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The Elite

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In the six years since the downfall of the Dark Lord Voldemort, who'd terrorized the Wizarding World for far too many years, much has changed. A new Ministry has been formed, a new Minister elected by an overwhelming number of votes.

As this new Minister worked to rebuild the Ministry, as well as the Wizarding community, it is believed that he got together with the newly appointed head of the Aurors department.

They needed someone to track down the remaining Death Eaters. What had remained of the Ministry and Order of the Phoenix had been able to capture most of them, but still, far too many had escaped before they could be captured. There were even a few they had no proof had ever worked for Voldemort, and therefore, they could pin no charges that would stick. They needed someone to gather what remained of Voldemort's forces, stop them from electing a new leader and starting over.

Thus, The Elite was created. They were, as the title suggested, the best of the best. They received training like no Auror before them. Their mission was to take down every remaining threat to the Wizarding world, no matter what it took.

There were major upsides to being Elite.

Like the fact that, outside the group itself, only about ten people even knew of the Elite's existence. And the majority of them wouldn't be able to point out a single on of them in a lineup.

The fact that you know, no matter what you're doing, no matter where you are, you know that someone's always got your back.

The fact that just saying your name can get you into the Ministers office, without question. Even if it is only to ask what his favorite color socks are.

The fact that you could go anywhere in the world on a dime.

The fact that you save the world on a weekly basis. Or at least the tri-city area.

There were, however, downfalls as well.

Like the fact that your entire life is a lie.

The fact that no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing, someone knows about it.

The fact that you get woken up at three in the morning for a mission that will be difficult to explain to your boyfriend at a later time.

The fact that you aren't allowed to tell anyone what you really do for a living. Doing so could risk everything.

The fact that you don't get paid nearly enough.

The Elite. You don't know their names. You never see their faces. But you know they're there, watching out for you.

"This was intentional?" the Minister asked, allowing the newspaper to fall to his desk.

"Yes sir," the blonde woman said, standing in an almost military manner. "I spoke with Magenta; she agrees that slipping something to the Quibbler every now and then will provide a good cover. This is only a pre-copy. We can have the article removed before anyone has a chance to read it."

The minister thought for a moment, scanning the passage once more. "No. Leave it. It's good. No one will take it seriously from the Quibbler. It's the perfect cover."