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Hey space cadet lol

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William Barnes (gay) woke up from a strange dream, he was in the same fucking bed with the red comforter and the white stripes. His enlarged penis sat before him in the usual fashion. He grabbed the comb from his nightstand, but before he could drag it across his manhood, he remember his ex (which he wrote 30% of his discography abt btw) and started crying.
He couldn't even bring himself to put on his fursuit, so he stayed in his undertale themed boxers.

The phone rang as he sobbed, scrambling to write some of his thoughts down, none of them were hitting quite right though. His 17 year old ghost slapped him across the face and told him to get a grip as he handed him the xiaomi redmi note 11. "Thanks Willy." the man responded.

He looked at the caller Id and it was Andrew Katz (drums, percussion, backing vocals)!!! Oh my god his friend Andrew is calling him he better pick up. As he answered the phone a sweat bead began to form on his forehead in an animegirl fashion. "H- h.. hello A-a-andrew" the vocalist stuttered.

"Who is this?" the man on the phone asked. "It's Will... you called me. Remember?"
"Uhhhh... right yeah Will Toledo. I don't want to do 1 trait danger anymore okbye."
"I got amnosia :( forgot how to play drum."
"Oh noo we are in a pickle." The tall handsome man replied.

What will he do now? Eat breakfast? Eat lunch? No. He suddenly remembered it's just the building of the verse. His dream came back to him in a cut scene.( We can't see it but it was very cool) He knew just what to do.