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I've Got a Crush on You

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Step 1: Be a Good Sport


Day 1


The dark skinned teenager blew her bangs for the umpteenth time as she scowled at the pair of love birds in front of her. For the past hour she’d been glaring at them non-stop… and perhaps the girl had already noticed because she kept glancing back at her every chance she got.


Her friend Mako was feeding some sort of dessert to his new girlfriend. Korra heard her laugh politely as she wiped her chin. At least from this angle she could only see her and the back of Mako’s head. She so didn’t want to see his expression right now.



Mako had been changing girlfriends a lot lately. A lot. Which was really weird because before that he’d barely shown any interest in dating. Korra exhaled through her nose. This was the fifth one in less than three months… well, she was not officially his girlfriend yet, they were just on a date, but still…


Korra glanced back at them, the difference was that this time she knew the girl. Asami Sato. She wasn’t being spiteful, but Asami was way over his league.


Way over.


And Korra really wanted to dislike her. She really really did, but she was so nice. Not only that, she was smart, rich, a fire bender just as Mako, and –to her tiny dismay- beautiful. Korra Anik, in her blue long sleeved flannel shirt, battered black skinny jeans and grey beanie didn’t stand a chance against perfectly dress fashion diva Asami Sato was. The point was that Asami was perfect and Mako was well…Mako. Sure, she had a crush on him since God knows when, but even she had to admit that the only thing going for him were his looks, she distinctly remember him being an asshole at the beginning.


He had very charming features, there was no denying it, and Korra, as the other girls, was not immune to those.


“They were out of mint so I brought you a hot chocolate.” Korra looked up, meeting a pair of green eyes smiling back at her. He put one of the paper cups in front of her.


“Thanks Bo.” She smiled back at the boy, taking a sip of her chocolate.


“Seems like there’s no practice today, huh?” Bolin said, nodding at the pair. “It will be impossible to drag Mako out of here.” There was a hint of resentment in his tone. Bolin sigh as he took a sip of his black tea, his eyes darted to the pair. So did Korra’s. “Have you noticed how he seems to change us every time he gets a new girlfriend?” As if feeling eyes on her, Asami glanced back and smiled at her. Korra tried to return it, but it came more as a grimace. Who was she kidding… she couldn’t hate Asami. She wasn’t even aware of her crush. 


No one was.


Korra sighed, time to get out of here. She put a hand on his shoulder. “Let’s not think about that today. It’s our last day before school starts again, ok? Let’s do something fun!” She gave him her trademark crooked grin.  Bolin smiled, feeling a lot lighter.  Korra grabbed her hot chocolate, grin still in place and noticed Asami was again looking at them. Mako was nowhere to be seen, so she decided to say good bye really quick. She walked to her table.  Ah shit, Asami was really nice, always smiling.


“Hey, uh, just came to say goodbye. Bo and I have some stuff to do so…” Korra motioned from her, to Bolin, to the exit awkwardly.


Asami looked disappointed, but nodded nonetheless. “Oh… so soon? I was kinda hoping all of us could hang out later.” Korra felt guilty, they were leaving because they couldn’t stand the couple together and here Asami wanted to spend time with them. Probably to get to know her future boyfriend’s brother and hang out with her. Korra and Asami were not exactly friends but they had shared multiple classes over the last two years.


Korra managed a polite smile. “Maybe next time… ok?”


Asami smile up at her. “Sure. See you tomorrow then.”  Korra felt her stomach churning violently…she really really wanted to hate her.


She decided to leave before Mako came back. “I’ll see you around then.” Halfway through her sentence she turned around, giving her one last grin. 


“Yeah” Asami said softly as Mako took his seat again. She watched as Bolin put his arm around Korra’s waist while Korra snaked hers around his shoulders, they left grinning and laughing.


"What did I miss?” Mako asked with a charming smile.




Bolin huffed, balancing the big box in his arms. “Your definition of fun needs improvement, Korra…” he huffed again. “Carrying your crap from Air Temple Island is NOT fun.” He saw the school gates and nearly cried of happiness.  Republic City Academy of Bending stood tall before them.  The finest school of bending in all Republic City.


Korra grinned, “Whatever do you mean, Bo? I didn’t heard you complaining when we nearly bumped into that new air bender and you couldn’t stop staring, did I?” She was balancing two medium sized boxes on each arm and a duffle-bag. Bolin blushed, but didn’t say anything. “Let’s just go to registration real quick so I can know which room I’m moving to. Then we can leave all this crap on my new room and watch a mover or something.”


“Fine fine…let’s just hope your new room’s not on the seventh floor.” Bolin joked, knowing that the seventh and eighth floor were for the fire bending girls. The sixth and fifth floors were air benders territory while the fourth and third floor were for the water bender. That left the lower floors to the earth benders.


Korra snorted. Hefting one of the boxes into a more comfortable position. “Let’s just hope I get someone better than Ahnah for a roommate.” She exhaled loudly, her eyes lingering on the girls building. “Aghh! I want a nice roommate for once!”


Bolin turned to look at her, his expression softening. “It’s your fault. If you hadn’t started that fight, Korra, you wouldn’t be switching rooms.”


Korra rolled her eyes. “Please, that was last term. Besides… she started it.” She finished with a pout.


“That’s not the point!”


The water bender shrugged, not caring a bit. “Well it can’t be helped now. I just have to be on my best behavior.” 


“A trouble maker? On her best behavior? I’d like to see that.” Bolin said under his breath. Korra turned to glare at him and he changed the topic. “Oh look, the office. I´ll wait for you here.” He gently put the box on the ground and grabbed one of her boxes. “Go go.” He watched the young water tribe girl enter the office with confidence.


It wasn’t long before Korra came out of the office with a look of utter confusion. Bolin furrowed his eyebrows. “What is it? Don’t tell me you’re moving with your cousin.” Korra shook her head. “Well… then what floor? Third or fourth?”


“Uh…” Korra lowered her voice to a confused whisper “Eighth?”


Bolin nearly dropped the box “W-what!?” a couple of students turned to give them funny looks.  A glare from Korra send them quickly on their way, though.


Korra opened her hand, “I...” Korra kept glancing at her red key with the same confusion, it felt so foreign compared to the usual blue. “Eighth. Room 820.”


“That’s literally the last room in the building!” the young boy exclaimed still flummoxed. Bolin blinked finally putting two and two together. “Wait, they’re moving you out of the waterbending floors?”


Korra nodded. "Ahnah was a senior and there’s now an odd number of water and fire benders so…” she scratched the side of her neck, feeling slightly self-conscious.  “Besides… Ahnah and I totaled the room… it’s one waterbending room less for a while…”  


“With a fire bender? A fire bender nonetheless!?”


Korra gave him a funny look. “Bolin your brother’s a fire bender.” She grabbed her dufflebag and the boxes and started for the elevator, Bolin quickly catching up with her. 


“Yeah, and you don’t see me sharing a room with him! It’s not often that you see different element benders sharing rooms here.” His eyes widened even more “Spirits, what if its Iroh’s twin sister Azula? Everybody knows she hates you.”


Korra tried to mask her anxiousness with a shrug. “So what?” she said opening the door and facing Bolin. “Everybody hates me.”


“Not me. You’re just brash, that’s all.” Bolin said grinning.  He suddenly looked over Korra’s shoulder and into her new bedroom and blinked.




Korra turned around and nearly dropped one of the boxes as she met bright green eyes.


No… way… “Asami.”


Asami Sato, soon to be her crush’s girlfriend, was her new roommate.