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An Epic Steve/Tony Saga, by Thor Odinsson

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The Saga of Iron Man and Captain America

a poem by Thor Odinsson


[Translater's note: This poem, found written on scraps of paper in Thor's room in the Avengers' Mansion and posted to the internet by an unknown person, has been translated from the original Old Norse.  Every attempt has been made to preserve the original meter.] 

Hark and listen    to love's legend
how two heroes    twins in valor
Iron Man    and mighty soldier
came at first    to fight together

[There then comes a lengthy prologue that has nothing to do with the rest of the story explaining the history of Namor and the original Human Torch, who were the first two superheroes and who later fought the Nazis together despite being polar opposites.  The exact text of this portion of the poem has sadly been lost.

Eventually, after a long accounting of the heroic deeds performed by Iron Man and "the Captain," both together and separately, including a twenty-six line long description of the Captain's battle with Zemo that led to his being encased in ice for decades, and which has also sadly been lost to scholars due to the Avengers' headquarters burning to the ground in 2005 and again in 2013, we come to the passionate declaration of love that concludes the poem.]


Then spoke the star    spangled hero:

"Long have I    loved in secret
knowing not    his name or face.
Lift your helmet    heart-beloved
Say your name    so I may
know the word    written here,"
and touched    his chest
with scarlet    gloved hand.
"I swear I shall    show my love
a thousand ways    would you unveil."

Then he shed his    iron shell
naked now    before his friend.
Callused hands    shield-hardened
mapped the scars    scored by shrapnel
stroked his body    bent on pleasure
both for lover    and beloved.
So the Captain    kept his promise.