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Broken Road

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Doctor Jennifer Keller stood on the bridge of the Daedalus along with a couple dozen Marines - both men and women. The ship was orbiting a planet where a floating city / spaceship named Atlantis awaited their arrival. They all were waiting to be transported down to the city to start their new assignments. Jennifer could not believe that she was actually standing inside an honest to goodness spaceship that had traveled light years from one galaxy to another. Even at light speed it had taken three weeks to get here. The government can sure keep some secrets! she thought.

She was proudly wearing the official SGA uniform and had her standard issued gear - extra uniforms, boots, equipment, etc - in one bag; her personal items in a smaller one. She traveled light. It couldn't be helped. She was really nervous about being beamed down. First time ever on a spaceship; first time ever being 'beamed' down from one. If the tech who operated the controls was named Scotty, she was going to lose her lunch right then and there.

While waiting to get the green light to beam down, she went over in her head the turn of events that brought her to this moment in time.

Time, what a concept. Einstein's theory of relativity. The best definition that she'd ever heard was from a movie years back - although coming from a man's view point it was still the best explaination - "Grab hold of a hot pan, a second can seem like an hour. Put your hands on a hot woman, an hour can seem like a second." Her situation with time was with the former. She had held onto that hot pan for seven years which seemed like an eternity. It had taken a little over seven years to finally get away from him. Not just leave, but to get away and disappear!


Brian Masters was his name. When they first met she was outgoing fun loving and yes a naive virgin. A mutual friend hooked them up at a party they both were at. Brian was the guy every girl wanted to be with and every guy wanted to be like. He was the tall good looking quarterback with blonde hair and blue eyes. The All-American type. Jennifer had been 23 years old and had been finishing up her residency. Brian was 27 and had a promising career with the military as a consultant.

Jennifer had been thrilled that he had asked her out on a date that night, then another and another until they were a full fledged couple so much in love. He was her first date and her first and only lover. Within a few months they moved into a small one bedroom apartment together close to his work. However, it did not take long for him to show his true colors. That is when he became her All-American Nightmare!

It started with small things like "That guy's looking at you!" "Do you have the hots for him?!" "You been sleeping with him haven't you!" It escalated to the point of if she were late coming home by his standards then she'd been out two-timing him. There was nothing she could say or do to put to rest his suspicions. She was young and naive and thought that with a lot of love and understanding she could change him. How blind and stupid she was to stay with him for so long.

The most scary times were when everything seemed to be going well. They'd be at a party together laughing and having fun then she would look at him and those icy blue eyes of his would be staring back at her silently accusing her of something. She knew that when they'd get into the car he would start in ranting and raving about an incident at the party that mostly was her fault - which she would rack her brain and replay over and over in her mind to try and remember what little slip up on her part had set him over the edge.

Once at a Christmas party he suddenly demanded they leave. She had been talking to a female relative - she knew better than to even look at a man - when Brian turned and walked out the door. Standing on the porch she was saying her good-byes when he simply drove off. Left her there. The relative was dumbfounded and she was mortified. He had driven around the block several times and finally stopped at the curb. She waved and laughed at the confused relative saying he was just joking around when in fact she knew she must had done something to set him off. Once in the car he told her if she did not come when he told her to the next time he'd leave her wherever they were and she could find her own way home.

Their sex life was just as messed up. He was never gentle or attentive. He got what he needed and then was done with her. Being a doctor she knew about intercourse - the biological function of it and how not to get pregnant. But how a man should make love to a woman, one had to experience first hand. There were no medical courses for that! She would listen to nurses at work when they thought she was writing in the patient's medical records. She would listen on how they would have multiple orgasms and the ecstasy they would experience until her face was so red, she'd have to leave the area.

Along with everything else he would verbally abuse her: call her a pathetic whore or tell her that she was worthless and who'd want her if she'd left him. He was doing her a favor being with her. Over time she believed him to the extent that she had no self confidence. The only place she felt worth anything was at the hospital and in the operating room.


Being brought back to the present by a crew member bumping into her, Jennifer apologized and moved off to the side to get out of everyone's way as the tech's began preparing the first group of Marines for transporting down to Atlantis. Her mind once again drifted to the past.