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80's radio

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The homely, metallic sound of rock hummed from the radio, almost drowning out the groups heavy breaths that echoed around the car much too small for them all to sit comfortably in.
Joseph was driving with Abdul in the front seat, engaged in a conversation about some seventy's movie that the younger had to listen too much too often. Pol was in a well needed slumber, head leaning on the car windows, lightly bucking with every bump the auto mobile went over.
Jotaro and Kakyoin were silent, but it wasn't and awkward silence.. this was hard for Kakyoin, and anybody really, to understand; silence with Jotaro meant he was calm, and calm meant he wasn't about to ora the fucking shit out of someone.


They were both sat next to each other, Kakyoin pretty much leaning on Jotaro while Pol started to talk and move in his sleep. The red haired male was day dreaming, thinking about when they actually encounter Dio. will he be strong enough to beat him? -Or will he have to be saved by Mr. Joestar and Jotaro, like always?
He shook himself out of his thoughts as he decided; I don't matter, we are hear for Mrs. Kujo and she is the number one priority right now.
No matter how many jokes the others made about Kakyoin's feelings towards Holy, they all knew they were not in anyway romantic. Kakyoin was a lonely child and his parents worked most of the time and Holy was a mother figure, the first one he had truly had, so of course he would harbour emotions to her.As the car speed over a sharp corner in the road the French man jolted to the right, causing Kakyoin to push further into Jotaro's side, like that fun park ride where you sit in those cars and the person on the outside gets off with severely broken ribs. Jotaro didn't respond to Kakyoin's sudden closeness, mostly because he was tired, and as far from Earth as a certain Aztec God the old man had fought 'back in the day. Polnareff didn't move back with the next corner, pretty much unconsciously putting full effort into pissing Kakyoin off. He really hated having to be in small spaces, it must be a stand user thing, as long range users needed more space then short range users, such as Jotaro, or a certain vampire who spent 75% of his life at the bottom of the ocean in a coffin.


Accepting his fate, Kakyoin settled down leaning on Jotaro and with his thoughts clear he heard something that made as much fucking sense as the previous events with stand users. Jotaro was singing. along with the radio. With, like, words. Signing.While he didn't recognise the song at first, he tuned out Joseph's chatter and Abdul's weak 'yes's and 'okay's, he gradually picked out the tune and lyrics. He heard Jotaro muttering the lyrics, dead to the world.

"Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go there will be trouble
an' if I stay it will be double
so come on and let me know"

Through the heavy instrumental, Kakyoin stared at the boy, eyes unfocused and head leant on his hand that sat on propped up on the boiling window.
Jotaro's voice stuck in his head and it ran around in there like a cherry on the boy's tongue. The lyrics sounded right on his deep voice, even though there was no effort in it.
The instrumental came to an end the next verse began, Kakyoin started at him in anticipations, the next verse was in Spanish.

"Indecisión me molesta
si no me quieres, librame"

"What the fuck" slipped out of Kakyoin's lips in awe. Jotaro spun his head so fucking fast he could have got whiplash, he stared at the red headed boy whose cheeks became the same shade as his hair.Kakyoin started to stutter out some words as Jotaro looked at him, half shocked and half questioning. A red flush spread across Jotaro's face. Kakyoin never thought that his companion had emotions, never mind them being this strong!

"Th-that was really... good? wow... I never knew you could sing..." Kakyoin somehow managed to spew in this confusion.
Jotaro just stared at him with the same expression as before.
"No, honestly, why didn't you tell me? I l-like the cl-clash too..."
Jotaro slightly nodded his head.
"You... were just signing now right?"
Finally, Jotaro spoke,
The larger boy tilted his head further down, trying to hide his rare shown emotions.
"That song... it suits your voice well... it just fits?"
Jotaro remained silent but Kakyoin could tell he was listening.
"It sounded almost...what the word..."
Before Kakyoin could finish he stopped himself. Erotic. The word he was looking for was erotic. Oh no, Jotaro had a fucking hot voice.While Kakyoin's thoughts raced wildly, Jotaro leaned up to his ear and whispered into the boys ear.
"It was... what? Kakyoin..."
Kakyoin trembled at the strong vibrations of Jotaro's voice going through him and he looked forward to see if Mr. Joestar and Abdul had noticed them yet, he didn't know what they where waling about, but they were arguing loudly.


In Joseph's rage he let go of the wheel and the car jolted left violently.
Kakyoin and Polnareff- who had slept through all of this, slid to the left of the car as Joseph caught control of the wheel, swerving the car to the right, causing Kakyoin to pretty much smash into Jotaro. Jotaro leaned over to Kakyoin's ear again,
"want me that bad, do you?"

He laughed slightly in his deep voice as Kakyoin's blush only became more severe, covering his entire face.
Joseph slammed on the breaks, causing Pol to head butt the back of Abdul's seat and jolt awake. Joseph called out in his slightly annoyed, over dramatic voice, that this was the hotel they were going to stay at for the night. It looked nice, but small. Pol looked over to Kakyoin he called about about his blush, asking him if he had a fever and he blamed it on the sun while Jotaro smirked under the brim of his hat.

As they made their way into the hotel they were told they where only three rooms left.
Kakyoin heard Jotaro smack his lips just close enough for only Kakyoin to hear and holding back a blush he called out,
"Jotaro and I will share a room, we're students after all."
Joseph handed Kakyoin the key as Jotaro finished signing his name in the guest book.
They both headed upstairs after saying good night to the others.They barely made it into the room and locked the door before Jotaro pushed Kakyoin into the bed, looming their faces a few inches apart,Jotaro laughed shortly, in a single, short breath.
Kakyoin started to stare deep into Jotaro's eyes before announcing
"I want to whisper to me until you cant speak any more."
Jotaro raised his face further away from Kakyoin, teasing him.
Kakyoin, overcome with a look of lust muttered to him,
"I'm all yours"
Whilst Kakyoin started unbuttoning Jotaro's shirt, Jotaro leaned in closer and hummed into Kakyoin's ear,
"Yare yare daze"
He reached out to the lamp and pressed the switch, the both of them embraced by darkness, the moonlight that slid through the window skimming their forms as they shifted into a more intimate position.


The unfortunate thing however, was that all Joseph and Abdul heard all night was deep, hushed whispering and bed springs creaking.