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Back of the Class

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Tommy and Merton walked into Algebra and took seats in the back of the room. They had learned a while ago that incase of monsters, demons, werewolf problems, or just about anything else it pays to sit in the back of the class room. It gave them time, since there were always lots of people to get at before the thing spots you. But today looked like it was going to be the worst kind of day. A day with out monsters. Which meant that they might actually have to pay attention in class. The darkness of it all, was all Merton could see. Tommy felt it all around him. Merton wasn’t in the greatest mood today, maybe he liked the monsters attacking a little bit more then he let on. Tommy shrugged, the monsters weren't usually the highlight of his day, but given the choice he could see even he'd like to fight a monster rather then sit through an Algebra lecture.

“Did we have an assignment in here?” Tommy asked Merton trying to get his mind off of things. It'd been almost a week since he'd had a regular class where he didn’t have to run out for one reason or another and he honestly couldn't remember.

“How should I know? You remember the sub yesterday. She was a half-human half-leach who wanted to taste your werewolf blood. We didn’t get anything done.” Merton scoffed. "Where do they hire these people from?" Merton sat back for a moment. 'Probably some kind of monsters for hire web site and then they throw darts to see who'll teach gym next week.' Merton shuddered at the memory of the mummy man who taught gym last month.

“True. And before that there was the whole... vampire in the Goth robe attack. We really need to start paying attention.” Tommy stopped at Merton's look. "To the homework. I flunk another test and it's off the team and on the bench for me." Merton rolled his eyes. Of course Tommy was worried about sports.

“Well with any luck the teacher won't notice us and we can sit back here and coast through this.” Merton hoped that there wasn't anything important going on today. He'd been up all night mixing wolf's bane cure for Tommy's allergies.

“This said from the guy with like an IQ of what 5000?” Tommy snorted.

“No it was only 4982 this morning.” Merton said in a way that sounded like he might be serious. 'Sleep and the lack of caffeine actually drops the IQ' Merton sighed to himself, his look though was enough for Tommy leave it alone. He had to find away to cheer Merton up. 'But how?' When the teacher looked away Tommy got an idea. He quickly scribbled a note and handed it to Merton. Merton’s look of confusion made Tommy smile even wider. Once Tommy saw Merton’s eyes bug out that way that only Merton can do he knew Merton had finally read through the brief letter. “Are you serious?” Merton said looking from the note to Tommy as if this had to be a joke of some kind.

“Quite. Once he turns his back... I’m going for it.” Tommy put a hand on his crotch and while the teacher was turned away eased down his zipper. He had it all the way down and his hand in his pants easing down his tightie-whities before the teacher ever turned around. Tommy normally wore boxers but he'd been planning on doing something naughty at some point to day and he felt the y front white underwear just added to that sense of naughty behavior done by an innocent all American boy. He had the strong elastic of his underwear securely tucked behind his meaty balls by the time the teacher turned around to lecture to the class. Merton watching on in horror and fascination as he realized Tommy wasn't joking at all about this. Once more the teacher turned around and Tommy reached in and pulled his seven-inch cock out and began roughly stroking it.

He was going to try to speed this up by taking this up a notch. He smirked at Merton and kept one eye on the teacher as he waited. When the teacher turned around again and Tommy stopped, but didn’t put himself back in his pants. 'Maybe he wanted to get caught..' Merton thought to himself as he watched Tommy grin at him again. What the hell was that horny werewolf up to now? Merton wondered as Tommy hunkered down over his desk as if he was taking notes finally but then he sat back up and grinned once again.

He reached over and put another note on Merton’s desk. This note received not only the bugged out eyes but a look of sheer panic on Merton’s face as well. Tommy smiled and nodded his head, entirely too calm and cool for what he'd written in the note. Silently popping the button on his jeans as the teacher faced them. Once again when the teacher turned around Tommy seize his opportunity and slide down in his seat. Tommy focused one eye on Merton and the other on the teacher as he pushed his jeans down his hips. The jeans were just below his balls when he noticed the teacher turning back towards him. He quickly sat back up as if he didn't have his pants down exposing half his ass and his cock and balls.

He was going for broke with this and Merton was both turned on and scared of this. Once again the teacher faced away from the kids and Tommy slipped the jeans and underwear down his body. Till he was sitting bare assed on the seat. Now as you can imagine Merton was more then a little shocked by this. He'd been looking forwards to a new monster to battle. Not a monster cock sticking out of is friend's exposed crotch, and he certainly hadn’t expected to go to class to get to see a free show from his best friend. Tommy had always been so shy with his body at the lair. But then Merton's sister did like to try to sneak peaks at the football god.

But Merton’s reaction was what was driving Tommy farther then he would have with anyone else. While the teacher was turned around once again, Tommy slid his pants down over his shoes and off his feet. Leaving him naked form the waist down and Tommy bit his lip as he tried to time things. Gauging if the teacher was about to turn he felt sure the teacher wouldn't so, when the teacher didn’t turn around he slipped his shirt off over his head. Now sitting completely naked in plain view of anyone who would turn around if they cared to made Tommy all the more horny. There was something dirty about being in just your socks and shoes in school. He toyed with the idea of taking those off two but he figured it added a bit of naughty flavor to it.

Tommy looked around briefly and started beating off now. Not stopping when the teacher turned back around and continued lecturing. Yet again the teacher turned his back to the class and by now Tommy was working up quite a little pace on his cock. He didn't get what was wrong with the teacher not to notice a naked male student jerking his cock for the world to see but to each their own. Or so Tommy thought as he pounded away on his prick, not really caring anymore as he beat off.

Merton felt relieved that the teacher hadn't noticed yet, which probably meant he wouldn't. He took a moment to look around the room and that's when he thought that maybe someone else might have seen Tommy. It wasn’t until now that Merton noticed that he wasn’t the only one who was watching Tommy that he got worried. A couple of the soccer players were watching Tommy with smiles and a few lude gestures thrown Tommy’s way. But they weren't the only ones watching Tommy's free show of male need. No there were a couple kids around the room now watching the Star Quarterback sitting naked and stroking his cock.

At least one of which was on the football team with Tommy. Tommy was showing all he had to a lot of guys and Merton's worrying system was going off the charts. 'He's taking this too far.' Merton mentally sighed as he kept going back to stare at Tommy's fist as it pumped up and down on his hard dong. Tommy didn’t seem to care though, it was if the fact that others saw him not only naked or hard, but also jerking off, was turning him on. As he went along half the class began to watch with rapt interest, but still the teacher didn’t seem to notice as Tommy pulled the students' minds out of the boring lecture and on to his hot body.

It wasn't until the guy in front of Tommy handed him a note that read “I dare you to cum all over yourself right now" that Tommy realized other people were watching him for sure. He couldn't believe his eyes as he read the note, he looked up into the guys eyes and blushed as the guy winked at him. His eyes traveled around the room, several others nodded and winked. They wanted to watch him finish what he’d started. He could do that, so he gripped a little tighter and went for broke. He was thrusting right up into his hand to meet every stroke he was making. Tiny little moaning noises were coming from the back of his throat as he gripped his throbbing prick extremely tight one last time, he shot his load all over the desk with that final tug. The smiles and silent signs of approval from around the room showed that the entire class had watched his climax.

He hadn't expected nor planned for the whole classroom to get a free show but a show he had given them. Slightly embarrassed he went to reach for his cloths when another note landed on his desk in the form of a paper airplane. Tommy opened it, “I dare you to walk out of here naked and stay that way through to lunch.” Was all it said. So that was the name of the game then. They wanted him to stay naked now that they'd gotten their football god in such a state. Tommy's little show had taken just long enough that the bell rang and while the others were gathering up their things and copying down final notes, Tommy was the first one out of his seat, cloths tucked under his muscular arm. Proudly walking into the hall and up to his locker to stow his clothing till fifth period.