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Covert Interference

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As an LGT employee, Kurifuji exists only as an observer. No interference allowed.

Yet, Kanzaki, aware or otherwise, heads straight towards an ambush.

“Kanzaki-san!” Her grip Kanzaki’s hand pulls the gullible one off her path. They pause. Kanzaki’s innocent gaze and Kurfuji’s concealed one freeze upon each other.

“How do you know my name?”But she doesn’t need Kurifuji’s answer. Her conspicuously concealed face tells Kanzaki everything she needs to know. Not everything. Not the blush. Enough.

“Just go.”

Not only Kanzaki’s heart is pounding.

Kurifuji reasons: The corporation needs all the players’ trust it can muster.

It’s a justification.