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Clint almost went for the knife under his clothes, but Loki pinned him down with a look and he knew he had no chance. One question lanced through his brain: how the hell had Loki escaped from Thor?

"What was your rebellion?"

The question shocked him into stillness.

"I used a fighting style I knew Tasha could take down in seconds."

He was even more shocked when he answered truthfully. Something was going on, something ... weird.

"What was yours?" he asked, going with his gut rather than his head.

For a while there was silence.

"I did not kill Thor when I had the chance."

The last thing he had ever expected was to comprehend Loki, but as they stared at each other he knew there was understanding there. Then, in the blink of an eye, Loki was gone, but there was a small bundle where the demi-god had been sitting.

Clint unwrapped it and found three things: a stone; a bloodied Captain America trading card; an address. The address was familiar, it was a SHIELD medical facility. Then he caught up and he was out the door so fast Iron Man wouldn't have been able to stop him.