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Unexpected Love

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It was a day like every other. Smoke woke up with a nightmare. The same as always. He saw it all. It felt so real to him…
He remembered every little detail and kept on seeing them in the real, and even the dream world. His past never stopped haunting him. That's also why he was barely bothered by it at that time.
Smoke looked around his house and noticed that Python was Already gone. Probably out to help Alyosha? But what did he care? He had other and more important things to worry about.
Smoke swung on his shirt and robe and went out to slaughter a cow for his breakfast. He also made some bread.
As Smoke was eating his food, he thought about what to do for today. Blank_Bot was out with Ghost and Alyosha was out with Python, meaning his entire cult was out to do something and that he was alone. For today at least.
After finishing his meal, Smoke got up from his table and put on his armour and went to Omonia, the only place with a good Café and maids. He only put his armour on because he was afraid someone was going to ambush him. Like all the other times before…Ender and Dinoo always tried their luck, but Smoke was able to fend them off with minimal wounds most of the time. He always managed to kill Dinoo, his ex, since they weren't wearing any armour because they thought it just slowed them down. It is very foolish to think, everyone explained it to them, yet they never listened because of their huge God complex.

Smoke ordered his usual from Willow. A Caramel Latte with extra milk and a slice of cake. The Latte always tasted good, but something about the milk was always a little odd. A little salty. He didn't know what was up with it, but he decided not to question it since it tasted amazing.
He sat down at his table and started eating, then Smoke heard some motion behind him. Those steps were familiar…
Smoke places his mug down, unsheathed his sword and pointed it to the throat of whoever sneaked up behind him.
"So… Alone this time? No weapons or armour?" Smoke asked Ender who immediately lifted her hands above her head as Smokes Sword, made of jade was held to her throat.

"Well. Maybe I'm not here to kill you this time" Ender said in a Stern voice.
"Like the other 8 times you said that and ambushed me? No thanks. You don't have immortality like Dinoo… I could just end you right here…" Smoke threatened and felt his surroundings. He didn't feel anyone near them that was any threat. Did Ender really not want to kill him?
" Nah. This is different. " She stated and relaxed a little as smoke put his sword away and his helmet off..
" So… why are you here then?" Smoke asked and sipped at his coffee some more, still quite a bit sceptical about this scenario.
"To talk? Why you're so grumpy and mad and mean to everyone. It's not really cool you know." Ender stated and sat across him.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny. Not even Blank_Bot talks to me about those types of things." Smoke said and finished his coffee.
"Waiter!" Smoke yelled and watched Willow quickly run up to them.
"H-hey, mom!" Willow smiled and hugged Ender briefly.
"What's wrong sir?" Willow asked. Smoke handed him his dirty dishes and the payment.
"And also get this lady whatever she wants." Smoke said and placed a netherite bar in willows hand.
"Y-YES OF COURSE SIR! THANK YOU, SIR!" Willow was very excited about the money. It was his first ever netherite bar that wasn't gifted or mined. It was earned fair and square!

"You know that I get whatever I want for free anyways, right?" Ender laughed to herself a little.

"Whatever. Nothing wrong with being nice once in a while, hm?" Smoke asked and yelled after Willow who was about to get Ender her Usual order:
"And get me some cookies while you're at it!"
The two didn't say anything for a few minutes. Occasionally they made eye contact, but only for a very short amount of time. Which meant that they were checking each other out.
Smoke examined Ender through his mask. Their purple robe and shirt really fitted everything about them… they looked really good, he wouldn't lie.

Ender was also checking out smoke. Not in a stalky way like smoke did, but she never saw him without his armour which he now took off completely. They both Had robes on and a matching Shirt underneath. One would say they were partners already. Meanwhile, they would hate each other to death.

"So is this a date or something?" Smoke finally broke the silence.
"If you want it to be" Ender added.
"A date it is then…" Smoke giggled heartily to himself and let out a small, genuine smile under his mask.
Then their food was served and they started to talk a little more.
Their first genuine Conversation in nearly a year…
"So what do you think of Willow? Why did you actually kill him that one time?" Ender asked finally and watched smoke freeze for a second.
"I don't have a reason… I guess I just wanted to scare him and the ones around him? For having an opinion… I know what I did was wrong. But I don't think I can apologize just yet. I still need to sometime though…" Smoke admitted and finished his simit that was served.
" I see… at least you're honest and you admit you're wrong. " Ender said and smiled a little.
" You can change, you know? People can look up to you. You're strong and smart and got some kind of religion. People crave what you have. You need to learn to use it correctly " Ender stated and finished her meal too.
" I should… thanks Ender… you're pretty nice if you want to be! Good looking too. Never saw you without that armour… " Smoke admitted.
" Same goes for you… " Ender blushed lightly. That caught her off guard. She didn't expect a compliment. Not from Smoke! Not now!

"It's midday already… we talked for a while! " Smoke smiled.
" We did… " Ender confirmed and nod a little.
" Wanna spend the rest of the day together? Might as well, right? " Smoke asked Ender out. He didn't know why, but his palms were sweating. He was nervous and even had a slight blush on his face. Why?

"Y-Yeah sure…" Ender smiled at Smoke and nodded.
"Yeah! I'd love to!" Smoke exclaimed and left some gold bars on the table and went to Ender on the other side of the table and offered her his hand.
"Come on… let's go." he sounded pretty happy too. For the first time in ages, he felt actually happy to be around someone and spend time with someone other than his son who barely talked. It was Blank_Bot's early stages after all. He barely knew anything!

Ender blushed a Little and grabbed smokes hand gently with her own, soft hand. She just now realized that Smoke's hand was scarred. She felt his big and small scars all across his hand though and gently stroked them with her thumb.
"Every scar has its own story…" She whispered to smoke who tore up a little. Just at that little statement. Nobody has ever talked about his scars. Nobody ever cared. It felt too good to be true as Ender did.
"T-Thank you…"Smoke stuttered a little and sniffled.
" Are you crying? "Ender asked, a little worried.
" N-Nah… I'm good… " Smoke lied and quickly tried to calm down.
" Anyways… what would you like to do? " Smoke asked Ender who replied.
" We could watch movies at my place? I've got some really good movies! " Ender stated and gently held smokes hand as they started walking to Ender's place.
" Then let's do that! " Smoke exclaimed and smiled as he walked with Ender and catches a whiff of her scent. It was whiskey and alcohol.
" You shouldn't drink so much… whiskey smells nice to me but… I don't know if a lot of people can agree with me on this… " Smoke stated.
" And you should stop killing people. "Ender stated.
" Touche… Touche… " Smoke laughed a little with Ender.
" I've never been inside your place before… "Smoke said and looked around Ender's Manor as she escorted him inside.

" Well… now you have! " She smiled and showed Smoke around.
" Up there is the bedroom with my private TV. Down there in my basement is the storage room and here is my living room and kitchen!" Ender smiled as she showed the fascinated Smoke around her place.
" This place is huge from the inside! Whoaaa!" Smoke complimented and noticed that Ender was definitely going out of her way to make the bedroom the last stop they visited and showed to smoke.

As soon as Ender walked up the stairs to her bedroom, Smoke followed suit and looked up at Ender. All he could see though, was a small glimpse of under her robe to expose her skin a little too much. Smoke blushed and looked away as soon as he realised what he saw and then looked down respectfully. Ender noticed his actions too.

Then, she opened the bedroom door and threw herself on her bed and moaned a little in contentment as she hugged her shit ton of plushies.
"Awww!" Smoke exclaimed and slowly went into the bed with her, his arm laying on hers. None of them moved away from the accidental body contact though. They both seemed to enjoy it actually.
"Never knew that you had this many plushies… that's very cute actually." Smoke giggled and hugged one of her bigger plushies too.
"And I didn't expect you to like them either!" Ender joked, causing the two of them to giggle together.
"Whatever… what movie you wanna put on? What snacks would you like?" Smoke asked and watched Ender jump up a little.
"Beauty and the beast. Fuck you. We'll watch it in French."
"God… I know a little French I think… like 20 years ago?" Smoke giggled a little anxiously.
"Yeah, I was shitty at it... But sure! If my date wants to watch It, we'll watch it!" Smoke smiled and scooted a little closer to Ender who was Blushing again. Nobody's called her that in quite a while…
"Alright…" Ender smiled a little and rushed downstairs for half a minute to grab some snacks. She then returned to Smoke and yeeted the food on the bed before slipping into the bed herself and wrapping her arms and legs around her plushies.
Smoke smiled and scooted a little closer to his date so he could cuddle with her. Smoke laid his head on Enders's lap, who let out a surprised gasp.
"What's wrong? Should I not be here?" Smoke asked and looked up at Ender.
"N-No… it's okay Smoke…" Ender blushed and placed a hand in Smoke's hair and stroked it gently, causing Smoke to sigh in contentment as they watched the movie together. Smoke didn't even understand every 4th sentence, but somehow he still enjoyed his time with Ender. Somehow, this felt extremely right. It felt so right, that smoke fell asleep on Ender's lap while she played with his hair.

As the movie ended, Ender noticed that Smoke had fallen asleep and woke him with a very soft kiss on the forehead.
"Wakey Wakey…" She whispered and kissed his Forehead again, causing Smoke to blink awake and be greeted by Ender's gorgeous face. "Morning…" Smoke joked. He knew it was only the afternoon.

"Well. We still have a lot of time… what do you wanna do?" Smoke asked.
"Maybe something I halfway understand this time would be nice-" Smoke added jokingly.

"Uhhh… I can show you some stuff? I draw a little" Ender said anxiously and walked to her desk. It was then, that Smoke realized that Ender had taken off her robe and was in her shirt. Not only was she gorgeous, but also indescribable to smoke. Like an angel.

Smoke walked to Ender's desk too and watched as she pulled out her sketchbook to show it to him.
"I never would've guessed that you drew…" Smoke was surprised by Ender's qualities and habits more and more. But in a very positive way.
Smoke examined Ender's drawings as she explained what the drawings were and found a fitting complement to each of them..
"You can make even Dinoo look nice in these… I miss when they used to be nice to me…" Smoke said sadly.
Ender didn't say anything to it. She liked both of them.
"I can maybe lay in a word for you… don't take it personally. Dinoo hates everyone. You know they are a sociopath." Ender stated and looked up at smoke who stood next to her.

"I-" Smoke paused a little.
"Okay two things. One, you'd really do that for me? And two. I didn't know that at all-" Smoke said anxiously and locked eye contact with Ender.
"Well. Yeah, I'd do that. You're chill when you aren't slashing people's eyes or throat open." Ender joked a little and then kept on to show Smoke all her drawings before Smoke spoke up
"Can you draw me something? It's something very important in my life…" Smoke started nervously. He fidgeted with his hands a little and gazed into Ender's eyes.
"Yeah of course! What is it that you want me to draw? Why are you so nervous?" Ender asked and slowly parted Smoke's hands and replaced them with her own.
"Is something wrong?" She asked.

"N-No… it's just… a very nerve-wracking moment in my life that I'd like you to draw…" Smoke sighed and calmed down a little.
"Which moment are we talking about-" Ender was cut off by smoke, who pressed his lips against Enders who moaned in shock, but then quickly calmed down and melted into the Kiss. Smoke made sure to make it gentle, so she could pull away whenever, but it didn't seem like she wanted to…
After a few long, passionate and loving moments, Smoke pulled away.
"Well… can you draw that?" Smoke asked and interlocked his fingers with Ender's who blushed Incredibly.
"I-" Ender struggled to find words and just nod, struggling to keep eye contact.
"Did you like it?" Smoke asked, just wanting to make sure that he didn't do anything his date wouldn't like.
"I did…" She admitted and looked at Smoke again.
"Good…" Smoke giggled and then pulled Ender into another kiss, a little deeper this time. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer to himself, glueing their hips together and occasionally letting out small moans of Content. Ender wrapped her arms around Smoke's neck and added her own small moans into the kiss. Both of them occasionally pulled out of the Kiss for air. Then they looked each other in the eyes and kept kissing each other.
"You know what… Fuck it…" Smoke stated and ripped his mask off to expose his scarred and burnt face to Ender. She surprisingly didn't care about how he looked. She already figured, since the state of his hands.
"W-Why aren't you disgusted with me?" Smoke asked and stared into Ender's hands
"I couldn't give a fuck…" She smiled in her passionate voice and stroked Smoke's cheek gently, being very careful around his scars.
"Every scar has its story… and you're safe from whatever caused these… I'll make sure of it, Smokey…" Ender smiled and kissed Smoke's cheek, before going back to his lips. Smoke already teared up again and hugged Ender as they kissed.
"Thank you…" Smoke sniffled and wiped his face clean of his tears with his hands and a tissue. Then, he was pulled onto the bed by Ender and kissed again, a lot more passionate. It wasn't anything more than making out, even though Smoke was as hard as a rock. He stayed respectful and just enjoyed the seemingly hour-long kisses and make-out sessions with Ender as the evening broke in.

"Wow… you're a damn good kisser…" Smoke complimented and held Ender close to him.

"You are pretty good yourself…" Ender admitted and laid her head onto smokes chest.
Smoke then went to stroke Ender's silky hair.

"Now… I could go home if you want me to?" Smoke asked and kept stroking Ender's hair gently.
"Nah. You can stay the night… I wouldn't mind talking to you more and kissing you some more…" Ender smiled and looked up at smoke pressing a soft kiss onto his jaw.
"Same here… thank you, Ender…" Smoke smiled and pressed another kiss on her forehead.

A few minutes go by with just cuddling and silence, but then Ender broke the silence with the following question:" If you're comfortable with telling me… how did you get those scars? What happened? " Ender asked and stroked Smoke's hand a little in her own.

"I trust you enough… I was married… had a kid and had a good life… I was a lawyer and even had a mansion somewhere in a field near town. One night there was a huge Earthquake and Fire… I heard my son burn to death and the screeches of my wife… or whatever was left of her… I saw her getting hit by flaming debris and get buried under it… she called for help, I stared her in the eyes and just… ran. " Smoke started.

" Then I tried to run out the door, but it was already torn down. The house folded itself like a piece of paper… soon enough I was on fire and screaming as I have never before… " Smoke teared up and buried his face into Ender's shoulder.
" I-I ran through t-the wall and just rolled around on the floor… I-It hurt so much… I lay next to my flaming house and saw my future crumble… I was so scared… " Smoke started to cry even heavier into Ender's shoulder and chest.
"Hey hey… shhhh… it's okay… it's okay dear… let it all out…" Ender reassured and squeezed Smoke tightly.
"Poor you… It's okay dear… you don't need to hide it anymore… you're safe here… you're safe… it's all okay now… you don't need to act strong anymore… I'm here for you dear…" Ender frowned and kissed smokes forehead some more while squeezing his body and calming him down slowly.

Nobody was ever this nice to Smoke in a year. He just couldn't stop himself from Crying anymore. For the first time, he felt safe but also scared that Ender might think he was weak now and wouldn't even dare to try her chances with him.
"I-I-I'm so-rry… I'm sorry… I'm so sorry… please don't go…" Smoke kept repeating.
"Nono it's okay! It's human to cry Smoke… it's okay I promise… I won't even think about leaving… it's okay…" It was a little weird that she kissed her enemy and then consoled him on the same day when a day before they fought to the death of their sibling. For the 23rd time.

After nearly 10 minutes, Smoke calmed down a little.
" God… thank you… "Smoke sighed into Ender's cleavage and looked up at her.
"It's all good... It's okay smoke… " Ender smiled and kissed Smoke briefly but lovingly.

Then, she heard her surroundings and what happened outside. It was raining.
"It's raining… " She smiled.
" I the rain… "Ender smiled widely and went to open her window to hear it better and smell the sweet smell of rain.

"That's so good… so peaceful… " Ender smiled and let the fresh air fill her house before throwing herself back on the bed with smoke to cuddle with him.
"Today was… Definitely a day… a good one…" Smoke smiled and pulled Ender on his chest again.
"Mhm…" Ender agreed and listened to Smoke's calm and steady heartbeat and the rain as they cuddled.
"I usually don't sleep early… how about we play some games on that TV of yours and spend the night with something nice? I'm assuming you don't want to bang on the first date now would you?" Smoke joked, to which Ender sighed annoyed and rolled her eyes.
"Let's just play games and talk-" Ender suggested to which smoke agreed.

They talked about favourite foods, love life and stories from the past. But most of them were just cheery and something to laugh at. Only a few were scary. Of course, they were from Ender.

They played games like ARK, The battle cats, Uncharted Mortal combat, Overcooked, Minecraft, Terraria and Slime Rancher. Some relaxing and some not so relaxing Games. Of course, they talked while they gamed and made out from time to time until it was already 2 am.

"I really enjoyed myself today Ender…" Smoke smiled and turned off Enders Console.
"I did too, Smoke." Ender smiled and pulled smoke onto her chest again.
"Me too…" She repeated and sighed in contentment as she hugged smoke tightly and snuggled with him.
"So… are we together now?" Smoke asked and looked up at Ender with pleading eyes.
"It's just been one date Smoke… let's go in a few more dates and then we'll see… But I promise you… very soon, we'll be something, baby…" Ender whispered the last part into Smoke's ear who blushed intensely after her statement.
"A-Alright… I'd like that…" Smoke blushed and nuzzled into Ender's Chest and nuzzled into her soft and perfect skin.

Some moments of silence and cuddling passed before Smoke said.
"You're a real milf."
"What the fuck", Ender answered.
"I just wanted you to know my thoughts" Smoke stated in a stern voice and nuzzled into Ender some more.
"... I wish I didn't know." Ender sighed.
"Too bad, mommy."
Then, Ender sighed again, this time with a lot more disappointment.
"I'm sorry-" Smoke apologized.
"You should be," Ender stated.
Then, they both shared a moment of laughter, before they went to kiss each other gently.
"It's late… let's go to sleep, my Queen." Smoke suggested and nestled into Ender's neck.
"Let's do it then, my Knight…" Ender giggled and closed her eyes while hugging Smoke tightly.
"Goodnight Ender…"
"Goodnight smoke…"