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The Sherlock Alphabet (Series 2)

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A is for ANGELS, with Sherlock on their side,
B is for BASKERVILLE, where shameful secrets hide,

C is fo CLUEDO — oh, unless the rules are wrong,
D is for DEERSTALKER — “It’s an EARHAT, John!”

E is for EXPERIMENTS (like drugging John’s drink),
F is for FRIENDS (Sherlock’s got more than he thinks),

G is for “GREG….” wait, that’s really his name??
H is for H.O.U.N.D., some bloddy government game,

I is for IOU: one fall, one violent end,
J is for JOHN, the ever-faithful friend,

K is for KITTY RILEY (just watch out for her claws!)
L is for LIES that strip an honest man raw,

M is for MOLLY — “Never doubt that you matter!”
N is for NEWS REPORTERS, quick to defame as to flatter,

O is for “ONE MORE MIRACLE,” John’s final heart-wrenching plea,
P is for PIRATE, Sherlock’s dream (well, initially),

Q is for QUEEN (now, is that Mycroft or the monarch?)
R is for REICHENBACH — oh, oh God, my heart —

S is for SHERLOCK-ED, and it’s not just Irene,
T is for TUMBLR — HA! These guys know what I mean,

U is for UMQRA, but what does it — Oh God, MY EYES!
V is for THE VIRGIN (and “first time” fans die),

W is for THE WOMAN, who had Sherlock nearly outclassed,
X is for Series 2 EXPECTATIONS met — or surpassed,

Y is for YARDERS, doubting Sherlock and his kind,
Z is for ZERO — the number of doubts in my mind <3