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Misaki's eyes fluttered open as she felt the sun's warm rays envelop her skin in a comfy sort of embrace. stretching out the arm that she slept under, the girl licked her lips, attempting to get rid of the taste of morning in her mouth. as she drowsily yawned, the last night's memories came back to her.


"Ah... it's getting a bit dark outside. Should we start heading back, Kokoro-chan?" Kanon politely tapped Kokoro's shoulder. 

The entire band decided to meet up at the Tsurumaki mansion for the afternoon to discuss an upcoming performance. Of course, Hello Happy World being the kind of band it is, it was less of a civil discussion and more of a babysitting job.

"Hm? Oh! Time flies by when you're planning!" Kokoro grinned. Kaoru chuckled, holding a dramatic pose.

"Truly, my little kitten. As Shakespeare would say, time is a virtue." she recited, running a hand through her purple hair. "Ah, how... fleeting."

"We barely got any planning done anyways..." Misaki muttered. 

She looked at the planning board, only to see a bunch of doodles of whatever the three idiots thought of, along with scribbles of the word 'smile'. Hagumi pouted, swinging her legs back and forth.

"Aw... I wish we didn't have to leave so soon! Kano-chan-senpai, can't we stay longer?" She frowned.

"Fuee~? We c-can't just invite ourselves to stay longer, Hagumi-chan..." 

"Why the long face, Hagumi? Of course you can stay longer!" Kokoro grinned, causing a familiar 'Fuee?!' to be said in response. "Let's have a sleepover!"

"Really, really? Yay!" Hagumi cheered. "But, Kokoron! I need to get my jammies! And monkey!"

"...Monkey?" Misaki shook her head, exasperated. "Either way, this is kinda sudden, right? We didn't bring anything to wear, anyways." she tried to reason.

"You do not need to worry about that, Okusawa-san." one of Kokoro's bodyguards popped up next to her, causing the girl to flinch from the sudden appearance. 

"We have prepared your items for optimal comfort," they said, handing her a black bag.

"....How?" Misaki whispered as she inspected the bag, realizing that they had the exact pajamas she wore every night, down to the small coffee stain that was there due to a very rough morning with her siblings. 

"O-ok, aside from how creepy that is, we would still have to ask our parents, right? I doubt they'll agree so quickly."

"Ahaha, my parents are currently out on a business trip. How... fleeting." 

"Don't worry Mii-kun! I sleep over at friends' places all the time and my parents don't even notice!" 

"Um... I just texted them to let them know! They seem fine with it."

"Kanon-san, you're going along with it too?!"


And as usual, she was roped in with their whims. She should've known better than to try and object, huh? It's not like she had ever had a choice in the idea anyway, even if she didn't want to., that was a lie. But for the sake of her pride, she couldn't say that out loud.


A fond smile spread across her face. She was still half asleep and didn't have the energy to hide it, after all. She did enjoy their 'mega super happy sleepover' from last night. Playing video games and lounging around with her friends had become a good memory, and she broke out into a dorky grin in response. For once, she felt like she was hanging out with friends, and had a normal high school experience.

Although, it was still Hello Happy World. Ichigaya-san was right, the three dummies' were driving her insane.


Still, the morning was a morning. Misaki was never one to sleep in and laze around. Or, maybe she used to be. A lot has changed ever since she joined the band. She moved to get out of the large comforter, and-






Kokoro Tsurumaki, the heir of the Tsurumaki company, Hello Happy World's co-songwriter/leader/vocalist, her weird classmate, was asleep.


While cuddling Misaki.


Misaki rolled her eyes. Of course, the girl decided to cling right to her. There was tons of space on the rich girl's king-size bed, and yet her space was somehow invaded. It wasn't that big of a surprise though. Kokoro never really had a sense of personal space.


It was just her luck that the one time the blonde was manageable, she had to wake her up. Sighing, the girl poked her on the cheek.


"Kokoro? Kokoro, it's time to get up...." she awkwardly said, not knowing how or what was the way to go about the endeavor. The blonde in question didn't move a bit, save for the rising and falling of her chest. 


Misaki bit her lip, and a bit of frustration broke its way through her unsure demeanor. At least she was comfortable.

Ok, so poking didn't work. Time for Plan B: shaking her awake.

Hesitantly, Misaki put her hand on Kokoro's shoulder and shook her. To her dismay (or more accurately, her slight annoyance) the girl stayed the same, save a few unintelligible mumbles that were whispered. 


"Why are you so stubborn, even when you're asleep?" Misaki asked no one after attempting to wake the parasite a few more times. 

She sighed and looked around. Kanon and Kaoru were still in bed, and Hagumi was missing. That would make sense; the sporty girl was the first to go to bed last night. Instead, her beloved stuffed monkey was sitting in her place, tucked in. Endearing.

Talking wasn't an option, since she didn't want to wake up the other two. It seemed that she was left with one choice.


Plan C: getting the hell out of there by herself.


Misaki held her breath as she inched her left leg to the side, away from the girl. A second passed, and she had not responded. Taking it as a sign to push forward, she shifted her right leg right over, putting extra care to gently remove Kokoro's leg from atop hers. She was sure that the movement would have woken her up, but Kokoro laid still as a rock. 

The next step was to move her right arm from the girl's shoulder, which was easy enough to do. Once she successfully turned herself away from the girl, she exhaled in relief. 

The hardest part was next, but then she was home free. The DJ could almost smell the calming aroma of decaf early in the morning.

But thinking about it would never be as good as the real thing. Misaki began to shift her torso out of Kokoro's grasp, deliberately trying her best to be delicate. She had managed to move almost completely out of her loose hug until she heard a muffled whine from her back. At this, Misaki froze in place immediately, worried that her attempt at freedom would nip in the bud. 


"Mm…no.." Kokoro whispered in her sleep, tugging the other close to her once again in a comfy trance. 


Misaki stayed completely still, sweat beading on her forehead. With a great deal of suspense in her heart, she steadily turned her head enough to see the blonde's face. Whether she was awake when she said it or not, Kokoro was back to her deep dozing, drool dripping out of her mouth and onto Misaki's hoodie. Misaki grimaced at the sight, turning to wipe her mouth with the blanket.


With all of her options failing her, Misaki resigned to her fate. She rolled back towards the girl, finally taking a moment to take in the expansive scenery of the blank, red ceiling.


When she began to think about it, Misaki didn't know why she even cared in the first place. It would be fine if she woke her up while pushing her out of the way, she could just go back to bed. If she did bother her, she could just drink coffee and make up an excuse to leave. 

…Still, though, she couldn't help but feel bad about being so rude to the person who hosted her for the night, even if the said person can be a bit 'difficult' to handle. And besides, leaving Kanon-san to deal with them alone would feel like leaving a tiny puppy in the street.

As she debated her options, Misaki took a glance down at the problem herself. She was just how she was before. Her vivid, cream-colored hair shined bright in the rays of dawn that had broken through the millionaire's velvet curtains. The warm light of the sun laid delicately over her peachy skin, highlighting how soft and round her cheeks were. Her face laid perfectly in Misaki's chest, stringy strands of silky-smooth hair containing her serene expression, like a rich wooden frame protecting a majestic portrait. Perfectly plucked eyebrows sat above long, fluttering lashes, the light causing them to almost seem as if they were glowing. 

Misaki was never able to take a good look at the girl, but now that she had the chance to, she couldn't help but feel amazed. She was like a rocket, always shooting off towards the stars, and impossible to keep up with. Seeing her like this felt almost, well, divine. It was as if she woke up, and time hadn't caught up with her just yet.

She looked beautiful.


'...What am I doing?' The admirer thought to herself as she moved away, feeling ashamed for her staring.

This was creepy, wasn't it? What kind of person just sits observing their friend as they're asleep? Misaki needed to get a grip and put her priorities straight.

Speaking of, the thought of coffee seemed especially good at the moment. It wouldn't hurt to try again, would it? 

Her arm seemed especially heavier as she lifted it once again to shake the deadweight awake.






"... I love your smile… Misaki…" 



Misaki's train of thought was immediately halted upon hearing the girl's sleepy mumbles. The DJ had to take a moment to fully register her words, and as they slowly began to sink in, she felt her face becoming warmer. Flustered, she covered her growing smile with her hand, looking away.

She felt stupid for making such a big deal out of it. After all, it was something the peppy girl would say to anyone, wasn't it? Hell, she could recall her saying something similar to Toyama-san not too long ago.


And yet, the image of her muttering those soft words, her round cheeks reaching upwards dusted with the slightest of pinks, and her serene expression, would stay burned in Misaki's mind for days. 


"Geez," Misaki mumbled as she settled back down into the bed. 

She kept on giving into Kokoro's whims too easily. She had learned to juggle, skydived, and now she couldn't even start her mornings properly. 

'What happened to being responsible?' She sarcastically chastised herself as she pulled the comforter back over her once again, the toasty warmth overtaking the cool spring breeze.


Still, it wouldn't hurt to stay like this for just a moment longer.




"Alright, you never call me, especially during breaks. What do you need, Okusawa-san?" Arisa griped. She purposely ignored Kasumi on her left, who was twirling around her pigtails. 


"I need advice. How do you know you like girls?"




"Ooh, is this about Kokoron?"


"Ichigaya-san, am I on the speaker?!"