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Jealous Boy

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Taiki didn't understand his feelings, why was he so mad on the sight of someone flirting with Chinatsu? And why he kept on looking? Was it a fear of Chinatsu flirting back? They weren't dating and well, not even speaking very much in the last few days.

The school festival was the event of the day, Taiki's class would present the play in a few hours and after helping on everything he could Taiki was visiting the other classes attractions, after going to three cafes, two horror classrooms and one exhibition, the only place missing, which he was the most excited for, was a maid cafe where a certain person would be working with a maid outfit. When turning the main corridor he spotted Chinatsu outside her class talking with some guy from other school, Taiki assumed that he was hitting on her, she didn't seem to mind or even be aware that this was what was happening, which only intensified whatever he was feeling.

He stared for a few seconds and that was when their eyes met, realizing that she looked back at him, he grew self aware about the fact he wasn't making a happy expression and she probably noticed that. What will Chinatsu think of me? That I act like a child?  With a mix of shame and irritation he stormed off the corridors and intended going to the vending machine close to the school gym. Yeah, a drink, this will help me calm down. Everyone in the corridors were looking at him, or at least that's how seemed like on his mind.

As he was descending the staircases Hina, already dressed for the upcoming play noticed him.

"Taiki? Are you ok?" she asked with some worry on her face.

"I'm fine!" he shouted, everyone looked at him and as soon as he saw the expression on Hina's face he instantly regretted.
Why I'm like that?
He still kept walking. I will apologize to her later.

Going down the stairs and out the main gate he arrived at the machine, thankfully for him there was no one around. He bought a coffe and sat down in the ground. The coffee was sweet, maybe even too much for his taste, but at least it was cold enough to help him think straight.
Man I should just go back  and apologize to Hina and maybe explain myself to Chinatsu, or not, she didn't really say anything. 

When Taiki started to calm down the shame really hit him, not only he shouted with his friend who he recently turned down, but also freaked out because Chinatsu was talking with other guy, which she didn't seem interested. Or that's what I would like to th-.
He felt someone poking at his cheek.

"Chinatsu? What are you doing here?" he said as surprise washed upon his face.

"Just checking in, seemed like you weren't feeling very well." she said while sitting at his side.

I didn't notice before but she's looking beautiful with this outfit.

"Y-yeah, my stomach wasn't very good" Taki tried to lie but he was very bad at it.

Tilting her head to the side and pouting she pointed.
"And you came here drink coffee with a bad stomach?"

Taiki didn't reply with anything, she saw right through him and he wouldn't lie for the second time.
Chinatsu gave him a playful punch on the shoulder while sitting next to him.
"If something is bothering you I'm all hears Taiki." 

Should I really tell her? But saying that you're jealous is basically a confession isn't it? 
But I feel bad, feels like I'm making she worry for something so small.

Taiki stumbled upon his words.
"Okay... first I want to apologize, my stomach wasn't bad, sorry for lying senpai."

"That I had figured out." giggling she waited for him to continue.

"It's really silly, I shouldn't have acted like that anyway, I'm sorry for troubling you for nothing"

She made the same face as before.
"If you don't want to talk about it, that's okay, I just want to make sure you're alright."

This is my chance, I will probably regret this but I need to get this out my chest.

"No, I- I saw that guy talking to you... it was obvious that he was trying to flirt, and it's not like you and I are in a relationship or something like that, so I don't know why but I felt jealous... seeing him trying to make you laugh, sorry, as I said that IS silly."

Chinatsu was stunned, she obviously noticed what that guy intentions were and listened to him patiently waiting for her shift again. No she was blushing, looking at the side she pondered for a moment. Does he means what this means? But before she could ask anything, Taiki, who was bright red too, got up in a quick jump and without looking at her said:
"Thank you for checking on me, I'm feeling better now, see you later at your classroom cafe."

Taiki was prepared to walk as fast as he could and not talk to anyone else for the rest of the day, then he felt something holding onto his sleeve, still looking at the side Chinatsu said:
"Aren't you gonna wait to my answer?"

Her answer? Could it be...? No, I shouldn't get my hopes up.

Swallowing hard and with a mix of emotions on his voice Taiki said without looking to her.
"I alredy bothered you enough for the day senpai!"

"Taiki!" that came out louder than she expected. 
"Turn here..." he did as she said.
Both of them were red and she was glancing deep on his eyes;
"You really mean what you said right?"

He swallowed hard again and agreed with his head.

"Then close your eyes."

Taiki again did as she said, his heart was beating like crazy, he was sweating since the moment he told her about his true feeling, now it got worst.
With his eyes closed every second seemed like a eternity, then, for a brief period he felt her breathing, this was his key to lean forward too. 
She smells good. It was short, her lips were warm and had a sweet flavour, he wanted to keep going but she stopped him before he could even try going to the second one.

They were both still red like tomatoes.

Chinatsu was the first to break the silence, with a faint smile she pointed.
"I would never expect that my first kiss would taste like coffee."

Taiki, still struck by the sudden kiss and the various feeling he was experiencing.
"Mine tasted.... sweet?"

While giggling Chinatsu replied.
"I did take a bite of a cake we're serving at my classroom"
Now standing up she looked at Taiki.
"If you want a piece, come to my classroom cafe, it's just about time for my shift." 
"Now Taiki.... Can you let my hand go?"

"Oh sorry Chinatsu, I will definetly go there, just give me a minute here."

She smilled at him and started making her way.

Man, I didn't even noticed I was holding at her hand...