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Jeff the killer and Jane are two people (Jeff the killer fan-fic)

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Ever since you were young you were different, very, to the point where people were scared to look at you wrong. Your name was Jane, you were now 15 you had killed multiple people in your short so far 15 years. You were in prison, you broke out though, you were running though the woods with your eyes closed terrified they may catch you an take you back to that hell hole.. You run into the arms of something warm, you were scared to even open your eyes, but do, just in case it someone who would care and not think your crazy, it was a man, may have been a teen like you, with no cheeks, he appears to have cut them out so he would permanently smile, you get scared, and ask if he is going to kill you. He says no, but he would love to keep you away from the guards and that he could hide you. He put you on his back, and climbs up a tree that he had been obviously living in, and gives you some weapons, and candy. You ask if he would make you look like him, so you could be together, and he says of course, but it may hurt.. You reply with you don't care, that you cant feel pain anymore. So he takes out his knife, and starts cutting your cheeks out slowly, you are done, a master piece and he hugs you, very tight, like no one ever had before, you kiss him, getting blood on his face; or what's left of it, he looks you in the eyes, and asks you why you picked him? And you reply with you are just like me, and i am just like you now. He smiles and kisses you. Suddenly you can hear movement in the bushes, the guards, they are still looking for you. You stay still in the tree and make no sound at all. They finally pass by and disappear, you let out a breath of air and look at the man. You recognize him from some where but don't know where, its hard to see what he looked like because of the cuts in his face. You finally ask him what his name is, he tells you his name is Jeff. That's when you realize that he lived across the street from you before he died and you were locked up. "I knew you looked familiar, I'm Jane, you lived across the street from me. I used to play with you and your brother Liu."

Suddenly his eyes widen and he jumps down from the tree. You chase after him and follows him into an abandoned house. You look for him but he is no were to be found.

Suddenly you hear a noise from up stairs, you cautiously walk up the stairs to look for him. As you get up the stairs you see Jeff looking out a window, he looks so majestic. "Jeff, why did you run" you say to him as you walk closer. Suddenly you stop when you see him holding a knife. "why are you here Jane, I loved you and that's why I left. I didn't want anything to happen to you." he turns to face you. You walk closer to him but he stops you and he walks over to a chair and sits down. You stand there for a while and just watch him but then you walk over to him.

You sit next to him and make him look at you. "what happened to you Jeff, I heard that you were dead but you don't look like your dead, please tell me what happened when I was gone. What happened to your brother?"

He suddenly starts laughing in a evil, majestic like voice, he finally says, "I went insane Jane, I killed people, I killed my brother while he was trying to help me. I drove this knife into his side and cut his cheeks into a smile. Everyone started saying I was dead because no one saw me after I killed my brother. Everyone thinks that someone killed both of us but it was actually me who killed him."

You look at the knife and back away, "I know you wouldn't kill me Jeff, you love me... And I love you. We belong together."

He looks at you and tilts his head "I am insane Jane, I wouldn't just assume that someone who is insane wouldn't kill you just because of a stupid thing called love"

You look at him and snake him in the face, "love is not stupid" you say, trying to fight back tears.

He see's that you are trying not to cry, "why are you crying Jane?"

You look at him and run past him and run down the steps and outside. You soon notice that there is someone behind you, you turn around thinking it is Jeff but soon realize it is a guard from the prison. He looks at you and then before you can react he grabs you. The guard starts to pick you up but then he screams out in pain and you see Jeff standing behind the guard with a bloody knife, the guard drops you and he fall to the ground. You look at Jeff and you try to run but he grabs you and pulls you close to him. Suddenly you start crying. Jeff holds your face, "Jane, please don't cry." you looks up at him but then look down and try to push away from him. He holds you tighter so you can't get away. You scream at him and try punching him but then remember that he is still holding his knife. You look at the knife and don't take your eyes off of it. He looks at you with a confused look on your face, "what is wrong Jane, why are you trying to run from me?" you look at him and punch him, " because you are insane, and you even said so yourself, I'm not safe here."

*time skip*

You wake up the next morning and try remembering what happened the night before. You remember that Jeff was holding you so tightly that you passed out and he must have brought you back to the abandoned house. You suddenly try getting up but you see Jeff laying next to you. You look at him for a long time until you see him start to move. After about 5 minutes his eyes open, he looks directly at you, you look away and look at the window. Jeff looks to were you are looking at and then starts talking, "Jane are you hungry?" You just sit there staring at the window, then you close your eyes and softly whisper, "yes." Jeff suddenly gets up and walks over to the window, he shuts the shades and then goes to the kitchen, which is in the same room as the living room. You then get up and walk over to the window. You look out the window for a few minutes and then walk into the kitchen to help Jeff. After you try to make breakfast and fail at it you realize that Jeff is just staring at you. You look at him and then he hugs you, the only thing you see is sorrow in his eyes as you feel a sharp blade go into you. You look at him is disbelief and scream out in pain. "je-Jeff how, how could you do this!" you feel the sharp object being pulled out and it only makes the pain worse. "im sorry Jane." is the only thing he says before you black out from lose of blood.