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My Favorite CYOA Build

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Ideal Human Essentials
(My "Essence META CYOA" Build)

[01] Essence of the Humanity Unchained

By consuming this Essence you remove all limits on the Human Will and what it can eventually achieve, giving you the following benefits:
- Regardless of whatever happens, you will always remain as "human" - in whatever sense of the word that means to you - as you desire to be.
~ High Human.
- As a physical baseline, you will receive a perfectly healthy human body of what you would consider ideal appearance. You start out at roughly fifty percent above peak human strength, above peak human toughness and speed, and with peak human senses. You will recover at least several times more rapidly than normal from any injury or illness that does not kill you outright.
- Your intellectual baseline will likewise be increased so that you are a truly multi-faceted genius and at least as smart and talented as any human that has ever lived. You will be a true Renaissance man, able to apply the full force of your intellect to any or all fields of endeavor that might strike your fancy with equal ease.
- If you would already be even theoretically capable of learning how to do something without the benefit of this Essence, whether it be a normal property of the setting or a unique power or ability you already possessed, then your ability to learn and develop that thing is now expanded exponentially. You can explore new modes of thought and new techniques, or learn how to experience new sensations, much more easily than those around you. You are a single-repetition learner for anything that others could teach you and when attempting to discover hidden depths of mastery within yourself or teach yourself then you will need at least two orders of magnitude less time than a 'normal' genius would.
- Being Humanity Unchained means that you are zero risk of ever becoming overspecialized or trapped in an evolutionary dead end. No matter what you learn you can always choose to learn new things if you wish, even if people could not normally learn both. Likewise, you will always be capable of approaching new concepts without being unconsciously biased or constrained by what you already know and instead judging it fairly upon its merits.
- As Humanity Unchained all limitations are lifted from your body, mind, and soul. No matter which quality of yours you are trying to improve, you will always find new ways to advance yourself a reasonable amount in a reasonable timeframe. Ultimately all it takes is you being willing to put in the effort, and you will always be able to muster sufficient willpower to be able to push yourself to improve or encourage others to do likewise.
- Humanity Unchained is intended to be a harbinger of what all humans may one day become. You may with sufficient effort and example eventually help anyone for whom you had the responsibility of ruling, raising, training, or engineering to become Unchained themselves. Likewise, all of your genetic descendants will also be Unchained, and their descendants in turn, ad infinitum.

[02] Essence of the Humanity Fuck Yeah

By consuming this Essence you gain several boons:
- Gain an evolved human body superior to the peak of normal humans. Your natural lifespan measures in centuries instead of decades. If you are not human you are now at least half human and can assume a human form at will if you lacked one.
~ Evolved Human.
- Extremely charismatic on the level of whipping up strangers into a frenzy with a few choice words and easily gaining die hard loyal supporters with little effort. Humans especially will see you as a symbol of the species and rally to you should you take up a cause.
- You learn extremely quickly, taking in weeks of experience in days, months of experience in weeks and years if not decades of experience in months. Your skills will never degrade even if you let them sit for a decade or two.
- Can survive and thrive in desperate situations and adapt accordingly even if logically you would most likely die an ignoble death. Getting killed by a stray bullet or falling rock isn’t in the cards for you. If they want to kill you they will have to do it the hard way.
- Can learn and understand anything with enough study, even reverse engineer and reproduce strange alien devices or magical artifacts with human sciences.
- Can breed with anything and still somehow result in a viable half human hybrid that takes more after their human side then alien. You are incredibly charming to non-humans and those with non-human ancestry. Not to say you aren’t charming to humans, humans fucking love you.

[03] Essence of the Human Science God

- You are not an actual god, but you are the peak of humanity in how comic book captain america is a peak human. Your intelligence and understanding dwarfs any of your physical attributes however. You are the super genius, the one who builds an advanced suit of power armor in a cave with scraps, the one they call to fix a hole knocked in space time by an experiment gone wrong. You are probably the smartest person in the room in almost any given situation.
- You are the equal and likely superior to just about any super genius you could care to name with a few exceptions in knowledge and skill. The technology you can make is beyond the wildest dreams of what any normal scientist could even comprehend. Advanced A.I., earth shattering power armor, reactors that generate cosmic energies, power nullifiers and more. You do however not have a limitless font of wisdom to make sure that knowledge gets put to good use. Your ability to make the ‘right’ choices in a given situation remains as it was before your apotheosis. You can further reverse engineer magic, psionics, and other things as a technological equivalent.
~ Supreme Human (Supreme Scientist).
- You get this while also being as equally as capable a magic and psionic user making all of your tech magitech or even psitech, hell have psimagitech.
~ Supreme Evolved Human (Supreme Esper, Supreme Mage).
- Perfect memory with infinite storage.
- None of your technology can be successfully corrupted or subverted by another force unless you build or modify it to possess such a weakness.
- You are skilled in combat and can defeat anyone less then a supernatural master of combat or someone so strong you just cant hurt them.
- Gain ownership of an Earth sized megastructure that serves as your home. It is hidden away in a pocket dimension and safe from most tampering or attacks. It is defended by billions upon billions of absolutely loyal robots. The strongest of these robots are capable of fighting and utterly dismantling individuals with city destroying capability. The megastructure and you are linked with an unbreakable connection and can command it anywhere, at any time, the megastructure is incapable of turning against you.
~ Combine the megastructure with the "Essence of the Home".
- The megastructure can create and manipulate matter and energy giving you functionally infinite resources as you require. It has factories and matter forges that can create as much equipment and other tech then you could ever ask for.
- It has its own habitats for other life if you want to do any collecting.
- The megastructure can theoretically hold billions of people to live and work without issue. It is currently uninhabited except by you and your robots.
- The megastructure has a gargantuan palace for yourself and anyone you take in, it is beyond luxurious.
- It can resurrect any individual if it can scan something of them, i.e. their soul or some physical component. It will automatically resurrect you if you are somehow killed without fail.
- It posesses weapons that can shatter fleets of alien starships or make Galactus fuckoff if he is getting hungry. It is tough enough to survive the omniverse imploding with a lot of dents and systems fried afterwards. Don't worry it can self repair, just very slowly if the damage is bad enough.
- If you really need to it can move around and act as a FTL capable battle station of doom if you want to go full galactic warlord. The Megastructure can freely open portals or teleport to different locations, universes, dimensions, multiverses, and Omniverses if you aren’t wanting to deal with the local Omniverse creator.
- It has a one of a kind forge called the Relic Forge onboard which can let you manufacture extremely potent pieces of technology to put fear into cosmic entities. For when you want to arm your Gods with a Mjolnir or Infinity Gauntlet, just in case.
- The God part comes in that the megastructure has an additional function. Using its systems it can create transcendent beings that stand head and shoulders over the normal super robots or AI you can make. The God Anvil can let you build or turn others into your own personalized super beings. Making these Gods is not for the faint of heart, each one represents a ripple of power that could destabilize entire settings, they are walking apocalypses. That said they are programed to view you as their beloved creator with an unbreakable loyalty to weather anything and smother you to death in love, whether that be familial, friends forever, or some other type is up to you. Gods are psychologically incapable of even think of betraying you and automatically disregard anything that would even suggest they do so unless you order them. Even then it would make them uncomfortable to say the least. You may even turn yourself into a God and the megastructure will handle the process for you. A Gods vital essence (soul) is stored in the megastructure so even if they are killed you can simply recall their vital essence of being and slap it in a new vessel. Gods properly designed can threaten or even thrash cosmic beings.
- Gods not in use can be put in storage pods where they will hibernate unaware until called back into service. Individuals converted into Gods, new Gods, or resurrected Gods are automatically placed in storage once completed or restored. You can set or modify the traits, attributes, powers, personality and every other facet of your Gods when they are in storage.

[04] Essence of the Harem Protagonist

- There is something about you that can attract anyone, even strange alien beings beyond the comprehension of mortals and gods alike. What it is that attracts these individuals will vary from person to person but there will always at least be something that will pique their interest. Their interest can easily blossom into fondness, a desire for friendship, or even genuine love if given some time to interact with you in some way whether it be in person or through hearing about you.
- Are quite a bit tougher, enough that you could survive the rather destructive results of typical harem shenanigans. You will never suffer crippling or lethal wounds from any of those in your harem.
- You will passively draw towards you individuals that have significant power, importance in their world plot wise or some other reason, grand destinies, and this such as that. Toggleable.
- Granted infinite stamina and vitality, you are a quite able lover, able to please a mind boggling amount of people into bliss.
- Any individuals that become part of your harem will be more willing to put aside differences and grievances to work towards your happiness and their own if circumstances permit. The feelings and loyalty they have for you will remain eternally strong unless you do something terrible to change that.
- Fate, Destiny, and coincidence will bend, twist, warp, and maneuver to keep those in your harem yours. That doesn’t mean they are bound to you forever if they honestly want to move on, just that things like individuals with mind control abilities, infernal lust powers, or a dirty monster tries to claim them these attempts at taking them will fail quite spectacularly. You can sense any who try to claim what is yours and who they are.

[05] Essence of the Developer Console

- Drinking this gives you access to the developer console of every universe you may find yourself in.
- Every single facet of the universe from individuals, events, and objects can be changed through using console commands. You can even write and install ‘mods’ to make sweeping changes to the universe and turn them on and off as you wish through a handy mod manager. Universes retain any changes made to them unless reset. You can travel to new universes using the console. You can even choose to have the console create mods that you would like automatically and update or remove them as you desire or ‘download’ them again using the console interface.
- The console also comes with a handy save and load function allowing you to take snapshots of a specific instance and reload however many times you wish even if you are killed somehow. Even rendered helpless you can still load any existing save that you might have.

[06] Essence of the Shattered Limiter

By drinking this concoction, shining with power that can’t be contained, you shatter all limits on your powers:
- All limitations on your powers have been completely destroyed.
- You can push your abilities to grow beyond any limits they might have possessed before. A telekinetic ability that might have only let you throw around cars could one day let you throw around planets or galaxies, given enough time and growth.
- This growth affects all aspects of your powers. Range, power, energy reserves (where applicable), etc.
- Even if you are not exercising your powers, they will still grow passively, enough that a single year will cause them to double in potency. Actively pushing yourself will see this grow magnify significantly.
- This only affects your powers, as opposed to your physical stats, mental stats or skills, unless those are part of a power or otherwise provided by a power.
- Required secondary powers will also grow. The ESP and task-oriented processing power necessary to operate arbitrarily powerful and intricate telekinesis, for example, will improve.

[07] Essence of the Sound Mind & Soul

Upon drinking this sapphire-emerald colored liquid, you feel more at peace with yourself. This grants you several boons:
- Your mind is cleansed of all mental maladies, from boredom to addiction to even insanity, and will no longer be affected by such issues for the rest of your life.
- A natural mental shield now surrounds your mind and protects you from outside influence. No matter how powerful or skilled they are, no one can affect your mind against your will.
- Beyond Genius level intellect with a perfect memory, archiving, indexing, instant recall, fully retroactive with protection from harmful memories.
- Similar to your mind, your soul is cleansed of all maladies and becomes a bulwark against spiritual based afflictions. You are completely immune to soul attacks, manipulation, destruction, and etc.
- A perfect balance between your mind and soul that cannot be broken or lost. This balance protects the core of your being this granting you both infinite willpower and protection from personality death. Nothing can make you falter and you will never lose your sense of self through events such as apotheosis or reincarnation.

[08] Essence of the Effective Faction

By consuming this Essence, you receive a comprehensive set of advantages by which a faction might better make the most of its resources:
- The benefits of this Essence may apply to any number of discrete factions at full effectiveness. The only requirement is that you are in some way a part of each faction so empowered. Thus, you could use the Essence to enhance an empire, a species, a small team, or even just yourself.
- You gain access to a peculiar Resource, a material that can be used in place of any combination of others. It can just as easily be used to raise pyramids, construct advanced laser rifles, empower magic swords, fuel the growth of biological horrors, or replace truly exotic reagents such as the geneseed of an Astartes. This Resource does not allow you to manufacture anything you could not produce without it, however, and the cost of any given item scales with the economic cost of producing it normally. At the time of consuming this Essence, you may define the nature of your Resource as any physical thing (such as gold, crystal, components, food, metal, and so on). This impacts, amongst other factors, how your Resource can be manufactured or collected most efficiently. It does not necessarily impact what can be produced from your Resource; it is not infeasible to convert 'gold' into a steel sword.
~ Use the megastructure's infinite resources from the "Essence of the Human Science God".
- Your economy is reliant on only one part of the set of territory, population, and infrastructure, chosen at the time of consuming this Essence. Thus, whichever part you choose is as productive as if the other two parts were as good as they could possibly be. You receive a beneficial interpretation of this rule, but not one completely uncaring of potential exploits. Your citizens may be as productive as if working with the best equipment you could give them, but perfect automation that could let one person manage an infinite amount of technology will not lead to infinite economic output. If the effects of this aspect of the Essence would decrease your economic output rather than increase it, they are automatically disabled.
~ Use the megastructure's pocket dimension from the "Essence of the Human Science God".
- The scientific and technological knowledge of your faction is pooled within a flawlessly constructed non-physical repository. This repository is inviolate so long as any members of your faction yet persist, and denies any efforts to reverse engineer your faction's technologies. Knowledge is both copied from the minds of individuals and downloaded into others as required, allowing all researchers to function effectively at the bleeding edge of progress. Combined with a number of error-correcting processes, scientific progress, and especially reverse-engineering, functions significantly more quickly, safely, and easily. Technical knowledge distributed in a similar manner ensures even the most undeveloped parts of your faction can immediately begin manufacturing the newest advanced weapons.
~ Combine with the hivemind from the "Essence of the Hivemind".
- Your faction requires minimal logistical support and upkeep. Occupied territory, soldiers, and machines of war count as part of your productive economy, even while actively fighting. None of your equipment, vehicles, or structures require any maintenance save to repair damage caused by enemy action. Once a vehicle or generator is fueled up, it will never need to be refueled; humans in your faction need neither food, water, nor sleep; downtime and resupply is wholly unnecessary. Similarly, weapons that have been stocked with a full load of ammunition will never need to be reloaded, nor will they actually use up their contents or payloads during combat.
- Though this Essence does not on its own permit the spontaneous generation of new workers, it allows for the expenditure of resources to enhance what you already have. You may spend your Resource to elevate any member of your faction towards their theoretical potential, giving them the benefits of training they could have performed naturally or repairing any manner of damage or injury. You may also spend your Resource to elevate the potential of any member of your faction towards their species' peak, giving a muggle arcane potential or a radioactive mutant flawless compatibility with the most inflexible genetic augmentations. This takes an amount of time similar to spending similar quantities of your resource to construct complex devices.
- Where a member of your faction uses a power that would normally draw upon external energies, they now draw upon a well of similar energies that is distinctly 'of the faction'. This greatly reduces the risk of interference by the normal source of the energies, and makes the powers used by members of your faction significantly harder to tamper with. The benefits of this effect scales with both the amount of stuff 'of the faction' in the local area and with the scope of the faction in total. At a sufficiently high level, this can allow abilities to function in antimagic zones or other places where they really shouldn't.
- Loyal members of your faction will never lose their loyalty to the faction unless interfered with by outside elements. Even interfering in this way is much more difficult than it would normally be; every part of the faction, including inanimate machinery, is significantly more resistant to both loyalty-eroding persuasion and outright supernatural corruption. It is always immediately obvious to still-loyal parts of your faction if a person or object has been subverted in any way; no deception can defy this sense. It is similarly immediately obvious to every loyal part of your faction if an order or command is valid, and thus next to impossible to subvert the chain of command.

[09] Essence of the Magic Contractor

- Gain the ability to grant magical powers to others of your own specifications like creating magic girls of various types, creating d&d like ‘classes’ that people can advance in. You have control over everything from abilities, skills, specific powers, or drawbacks given to each type and can create as many as you want. The stronger the type is the more energy and time is required to successfully create it. Creating a stereotypical fighter class would be fairly easy, creating a class that grants near omnipotence would be nearly impossible and very resource intensive. You may automate the creation of these types by setting a general theme and suitable types will be created based on the world in question and theme chosen. Time and energy are still required to be expended to create new types even with automation.
- Can create dungeons to your specifications including the layout, rewards available, traps, and things found within or leave it randomized which will generate a range of dungeons appropriate for the world and location based on how much magic there is and how ‘strong’ that world is. A normal would see bottom of the barrel dungeons with mostly mundane creatures and slightly magical items.
- Able to introduce magic to worlds without it or strengthen it with a massive jolt of raw power. The world will quickly change into a magical one with beasts of legend rising and perhaps even gods if the magic is strong enough. Mortals without a doubt will gain magic some more likely than others and able to pick up whatever powers you set up to be available. Worlds with existing magic will find it stronger, enriched, and overall much higher quality then it had been previously. This can also serve to reawaken or revitalize a world that has seen its magic diminish.

[10] Essence of the Hypercompetence

By drinking this perfect Essence, you gain the ability to operate at memetic peak performance:
- This Essence grants you hypercompetence, a level of ability where you can always operate at your absolute peak with trivial ease. You have immense natural talent for anything that you are potentially capable of doing. Likewise, your execution of anything is flawless to the absolute limits of your skill and knowledge, and will not have any fumbles, slips, unforced errors, or anything of the sort.
- Your perfection will not be hampered by a weak or imperfect body or mind. At the time you drink this Essence you are cured of any and all physical ailments and disabilities. You are also made aware of any mental illness, disorders, disabilities or other conditions you may be suffering from and may have any or all of them cured at your discretion.
- Your body is now like a perfectly optimized machine. Your muscles simultaneously have the power of a champion weightlifter and the fast-twitch speed of a master martial artist, your speed, agility, and coordination are top of the charts, and your stamina and resilience are downright cinematic. It would take a truly prolonged period of no exercise to even begin to compromise your physical fitness, and your body will respond as if receiving optimal nutrition so long as you're consuming sufficient calories of any kind.
- Your mind is similarily optimized, with your intellect being augmented to the highest levels that your species could naturally attain on your birthworld. This includes but is not limited to such things as perceptiveness, reaction time, learning rate, pattern recognition, and creativity. Your willpower is now dauntless and your memory is perfect in all respects, although you can still choose to selectively let things fade.
- You also receive a one-time appearance upgrade based on your wishes and idealized self-image, with the exact details of your build and "endowments" being up to you.
- Even your most instantaneous reactions may be undertaken as if you'd had all the time you needed to extensively plan out your next moves. You are likewise immune to being emotionally compromised; you may always think, judge, decide, and act as if you were entirely calm, collected, and focused regardless of whatever emotions you might actually be feeling at the time. You will immediately process any mental harm or trauma in the best possible way for you.
- You also gain an increased capacity for self-awareness and self-reflection. You can clear-headedly process and resolve your guilt and truly learn from both your successes and your failures, and then use what you've learned to make yourself a wiser, stronger-willed, and generally better person. You are immune to PTSD and unwanted value drift, and can retain an essential 'youness' about yourself even as you change and grow.
- Finally, your skills and abilities never degrade regardless of disuse, lack of practice, etc.
- Your hypercompetence may be fully or partially toggled whenever you wish, and may be automatically toggled back on during a life-threatening emergency even if you disabled your instantaneous reactions. Indeed, your instincts for when your hypercompetence may be safely toggled off and when it would be a better idea to leave at least some of it running will themselves be hypercompetent.
- As a special bonus, you receive full control over your fertility and other related buffs.
- This Essence immediately becomes part of your most inherent and innate nature upon first consuming it, and from that point on its benefits will permanently and irrevocably be with you at all times unless voluntarily toggled by you as per the above benefit. Nothing else can ever remove or weaken your hypercompetence in any way; curses, magic, Clarketech, even the will of ROB or equivalent beings, nothing.

[11] Essence of the Dungeon Master

- You gain control over the creation and manipulation of dungeons.
- Have a dungeon core that leaves you ageless until it is destroyed and generates a hefty amount of energy to supply your dungeons functions.
- Should you die you will respawn as long as your dungeon core is intact.
- Gain supernatural skill in architecture, engineering, puzzle crafting, trap making, enchanting, and building dungeons.
- Can summon dungeons of your own design that are small to start with but with time and effort you can make them larger and larger by expending energy. You can de-summon and resummons these dungeons in different locations.
- Can summon monsters, people, and items you encounter from generic templates to populate your dungeons. These beings will be loyal to you and respawn eventually if killed or be replaced by similar beings like themselves.
- You have perfect awareness of everything that occurs in and around your dungeons, can turn this on and off at will.
- Can emit a sort of call that will lure in monsters and adventurers to your dungeons. Can filter certain things like how powerful the beings attracted by the call will be. The lure is only a call though, not an irresistible compulsion.
- Capturing or killing adventurers in your dungeon gives you more energy to play with.

[12] Essence of the Monster Master

- You have the ability to summon and control monsters you encounter. These monster will be loyal to you unto death and beyond. Consequently monster girls fall under this as well.
- Non summoned monsters and animals in general will leave you alone or even help you if they like you enough.
- It is possible to domesticate monsters that would normally be impossible to control.
- You can create chimera and hybrids from the monsters you are able to summon.
- If you wish you can transform in part or wholly into a monster you have encountered and back again.

[13] Essence of the Skill Mastery

By consuming this bright gray liquid you gain the ability to learn and master virtually any skillset to an ideal degree of mastery, one not normally attainable for even the most exceptional candidates:
- You have a near-limitless capacity to learn and master any skill or feat that you could possibly execute without openly defying the laws of physics (unless, of course, you already have a power or ability that allows you to ignore that particular law of physics). You require only the most minimal or widely available introductory knowledge to begin the process of independently reproducing the entire available body of knowledge on a given topic and then extending it even further.
- The speed at which you acquire, master, and create skills and techniques is nigh-inconceivable. You could attain in mere minutes a level of proficiency that a normal genius would require lifetimes to attain. Furthermore, you will never forget any of your knowledge or later become incapable of your peak accomplishments, meaning that with time you will inevitably become a veritable Swiss army knife of incredible scientific knowledge, Olympic feats of strength and skill, and much, much more.
- You can manually control your own motivations, totally divulging your will from the limits of your physical body. You can ignore anything keeping you from your current goals, remain unflinchingly motivated to complete tasks despite lack of rest or sustenance, and simply ignore pain and other adverse conditions. Your body may deteriorate and your mind shrivel away, but your will is absolute. This will not affect your morality unless you wish it to.
- Your cognition processing is enhanced to where you can instantaneously perform high-level problem solving and critical thinking. You can instantly solve even the most difficult, complicated or advanced mathematical or geometric problems, as long as you understand it in the first place. You can also multitask with ease, keeping mental track of multiple factors without difficulty. Your memory is truly perfect, though you may choose to selectively let things fade.
- If it is at all possible for you to perform a physical feat given your knowledge, genetic composition, metabolism, and physical dimensions then you may reliably complete that feat every single time. When you are completing a longer task the speed at which you work and cogitate can accelerate exponentially over time, and are physically capped only by the hard limits of your biology. In minutes you could be in a state of transcendent genius, or be moving with the speed and precision of factory automation in every task you complete.
- Simply desiring to evaluate a scenario will allow your mind to utilize all of the information at its disposal to immediately generate as many potential solutions to the problem as it can. For example, reacting to a combat situation would have your mind almost instantly generate thousands of possible escape routes and contingency responses for virtually any imaginable combination of powers and abilities that your opponent might possess, up to the degree that any effective response could be possible at all for you given the existing conditions. You may only use information you are actually aware of to develop these possible solution sets, and your conclusions are still potentially vulnerable to ignorance or disinformation if these would apply to your situation.
- The type and amount of skills and disciplines you may potentially master is literally all-encompassing. You are by no means limited only to accomplishments in science and technology; in less than a day you could become history's greatest master of martial arts, or its greatest detective, or its most talented artist, or most charismatic leader, or greatest strategist, or any similar feat.
- Your potential scientific accomplishments are equally as unlimited; a short period of study could allow you to cure the deadliest diseases, or build starships in your backyard, or solve the mysteries of genetic recoding, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, or any other possible technology. Should you care to push the boundaries then in a matter of months your discoveries could advance civilization to its extremes or make you into a transhumanist god. Who but you could imagine what might be possible for you after years or decades.
- You become fully aware of any flaws or errors in any task you have performed at the moment such an error is committed and you will never make the same mistake twice if you are at all capable of avoiding it. This essentially guarantees an entirely flawless end product in any feat of design or computation and exponentially minimizes the possibility of natural error as you perform basic intellectual or physical tasks. This can be exploited to learn how to perform tasks you are completely unfamiliar with via trial-and-error.
- Your potential mastery will not be limited by an unsound mind or body. At the time you drink this Essence you are cured of all physical health issues and genetic defects and are restored to the prime of life in a body of an appearance based on your desires and idealized self-image. You are likewise cured of all unwanted mental conditions, ailments, disabilities, etc.
- For all intents and purposes your intelligence is at least peak human in every aspect where your abilities do not already exceed that level, from creativity to perceptiveness/attention to detail to pattern recognition to anything else relevant. You can easily comprehend difficult topics and concepts, follow the smallest details to the most obscure solutions, and there is no concept you can't grasp eventually so long as you have at least some evidence to help you define it. Despite all this you will retain your essential 'self' and personality, without risking the death of identity that can accompany transcendence.
- In summary, you are essentially become the Overman. Nigh-impossible scientific and engineering achievements, defeating a small army of opponents via martial prowess alone, easily amassing billions of dollars via sheer financial skill, all this and so much more is now within your grasp.

[14] Essence of the Involate Self

Drinking this essence confers you the blessing of inviolability of the body, mind, and soul:
- You now no longer need to eat, drink, breathe, produce human waste, or sleep, and are immune to the harmful effects of radiation alongside extreme environments ranging from the bottom of the ocean to the vacuum of space.
- Total immunity to all forms of poison, sickness, or disease, mundane or otherwise. Any existing ailments of physical, mental, or spiritual nature that plagues you will be completely cured upon drinking this essence.
- You are biologically immortal and utterly tireless, possessing unlimited stamina - you will be be aged/reverted to your physical prime, but no longer age further.
- Infinite willpower to keep going through any amount of hardship; even bloody and broken you will not stop, and you will forevermore be protected from the effects of despair, boredom, ennui, etc., that will make living forever a pain in the ass.
- Your freedom is also inviolate, protecting you from being imprisoned, incapacitated, trapped, bound, sealed, etc. against your will, automatically freeing you from such situations and teleporting you to the nearest safe location.
- You are completely immune to any attempt to forcefully change, control, or manipulate your body, mind, and soul against your will in any fashion no matter what method is attempted or used. Those that use supernaturally boosted persuasion are equally stymied, being forced to rely on simple mundane arguments against you as anything beyond that flatly fails to work. You are also immune to memetic effects or the maddening effects of eldritch beings or phenomena.
- Your soul cannot be targeted as a vector of attack - the only thing you are still vulnerable to will be actual physical violence, if such things can cause damage to you.
- No Oracles or any other form of precognition can account for you, ever. Any predictions that are made will be made without taking you in account, and if seeking you out directly, all they get is static. In addition, you are not bound by fate anymore; your destiny is only what you make of it. This extends to the point that people and events that are deemed unstoppable or even unkillable, just because they are destined to, can be killed by you permanently.
- You are also immune to reality warping shenanigans, such as being caught in time paradoxes, time stops, not existing due to someone killing your mother when she's pregnant with you, etc. - your very existence is inviolate.
- Note: You can still be injured or killed through direct physical damage, if such things are capable of damaging you; all this Essence does is preventing your body, mind, and soul from being affected by other forces without your consent.

[15] Essence of the Primogenitor

By drinking this Essence, you will receive a number of boons:
- You may freely manipulate your own biology, shaping yourself in any way you can imagine.
- To supplement this, you have an innate understanding of your body’s functions, as well as every part and piece of it.
- You may continue to shape any part of your body, even if it is no longer attached to you.
- In doing so, you may create separate lifeforms to yourself. You will be linked to these creatures by a hivemind.
~ Combine with the hivemind from the "Essence of the Hivemind".
- You may determine the amount of intelligence, free will and autonomy that these creatures possess, from being separate and intelligent beings that are part of your hivemind to empty vessels for your will.
- Your existence can be sustained by the hivemind, such that damage to your original body has no negative effect on your mind so long as you have separate bodies to sustain you.

[16] Essence of the Planeswalker

By drinking this essence your planeswalker spark is ignited:
- This spark is like those before the mending and independent of said event. The Oldwalker Spark as it were.
- You are immortal and nearly invincible as long as your mind is intact and functional, you are also capable of shapeshifting.
- Possess incredible amounts of magical power, can use all colors of magic and possess an affinity for one or several colors in particular. Regardless you can learn and understand magic incredibly quickly and bolster your reserves further by bonding with various lands that hold the different types of mana.
~ Your color affinities are White, Blue, Purple, Black, Red & Green.
- Are capable of traveling to all planes in the multiverse and bring individuals with you safely. Similarly any planeshifting tech you create will function correctly letting you build machines like the Weatherlight in its prime.
- Can create objects, creatures, people, and even entire planes though your magical power. You are able to create copies of any objects, creatures, or people you encounter who are completely loyal and summon them to your side. You can also bind the originals to you through a geas and summon them to your side.
- You can use your own spark to create and ignite post mending level sparks in others without a spark but the process is exhausting and you can only do it every so often.

[17] Essence of THE Little Girl

By drinking this pink sparkling essence filled with unicorns and rainbows you become THE little girl:
- This essence grants you a body that never ages past 13 or the equivalent age where you're considered a little girl.
- You no longer have any illnesses, your mind reverts to a young childhood state and if you were a guy before and viewed yourself as a guy you're now a little girl in everything that counts.
- You can no longer get sick except for the common cold and anime coughing sickness in moments where you need to look cute and vulnerable. These sicknesses will never lead to death, only will ever lead to people seeing you as the perfect little girl and wanting to take care of you.
- Your cuteness knows no bounds. You can charm the hearts of everyone you come in contact with. Even use your charm to make criminals repent for their actions so you never need to worry about people kidnapping you because you are the perfect little girl and have the power of mindcontrol cuteness on your side.
- You can perfectly embody all little girl traits from bratty genki girls to super geniuses that build a.i in their sleep. You may freely switch between these traits and even combine them.
- You may also embody the traits of all little sisters if you have a sibling. These combine well with little girl traits for obvious reasons.
- Your body no longer shows your true strength. You will never have muscle or look like anything other than a little girl, but you may bench press a car if you have the right abilities.
- You will always get a happy family to look after you if you need it or be accept as an orphan with no suspicion. No matter what even if there are records of you existing before you change families. Like you spontaneously and retroactively exist as a daughter to a happy family or live in an orphanage.

[18] Essence of the Ideal Self

Drinking this transforms you into your ideal self, as defined by your own wishes and desires:
- Your body changes to whatever physical form you most desire for yourself. This includes gaining physical traits such as strength or agility, up to peak human level. This includes a free, one-time cosmetic body resculpt to your ideal or desired appearance.
~ Your physical changes are Kawaii, Futanari & Androgynous.
- Your mind and emotions change to whatever mindset/psyche you most desire for yourself.
~ Your mental changes are True Neutral, True Serenity & True Innocence.
- A one-time full cure of whatever ailments, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, that currently plagues you, and any new ailments of the body, mind, or soul will be prevented from occurring.
- Your intelligence is increased or decreased according to your innermost desire. As 'intelligence' is rather hard to quantify, the maximum you may gain is the equivalent of gaining +16 IQ points on a scale with a standard deviation of 16.
- You gain up to three supernatural powers that you desire the most. These must be specific abilities, rather than any sort of generic 'do anything' powers.
~ Your supernatural powers are Cyber Mind, Nano Magic & Digital Magic.
- Your body, mind, and soul can never hereafter be altered against your will, in any way. Among other things, this renders you immortal, nearly invulnerable, and immune to mind control.
- Your powers and internal power supplies cannot be drained, suppressed, weakened, stolen, copied, altered, controlled, or otherwise manipulated against your will.
- You also have the ability to turn any of your powers from fully off to fully on, or anywhere in between, and you cannot be forced to use this metaphorical dimmer-switch against your will.
- You will never end up worse off than when you started, as this Elixir will protect you from the negative aspects of your own subconsciousness.

[19] Essence of the Cultivator

By consuming this essence you become as ridiculously overpowered and blessed with potential and luck as the greatest of xianxia main characters (which, if you know xianxia, is pretty damn ridiculous):
- You gain the ability to 'cultivate' your 'internal energy', allowing you access to increasing tiers of effects and powers in-theme for wuxia and/or xianxia, the exact nature and power level of these effects depending on what degree have cultivated it to. You may use an existing cultivation system from any xianxia novel or create your own.
~ Spiral Cultivation (Evolution, Adaptation, Technology, Transcendence).
~ Combine the Spiral Cultivation with Spiral Power from the "Essence of the Spiral".
- You may grant this ability to cultivate to others and teach them your system, but they are limited to their own willpower, comprehensive abilities, and talents when it comes to success. You may still use external means, such as alchemy or creating and sharing secret techniques, to help them.
- Cultivating your internal energy slows down your aging, eventually making you truly unaging. Likewise, you may eventually transcend mortal needs such as sustenance, normal rest, or needing to breathe. Your mind and soul will be adjusted so as to be able to endure immortality.
- Your talent for cultivation and speed and ease of learning at all things related to cultivation (including martial arts, alchemy, and creating artifacts) is beyond ludicrous. Your aptitude is raised to the maximum possible allowable in existence and perhaps slightly beyond even that. You can choose to slow this down when you need to or when you wish to avoid attracting attention.
- This includes your ability to make use of external cultivation aids, such as parts from mystical beasts and exotic plants and treasures. You may easily consume and gain maximum benefit from such things even without preparation, and gain even greater benefits from them with sufficient preparation and alchemical knowledge.
- Even if your cultivation system does not normally provide you with one you will still be gifted with perfect memory, including infinite storage and perfect indexing.
- As one specially blessed by this Essence and the heavens, you may ignore the usual limits of your cultivation system whenever you find it convenient. You may mix incompatible elements, cultivate female-only arts as a male or vice versa, ignore dietary or behavioral restrictions normally required of cultivators, etc.
- Your cultivation cannot be 'crippled'. Injuries that would normally destroy your cultivation instead merely temporarily wound it, but you can heal in time. Likewise, any cultivation techniques that carry a risk of death if performed incorrectly are entirely safe for you; you may or may not succeed at them but failure will never kill or permanently injure you, and you may try again.
- Your cultivation never dead-ends or gets trapped in a bottleneck. Regardless of what choices you make or what system you are in, there are no 'traps' that leave you stuck at a given stage of cultivation forever. All setbacks are clearable with enough hard work and your 'foundation' is always ideally solid.
- Your willpower is truly unlimited, unbreakable, and unsurpassed, and you have a perfect sense of 'self'. No amount of pain or hardship can deter you, no illusion can trap you or bind your heart or soul, and you can focus on a task for eternity if need be. Any cultivation challenges that depend on strength of will or clarity of mind are auto-win for you.
- You have the luck of a top-tier xianxia protagonist. Coincidence and fate favor you greatly, mentors and training materials seem to be available whenever most needed, discovering treasures and rarities seem to be much more common for you than for other people whenever you go exploring and adventuring, and you have plot armor sufficient to survive almost anything.
- Cultivation is not for the idle, but instead for those who struggle and overcome challenges. Regardless of how powerful you grow you may always find things that challenge you if you make a sufficient effort to seek them out, until you finally stand among the highest of beings.

[20] Essence of the Commander

By consuming the essence of the commander you will get a few boons:
- You either gain the body of or have access to the body of a commander. This commander is a massive robot/mecha that can rapidly construct technology, reverse engineer nearly anything it encounters with enough time, fight wars on a mindboggling scale with little difficulty and numerous other things. The exact technology and powers held within this extremely complex machine are up to your discretion, perhaps it even runs on magic. You may freely apply essences directly to the commander specifically to grant it additional function or protection.
~ Commander Form.
~ Psimagitech Database.
~ Combine the commander form with the super-advanced mecha from the "Essence of the Spiral".
- Your technology and any you collect and modify is blackboxed so that it is extremely difficult to reverse engineer without help on your part. You may choose to disable blackboxed tech for things you want to share or don’t care not to share.
- Infinite willpower to tackle any foe, even bloody and broken you will not stop. Any previous mental damage or trauma will be repaired and further trauma and damage is extremely tough to inflict upon you.
- Basic training, enough to fight and defend yourself against most regular foes.
- Immense skill conducting war on a strategic and tactical level.
- A mastery of economics, logistics, politics, and other things needed to run a functional power.
- As the commander you gain perfect and infinite memory with instant recall. Furthermore your mind is able to process and successfully handle the multitasking and management needed to keep your forces in the fight at a massive scale.
- Any units you create are unwaveringly loyal, they cannot be turned against you save with unwilling subversion.

[21] Essence of the Archmage

By consuming the essence of the Archmage you gain several boons:
- Perfect memory with infinite storage.
- Beyond genius level intellect.
- Capacity to learn any ‘magic’ even unique ones upon seeing it once or understanding enough about it. This also includes things like Ki, Chakra, soul power, etc.
- Possess a supernatural reactor that can adapt to any supernatural energy to fuel spells, enchantments, powers, etc. this reactor provides a steady supply of power that will grow over time, right now you could use high consumption abilities with wild abandon and still not make much of a dent after a few hours.
- Can teach others systems even if they previously lacked the capacity.
- Manipulate entire systems or combine them with experimentation.
- Capable of casting any spell as long as you have the energy not requiring any extra element like a focus or materials. The time required to cast if any remains however.

[22] Essence of the Hivemind

By consuming this essence, you are now a hivemind, a collective of minds bound together in unity:
- How this takes shape is up to you but by default you are the central and dominant intelligence of the hivemind but start out with no other minds linked to you.
~ Collective Consciousness.
- All that are part of the hivemind have a mental link to you that cannot be severed and can talk with you or each other through it.
- Infinite multitasking, memory, and memory storage to handle the load of the hivemind. You will always have access to the collective might of the hives knowledge, skills, and any memories added to it.
~ Combine the hivemind with the "Essence of the Effective Faction".
- You can spawn bodies either direct copies of yourself or customized ones. Everything about them from their looks, personality, attributes, and powers can be changed or modified when they are first created. Anything that places them above that of regular mortals has to be something you possess or have added to the hive. As long as at least one body is intact you and the collective cannot truly die.
- Other individuals join either with their consent or by overpowering their will with your own. Those absorbed will have their memories, skills, and knowledge added into the collective. Their consciousness will remain if desired and will be loyal unto its total destruction.

[23] Essence of the Machine

By taking this Essence, the line between man and machine is wiped away (after all, organics ARE machines, just messier):
- You become aware of every function in your body and state of health, while gaining independence from them. IE, you no longer need your brain to think.
- You can detect, broadcast and receive any sort of signal, along any frequency.
- You can control any mechanical or electronic device.
- You can partition your mind to focus on multiple threads of thought, with no limit on the number. In addition, your thoughts can accelerate ad infinitum.
- You can duplicate or transfer your mind into any device.
- Your body produces a constant supply of nanomachines, which can augment your body in any way and repair/reinforce/upgrade any object.
- At will, you can transform any part of your body into machinery and back again.
- Any technology you imagine can be created by you and your nanomachines, even if it should not logically make sense or be possible.

[24] Essence of the Echidna

By consuming the essence of the echidna you will get a few boons:
- You gain the body of a monster that stands at the apex of what is possible to be born from the world and then some. This monster body is of your own design and includes a host of thematic powers which you also may decide upon. This form at minimum is able to take on an army of mortals and could stand up to modern military units and have a good chance at triumphing. That is if you choose mundane earth to be born from. You may pick a different world to be born of, this choice is permanent once made but will strengthen you to the apex of that world or close enough to it. Any particular world can be chosen whether it be one from fantasy, science fiction, or a from the ground up creation of your own. You can transform into your monster body at will and near instantly and have a hybrid for that sits in between your human and monster forms.
~ Monster Form.
~ World Database.
~ Combine the monster form with the super-advanced mecha from the "Essence of the Spiral".
- Your monster form has the ability to create and manipulate a variety of supernatural substances that can bind and trap things. Slime, silk, oil, even mud is something you might use. Anything encased within will be preserved indefinitely unless released needing no sustenance. This material is supernaturally strong and will never decay.
- You can shift the monster form and tinker with it by having it undergo a metamorphosis to change itself. During this you or the monster form will surround itself with a cocoon and shift over several hours or more depending on the changes made. This cocoon is obscenely tough but not invincible.
- You have a complete genetic archive of all life of the world you chose through its entire history up to its present. This archive grows and updates the more species you encounter and take samples of. You have a mastery of life and can mix and match parts, genes, species to your hearts content and produce them without a partner or implant them in a target who can then be bred to create more. You do not require a partner to reproduce as you are able to spontaneously create any of your creatures through some method. You can obtain more forms of life by encountering them and sampling a member of a given species. You will never encounter any issues with absorbing genetic material that might otherwise be hazardous.
- These creatures need not be restricted to what is naturally possible. In the same vein you are able to develop Biotech with the same ease and sophistication as a civilization might build a machine. You may if you desire be biomechanical in origin offering the best of both worlds. In that case your dominion over life is extended to technology as well and is capable of being as advanced as whatever you chose as the world you chose is. These creatures are innately loyal to you and cannot be willingly turned against you, that includes converted life. Any that are killed you can decide to preserve their essence and bring them back reborn anew. If you wish you can have the creatures you produce as extensions of yourself rather than fully fledged entities or pick and choose.
~ Biomechanical Origin.
- You are able to turn others into monsters that you have made or have the genetic data for.
- You can with an amount of effort create lesser Echidnas which will have all of the powers and form you have as an Echidna on a weaker scale. They and their children regard you the same as any spawn you might have created personally.

[25] Essence of the Breeder

By taking this essence, you become the sexiest thing alive:
- Your body is changed to become your ultimate ideal of sex appeal, including tremendous endowment.
- Porn physics apply to you.
- Members of the opposite sex are inexorably drawn to you. You may toggle this on or off, or set it to target certain criteria.
- Your charisma increases to ridiculous levels.
- You are guaranteed to impregnate or be impregnated every time you have sex, with however many or few babies you want. This can be toggled on and off.
- Pregnancies last up to a third as fast as normal, and your offspring reach sexual maturity in a matter of months.
- There are no negative consequences for incest.
- Your offspring (which can be any sex you wish) can inherit your abilities, either at full power or weaker. You choose which.
- You can breed with any species, and the offspring will either be a half-breed (with just the right amount of fusion) or purely one of the parent's species. You choose which.

[26] Essence of the Spiral

By taking this essence, you manipulate the energy of evolution, granting you advanced potential and access to a wide variety of applications:
- Your determination/hot-bloodedness can now be dialed up and down at will, without compromising your thought processes.
- You become capable of generating large quantities of Spiral Power, which can power any technology, improve any object and create matter/energy from nothing. The more pumped up you are, the more potent it becomes.
~ Combine the Spiral Power with Spiral Cultivation from the "Essence of the Cultivator".
- Your Spiral Power can materialize a super-advanced mecha of your choice, which can be modified and upgraded at your discretion. The mech can be dismissed and called back at will. This mech runs on Spiral Power, and sufficiently high levels will allow it to act on its own. Controlling the mech is as easy as breathing and works how you want it to.
- You can summon drills from any part of your body, or from any vehicle (or mech) you happen to be piloting.
- You become much more charismatic, allowing those around you to generate Spiral Power and mechs of their own.

[27] Essence of the Binder

By consuming the essence of the binder you gain several boons:
- Have the ability to mark targets with a sigil of your own design. This sigil manifests wherever you want on their body and may even be full body tattoos should you wish. The Mark can become invisible without active use. At its base lets you telepathically speak to each other and know the exact location and status of whoever marked. This mark is completely immune to any sort of tampering save yourself and is otherwise permanent though you may remove any mark with but a thought.
~ Combine with the hivemind from the "Essence of the Hivemind".
- Those bound by the mark gain access to weaker versions of the essences you have, even this one. You may choose which essences they are empowered with. They may also be granted weaker forms of other powers you may possess at your discretion. If the mark is removed they will retain some but not all of this power just wisps of it.
- Marked beings who mark others will give weaker versions of their own powers to their marked.
- Marked beings have infallible loyalty hammered directly into their mind, body, and soul. They will not and cannot consciously or unconsciously choose to hurt you or go against your will unless you allow it or outright order them to. You also have the ability to invoke ‘commands’ which are absolute orders the marked is compelled to follow to the best of their ability even temporarily ramping up abilities or forcing their body to do something it isn’t normally capable of to achieve it. You are the only one with those functions for all marked beings.
- Those marked may be summoned and dismissed by you at will and even stored away in a void inaccessible by all but you for safe keeping when not needed. They will be in a sleep like stasis when in storage and will not suffer from the passage of time or basic needs.
- If a marked individual is killed even down to the soul they will instead respawn safe and sound inside your storage. Dead beings can be marked if you have remains, a object heavily associated/meaningful to them, or a soul to interact with, they will reform alive as if they had died as one of your marked.
- You and others marked may set conditions and requirements for certain powers or essences, even restrictions that lock down powers should they violate a restriction or other punishment.
- Those marked can have their appearance, traits, attributes, and mark changed by the binder to anything possible within the limits of their species or abilities. You can reset any changes made or revert to an earlier change.

[28] Essence of the Nomad

By taking this essence, you take on the skills of the ultimate traveler:
- You are granted infinite stamina.
- Your body is completely rid of minor aches and pains and minor wounds heal Instantaneously.
- Other living beings do not see you as a threat and will ignore you. This can be toggled.
- You are able to teleport by any method you wish.
~ Planeswalking.
- You can travel to alternate universes at will.
- You are granted encyclopedic knowledge of all the most exciting places in the multiverse.
- You always have enough money to get by.
- You are immune to any disease.
- You automatically have the skills to drive, pilot or ride any form of vehicle or mount.
- You are granted the skillset necessary to survive in any environment, with your body/clothes adapting as needed.
- You become able to speak and understand any language, whether spoken, written or containing non-verbal components such as telepathy.
- You will always know where you are, where you've been and how to navigate/orient yourself by any means.
- You can 'mark' any world that you've been in in order to more easily find it again.

[29] Essence of the Music

By consuming this essence the song of creation will sing through the entirety of your being:
- Upon consuming this essence you will understand all things regarding music on a fundamental level, you will also gain beyond superhuman skill at applying this understanding.
- You become beyond a professional singer, conductor, and songwriter with the voice and skills to match, can think up new tunes and lyrics on the fly while barely trying, lead an orchestra like a boss, and can play any instrument to godlike levels as if you had learned how all your life. It doesn't matter what genre of music you choose, you can play and sing or conduct and write for all of them, seamlessly translate songs from one type to another such as a power metal song into a slower instrumental, reduce and expand any song to play at any level without trouble like a full orchestral piece down to a piano solo and a violin solo into a full orchestral piece or anywhere in between, and you have no problem inventing new genres either. You can tell how good or bad the acoustics are in a location with just a glance and how to improve, dampen, or manipulate them to get the sound you want that's carried in a manner you prefer, which aids in your ability to amplify or soundproof noises. Your voice is always ready to go and is immune to strain, illness, or falling mute.
- You also get the powers to summon any instrument (even ones that haven't been created yet or don't exist), creating sound from nowhere (which can be heard above even louder noises at any volume even cancel those things out without compromising your hearing) and toggling who can hear it or not. You can direct where the sound comes from whether all around you or projected from a specific place like a speaker or behind a rock.
- You can conjure sheet music from the aether for any song in any format you want such as a guitar solo for a waltz, or even a duet with instruments or vocalists, orchestral conductor instructions, etc. and if you should encounter instruments with magical effects you can add them into your ability to summon instruments.
- You can start a huge musical number at will where every person in the area joins in and starts singing with you if you desire; you can summon a whole troupe of musicians and singers as well to act as backup on stage or for any number or show you perform whether orchestra, half-time at the football field, duo acapella, or any setup you need; finally you can infuse any song you make with the emotion you want so that it produces the tone or atmosphere you intended, in other words sad songs will carry the sadness, including any nuance like melancholy or despair, which people will be able to pick up on and sympathize with if they're in the mood to do so.
- You can hear the background music of worlds and locations, even personal theme songs and the song of people’s souls if you focus on them. This music can help warn you as it will change in accordance with events, when enemies appear, or when you have a boss battle coming up.
- Finally you will also get THE MUSIC LIBRARY where every song ever written, sung, or thought up across all of time exists, you can play any of these songs whenever you want to even put them on a repeating loop, in a playlist, select a genre, or just let them play naturally with the events around you. Along with that, you can control the volume of the individual parts of the song as if manipulating it in a recording studio, meaning you can raise or lower the bass, strings, vocals, or even make them resonate or sound as if they're being played from a concert hall, theater, outside or any other location with unique acoustics. You always just know each song and any lyrics that go with them without having to really think of them and peruse the information, it’s just there. You can block any songs you don’t want playing by sticking them in folders in your head, this will prevent them from playing when you set your power to ‘auto’ and also from popping up in your thoughts like annoying earworms. This library updates if you find yourself in other worlds though you’ll never get a redundant amount of the exact same songs, but you can select songs sung by different artists, as long as they actually sang or did covers for them like all those Christmas songs, remixes, and parodies as long as someone made them.

[30] Essence of the Brain

By taking this essence, you unlock the energy of all your brain cells working together:
- Infinite memory and genius level intellect.
- You can manipulate Psionic energy in order to affect the world, the minds/perceptions of others or enhance your own body, all to massive levels.
- You can easily read the mind of anyone you choose, allowing you to easily and subtly manipulate them.
- You can program your power to do particular tasks ahead of time, so that you don't need to focus on them.
- You can sense any and all forces/energy, including time and space, allowing you to control them with enough effort.
- You gain Astral Projection/remote viewing, which allows you to observe distant events or enter the dreams of others. You keep your other powers while in this state, allowing you to exert your abilities from an even greater distance.

[31] Essence of the Blank

By taking this essence, you gain but one benefit:
- Your potential becomes limitless. You can learn any discipline or skillset, even if you shouldn't be capable of it, without forgetting it and practice them into mastery, no matter how many you learn. Any abilities you have from other Essences will increase where possible and develop in ways beyond their initial purposes.

[32] Essence of the Home

By consuming this essence, you gain a personal home that exists outside of reality and beyond the reach of most entities:
- This home is practically impenetrable to any being you do not want inside, even a supreme deity could not pierce the barriers in place on this property.
- The home can be of your design or you can let it surprise you by generating itself based on your needs and wants so it fits itself to you perfectly. As your needs change and grow the home will expand with new facilities as needed.
~ Combine with the megastructure from the "Essence of the Human Science God".
- The home takes care of the basic utilities automatically and requires no connection to any preexisting infrastructure to function. In addition it has functionally infinite supplies of whatever mundane food and drink you could desire.
- While inside the home you and anyone you bring will not age, have any basic needs, or suffer from illnesses.
- You may have the home create servants to tend to it while you are gone, the home has the sapience to manage things. The home is utterly and unwaveringly devoted to you. It cannot be influenced to change its mind otherwise.
- This home has the capability to travel through the multiverse and can give you passage practically anywhere. It can insert itself into these places or simply open a portal for you to travel through.
- Any additional essences will add functionality to this one in the form of additional rooms and facilities depending on what the essence was.

[33] Essence of the King

- A body just above the peak of your species in ability, one sculpted to your tastes.
- Infinite willpower to tackle any foe, even bloody and broken you will not stop.
- Endless endurance, stamina, and immunity to pain.
- A signature bloodline with several benefits up to your discretion. Can pass onto your descendants.
~ Reyvateil.
~~ Song Magic.
~~ Song Science.
~~ Hymmnos Theory.
~~ Hymmnos Language.
~~ Musical Embodiment.
~ Combine the reyvateil bloodline with the "Essence of the Music".
- Perfect memory with infinite storage.
- Mastery of many weapons and unarmed styles, even just plain old brawling.
- Immense skill conducting war on a strategic and tactical level.
- Good handle of logistics and how to raise and train a force from a small band of soldiers to entire armies.
- A mastery of economics, logistics, politics, and other things needed to run a functional power.
- Charisma to bend the will of entire nations and the sheer presence of a monarch that others would describe as divine.