunt gushes. She squirts and comes, legs trembling, and Alexis fingers her through it, pumping into her cunt hard and fast.

Kate collapses on the bed, moaning, and Alexis moves to the side, lifting her body off her stepmother's. She kisses Kate's hip, her nipple, the thundering pulse in her neck.

"Take your time," Alexis whispers and Kate nods.

Alexis moves away, crawling across the bed on her knees until she's in front of her dad. He smiles at her, the hand not strangling his cock reaching out to palm her breast. Alexis swats him away and he frowns.

"Just me and Kate," she reminds him.

Leaning back, Alexis shifts her weight onto her ass. She brings her feet up to rest on the arms of the chair, her knees spread. Propping herself up on one elbow, she skates the other hand down her stomach and to her cunt. Her dad watches with hungry eyes as she starts to play with herself.

"You can't touch," she says, "but you can watch me until Kate has recovered enough to fuck me."

Her dad looks up from her pussy, a storm brewing in his eyes. "You're gonna pay for this, pumpkin," he growls.

Alexis giggles. "I'm looking forward to it."

She plays with her clit, rubbing and pinching while her dad watches and strokes his cock. Her mouth starts to water the longer she watches him, the urge to say 'fuck it' and just let him pound her growing with every stroke of his fist. It's only Kate's hand on her shoulder that muffle the words.

"Give me two minutes," she says when Alexis look at her. "I gotta find the feeldo and lube since we haven't unpacked yet."

Alexis nods and Kate climbs off the bed, circling around to pull her husband into a deep kiss before heading toward the closet where they'd tossed the luggage when they arrived.

"I want to fuck you," her dad grits out, leaning back in the chair as if to stop himself from surging forward and doing it.

"I know," Alexis replies, her fingers still working on her pussy. "And you'll have plenty of chances if you want me to get to twenty-three orgasms by Monday."

"Twenty-four," her dad grins. "You'll need one to grow on."

Kate laughs from in the closet and Alexis returns her dad's grin. "Twenty-four, then. Seeing as I'm only at two right now, I'll definitely need some help."

"And right now," Kate says, coming out of the closet with her purple feeldo already inserted and standing proudly at attention, "that help will be coming from me."

She tosses the lube down next her husband's hip. "Use that. Don't chafe that beautiful cock. We have plans for it later."

He laughs, grabbing the bottle and popping the lid. "Yes, dear."

Kate tweaks his ear and then moves to the foot of the bed. "Come here," she says to Alexis, beckoning her with one finger.

Alexis scrambles to the foot of the bed and settles on her knees and elbows in front of Kate. Her stepmother strokes her ass, hands pulling her cheeks wide apart.

"I think I'll fuck your pussy," she says, "leave your ass for your dad later."

Alexis and her dad both groan. They all love anal, both giving and receiving. Alexis hasn't fucked her dad with the feeldo yet but she's hoping this weekend might be the time.

Kate grabs the lube from where her husband tossed it on the bed and Alexis hears the cap pop behind her. A thin, cold stream of lube hits her pussy and she yelps a bit. Kate presses a kiss to the rounded cheek of her ass and mumbles an apology.

One hand on Alexis' hip, her stepmother moves closer to the bed. She strokes the tip of the dildo up and down Alexis' cunt, bumping up against her clit on each pass

"Fuck me, Beckett," Alexis growls, knowing the use of her last name will spur her on. It always does. "Fuck me now."

Silently, Kate obeys, pushing the full length of the dildo into Alexis's cunt in one stroke. They all three groan and then Kate starts to move, pumping her hips with as much - if not more- skill as any man Alexis has fucked.

Alexis rocks her hips to meet the rhythm, moaning with every fourth stroke. Those are the rough ones. Her favorite.

"How are you so good at this?" Alexis pants, her hands fisted into the comforter. "Shit, Kate."

"Practice," Kate says, her voice serious and strained as she thrusts. "Lots of practice."

Alexis loses herself in it, the varying pattern stealing her breath and ability to think. She moans and rocks, her body almost completely beyond her control. Kate leans over and presses a line of hot kisses down Alexis' spine, tongue flicking out to lick her skin.

"You're so sexy," Kate husks, one hand reaching around to play with Alexis's clit. "I wanna see you come."

"Me too," her dad says, breathless. "Come on Kate's cock, pumpkin."

Alexis groans, her body strung tight but not quite there. "Need-" she pants

"What?" Kate asks "What do you need."

"Different," Alexis chokes out, so close to yet so far from coming and frustrated. "Ride you. Need to ride you."

Kate slows gradually and then pulls out. Alexis whimpers at the loss of the dildo in her aching pussy and sits up on her knees. She watches Kate walk to the head of the bed and climb up. Her stepmother comes to rest in a sitting position, her back against the headboard and knees bent. She strokes her cock as Alexis scrambles up to meet her.

One hand gripping Alexis' hip and the other holding her cock steady, Kate helps Alexis position herself over the dildo and then slide down.

"Yes," Alexis hisses, hands gripping her stepmother's dainty shoulders. "Fuck, Kate."

Kate's hands slide down her back to grab her ass and Alexis groans, looking   at her stepmother. "Ride my cock," Kate demands, pushing on Alexis' ass to get her hips moving. "Ride me until you come."

Alexis wraps her arms around Kate's neck and leans forward to kiss her as her hips start to rock. She fucks herself on the dildo and makes out with her stepmother, all to the sound of her dad furiously jacking himself off in the chair next to them.

"You have to teach me to fuck like this," Alexis breathes against Kate's mouth. "Wanna fuck you this good. Fuck him."

Her dad groans and Kate smiles. "We'll practice on his ass later tonight," she promises, hips still meeting Alexis' every twist and thrust.

"Yeah," Alexis says breathlessly. "Yeah, that's what I want."

"I know," Kate says again.

"I'm gonna come," her dad announces and Alexis looks over her shoulder to watch him. His abs tremble and sweat slicks his skin. He looks fucking delicious.

"Come over her," she commands. "Come jack yourself off on my tits."

Her dad grunts and stands up. He climbs onto the bed, standing up next to Kate and Alexis. He pumps his cock hard and fast over their joined bodies.

"I'm gonna fuck you so hard later," he growls and even though he doesn't say her name, Alexis knows he's talking to her. "Gonna fill you up with my come."

"Yeah?" Alexis says, looking up at him. "Where?"

"Everywhere," her dad grunts. "Your cunt, your mouth, your ass. Claim you."

He goes still and moans, thick white ropes of come shooting from the end of his cock. They splatter across Alexis' breasts and she moans. Kate, eyes locked with Alexis', leans forward and presses her mouth to Alexis' skin, licks her clean. Her dad groans from above them and then sits down on the bed, staring.

"You two taste so good together," Kate whispers and Alexis whines out her need, one hand reaching down to play with get clit.

She rubs at herself with vigor while she rides Kate's cock, leaning forward to kiss her dad's taste out of her stepmother's mouth.

"Come for me," Kate says, reaching down to rub at her own clit. "Come on my cock, Alexis."

"Yes," Alexis starts to chant. "Yes yes yes yes. Fuck, Kate. Yes. Oh god. Love your cock. Yes."

Alexis comes on a ragged cry and falls forward, her body sagging against Kate's. Kate grips her ass and pumps her hips, fucking herself to orgasm with the bulbous end of the dildo inside her cunt. She finally comes on a strangled moan and with Alexis' mouth attached to her collarbone.

Not ready to move yet, Alexis stays draped over her stepmother, her pussy still fluttering around the rigid dildo. Kate draws her into a deep kiss and scoots them down, rolling them to the side so Alexis is sandwiched between her dad and stepmother. Her dad lays down behind her, his limp cock against her ass and wet mouth at her shoulder.

"Only twenty-one to go," he whispers, hand stroking at her waist.

"Twenty," Alexis corrects, smiling as she looks at her stepmother. "Because the way Kate just made me come definitely counts as two."